OK...I Just Listened To Spotify's Top 10 ROCK Songs...And?

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Rick Beato

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In this episode we take a look at the Top 10 Rock Songs on Spotify. Let me know your thoughts.
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Doctor Strainlove
Doctor Strainlove 6 саат мурун
Rick can you be my dad, please dad
chim choo ree
chim choo ree 2 күн мурун
I feel vindicated after watching this. There's a reason I don't keep up with popular music. Actually, in this video, there are ten.
Zero-Sum Gamers
Zero-Sum Gamers 2 күн мурун
Cant believe I missed this when it dropped. Thank you Rick!!
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 2 күн мурун
Well, I just discovered Typhoons. Royal Blood. That was actual rock. 'm an old guy that's stuck in the 70's but working on it.
Matt James
Matt James 2 күн мурун
Always brilliant - thanks Rick.
Allen 2 күн мурун
I don't get it how does he learn the songs so quick
chim choo ree
chim choo ree 2 күн мурун
It's probably pretty easy when they're all so basic.
Brandon Kazimir
Brandon Kazimir 2 күн мурун
Man, I would love to see Rick go over more pop punk, especially if it was a deep cut from an early Blink-182 album. It doesn't really surprise me that he loves pop punk since he covered Blink in his first What Makes This Song Great, but I wonder why he hasn't really done another one covering the genre after so many episodes.
Nayr Ecitsuj
Nayr Ecitsuj 3 күн мурун
I wonder if Rick has any children and, if so, will they be the best musical artists ever?🎼🎸🥁
first last
first last 3 күн мурун
that "i prevail" song gives me mid 2000's skillet vibes (comatose, collide, etc.), but I didn't see any relationships between them. different labels, genres, members, etc.
Sean Olivier
Sean Olivier 3 күн мурун
Absolutely love Royal Blood - Rick would need thicker strings and 1 less string to play Royal Blood the tone that you hearing is a 5 string Bass Guitar played like guitar - Mike Kerr is one of a kind for sure and the fact that they're a two piece with Ben Thatcher on drums makes it all that more interesting
YourmomsnameisKaren 3 күн мурун
Taylor Momson played Cindy Lou Hoo in the Grinch movie with Jim Carey. Fun fact of the day.
punk 2008
punk 2008 4 күн мурун
For myself the best new music from the newer bands of the 2010s era have female lead vocalists. Pretty Reckless in rock and Jinjer in metal are my favorite new bands for each genre. Plus my favorite new blues musician of the 2010s is also done by a female lead vocalist, Samantha Fish.
connor joseph
connor joseph 4 күн мурун
To summarize: almost all of the songs are mostly just boring duds with maybe 1-2 interesting little parts in them; no where near enough to make me want to go back and listen again. And the only standout tracks are from artists who are from the 90s like with Dave grohl, Matt Cameron, etc. Also, most of these were not even rock songs ,people just heard one distorted guitar and called it rock. I’m happy that Rick actually gives these songs a chance, and even though they are mostly just over compressed pop “rock” songs with no meaningful lyrics, he can still pick out the positives in them. But let’s be real no one in 20 years will remember any of these songs.
lulospawn 4 күн мурун
#2's guitar sounds like a beefy veiny penis slapping against the forehead of the entiry universe.
lulospawn 4 күн мурун
The chorus from that foo fighters song took me back to Neil Young's Old Man somehow.
lulospawn 4 күн мурун
The groove of typhoon is a beast
lulospawn 4 күн мурун
I love songs that make me believe in rock again. That's what Kaleo did for me.
Fid3l 18
Fid3l 18 4 күн мурун
Awesome Rick! Did you know ‘Typhoons’ by Royal Blood is a 2 piece? Drummer and bassist, no 6 string guitars to be seen. Really awesome English band
Mathias Klein
Mathias Klein 5 күн мурун
Hey Rick, love watching your videos. Have you ever spoken about the arctic monkeys on your channel? They are by far one of my favorite bands and I think they are one of the best rock bands today. I'd love to hear your feedback on this. Have a great week :)
EverythingNotSaved 6 күн мурун
That Royal Blood song is seriously killer
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas 6 күн мурун
"The guitar sounds cool" ... There is no guitar in any Royal Blood song 😉
MindBomb 6 күн мурун
I tell you, those idiots who are blocking your videos or giving you copyright strikes... I just discovered 3 or 4 new bands I had no clue about because of you Rick -- after having given up on modern rock! Added them to my lists. They should ALL be grateful to you for your spreading the word and giving us a chance to get the earworm in us.
