realcygnus 9 саат мурун
I guess you're just a legend ... even in our minds. 🤣
Rj Ordist
Rj Ordist 9 саат мурун
14:12 I definitely agree that you said Guthrie Govan is one of the greatest improviser and super virtuoso aswell. Oh yeah,he's the most accurate or a perfect definition of a genius musician! rock'n roll. 🤘
Fermioncool Fermioncool
Fermioncool Fermioncool 9 саат мурун
Only didn’t get what is about that Diminished note in here.... it’s the last note in a chord?
Unmitigated Gall
Unmitigated Gall 9 саат мурун
The first two remind me of Blink 182 or Angels and Airwaves, and sure enough, their drummer, Travis Barker is playing on them. And he's also on the third? WTF?
Shawn Ariss
Shawn Ariss 9 саат мурун
Hey Rick, jus a quick note ta say your knowledge and wisdom that you pass is very appreciated mang! I love what you do because you love what you do. Thankyou so much for the accessibility. Keep up the great work....please.
realcygnus 9 саат мурун
A true living legend artist & an original beautiful flower child. So cool !
Wayne De Zwart
Wayne De Zwart 9 саат мурун
I get looked at weird and even laughed at when I mention that I used Elixir nanoweb,10's in open B. Combined with my Seymour Duncan Mick Thomson pickups. those strings absolutely sing!. I changed to Ernie ball, beefy slinky 11's. Tbh, I can stand the tone, it's flat and the strings just don't sing (proper string tension too).
Algirdas Grybauskas
Algirdas Grybauskas 9 саат мурун
Thank you from Lithuania. I feel like I learned something!
Randy Scott
Randy Scott 9 саат мурун
Amazing song and such a great video Rick - more Joni please!
basedmarlon 9 саат мурун
Sonic Youth-Teen Age Riot please bro
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Debbie Hanisch 9 саат мурун
Beautiful melody
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Graham Powell 9 саат мурун
Rick is a great musician, but I think teaching music is really what he was put here to do.
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Michael Fox 9 саат мурун
love your wheeews ric
Debbie Hanisch
Debbie Hanisch 9 саат мурун
Joni Mitchell's a Canadian treasure. Gorgeous voice, great guitar player and pianist. She's a poet who sings her soul. She's a genius. Her painting is fabulous and she believes it's her real calling. She talks to her fellow musicians in colours...I get it...joni play me some more orange.
SagetMaster4 9 саат мурун
Love ya Rick, thanks for everything you do
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Geo Guitar 9 саат мурун
Rock on Rick. Love your stuff.
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Bjorn Timmer 9 саат мурун
Where is the best of all? Axl Rose. Stupid list
Draw Down Dave
Draw Down Dave 9 саат мурун
Best debut album ever. EVER. I wore out two 8 track and 3 cassette copies of this album before CD's came along.
Cymro65 9 саат мурун
Wow.......I mean , enjoyed you telling this story - you're a great raconteur. 👍🤘
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Ben Bradley 9 саат мурун
This is the Best Rick Beato video Ever! Or at least So Far ...
Volvo Man
Volvo Man 9 саат мурун
Best video yet brother!
Jim Kernicky
Jim Kernicky 9 саат мурун
Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir from the Dead both had writers for the lyrics. Not sure if they wrote the music afterward or already had progressions that they used
yours truly
yours truly 9 саат мурун
hearing them back to back without having to remember made me think they were closer than I thought. Mini's were the brightest.
Scott Williams
Scott Williams 9 саат мурун
My mnemonic for modes is "I Dont Particularly Like Modes At alL". Works for me :)
Walt Lynch
Walt Lynch 9 саат мурун
Joni Canada’s most precious gift Oh Canada!
AP 74
AP 74 9 саат мурун
Thank you for the lesson!!
Col Oaten
Col Oaten 9 саат мурун
Great masterclass Rick, thanks a lot. At 53 I started learning piano and music theory and I'm loving it! A question about SUS chords: Do you ever have a situation where the 1st and 5th degree move, so C-F-G becomes D-F-A, instead of the 3rd degree resolving from F to E? Thanks a lot :)
Dougy D. Douglas
Dougy D. Douglas 9 саат мурун
You had me for 14 minutes
GregFromGuam 10 саат мурун
Rick, you're amazing. Hats off to you!
