Chick Corea R.I.P. 1941-2021

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Rick Beato

Ай мурун

In today's livestream we honor the passing of Jazz keyboard legend Chick Corea 1941-2021.

Rick Beato
Rick Beato Ай мурун
If there are any ads on this video it is because the record labels have put them there. I played music during the stream which caused them to monetize the video. Feel free to use an ad blocker.
Hans-Jörg Riedel
Hans-Jörg Riedel 17 саат мурун
Geat tribute! Txs a lo! 🙏
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs 10 күн мурун
@Federer Fanatic Yup! I'm using it myself. Not many people know about Brave, and it's user-friendly for the blind, too.
meleno Ай мурун
"Chick was a master of "synthesis". well put Beato..
TheOrangepeak Ай мурун
all the chick corea music on youtube is now blocked, that's how I learn his death. Those people are such bad people it's unbelievable
Neil Ellis
Neil Ellis Ай мурун
thanks for posting Rick, RIP Chick, thanks for all the fantastic music
Hans-Jörg Riedel
Hans-Jörg Riedel 17 саат мурун
Txs Rick! You honored the genius so beautiful! 🙏
kelly sizer
kelly sizer 7 күн мурун
Damn...saw Return to Forever and Akoustic and Elektrik bands. Wonderful
Jose Checo
Jose Checo 8 күн мурун
I saw him play in Dominican Republic in the 80's, he amazed me by making music with his calculator watch!!! (they were the latest on does days). Return to forever, Forever!!!
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs 10 күн мурун
I wonder if anyone's come up with a jazz version of Wikipedia?
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs 10 күн мурун
I just love that part at the end of "Check Blast". The funny thing is that it reminds me of what it sounds like on an African Safari when you hear animal alarm calls when a leopard or a lion is giving chase for a kill! That song has so many surprises in it that you never know what's coming next the first time you listen to it. It's amazing!
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs 10 күн мурун
Now I know what that song's called; "Windows". I think NPR used it for one of their news shows, or was it someone else?
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs 11 күн мурун
He's missed. I look forward to the general resurrection!
Daniel Presley
Daniel Presley 15 күн мурун
Some of my favorite Chick Corea collaborations were with Maynard Ferguson. Chick's records also introduced me to another favorite Jazz/Fusion artist Joe Farrell. RIP Chick. You were, and are still loved.
Victor Juan Calayo
Victor Juan Calayo 20 күн мурун
Tillman42Anon 20 күн мурун
Mirosov...mind blowing percussionist/drummer...WOW
Wayne G
Wayne G 22 күн мурун
kdm71291 25 күн мурун
Oh, bummer! :-(
Virgil Roberts Jr
Virgil Roberts Jr 28 күн мурун
I saw Chick so many times in the Washington DC area in the mid to late 70’s you would’ve thought I was the head of the DC chapter of Chick’s fan club! 😎
Arich Henneman
Arich Henneman 28 күн мурун
Wholly C. I just heard this. I've been to many of his concerts and have many of his albums. So Sad....
Zoe's Musical Adventure
Zoe's Musical Adventure 28 күн мурун
He was one of my fave all time jazz players... I am so happy I saw him in Vegas in the 1990s... best show ever... RIP Chick....
Ruben Gaerlan
Ruben Gaerlan 29 күн мурун
Please do a vid for Lyle - You're an inspiration Rick - Thank!
Nunna Yuh bitness
Nunna Yuh bitness Ай мурун
He may have died from Covid-19 vaccine. Try to access VAERS, the "Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System". Most of the people dying from the covid vaccine are in Chic's age, and many of them die within under 24 hours of vaccination. Suddenly dying from arcane, obscure cancers is difficult to believe.
LE QU Ай мурун
Concierto de Aranjuez has been playing in my head daily since the passing of Chick Corea. Jim Hall does a beautiful version of Concierto de Aranjuez with Paul Desmond and group. I first heard it performed by Angel Romero at a concert in 1990. I love your channel.
Draxtor Ай мурун
Electric Band was my transition from metal to jazz when I was 18 back in 88. Transformative. Then in short order Zappa, Holdsworth etc .... RIP Chick!!!
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson Ай мурун
This is such a heartbreak. Chick Corea has been a hero of mine since I was introduced to him by a friend in college.
