The NEW Pentatonic Scales! To Impress Your Friends With (Sale)

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Rick Beato

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In today's livestream we expand on Pentatonic Scales using other parent scales.
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Strings Of Rage
Strings Of Rage 29 күн мурун
Hey Rick! :-) I mentioned from a different channel that I had a lesson coming up that was inspired by your original Pentatonics of Melodic Minor Lesson - well it's now live on this channel called "The Pentatonics You DON'T Know" Thanks again for opening our eyes to new possibilities - we've found SO much inspiration and possibility in these new altered pentatonics. All the best from a currently Wet and Grey UK!
Douglas Coleman
Douglas Coleman Ай мурун
Is there a reason I can’t hear this?
Kamil Peteraj
Kamil Peteraj Ай мурун
Anyone know the app? What ios apps for chart writing do you recommend?
James Robinson
James Robinson Ай мурун
From the major 6 of Dorian and/or Melodic Minor, you can play what's called Locrian Pentatonic. It's intervals are R, b3, 4, b5, b7. It's called the Locrian Pentatonic because it's intervals derive from the Locrian mode. In the same way, a pentatonic can be derived from Lydian and Ionian. Lydian R, 3, #4, 5, 7. Ionian R, 3, 4, 5, 7. Something that sounds really cool is mixing a Maj7+5 and Locrian Pentatonic from the #4 of Lydian Augmented. Btw, Locrian Pentatonic w/out the 4 is literally a m7b5 arpeggio. Have fun kids!
Michael Sallai
Michael Sallai Ай мурун
9:40 Rick plays music from Final Fantasy
Th0rN Ай мурун
i was indeed impressed at the beginning with Rick's usage of the john cage pentatonic.
El Tigre
El Tigre Ай мурун
Rick, this tonal mood is FANTASTIC! I never thought I needed to know music theory, but you have opened my mind up to so many new ideas! Now I can readily admit music theory is where it's at. Thank you for all your work :) BTW, Are you using 8's on your SG? You mentioned somebody had lowered the action and it's playing great. Sounds awesome!
Mike Sekula
Mike Sekula Ай мурун
2+2=5...the new pentatonic
Ralf Schmitz
Ralf Schmitz Ай мурун
Very cool! Thanks, Rick!
João Polydoro
João Polydoro Ай мурун
Great stuff!! Thanks Rick!!
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan Ай мурун
This lesson is a gold mine. Big plus is it's very comfortable on the fingers and easy to hear.
Dániel Petrovszki
Dániel Petrovszki Ай мурун
React to Architects - Animals
Nestor Perez
Nestor Perez Ай мурун
thanks MR
Janine Tate
Janine Tate Ай мурун
Can u teach me 💚⚘
Nicholas Dentato
Nicholas Dentato Ай мурун
This is great, thank, Rick!
Mason Donovan
Mason Donovan Ай мурун
Teachers whenever they get new tech to teach with: "check this out, watch this"
Rick Steier
Rick Steier Ай мурун
add the 9
Jonathan Hesbol
Jonathan Hesbol Ай мурун
This video made me pick up my guitar instantly. I've been really hammering Altered lines in my playing lately, and the minor pentatonic with the b6 is sliding right in. I love it! Thank you Rick for all you do.
Dalton Cook
Dalton Cook Ай мурун
Rick just pulled out the final fantasy theme out of nowhere 😳
Andy Bishop
Andy Bishop Ай мурун
The more I rewatch these videos the more sense they make. Rick is occupying all my YT watch time lol.
Caleb Hightower
Caleb Hightower Ай мурун
0:00-0:55 looks like Don Henley has now copyrighted Ricks voice as well
Khail Kupsky
Khail Kupsky Ай мурун
(Sale). Sold? Gotta make yer bones I know but share too. You’re always good about sharing. Thanks mate
Doc Amos Roxie
Doc Amos Roxie Ай мурун
Rick, I recently watched an old video of Waylon saying Buddy Holly next big idea before death was to " turn Ray Charles piano licks into guitar licks". Could you gives examples of players that do or did this or demonstrate yourself? However at Buddies guitar skill level and not MABatio? he said piano style and not licks?