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Donnie Barnett 10 саат мурун
I just don't understand how people down vote this. How is this not fun?
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Gordon Hamnett 10 саат мурун
Delightful Rick! Thanks for sharing!!!! So nice to learn how personable, kind and approachable Joni is! By the way, you have earned the recognition and appreciation of so many of us out here in the ether! Your genuine surprise about being recognized at an LA Starbucks was nice. You deserve it!!
Shut Up And Eat
Shut Up And Eat 10 саат мурун
Amelia is a simply perfect song. Not a single note out of place. Joni is a legend who's peers included Miles and only a handful of others. Would have been amazing to hear her play with Miles, Jaco, Wayne & Vinnie! What an AWESOME Video! Thanks for sharing!!!!
Andrès Fernandez
Andrès Fernandez 10 саат мурун
19 people are lazy af
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Mathias Westerström 10 саат мурун
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Amazing story thanks Rick and please post more Joni!
TDTVKC1 10 саат мурун
Rick, WOW, you got to meet and hang out with the girl of my dreams. Hearing you talk about how much you love her and idolize her, I'm thinking the exact same thing going through my head, so I get where you are coming from except for one major thing. You got to actually do it, it wasn't a dream and you might get a chance to have it happen again. Wow, I'm so jealous right now. She is the best, so glad you are introducing her to a whole new generation. I have to go now and listen to Court and Spark. Bye.
Brad Martin
Brad Martin 10 саат мурун
Rick why aren’t you teaching at a university again?
Angel ECU
Angel ECU 10 саат мурун
I was introduced to Jaco by listening to Al Dimeola
Fermioncool Fermioncool
Fermioncool Fermioncool 10 саат мурун
Oh man, this was so awesome ! Never understood the basics, this really helped!
Federico Goes
Federico Goes 10 саат мурун
Nelson LeDuc
Nelson LeDuc 10 саат мурун
Rick, thanks for this one. I never appreciated this song at all until watching this video. The two most powerful resolutions in our tonal system are 7 up to 1 and 4 down to 3. This song features both of those, but neither of them resolve. The c never resolves to d-flat, the g-flat never resolves to f. And what is the title and hook line of this song? "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" -- this is a perfect example of "text painting" -- how better to represent that lyric musically than by NOT RESOLVING the two most powerful tensions in the major scale? I can only imagine that if Bach or Schubert had been asked to write this music, they would have done something very similar. Pure genius!!
Barry Smith
Barry Smith 10 саат мурун
Tom Scholz - sounds like he copied his 1st album
Lisa Colbert
Lisa Colbert 10 саат мурун
Rick , have you listened to Emma Ruth Rundle ? If not , curious to know what you’d think of this cut , Emma Ruth Rundle - “Heaven” l Audiotree. Published Dec. 12 2017 . If you ever do check it out , listen to this version . Has a bit of a slow start showing the band unloading gear , etc. but worth it , in my opinion. About 3/4 into it it explodes beautifully . Again , just a punter’s opinion . But if it moves me , it’s gotta do the same for someone else , eh ?
wilsonconvictor 10 саат мурун
Great story! Loved it!
Paul Schield
Paul Schield 10 саат мурун
These tunes are all right in my wheelhouse-same age bracket as Rick. I try to influence my sons-they have their music of today and still appreciate this list. The thing is, they can’t feel the emotions and nostalgia these songs give me. So happy I grew up when I grew up. I was a little kid though. Most of these tunes probably resonate even more with people about 10-years older than me. So cool Joni sent you that gift. Thanks for posting this. Also, I didn’t appreciate Neil Diamond at the time. Boy oh boy did he write some great songs.
John Turri
John Turri 10 саат мурун
🚨 *Okay hear me out. I love this series so much. I know a lot of musicians and writers follow Rick so it’d be sooo awesome if he did an episode just like this but with him listening to song submissions from his subscribers. We’ve all learned so much from him so hopefully he’d be proud to hear our music reflecting his tips haha.*
qwaqwa1960 10 саат мурун
How lovely.... :-)))))
Bruce Poindexter
Bruce Poindexter 10 саат мурун
These were really crappy picks Rick! C'mon...Rush (Alex Lifeson), Deep Purple, Jimmie Hendricks, or Neil Schoen!
Daniel Griffin
Daniel Griffin 10 саат мурун
Fast or slow, only one thing matters to me. Is it musical?