Analog Filter
Analog Filter Ай мурун
Saw him live twice. Awesome shows. Very kind and gentle man.
Mrvicious Spiegel
Mrvicious Spiegel Ай мурун
Please go check frank gambale s tribute to chick.. Eternal child is the piece he choose to play to honor chick, moving performance. Go check it! Frank gambale is one of the best players to ever pick a guitar.
Gianluca Minguzzi
Gianluca Minguzzi Ай мурун
the wheel of life draws us out of the dark, makes us shine for a short time and then re-immerses us in darkness. So it was and always will be for us living beings, and so, unfortunately without exception, for all those human beings who have given wonders to humanity making it noble and worthy.
Alcathous Ай мурун
Chick Corea is really underrated. The rhythm in his playing is so good. He is a cut above almost all others in terms of playing in time. And he could play many styles of music.
Paul Clarkson
Paul Clarkson Ай мурун
Great post. I’ve “known” chick since I was 19 (I’m 56). I play piano, really amateur. But I love his music. Saw him play once, solo, in Northern England (where I’m from and live): astounding. Some highlights for me are: Crystal Silence (first time I heard him); the duo albums with Herbie Hancock (“side 3” of one was a solo improvisation by him introduced by Herbie - Bouquet. Man I listened to that when I was 20/21 all night sometimes in my earphones. Beautiful. Romantic Warrior- RTF fantastic. Three Quartets - amazing (Gadd and Gomez accompany him so well); Children’s Songs (remember buying that when it came out mid 80s and on the cover it said “digital recording” and I thought ‘what is that’ - it was all new. The piano sound on that record is superb. Last but not least Trio Music Live in Europe - what a lovely sumptuous sound he had on that record. Mustn’t forget La Fiesta either on the RTF album. Great electric piano. I love Chick he made the piano dance. He was an inspiration and I was v sad to hear of him going. Incredible his gifts to us though? xxx.
John Thomas
John Thomas Ай мурун
I am very saddened at the news of Chick Corea's passing. Chick has been my favorite Musician for probably the last 25 to 30 years. He was a GREAT Musician that had almost no limitations and could perform in any style or genre of music and at the highest level of proficiency within that genre! I believed he was the most talented musician on the Planet and I will very much miss his contribution to new musical content from here on. What a tragedy for the Professional top tier Musical Community. Rest In Peace Chick. You will be remembered for hundreds of years to come.
Filaret Busoni
Filaret Busoni Ай мурун
Sounds like i am playing Japanese videogame
Jon Boll
Jon Boll Ай мурун
A sad day indeed!
FUBAR in 88
FUBAR in 88 Ай мурун
I'm so glad that I was able to see him perform life in the Netherlands and shake hands with this gifted person.
Harry Joseph
Harry Joseph Ай мурун
His parting shot to Al Gurnov, RT Host, 'think for yourself'..he's left an indelible mark as a musician and on contemporary music..his was pure 'Music Magic'! RIP CC..
Bernhard Ludescher
Bernhard Ludescher Ай мурун
It's really weird, I discovered a couple of days ago, that most of Chick's music isn't available on any streaming platform anymore. I wonder if that is a regional thing or if the music was taken out of circulation. Anyone else think that's strange? I guess I have to get my old Cd Box out of the basement ;-)
Michael Sallai
Michael Sallai Ай мурун
RIP Chick one of my favourite composers ever. I remember duet a live cover of Armando's Rhumba with myself on guitar and my friend on keys. What a genius.
James Peck
James Peck Ай мурун
Born in 51...when we were young the radio played everything and we listened to everything. I have an eclectic taste in music because of it.
CrazyBxDon Ай мурун
Hmmmm! Looks like THIS “Return To Forever-snob” will have to revisit The Electric Band. Feeling REALLY humbled!!!