James Middleton
James Middleton 7 күн мурун
I just keep watching you listening to Royal Blood, I feel like that's everyone's reaction to Royal Blood, I know that was my reaction. You didn't get anywhere near their best stuff either. Their best stuff is their earliest stuff, the first album and also one of their singles called hole has one of the best riffs ever written in my opinion
juc103 7 күн мурун
Wow, can't believe I hadn't heard of The Pretty Reckless. Rick's facial expressions during the chorus say it all!
Andrew Stephenson
Andrew Stephenson 7 күн мурун
Is anyone else shocked that Rick wasn't air drumming at 12:39?
Hannah Millington
Hannah Millington 7 күн мурун
Check the video to "I prevail" - very intense!
spiderdave5777 8 күн мурун
Royal Blood !!!!!! OMG those guys know how to write riffs & rock 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
Alexander_faktiskt 8 күн мурун
I want to be like Rick when I grow up
Garrett Hendriks
Garrett Hendriks 9 күн мурун
big yoppa
big yoppa 9 күн мурун
The guy you are talking about on the real drumming that’s Travis Barker best drummer in the world today
Ashl3y Mari3 K3lli3
Ashl3y Mari3 K3lli3 9 күн мурун
Can we appreciate Rick's hair? He's always looking sharp!!
Ashl3y Mari3 K3lli3
Ashl3y Mari3 K3lli3 9 күн мурун
I never get over watching him play from the first listen of a song... I can do this with piano but no where near what Rick can do!! I'm more of the Dave Grohl level, I don't know what notes/chords I'm playing but I know how it sounds. I just love seeing Rick's videos, he's just amazing!
hanibal lektor
hanibal lektor 10 күн мурун
When Rick says "NICE" you know that thing is a killer. You can make playlist of "NICE" songs and have the "Best songs vol.1" compilation type of thing... Love it
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 10 күн мурун
Do you have perfect pitch?
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 10 күн мурун
I can answer my own question after watching the whole video. That would be a yes.
Rodolfo Cornejo
Rodolfo Cornejo 10 күн мурун
You should definately do a WMTSG on Avril Lavigne or Paramore!
Ștefan Manole
Ștefan Manole 10 күн мурун
Doesnt Mercy by Ayron Jones sound like a cover of The Four Horsemen, especially the main riff
Chuck Catipay
Chuck Catipay 10 күн мурун
4:53 that flickr :o
Andrew Masters
Andrew Masters 10 күн мурун
Damn this brought me a strange amount of joy
Haukevind 11 күн мурун
The opening/repeated riff on the song 'Only Love Can Save Me Now' does have a lot of similarities to late 70's Rush, doesn't it.?
Jennifer H
Jennifer H 11 күн мурун
Royal Blood is incredible. Just heard about them on a Foo fighters fb page a few days ago. I believe they opened for FF. Really loving them. Only 2 guys. And of course love FF!!
Si Ellis
Si Ellis 11 күн мурун
Really enjoy these Rick. Wish I could do what you can but still, it inspires me to pick up the guitar and learn some new songs.
Ton L
Ton L 11 күн мурун
These songs aren’t bad, but listening to most of these it seems like rock hasn’t evolved much since 2005-2006. I hear that kind of post-emo sound in most of these
Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand 11 күн мурун
wow, really expected rick to recognise Royal Blood!
Alerie Hightower
Alerie Hightower 12 күн мурун
I'm a 55 year old admitted music snob, who much to my chagrin, has broken the vow in my youth to never become my parents in regard to the music I enjoy. I gave up on the new stuff around the turn of the century. After having watched your videos breaking down the current Top 10 pop songs, and unfortunately finding exactly what I expected to find, I almost didn't watch this one. I'm happy to report though that I DID watch it, and thanks to you, Royal Blood were responsible for the first speeding ticket I've gotten in over 20 years. Thank you for showing us oldies that there are still artists out there worth listening to. Cheers!
MPAII 13 күн мурун
Just me or the first 5 or so songs were all pop?
Peter W
Peter W 13 күн мурун
Travis Barker is definitely still the CURRENT drummer of blink-182, he’s just the kinda dude who has a lot of things going on at once
The Three Randos
The Three Randos 13 күн мурун
Mind blown!!! I just found you somehow and I realize I was missing out on greatness! Your son is an absolute prodigy also... Keep on keeping on man🤟🏼
yaren estrada
yaren estrada 13 күн мурун
Wait former drummer ?!? That was Tom that left not Travis ... Travis and mark are still cool with each other right ?!? What does Rick know that we don’t ?!? Haha
Dave Wray
Dave Wray 14 күн мурун
Ever since you mentioned it, and the guy you interviewed, I hear Edge "style" in songs. Just now, in Every Time You Leave. I do not normally listen to any of these songs except by accident.
Dave Wray
Dave Wray 14 күн мурун
Please do a Marc Bolan/T-Rex video, unless you can't stand him, lol. Just a short one would do.