Dave Ravens
Dave Ravens Ай мурун
Brings me back to my jazz fusion theory improve days. Steve Howe Jeff Beck tones. I use half whole for alt dom but this add 9 is really nice
PC Music
PC Music Ай мурун
Some of these are Indian Ragas as well. We have grown up used to listening to these in songs.
michael defilippo
michael defilippo Ай мурун
Love it! Want More!
Robert Douglas
Robert Douglas Ай мурун
That minor flat-5 pentatonic in THAT position (10th fret D) is my secret sauce. I started playing by accident because my fingers got sloppy and just kept doing it because I found out that’s how you sneak blues scales into goth songs. Quoting Albert Collins licks on the DL at goth kids in Doc Martins and corpse makeup is fun.
mc9rich Ай мурун
there were some points there in your exploration of the scales that reminded me of the handoff moments in the first movement of brahms double concerto. would love to see your analysis of that underperformed masterpiece.
jim f
jim f Ай мурун
Very insightful.rick
jim f
jim f Ай мурун
Sounding like some eric Johnson licks around 17min
Bill Hayes
Bill Hayes Ай мурун
That pad sounds like something scary is about to happen!!! Ah!!! The horror of the dominant #9 chord. If only we could flatten the 5th!!!
Franco Tartaglia
Franco Tartaglia Ай мурун
what about the Gsharp super locrian ?
Fredrik Isgren
Fredrik Isgren Ай мурун
In a quite a few videos you´re referring to The Beato Book and that you can find what´s being played in the book. I have the book but very often I can´t find it anyway. Can you please tell what pages you´re referring to? I would like you to make a habit out of that. It would help me a lot :)
Shoegazer 93
Shoegazer 93 Ай мурун
Rick Beato. You need to check out a band called 'Ride'. They were the band that recommended Swervedriver to Creation and got them signed. Ride were incredible live. Just check out the live at Brixton 92 video on KGglobal. The wall of sound by Alan Moulder is magical. Nowhere and Going Blank Again. 2 of the best albums of their generation
Sam Willetts
Sam Willetts Ай мурун
Dear Rick Beato, First of all, thank you (and your colleagues) for the labour and thought you put into your KGglobal pieces. I hope you’ll have the time to read this; I have two…issues to air here. Strictly guitar-related, I hasten to add. (I’m leaving alone the question of how you can fail to love the opening drum-fills of A Day In The Life, Beast of Burden, and Now I Wanna Be Your Dog. And - unlikely as it may sound - there’s a ONE-hit “fill” towards the end of Louis Armstrong’s Chimes Blues that’s so exquisitely-timed, just off-beat, it still makes me clench my toes every time.) I’m the same age as you - you mentioned hearing Sultans of Swing “in Tenth Grade”; I vividly recall what I suppose might’ve been its first airing anywhere. John Peel defied the Punk Police by playing it on his late-night show - by then a New Wave/Punk Rock preserve where musical virtuosity was aural loon-pants. It was a talking-point at school next morning. I watched your own rendition with the (for me) usual mixture of 3 parts humble admiration/1 part I really hate this man*. I picked up a guitar at an early age, as you did.. There that similarity ends. The guitar in question was (originally) a 7-(!) string Russian oddity with a lot of..personality. Seriously lived-in. My mum acquired it somehow, and learned to play it quite well, in the Displaced Persons camp where she spent her first years in the UK, as a teenager. It was missing a string, which didn’t prevent my learning chords E and A when I was about 9. I played them over & over & OH OH VER - my own 10?-bar blues. (One time the lodger in our basement came running upstairs with a wild look to beg me to Stop It.) Things changed dramatically in my 20s when - someone must’ve spiked my drink - I stumbled upon the chord of B. Magic: a whole new plateau beckoned. In recent years I got exasperated by my inability to play. It baffled me; for so long I’d seen musicians such as yourself and the people you feature playing with such facility, such apparent ease - and of course the fingering goes like that -just common sense. (Like watching snooker players on a 12 x 6-foot table - see, look: pot pot pot: easy peasy, I’m buying a cue.) So I learned more chords. I loved the idea of playing rhythm and have just-about mastered “barre” chords, but using my thumb down there because I ‘m only endowed with 3 joints