Christopher Eddy
Christopher Eddy Ай мурун
Yes indeed, a true master of music in our time. What a loss. I was stunned into silence when I heard of his passing from my brother. What a wonderful soul, especially his outpouring during the pandemic, with his KGglobal classes.
susan forster
susan forster Ай мурун
I'm trying to do boomerangs in out space I need music in out space I need music Im. not a magician I would like some help this is a sci-fi show with barbie doll stop motion I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with the music
mohamed f. harraz
mohamed f. harraz Ай мурун
Chick Corea made me love Jazz since the nineties. I just learned that he left us, this is sad :__
punishmentforall Ай мурун
I did not know much of Chick's music ... only through Miles Davis' In a Silent Way. Thanks for presenting more of his music Rick.
omg cant say this didn't make me shred a tear or two. god bless you I've been brought up listening to you man!! r.i.p
Stacy McGuire
Stacy McGuire Ай мурун
I saw Return to Forever in Atlanta in about 2014. I sat in the upper balcony, had a set of binoculars and watched each one of the artists as they played and I could not believe what I was hearing was actually being played at that time! I will NEVER forget that concert, and the all-consuming gaze from that man's eyes that proved he was other-worldly. Gratefulness and respect is all I have for Chick Corea. Peace be with his wife and family.
AJ Booster
AJ Booster Ай мурун
Thanks Rick for the tribute.!!!!
Robert Buffone
Robert Buffone Ай мурун
Died on my birth day. Every time a jazz icon like chick passes away a little piece of me dies.
outoper Ай мурун
Stanley Clarke said it: "Chick created the sound!".
outoper Ай мурун
Unparalleled creativity.
RJ L Ай мурун
God bless...its not goodbye, its see u later...
Mediaman67 Ай мурун
Played "got a match?" for my Berklee audition... then they gave me Spain to sight read lol - Glad Chick wasn't there, but I held my own :-) - Chick was one of the greats - no one had his style and touch... he could get every nuance out of a piano, just amazing! No one ever sounded like him, nor ever will - RIP
akamr kris
akamr kris Ай мурун
Thanks for remembering! R.I.P. Chick.
Mr. Orange
Mr. Orange Ай мурун
Chick was the best.
Lee Woolsey
Lee Woolsey Ай мурун
Very few musicians who have passed made me feel grief for days, weeks, months. David Bowie was the first, now Chick Corea is the second. Really feeling it. Great tribute Rick.
Ricardo Marlow
Ricardo Marlow Ай мурун
For a crazy cool underrated collaboration check out Chick Corea and Paco de Lucia Yellow Nimbus live
John Doe
John Doe Ай мурун
Been listening to Miles Davis at the Fillmore. Amazing pianist. We have lost so many 20th century jazz legends. Who do we have left? Kenny Burrell, Herbie Hancock, Pat Martino?
Vic Nsi
Vic Nsi Ай мурун
May he RIP. Heartfelt condolences to all of his family and his wife of 49 years Gayle Moran. Thanks to the large body of work he left behind, his music and advice will live on for generations to come. Last year I subscribed to his Live Workshops at the Chick Corea Academy., and he was incredibly busy and frenetically prolific right up to the days just before this devastating news.
fred barnes
fred barnes Ай мурун
Chick's comping was so strong you always heard him driving soloists in all different directions to keep things fresh.
playinhard Ай мурун
Thanks for this! :) Such a loss! :(
Matt Lord
Matt Lord Ай мурун
Both Rupert and Chick in a week...... Damn its a hard one to swallow... :(
Kent Amick
Kent Amick Ай мурун
I listened to Chick Corea on college jazz stations when I was in college studying music theory and piano, and Chuck was on the cover of Keyborad Magazine when I had a subscription.
3VCOs Ай мурун
Thanks Rick, le génie de Chick Coréa nous permet d'être unis autour de sa musique malgré sa disparition, ou plutôt à cause de sa disparition.
Maarten Troost
Maarten Troost Ай мурун
Hi Rick, thanks for this video. I’ve known Mr.C for whole my life. Mainly because of my Brothers who where musicians too. So I was raised with his music and later on I also was introduced to Mr.Jarrett’s and Herbie’s music. I know you like to use the word phenomenal which probably describes their ability to play or compose the best. I see them as gamechangers. Like Bowie or Prince they really changed something like Beethoven and Mozart did in their days. I know every now and then these kind of people rise up, some die young but eventually they all will take off to heaven. So we have to cherish the ones that are still around us, and that can make our day with the music they make. Having said that, maybe it would be nice to hook up with Mike Garson and do an interview with him which I’m sure will be very interesting to watch and listen to. Again much appreciated for the video. Love from Holland!
Carl Robinson
Carl Robinson Ай мурун
dream team!