Alex Mosqueira
Alex Mosqueira 10 саат мурун
7:21 “the Simpsons”
Ken Keyes
Ken Keyes 10 саат мурун
Joni Mitchell is a genius, in a category all by herself. I hope people appreciate that much.
Atomic R4y
Atomic R4y 10 саат мурун
Him isolating Sid's parts I think could make people realize that him and Craig don't just stand around pretending to do something. They do a lot, even still. Often times Sid's scratches and Craig's samples are just so well mixed and blend perfectly with the song it takes such an ear to notice them.
Tony Simmons
Tony Simmons 10 саат мурун
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly 10 саат мурун
There are some days I have when I come back and say 'Did I just do that?' - especially after I've been out sailing. Sounds like meeting Joni was one of those days.
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Charlie Kelland 10 саат мурун
this is beautiful
Diax1324 10 саат мурун
14:40 Sounds so much like a Linkin Park song.
Michael Ferreira
Michael Ferreira 10 саат мурун
George Lynch should be in the innovators category also. Especially when it comes to his tone.
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Don H 10 саат мурун
Excellent Masterclass on music theory; definitely helps even while I'm learning bass.
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Amazing Rick. So great.
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David Perkins 10 саат мурун
23:10 - "Fantasy" also contains a 're-intro'! :)
abaneyone 10 саат мурун
You're famous Rick 🙂
Jeff Garrison
Jeff Garrison 10 саат мурун
I find the major 6th rule interesting... I'm guessing that it doesn't apply to Blues??? Would that be considered the exception to the rule or qualitatively different? I guess it could be called a chord fragment...? As it's the Root + 5th to Root + maj6th and either back again or the Root + min7th... or some sequential variation thereof? Also, I've noticed that the root is doubled a lot in Hard Rock & Metal... is that another exception to the rule? Take Rage Against the Machine for example: Almost exclusively - Roots + 5ths + Octaves doubled and even tripled so much that it's rare that they aren't... I think that when you're going for power or looking to add intensity, it's extremely effective to use the doubling of Root + 5th & Octaves.
Jamway of Aiken-Augusta rock band
Jamway of Aiken-Augusta rock band 10 саат мурун
Loved it! Where is ENTWHISTLE?
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Much love Rick you’re inspirational
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Jeffrey Summers 10 саат мурун
OK, so I absolutely love what is going on, but also wonder - what is your signal chain? That sounds like the jazz sound I am looking for....
Denise Freitas
Denise Freitas 10 саат мурун
What a beautiful story! You're a lucky guy, Rick!
Midi Man
Midi Man 10 саат мурун
Reviewing the structure of theory is never more fun than when an expert says "sure I love hanging out and and doing that with my students"... you make it all happen, 60s, 70s, 20s, 30s, 50s, jazz, RnB, rock, film, theater, orchestral... and it all gets back to what can be done from the 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 (1 3 5).. get the book! Get your ears in the game... get Beatoe'd
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Remy - SpeedCuber 10 саат мурун
Can’t wait for masterclass 2!
Chris Fife-Schaw
Chris Fife-Schaw 10 саат мурун
Sad thing to me is that 7/10 of these songs were pretty identikit and not much different from similar songs 10 yrs ago. Where's the innovation? Has American rock died? Rick does an ace job but what's new here on the scene?
Christina Koller
Christina Koller 10 саат мурун
So many overnight university study nights in the early 80's I listened to Joni's albums. Have all her vinyl still.
Amanda Lorian
Amanda Lorian 10 саат мурун
Great story thanks Rick.
Jon Clemence
Jon Clemence 10 саат мурун
Glad you've given Royal Blood a listen. They are a great band, and their new album is really good. I think they should be in a future What Makes This Song Great video.
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Eugenia Sackson 10 саат мурун
Your joy in explaining this masterpiece is such a beautiful experience. Thank you.
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Jim Marinella 10 саат мурун
Too fun. Thank you for the video
MenacingNoodle 10 саат мурун
I'm a fan of the intro to The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold, Brooks Wackerman absolutely nailed it
bigbubu75 10 саат мурун
Joe is the Bluesman but for me John Mayer please. His playing is a lot more memorable and touching to me and that's what counts. He has way more uhhh "Gilmour" vibes. And I'm more of a Strat guy while my Les collecting dust