Perfect Pitch: Why Do People Lose It?

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Rick Beato

2 ай мурун

In this episode I discuss the how and why people who live long enough lose their Perfect Pitch.
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dotNSF 14 саат мурун
Have you done anything specifically with Jacob?
Joshua Mirabal
Joshua Mirabal 19 саат мурун
certain medicines to treat seizures and bi-polar disorder can alter your perception of pitch too
Hells Barbells
Hells Barbells Күн мурун
In my old band that I got kicked out of, I was the only person with perfect pitch. The rest were all out of tune the exact same amount relative to me, it's was weird.
Joe M
Joe M Күн мурун
I am not saying I ever had perfect pitch, but I remember being able to tune a guitar by ear much quicker when I was a child nearly 30 years ago.
James Wiggle
James Wiggle Күн мурун
i feel good that people can lose their perfect pitch. damn music snobs
Original Orlaith
Original Orlaith Күн мурун
my ability to remember pitch is much better now than it used to be. (i'm 53)
Relative VS Perfect ;)
VHDT10 2 күн мурун
I think the timbre of the instrument and acoustics of the environment can probably throw people off, as well. Maybe you make a couple mistakes here and there
Alex Souza
Alex Souza 2 күн мурун
@Rick Beato Do you know Hermeto Pascoal? A video about him would be great.
Stefano 2 күн мурун
So, if you were aware of this... why did you want Dylan to have perfect pitch? I mean, I don't have perfect pitch and I used to think it was a pity. But now, knowing that you can lose it I am glad about not having it.
Warren Large
Warren Large 2 күн мурун
I think it more of an ear thing and less of a brain thing. As we get older, the tiny receptors in our ear get less and less accurate at picking up frequencies. I think it is very possible that they may start sending altered signals to the brain due to this lessened functionality. I don't think it is likely that the brain changes the way it interprets the signals.
ArtjomAlexandsson 2 күн мурун
" that true what they say: "If you don't use it - you lose it"?" (с) 40-year-old virgin movie
Mr. Night
Mr. Night 3 күн мурун
I can tune a guitar into standard tuning without a tuner, but I sometimes do the Eb thing. Another exercise I do is to try and recall a melody of a song in my mind and figure out what key it is in. I do get it right quite a bit, but I often will imagine it exactly a half step down from the correct pitch. I never had perfect pitch and can never do it instantly, but it was cool to hear you mention that half step conundrum because I've never heard someone bring that up before!
Mobio Interactive
Mobio Interactive 3 күн мурун
Depending on the mechanism(s) underlying perfect pitch itself, age associated loss of perfect pitch could be totally be an ear thing. Could also totally be a change in the temporal properties of neurons within the audio cortex. Could also be in the connection, for example via changes to the frequency capacity of the calyx of held. Since the calyx of held is the fastest firing neuron of the nervous system, changes to the dynamic range of its frequency could lead to a drift in pitch perception.
K0ng0 4 күн мурун
Must be something to do with higher and lower frequencies being cut from your hearing range the older you get.
hangerq57 5 күн мурун
After 10 years of my battle with Ménière’s disease 🦠my right ear now hears slightly higher . Very irritating 😠. Trying everything not to loose my hearing all together. No cure ..🥺
Javier Perez
Javier Perez 5 күн мурун
Yes perfect pitch is accurate pitch memory.
Chris Brice
Chris Brice 6 күн мурун
Psychedelics helped me to acquire perfect pitch where I never had it before. Can you gain it like you can lose it? I didn't try to teach myself it. It just happened one day and I realized I could easily match pitches
Astrid Jade
Astrid Jade 6 күн мурун
me watching this with perfect pitch: 👀
L. A.
L. A. 6 күн мурун
Ok, now I’m sitting here 34 and scared.
Luis Alex. R.
Luis Alex. R. 8 күн мурун
8:35 Dylan upstairs running
Ariel Moatti
Ariel Moatti 8 күн мурун
1:58 hahahaha so obvious!
Caio Lins
Caio Lins 8 күн мурун
I love your channel Rick
Kelly Bates
Kelly Bates 9 күн мурун
Could the flexibility of the eardrum change?
The Tree
The Tree 10 күн мурун
$50 for a PDF? You crazy.