Bonginkosi Buthelezi
Bonginkosi Buthelezi Ай мурун
Thanx Rick what a fitting tribute to a prodigy👏🏽
Abbaddonna Ай мурун
Thank you so much, Rick! I've know of Chick Corea before, but have never listened to him, though a big fan of Miles Davis... and the music you played today was a revelation to me! I love that sort of fusion-jazz.
Jose Acosta
Jose Acosta Ай мурун
Eric Marienthal on Sax .....
Bruce Bird
Bruce Bird Ай мурун
I went to Myrtle Beach. My Dad gave me some money for a record cause thats all i wanted. Naked girls hadn't been invented yet. one wall of the record store was wall papered with this record called tap step and i spent my beach money one it. still one of my favorite albums got me into jazz and kind of blue. Tap step up there with kind of blue and rock and roll cause you rock. tap stepping out
Bruce Bird
Bruce Bird Ай мурун
I love you Chick Corea. nuff said. oh man.
Benoit Laine
Benoit Laine Ай мурун
"The Song of Singing"
Harry Goodnight
Harry Goodnight Ай мурун
I got to see Chick & Herbie play duets at the 1st Playboy Jazz Festival in 1979 at the Hollywood Bowl. I actually got to sit INSIDE the Hollywood Bowl on the floor about 20 yards from Chick. So blessed to have that experience. Love you Chick, RIP.
John Lindstrom
John Lindstrom Ай мурун
The version of "Waltz with Debby" is just brilliant. In my opinion, Corea became more powerful, creative, and refined in his later years
Paul Fitterer
Paul Fitterer Ай мурун
Thank you Rick...very heartfelt and fitting tribute...:)
Andrew Chaplowitz
Andrew Chaplowitz Ай мурун
Never thought of him as old So youthful
WilliamKJ WilliamKJ
WilliamKJ WilliamKJ Ай мурун
The guy was a genius . The Elektric Band is one of my favorite bands of all time. Two words. Charged Particles.
Thomas Hancock
Thomas Hancock Ай мурун
He did get to do what he loved right up until his passing. Most people don't get to do that. A life to be celebrated once the pain goes away.
ridzki2010 Ай мурун
I’ve seen so many tributes to Chick Corea on YT (of course). But to have the tribute coming from Rick Beato it really means something. It means Chick was not just a recognized jazz maestro. But also he was the true representation of fusion and music across genres. Thanks for the musics, Chick!
bob blues
bob blues Ай мурун
He understood. Music and Making Music brings joy to everyone.
Katherine Davies
Katherine Davies Ай мурун
Breaking my heart. RIP, Chick. You were really someone.
KRML Ай мурун
the track "windows".One of my fav. He played with Getz in 1967 in the Sweet rain album.big moment.
KRML Ай мурун
sadness from FRANCE.R.I.P. Armando...Rick,i'm a big fan...good job .
K. Scot Sparks
K. Scot Sparks Ай мурун
Deacon Blues
Deacon Blues Ай мурун
Chick reminds me of John Coltrane. He can play any note and will make it work! IMO he played the piano more like a percussive instrument. He also played "Prepared Piano" which you can hear on the "Mad Hatter" album which was based on the "Alice In Wonderland" story. What a musical genius! My only wish is that all those charts that he wrote are made available to the public so musicians can buy, study and play them. Too often, these musicians pass away and their original transcriptions/charts are left to rot somewhere instead of making them available to the world! I will really miss Chick's music! Thanks for this Rick.
Greg Rearrangio
Greg Rearrangio Ай мурун
Great video - I am surprised you didn't do a tribute to the great Tony Rice. Arguably the most influential bluegrass guitar player we have yet to see.
Alan Smollen
Alan Smollen Ай мурун
Michael came to ntsu in the 80’s......( holy f#%%) So free with the instrument!! Of course - metal like in the playing... Bashing and soul!
Alan Smollen
Alan Smollen Ай мурун
A sad....
Robert Brueckner
Robert Brueckner Ай мурун
His passing hurts like hell. I've always relied on his music's jubilant reassurance that, however dark things got, you could always come back to music and it would be there for you, an old friend who could always make you laugh out loud with joy.