Dave Wray
Dave Wray 14 күн мурун
Rick Beato, I glanced at the title of this video...I had read your title, "OK, I just LIP-Synced to Spotify's top 10 Rock Songs...And?" LOL, I thought, "That's OK, I will pass on this one, but then I reread it...So...??? ...
Declan Beggan
Declan Beggan 14 күн мурун
So happy to finally see some Royal Blood appreciation!!!
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis 14 күн мурун
I have to admit that I have never been a fan of the pretty reckless but if matt and Kim played on all their songs I would have to say it awesome.
Bruce Clifton
Bruce Clifton 14 күн мурун
Great playing Rick 🤘 such a sick tone too
Bruce Clifton
Bruce Clifton 14 күн мурун
Love can only save me now...I might be a bit crazy but had a slight black Sabbath feel to me! Awesome stuff
Nosherwan Ali
Nosherwan Ali 15 күн мурун
rick u should do a what makes this song great for weezer
Oscar 15 күн мурун
How does this man figure out songs so dam fast??? I liked #7 and #2 the best!!!
Janis70 15 күн мурун
So.... The vets are making the best music on Spotify right now Foo Fighters and Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron and Tom Morello
Steve Netzel
Steve Netzel 15 күн мурун
The Pretty Reckless 🤘
Byron Dawson
Byron Dawson 16 күн мурун
My musical boundries exclude this stuff.
chim choo ree
chim choo ree 2 күн мурун
You, sir, have properly drawn your boundaries.
Jason Vorpagel
Jason Vorpagel 16 күн мурун
I learn something new every video!!
G D 16 күн мурун
Rick I’m so busy with life yet huge lover of rock....I didn’t know how to keep up with modern rock, but the answer is subscribing to you! Also a huge fan of the 90s era....being a teenager in the 90s in LA I saw some amazing concerts! Thanks for keeping us in the know!!!
George Johnson
George Johnson 17 күн мурун
Always incredible to watch a master of their craft at work. Hears 2 chords...."Hmmm, tuned down half step...", picks up a guitar and just plays the melody before he's even heard it completely. That speaks volumes about Rick's stunning skills as well as what passes for modern popular music.
Cloudstem 17 күн мурун
You are one of the best guys on KGglobal
Igor Além
Igor Além 17 күн мурун
o rock no mainstream está morrendo, e não tem problema também.
Sumit Pal
Sumit Pal 17 күн мурун
Imagine Oasis, Blur, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Live, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Offspring as Top 10 in the charts.
Dani Death
Dani Death 18 күн мурун
I think you should have given that avril lavigne song a little more time.. you would have been suprised how that song actually transformed..
Andy 18 күн мурун
Royal Blood, Band with one less people in than Muse
Tsunemi 19 күн мурун
Blink 182 people haven't moved an inch since 20 years ago.
Frank Lahache
Frank Lahache 19 күн мурун
I fucking love un quantized music lol, might be why I love live music more. Fair.
Frank Lahache
Frank Lahache 19 күн мурун
“Interesting” aka: this is awful
Peter Dixon
Peter Dixon 19 күн мурун
I note that 'Man Erg' by the Van der Graaf Generator was not on the list.
Matt92 Machine
Matt92 Machine 20 күн мурун
What I don't understand is how you can learn how to play a song after five seconds of hearing it. Truly impressive.
Plopstoper Games
Plopstoper Games 20 күн мурун
Former drummer? Travis is still in the band lol
Joe Holland
Joe Holland 20 күн мурун
Rick have you heard of Ray Wiley Hubbard would love to know what ya think about his music
Johnny Olsson
Johnny Olsson 20 күн мурун
So about halfway through this video I had made up my mind and decided to post something along the lines of "this is why I don't even bother listening to modern rock (some of it barely even qualifies as rock in my book)". Counting down from 10 to 4 the only elements that I didn't flat out hate were the intro and modulation from Weezer and that admittingly cool guitar riff provided by Royal Blood. But I hung in there and by #3 my mental comment included something snarky about Foo Fighters probably being the only rock band in existence. But then came the top two and that changed my mind. Yes, they're both from the same band but those were some pretty cool-sounding songs that I would definitely check out more. So I'm kinda glad I hung in there to get some proof that it doesn't all suck. What's interesting though is that those top three songs, which were the only ones worth listening to, have one thing in common: They all include musicians that made a name for themselves in the '90s. The Foo Fighters, as we all know, are led by Dave Grohl, who happened to be the drummer for Nirvana. And the songs from The Pretty Reckless include performances from Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) and Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron from Soundgarden. This bummed me out a bit because for a brief moment there I thought that maybe rock still has a future, but then I realized that nope, it's the same old dudes doing their thing and there doesn't seem to be anyone to pass that torch to. Then again, reading my own words, I realize I'm starting to sound suspiciously like my old man...