per finger, including the one knuckle. (A muso friend tells me Jimi barred with his thumb a lot.) I found a way to play B-7, among others, using the bottom 4 strings (lift it back to E sus, then plain E - it’s the new E & A, it’s budiful); does anyone else do this? (Not one of my 2 issues.) End of long pre-amble. I AM now coming to the point: Issue #1: Had a crafty idea: look for electric guitar in pawn-broker’s not guitar shop - they might miss a trick. First pawnshop, boom: hanging there, a black & cream LP [NB my terminology might be wrong] for approx. $100, and they part-traded the one I came in with. Of course it’s a copy, but apart from lacking inlay on the frets, the SPIT of the real thing. Looks old, but I couldn’t/can’t find its provenance. Says “Blueridge” where it should say Gibson, BUT!! It’s NOT (of course) a Blueridge guitar. The most I can discover is that it’s from 1968 & an unlicensed, Chinese knock-off. Took it to a local independent guitar-shop to get bits & bobs- proper cobwebby ‘70s time-warp, grumpy guy in his 60s, clearly an enthusiast never aiming to get rich, tiny shop CRAMMED with guitars, some beauties & high-priced. The guy looks it over, plugs in, twangs around, then kind-of-grudgingly says “ you got a nice guitar there”. But what do I got? Since it’s a knock-off, I cherish no delusions about monetary value, but it sounds lovely - even through my weeny Fender “Frontman” thing. Might for all I know be a notorious Piece of Crap, but a vintage Piece of Crap even then. Issue #2 - I hope someone's still there - concerns a (basically accidental) tuning. Having scavenging/hoarding tendencies, I found a bottom-of the-range electric guitar at the council dump - my landlady asked (ok, told) me to come back with fewer items than I’d gone with, but…c’mon, a guitar, and only slightly broken. Still has 5 strings. Here’s the thing: it’s ended-up tuned: (bottom to top) F#, B, F#, B, c#. Does this resemble any kind of recognised tuning? Should I C# another of the strings? Or some other note? I’m not unduly worried about sounding clueless since I can cheerfully admit to being more-or-less clueless. Final, bonus question: can anyone, please, tell me how LONG it typically TAKES to master barre-chords? Say, with at least half-an-hour of work a day? [- thank you.] Best wishes - Ed W
Parker Polen
Parker Polen Ай мурун
Thank you, Rick! What a killer video. How can I get a chord drone to play over to practice these sounds?
daniel .bakotic
daniel .bakotic Ай мурун
I would call the flat 5 the josh homme pentatonic scale
Tim Dotson
Tim Dotson Ай мурун
Great stuff. Love the iPad, too. Way better than a real whiteboard. I appreciate it when you wrote the notes out. As a non guitar player, it helps me a lot! 🎷 😎
SendNewts Ай мурун
Please rick do a video about the band "Days of the new" and check out some of there music I think they have some really amazing peices and id like to know your opinion on some of them
WARSAW777 Ай мурун
best guitar video I've ever seen. No fat, all susbtance, all usefull. Thanks so much!
BOSH220V Ай мурун
what is it that you use to hold down a chord to sound during playing a scale? Is it a software or a keyboard feature?
Schlooter Dog
Schlooter Dog Ай мурун
Hey Rick!! Please do a show about the organ in rock - one of the great sounds that added so much emotion to so many great tunes from Simon & Garfunkel to Supertramp to Allman Bros and on and on. A lost sound.
John Matlock
John Matlock Ай мурун
I hear a lot of Steve Howe on Sound Chaser
Michael Vollenweider – Among Lions
Michael Vollenweider – Among Lions Ай мурун
Hi Rick, great! what kind of microphone do you use to record your voice for recording this videos? thx
Anthem Ай мурун
try a Shure SM7B
Apollo Suns
Apollo Suns Ай мурун
This was an absolutely amazing video. What a bunch of great ways to spice up your Pentatonix
TheJFerg24 Ай мурун
Rick - would love to hear you jam out on your axe with a buddy on the B3.
Mario Bustos
Mario Bustos Ай мурун
You should really consider checking out Rex Orange County’s music if you haven’t already. Specifically Sunflower and Best Friend, though his first two albums are stellar. He uses interesting chords and really is an extremely skilled musician.
Jorgie WTF
Jorgie WTF Ай мурун
Rick, I love all your videos man. You truly are a well of knowledge for those who are willing to learn. Can you please make guitar set-up videos for LPs and Strats!