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly Ай мурун
Rest Armando... thank you for your genius
bucksmusic Ай мурун
Thanks Rick, a great tribute to a great artist. I'd advise everyone to watch the video of the Three Quartets band live at the blue note in 2003. It was released on DVD, but is very difficult to obtain now. It's the same band, and as when you saw them live, they are on fire!
Hybryd Sanity
Hybryd Sanity Ай мурун
Lyle ? OMG him to saw him with pat multiple times ,the one musician that was born to play an be as good as pat !! that played with MR Metheny not a great night for me ! then again appreciation is everything !!
Hybryd Sanity
Hybryd Sanity Ай мурун
When it comes to piano and keys this man was no doubt in the the Mount Rushmore of this and always will be !
Hybryd Sanity
Hybryd Sanity Ай мурун
I don't understand why Neil Peart and ed Van Halen meant so much to me and the way i play but when I heard of this I cried so much ! I guess it sys something about depth yeah and Allen H to much !!
Henk van Hoek
Henk van Hoek Ай мурун
The most records I have are from Chick Corea. When I heared his music in a recordstore, I was nailed to the ground and could not go before the record has finished and bought the record. Still enjoying his music to this day.
outoper Ай мурун
It also happened to me.
Jeff Porcaro Groove
Jeff Porcaro Groove Ай мурун
His BODY OF WORK sums it Zappa he was prolific in output and staying relevant through the ages...
Rick Milam
Rick Milam Ай мурун
Thank you. I do find it strange that Return to Forever wasn't mentioned. That was my introduction to Chick. From there I went backwards and learned, plus followed him through the rest of his amazing career. I've probably seen him 20 times, unfortunately never with the Akoustic Band, my favorite lineup. I used to be involved with Scientology and Chick would come down to the lounge in the place where he stated fir advanced training and where I was on staff. He would play on the grand piano for a handful of us. It was amazing. He was generous both musically and in life. I saw him from the front row years later in a duet concert with Gary Burton. At one point they brought up the house lights so Burton could make an adjustment. Chick looked at me and said "I know you". He didn't know my name but, I like to think, remembered my love of his music. RIP, Chick. Or, to your belief system, may your next life be as productive, as inspirational, as this one was.
michael bass
michael bass Ай мурун
I've been a fan since the 80's when I was a teen. I was the ONLY guy at my school listening to fusion. I got to see RTF in 2010 in San Francisco, and it was amazing.
Matthias Scheffler
Matthias Scheffler Ай мурун
Quartet No. 1 kicks ass!!!!
Larry Kutcher
Larry Kutcher Ай мурун
I met Chick as a very young pianist just starting out many years ago when RTF was just beginning to play out. He was so kind, encouraging, and gracious to me. I had seen him three nights in a row in the front row and he knew I was transported by his music to new realms. By the third night, he would play an amazing phrase and look right at me smiling. I'll never forget that! That evening, after the concert, he invited me backstage, and introduced me to his wife, and several prominent jazz/fusion musicians at that time. It was around 1974. What a generous soul he was. My heart is just broken to learn of this master musician passing...RIP Maestro! You will be sorely missed!
HDBerlin Ай мурун
Great to hear, consider yourself just lucky and thankful. .
Steve Girard
Steve Girard Ай мурун
Such a fan. A world without Chick is a poorer world... but what he's left us is staggering, mind-blowing... and will be giving people thrills literally forever. I hadn't heard until now... a week later.
William Langan
William Langan Ай мурун
Thanks for sharing that piece. I ran into the bedroom and told my wife "Honey, listen to this! It's beautiful!"
Françoise Dupré
Françoise Dupré Ай мурун
RIP Chick. You live on with RTF and your music.
Zod Chudders
Zod Chudders Ай мурун
You tube ads fuck everything up. ‘If you’re in marketing or advertising, kill yourself’ Bill Hicks RIP Chick x
townshendshean Ай мурун
Return To Forever KICKED ASS! R.I.P....even if you were a kooky scientologist :) Nobody's perfect :)
The big question we are ALL wondering but won't dare admit to: Was he recently vaccinated a la Hank Aaron?
Melinda Blake
Melinda Blake Ай мурун
I have an empty space in my musical universe.
ThePostApocalypticTrio Ай мурун
I saw him w/ Bela Fleck at the Ryman in Nashville. It was a great show. RIP Chick Corea
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