Immanuel Patten
Immanuel Patten 11 күн мурун
4:22 Because you heard when the color of E sounded, but standard pitch sounds 1/3 of a half step sharp with perfect pitch, so as soon as the color of E sounded, you stopped.
Immanuel Patten
Immanuel Patten 11 күн мурун
I keep telling you that you do have perfect pitch. Congratulations!
SuperFashi 12 күн мурун
truly a curse for ppl with perfect pitch
Kay Brown
Kay Brown 13 күн мурун
In a word: Tinnitus. 😔
Shane Harvey
Shane Harvey 15 күн мурун
I’m always a semitone out from any song I sing then check the key. It’s consistent.
Miguel Abril
Miguel Abril 15 күн мурун
A = 415.3Hz
Artsy Joshie
Artsy Joshie 15 күн мурун
Matthew B
Matthew B 15 күн мурун
Jacob Collier looks like a Final Fantasy Character in the thumbnail
MAGNUS ERNST 15 күн мурун
I've just seen a veritasium video where it is explained that older people tend to overestimate passing time. So time moves faster than they think it does. So if a pitch is nothing but a specific frequency, the perceived frequency for older people is lower if they overestimate the time in which the sound waves arrive in their ear which would lead to a lower perceived pitch.
Ajiend Anajiee
Ajiend Anajiee 16 күн мурун
i think "hearing" is not about just the ear and the brain, most of it is, but "most" doesn't include all the "significance" of a listening to a sound, there are sounds that are lower than 20hz that we all can "hear", one of them particularly made us terrify to listen to, and we feel that sound not really with the ear but the guts
Guilherme 16 күн мурун
PLEASE elaborate on Jacob Collier. A lot of people would love to hear your take on him.
Carlo G
Carlo G 17 күн мурун
Rally interesting! 👍🏻👏
bluevision 17 күн мурун
Rick, have you ever been listening to music, gotten tired and started yawning? When I yawn deeply when tired I hear the music drift down in pitch. Usually at least 20-30 cents, sometimes more! Yawn finishes and the music goes up right where it should. I have never been able to account for this anomaly. Whatever function is relaxing or shifting may be what happens in a more permanent fashion as we get older and saggier? I don't see how yawning would cause the ear-brain to react in this way. Are the stretching or reshaping of the eustachian tubes and ear canals causing something to change the tonality? Is that what happens as we get old? Like the softening of our upper back palates and thus increased snoring with age? Mystery.
mlu ccc
mlu ccc 18 күн мурун
Oh, goodie. Another Beato vid. I was missing them. Here, I get to learn more about music. This makes me happy. Personally, I am glad my Mom gave us kids piano lessons when we were young. She also gave me music appreciation lessons, whatever those were. I still remember some of it. My appreciation grew from classical and 1950's singalongs to rock and roll when White Port and Lemon Juice arrived on the scene in 1958 or so. Then the wonderful 1960's and all those "trips" to the Haight Ashbury. We lived just across the bay. So I have had a wonderful musical life of sheer enjoyment. Somewhere in there I became friends with Dizzy's close friend Ramona and she needed another gal to accompany her while she listened to all the guys are various gigs around the Bay Area. Wow! One night we went to a concert in SF because she wanted to see their homie, Woody Herman. She used to refer to Lalo and we went to see a lot of movies which I now realize was part of all this for her. I was relatively clueless. We were both housewives with children in Contra Costa. Now, today, years later I am finding just today material on Lalo and watched the sweet little Part 1 bio about his roots in a classical music family in Argentina and then his move to Paris and later to the USA to join Dizzy. Oh, and my childhood piano teacher was an Italian woman with two daughters married to a butcher out here who had been a concert pianist in Italy at the age of only 18!! So I have been truly blessed in my life, not remembering it all except just now I cannot leave out how I was there at the St. Mary's College gym when the fabulous four Brubeck classic performed for an audience of less than 100!! just before they hit, also 1957 or 1958. Amazing! and now I can really enjoy the wonderful Beato. Thank you, man, and a big thank you to my God. Ain't it great??!!!
AftershockPS3 18 күн мурун
My iPad have perfect pitch
asilenth 19 күн мурун
It's definitely because of hearing loss. It's the simplest answer and makes the most sense.
Indecision 19 күн мурун
My mother has told me that she was told by my music teachers that I had perfect pitch. I played trombone in school bands but haven't really read or played much music in close to 20 years. Even if I do have perfect pitch I no longer have the theory to be able to identify which notes are which, I'd love to work on potentially getting it back if I indeed do have perfect pitch and as a broke ass uni student I'm not sure where to start.