Rich Renken
Rich Renken 21 күн мурун
How do you find the top 10 charts on Spotify?
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años 21 күн мурун
Rick: I can't play this riff in the right tone. Royal Blood: Maybe that´s because you are playing a guitar instead of a bass.
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años 21 күн мурун
Royal Blood best songs you should check out: Out of the black, ten ton skeleton, lights out, how did we get so dark, figure it out (their best hit with 30M views), better strangers, come on over
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años 21 күн мурун
Royal Blood is by far one of the best current rock bands (my favourite), but I don't like this last album as much as the others. The last album is too deeply produced for my liking. Please, listen to their first album, it is a masterpiece and demostrates than two guys (the lead singer and bassist, and the drummer) can rock without a guitar.
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años 21 күн мурун
Rick on Royal Blood: the guitar parts are cool. Me, a fan of royal blood since first album (the best one): that's actually a bass
Unmitigated Gall
Unmitigated Gall 21 күн мурун
I call the 2000's Newer Wave. Everyone is borrowing from every other style of music to create unique soundscapes. Sure, chordwise it is not too challenging, but productionwise they are constantly breaking new ground. Millenial Music. I like it. The 90s sounded a bit drab by comparison. The 80s, like the entertainment industry, unreasonably gay.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 22 күн мурун
Since when is Weezer 'Rock'?
Matthew Hardinger
Matthew Hardinger 24 күн мурун
None of those songs are Rock and Roll, until #2.
kasabian1987 24 күн мурун
Hey Rick, have you heard of Royal Blood before? The frontman (Mike Kerr) plays bass mostly. The riffs that you hear are on bass. He gets some great sounds from his set up.
Bama Bat 84
Bama Bat 84 24 күн мурун
"Why don't people do that more often?" Dude, that Foo Fighters progression is almost exactly the same as Heart Shaped Box and Territorial Pissings by Nirvana. (I wonder where Dave got his inspiration?) Both those songs use 1-6-4 in the minor scale, and the FF song uses 1-6-3-4 in the minor scale. Kurt also went from the 1 to the minor 6th in Something in the Way. It's a really common and dramatic sounding chord change. There are only so many chord progressions out there. That's why you gotta have killer riffs and melodies on top of the chords, which FF definitely have.
midnightClub543 24 күн мурун
You skipped the whole heavy part for waiting on a war 😥😥😥😥 it's so good
theDeathJoy 24 күн мурун
Can the first song even be considered rock to be honest?
Christopher Nilson
Christopher Nilson 25 күн мурун
you just cant beat Royal Bloods riff writing.
Vexor 25 күн мурун
Royal Blood is just two dudes jamming and they're awesome!
Fuck_GOOGLE_hijacking_my_username_dont_be_evil_my_ass 25 күн мурун
I love the distortion you have on that beautiful guitar.
Eric Epperson
Eric Epperson 26 күн мурун
Fun fact: Taylor Momsen played Cindy Lou Who in the Jim Carey Grinch.
Puxt Buck
Puxt Buck 26 күн мурун
Rick’s gotta check out some of Thee Oh Sees or King Gizzard’s songs
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 26 күн мурун
Thanks for covering the recent top of rock, Rick! As usual, I appreciate your insight. It's sad to her the auto-tune trend continue - particularly in rock. I always thought Avril Lavigne had a good voice, but it was a little hard for me to recognize her. It's a mystery to me why people who actually *can* sing (including Taylor Swift, Adam Levine and others) are made to sound like T Pain. Between that and quantized drumming, etc. I'm do hope that goes out of fashion soon. Anyway... thanks again for making covid more tolerable!
Colton Blumhagen
Colton Blumhagen 26 күн мурун
I was very concerned when I heard the first song, the rest of the list made up for it mostly.
parabrahm 26 күн мурун
'All my favourite songs' is a rip-off of the Beatles
Mark Norris
Mark Norris 27 күн мурун
Rick, the song "Only Love Can Save Me Now". The guitar riff sounds like a Tony Iommi riff. Kim Thayil is an amazing guitar player, musician. Even the drums have a slight Bill Ward style. A hint of Ward. I can even imagine ( in my mind) hear Ozzy singing this song in his own style. What do you think ? Thanx for sharing your knowledge and your passion of music !!!!!
Stephen Allen Music
Stephen Allen Music 27 күн мурун
This was so refreshing to watch more please
Wolfpack 48
Wolfpack 48 28 күн мурун
Be interested in your take on Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Naked and the Famous, Foals, The National, Killers, Arcade Fire, Silversun Pickups, Portugal The Man, Radiohead. Old stuff now, but newer too.
Tara Jones
Tara Jones 28 күн мурун
My 9yr old loves linkin park and offspring and greenday, but refers to them as old skool songs. They are old school??????
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