Rodrigo Branco
Rodrigo Branco Ай мурун
Awesome, Rick! I think I'm your friend. I'm really impressed.
sebastian Ай мурун
most people are visual learners, Rick
Rob Meronek
Rob Meronek Ай мурун
Rick, I’ve found that if you want to reinforce the root chord of each mode, using the A minor pentatonic scale intervals of 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th for the Major and diminished modes gives you Ionian: C E F G B Lydian: F A B C E Mixolydian: G B C D F and locrian: B D E F A which sounds very organic to their 7 notes counterparts. Different shapes to have to memorize, but it also gives you a locrian pentatonic scale to work with.
Dan The Chimpion
Dan The Chimpion Ай мурун
Rick, I have been an avid subscriber for some time. Killer content. One thing that bums me out is you rarely feature Dire Straits, or specifically, Mark Knopfler. He's my absolute favourite guitarist. Just curious, are they notorious blockers or do you not rate them much? Cool if you don't, just wondering 😏
QoP of Pain
QoP of Pain Ай мурун
since he's drawing frets, shouldn't his paper have 6 lines? unless all his penta are on 5 strings?
Ramzi El Rumbero
Ramzi El Rumbero Ай мурун
@rockinfreakappotomus - oh yeah! You intelligent bastard! Haha - thank you! :)
rockinfreakappotomus Ай мурун
Took me a second to work it out, but I reckon he's representing the strings with the lines he drew & the printed lines on the sheet represent frets. So in a nutshell, tilt your head 90 degrees into your left shoulder and look at it from that angle... It should look more familiar there I think.
Ramzi El Rumbero
Ramzi El Rumbero Ай мурун
I'm confused about that too.
Aron Olsen
Aron Olsen Ай мурун
Can you please react to Charlie Puth? Please
Academy of Music and Art, Inc.
Academy of Music and Art, Inc. Ай мурун
Love the pentatonics! They remind me of McCoy Tyner and Mike Brecker.
Phil Laysheo
Phil Laysheo Ай мурун
Bugger off beato
Phil Laysheo
Phil Laysheo Ай мурун
@Matt Rogers To tell him to bugger off
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers Ай мурун
So why are you here?🙄
Mark Miller
Mark Miller Ай мурун
Rick, one of my favorite bands Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Have you ever talked about them in a video? I did a Google search but could not find anything connecting the band and your name.
Matt's Cig Review
Matt's Cig Review Ай мурун
Sick video Rick
Ben Handel
Ben Handel Ай мурун
regular whiteboard is better, because the ipad blocks your facial expressions and the guitar. you rule btw
Holger Seffen
Holger Seffen Ай мурун
Nice video, Rick, as always great information. Altered pentatonics is one of my favourite topics. I look at them just as much as 5 note arpeggios as I look at them as scales. I usually refer to the Cmaj(b6) pentatonic as an E7 (#9/b13) penta/arp.
bill franz
bill franz Ай мурун
loving the new "white board".
Patrick Edwards
Patrick Edwards Ай мурун
Hey Rick! Would love a WMTSG on Weight of Love by the Black Keys. Killer guitar solo to close it out
Ludwig Störholt
Ludwig Störholt Ай мурун
To impress your friends with? Come on man, talk about a skewed mindset.
LordUgi Ай мурун
Hey Rick Beato! Can you do a What makes this Song Great video about Stone Sour? Maybe Absolute Zero or Through Glass...
Merritt K Warner
Merritt K Warner Ай мурун
Is there any way that you can explain this? From an article oon carl perkins. As a guitarist Perkins used finger picking, imitations of the pedal steel guitar, palm muting, arpeggios, advantageous use of open strings, single and double string bending, chromaticism, country and blues licks, and tritone and other tonality clashing licks (short phrases that include notes from other keys and move in logical, often symmetric patterns).[76] A rich vocabulary of chords including sixth and thirteenth chords, ninth and add nine chords, and suspensions, show up in rhythm parts and solos. Free use of syncopations, chord anticipations (arriving at a chord change before the other players, often by an eighth-note) and crosspicking (repeating a three eighth-note pattern so that an accent falls variously on the upbeat or downbeat) were also in his bag of tricks.