Drongorius 19 күн мурун
Thank you mr. Pacino .
Ptik Phoenetik Talk
Ptik Phoenetik Talk 20 күн мурун
The fruit has been moved to other musician
wee woao
wee woao 21 күн мурун
you are just so pathetic lmao
Gonzalo Amor
Gonzalo Amor 21 күн мурун
You are a genious Rick. My favorite channel by far.
Michael Lyn Music
Michael Lyn Music 21 күн мурун
Another Great video...thank you Sir! of our best friends has perfect and when he was a kid he saw a different color for each pitch...without even knowing that it was his "perfect pitch" that was causing the association...The guy can score studio grade music on a jet while traveling without even a tuning fork for his first pitch!... We know so little about the neurology of the brain that we're still almost in the dark ages when it comes to this science...
mike bono
mike bono 21 күн мурун
Rick, I am honestly so relieved to have come across this video. I'm 30 and discovered I had perfect pitch when I was 5. No trouble tuning guitars, can hear huge chords, hear some microtones etc... the last 2 years I have started hearing things a half step off... So if it's an Ab I'll interpret it as a G. It's not all the time but it has definitely happened several times now where it's been incredibly alarming and disorienting. It's also slowed down my processing of notes, whereas I used to instantly know what the notes where. In certain ways it's helped my improvising, because I'm less analytical of a chord when playing free for example, and I'll just try to play to the "sound". It bums me out on some days, but I've made peace with it. Do you know of anyone having experienced the loss of perfect pitch, or the start of the loss as young as 30? Thanks for the great content!
leolol 21 күн мурун
I've never had perfect pitch or anything, but whenever I tune my guitar by ear I tune it to F.. cant change it, altough I know about it! haha
toto s.cuper
toto s.cuper 22 күн мурун
iamerighi 22 күн мурун
4:00 That's because you're an Alice In Chains fan. God bless you :-)
giacomo b
giacomo b 23 күн мурун
Lost on birth (perso dalla nascita) :P
Calvin Beck
Calvin Beck 23 күн мурун
Perfect pitch is op
The Grateful Brad
The Grateful Brad 23 күн мурун
Perfect pitch is tone memory. If I were to say "Can't get no Satisfaction" you would clearly hear that opening fuzz tone B note in your mind. Now tune your guitar to it. Voila! Perfect pitch. It's no mystery. But as we get older our memory fades, heaven forbid, we might not remember The Rolling Stones, let alone that fuzzy B note that we once tuned our guitars to. Or the E in Whole Lotta Love. Or the 60 cycle B flat that your amp hum makes. I used to do all of the Beatles songs and I'd be lucky to nail 20 of them today. You get old. Praise Jesus.
AL0WIN 23 күн мурун
How to explain I have pretty good relative pitch, but perfect pitch only on the C3 ? I feel cheated :-)
Levon Darratt
Levon Darratt 24 күн мурун
KGglobal nerd Collier... I just thought he's a goofball messing around...I'm not a music maker - just somebody listening to music.
Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos 24 күн мурун
Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos 24 күн мурун
Greg Snedeker
Greg Snedeker 24 күн мурун
In your fifties is when you start having your first major brain farts. Coincidence? I think not, you'll know it the 'second' you hear it.
Paweł Przybylski
Paweł Przybylski 24 күн мурун
Nice video, but I really hoped for explanation on WHY people loose their perfect pitch.
Paul de Supinski
Paul de Supinski 25 күн мурун
If you're tuning down a half step, that should mean you're hearing a half step higher, not lower.
David Forrest
David Forrest 25 күн мурун
I would be interested to see MRI scans of individuals who have perfect pitch before and after they loose it
alexhallmusic 25 күн мурун
I checked Jacob Collier out. I didn't like it.
Delvin George
Delvin George 25 күн мурун
It is a soul thing.
Intangir Voluntaryist
Intangir Voluntaryist 25 күн мурун
ive never had perfect pitch, but ive heard eating turmeric helps neuroplasticity for learning new languages, and learning good pitch recognition.. i haven't researched it more fully though, maybe youd be interested
Alan Crome
Alan Crome 25 күн мурун
jacob collier's music is awesome
Iason Tzanakos
Iason Tzanakos 25 күн мурун
Let me blow your mind: A perfect pitch does not emanate from a frequency memory but rather from a timbre memory and a very fast relative comparison that happens cognitively.. BOOM!!!! @jboy_violin March 2021.
Moriusca Natha
Moriusca Natha 25 күн мурун
The unwieldy caravan epidemiologically last because duck electrophoretically enter via a awful geranium. bawdy, lumpy playroom
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 25 күн мурун
Great video and interesting findings.
Kyrieru 26 күн мурун
Pretty depressing.
Marcos Silva
Marcos Silva 26 күн мурун
What about the other way round! Is it possible to develop perfect pitch
Rick "my son has perfect pitch" beato
Alex Rigg
Alex Rigg 27 күн мурун
You can lose your perfect pitch if you want to escape your father's tyranny, just saying.
Gaptastic 27 күн мурун
Excellent video, perception is everything! Stupid question ... Can someone with Tinnitus obtain relative "perfect" pitch? I have it to the point where I have a hard time sleeping and distracts me during the day? I was an idiot as a kid and didn't wear ear protection while in metal bands. Now I'm paying the price.
Electric Dave
Electric Dave 27 күн мурун
The example at 4:59 is of pianist Richter perceiving pitch a 1/2 step lower than actual (perceiving a G chord instead of the actual A flat), while in the example at 6:52, Oscar thinks it's 1/2 step higher than actual (perceiving E instead of E flat, assuming the recording is accurate in pitch). So while Rick says the 2nd example is the "same thing" as the Richter example, it seems to be the opposite. Maybe someone else reading this can show me what I'm missing?
Shaun Worthen
Shaun Worthen 27 күн мурун
From more of a fan, than a musician. Really cool ... Thank you!
daniel dimitri
daniel dimitri 27 күн мурун
With relative pitch you have the advantage of also hearing the beats the interaction between the notes creates. If you're off by 2hz youll hear a 2hz fluctuation to the volume of the diad that you're creating which may actually be correct for one diad or another on even temperment as the musical scale is more of an accidental near miss than a perfect system. But even if you cant hear the emotion in a harmony the way a good composer does you can still hear relative pitch in a precise and scientific way.
TIMSI 27 күн мурун
Great channel and I love how this spawns a scientific discussion in the comments below.
Montana 28 күн мурун
Counter question: Can you actually have a "perfect" pitch? What is perfect? It's rather an "adjusted" pitch to a very certain tone and frequency system, but there are a lot of other "pitches" out there what throw some perfect pitchers completely off.
SGEGGbub 28 күн мурун
I can think of a g in my head and base other notes off that. Is that perfect pitch since it’s just my brain?
Gunnar Helås
Gunnar Helås 28 күн мурун
I'm 51, and I've been concerned about the falling pich for some years already. What I think is A, is an A flat, and what I think is an F sharp, is an F and so on... Good to know that it's perfectly normal to lose your perfect pitch in my age, so there's nothing wrong with me. :D
Fedor Voronov
Fedor Voronov 28 күн мурун
I think, with elderly it is because the eardrum becomes more coarse, more harsh, it becomes less elastic, so the speed with which the earbud vibrates, the rate decreases, so that is how I see it.
Raul Bob
Raul Bob 29 күн мурун
Hi Rick. I'm a guitar player and for most of my life I knew very little music theory. The thing is I could always learn songs by ear. I can just hear a song on the radio for the first time and know how to play it in every major/minor key (ofc i'm talking about mostly diatonic chords). After a while, playing in bands, I realized that not everyone can do that. Is that some kind of relative pitch also? And also, how common is it for people without ear training to do this?
David Saliamonas
David Saliamonas 29 күн мурун
I think that Rick Beato might be mistaken on a few points. I read once somewhere a physiological explanation of why people lose their perfect pitch. It's not "brain" (which is physiological anyway) but ear. I don't remember where I saw that, or if it was in a MOOC that I did some of. Did it have to do with the elasticity of cilia in the ear? Then, at the end, when he strikes a C and then plays a bunch of random-ish pitches, is he really using relative pitch to identify them? Those are not intervals that anyone can really hear, I don't think. Unless in his mind he's transposing the pitches by multiples of octaves close to the original C and then hearing more manageable intervals. However, I wonder, could he really keep the landmark C in his memory? Maybe.... But somehow I feel that, once a frame of reference is established with the C, he then identifies the other notes by perfect-ish pitch. Or maybe that doesn't make sense? Finally, I have a feeling that Abbey Simon made a simple mistake which was, unfortunately, carried on by Rick Beato. Simon should have played Op. 110 in A major and not G, because I think that's what typically happens to people's pitch as they age. Beato says that he thought that Eb was really E when tuning his guitar. That means that he would think that E sounds like F, or, for Op. 110, Ab sounds like A.
voteZDLR 29 күн мурун
I think I have near perfect pitch, but for whatever reason it's tuned down a half step.
D G Ай мурун
Can lose perfect pitch from just a slight amount of hearing loss, not rocket science, from old age and/or high decibels explode ear drum receptors.
Oliver Turbin
Oliver Turbin Ай мурун
Amazing video
Paulie Blog
Paulie Blog Ай мурун
There is an app for that
Chris Capablanca
Chris Capablanca Ай мурун
So think about this, we are here today , in the year 2021 talking about this. we are doing so with technologies benefit of knowing how the human body and brain works. Now imagine Beethoven or any of the composers from other centuries, wondering what was happening to them. "Am I going mad? " "Am I possessed?" "Am I being punished by god?" And these composers had no social media, no psychiatrists or brain specialists or ear doctors to talk to. To many it must have been a terrifying experience. But I might be wrong, but if I am I'm prolly only wrong by about 1/2 step.
MikeBabsBC Ай мурун
I definitely can't lose it.... Never had it in the first place lol
Lizzie L
Lizzie L Ай мурун
so music will sound bad when i'm older?!
Bro Bra
Bro Bra Ай мурун
What's worse than losing your marbles?
Dave Carsley
Dave Carsley Ай мурун
The way you explain it, it seems like perfect pitch is the same thing as having relative pitch (or maybe you called it "pitch memory"), but just being really fast at it? I'm certain I don't have perfect pitch, but if you tell me to "sing an E" (or a D or whatever) without playing me a reference note, I can do it and it will be perfectly in tune according to a tuner every time (or if you _play_ that note, I can identify it). But it's not perfect pitch, it's just that I've been playing guitar so long that I know what those notes sound like. But you describe perfect pitch as being able to sing (or identify) a note when asked, which I can do, even though I don't have perfect pitch... so I'm not sure I understand the difference between the two. Is perfect pitch just being able to do that with ALL notes in all octaves, whereas I can only do the dozen or so that I tune a guitar with or start a well-known vocal line with?
Rafael Cabral Williams
Rafael Cabral Williams Ай мурун
I don't even have relative ear hahahahaha, however i can tune my guitar as fast as rick, but i can't recognize the intervals the way he did
Vadim Dvoskin
Vadim Dvoskin Ай мурун
Rick, i cannot name a note that i hear to save my life, but my hands can play a melody that i am hearing in my head. Maybe Oscar Peterson had something similar rather than perfect pitch? - which btw is useless when playing music as far as i am concerned.
Yves Roy
Yves Roy Ай мурун
Do you have hard copy of your book
sirgallium Ай мурун
I think it could be an ear thing or an ear-brain thing and not just a brain thing. Because what happens is your ear translates a pressure wave into an electric signal for your brain. Say that when you get old enough and your body begins to sag everywhere, your ear drum loses some of its tightness too. So now for your eardrum to produce the same electric voltage as before, it takes a higher frequency pressure wave to make up for how loose the ear drum has become to make the same electric signal to your brain as before. It's not like you forget what colors look like by half a color when you get old enough so I think its not the brain.
bernard_hossmoto Ай мурун
Rick, it was Dylan's videos on your YT channel that made me a subscriber years ago. I just read an interview with Dave Grohl about the upcoming "Shoegaze" record by his daughter Violet, who sang great on stage with the Foos and also at a Nirvana "reunion". He said, she's got perfect pitch (and that's why she sings better then him).
majidi Ай мурун
can you have perfect pitch without knowing the name of the notes? say someone isolated from music training at the right early age
Joseph Santiago
Joseph Santiago Ай мурун
I just want to leave a comment saying that your videos have helped me out a lot in my guitar playing. Always great to learn something new even when you’ve been playing for a long time now. Keep killing it with the great content. 🤘🤘
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