Ben Ай мурун
Holy hell I have got some level of perfect pitch, although I couldn't tell you the notes. I heard you play a note while I was cleaning my room and thought "That's the start of a song I know that starts with A", rewound the video and it was actually A! Not sure I could do this if I was trying, but it must be in there unconsciously
Craig Browning
Craig Browning Ай мурун
The Minor b5 Pentatonic inverted to starting on the Fourth is called by Mark Levine (Jazz Piano, book Chuck Sher Publ.) the "In-Sen" scale (from a Japanese Koto tuning) often erroneously called the "Kumoi" scale (a different Koto tuning).
Hector Moy
Hector Moy Ай мурун
Reminded me of Scott Henderson.
Rick please break down the darkness song "Love is only a feeling" Great band
Bryan Lepore
Bryan Lepore Ай мурун
Can the iPad screen get projected behind? Not sure if that is a good idea without trying.
Jed Nadin
Jed Nadin Ай мурун
Did it take anyone more than ten seconds to figure out Rick’s scale boxes? The lines he draws are the strings and the staff represents the frets? Just me? I’ve been up a while.
Stephan Leo
Stephan Leo Ай мурун
I highly recommend Steve Khan's book "Pentatonic Khancepts"
Tommi Nyström
Tommi Nyström Ай мурун
I think your organ humming sound should play only in your studio not directly to stream, we could hear it at lover levels thru microphone you use. In current setup it's like a wall of sound that tries to cover everything.
N T Ай мурун
LOVE the new iPad music score/staves "white board"!! Adds a whole new dimension, and I understand MUCH better! Please continue using it!
N T Ай мурун
Wait ... you only have 5 "strings" using the stave. Which string did you leave out of your scale notes: 1st, or 6th? I assume the 6th. Gotta add a sixth line to the stave.
Mike Askew
Mike Askew Ай мурун
White pad was cool!
Sofia Tromben
Sofia Tromben Ай мурун
Hi! I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your videos, they are so great⚡, and that i would like you to talk about the bands "grand funk" or "Faith no more", I think you have not named them... but anyways, thanks for the great content you upload!! I love it👐
Noodling The Night Away
Noodling The Night Away Ай мурун
Hey.. lets see Billy, a face to the name, only if he wants..
Noodling The Night Away
Noodling The Night Away Ай мурун
Hey wheres Lee for that jam
leeption11 Ай мурун
I am a totally blind guitarist,and musician. Lary Carlton is one of my favorite guitarists. I wanted to know were you influenced?by his style of guitar playing?
Noodling The Night Away
Noodling The Night Away Ай мурун
Take each scale and apply a style, to each riff..for me its the manipulation of rythm of the scale not always the harmony of the patterns. Yea little drunk.. or lot
Shane Young
Shane Young Ай мурун
Hey Rick I am from Flint Michigan . How about a video of Grand Funk Railroad. ' I'm your Captain. I always loved those guy's from my hometown. Would love too hear your thoughts on the best 3 piece band.
Noodling The Night Away
Noodling The Night Away Ай мурун
Shhhh, Great intro, I just turned 60 today, thought I needed a hearing aid at first...Luv ya Rick thanks for all your "stuff" you have become an immortal on the ytube..peace
flavioalheira Ай мурун
The vídeo has no sound
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers Ай мурун
@flavioalheira Funny no one bothered to skip ahead before commenting....🤷‍♂️
flavioalheira Ай мурун
@Matt Rogers already solved
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers Ай мурун
Bernz66 Ай мурун
Scan forward a bit...
david claibourn
david claibourn Ай мурун
That piano synth sound reminds me of Tales of the Darkside.
christian williams
christian williams Ай мурун
Can you do a show about songs that were once HUGE but have gone out of fashion? Like Country Roads? And why...
Nicola diSvevia
Nicola diSvevia Ай мурун
Excellent lesson!
Gus Lakis
Gus Lakis Ай мурун
A lot of us know this stuff but Rick does a good job of reviewing and getting to the point.
Bobby Rizzo
Bobby Rizzo Ай мурун
Love these shows . I like it when you write it on the white board. I'm writing for a couple of younger bands and it's helpful to throw some of this in there. I've been writing a lot in drop D and DADGAD anything?
Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley Ай мурун
Hack Formula for new pentatonic scale take any scale and use the Root ,3rd, 4th, 5th ,and 7th degree and there you go you have created a new pentatonic scale
Alexei Kalinkin
Alexei Kalinkin Ай мурун
Gret feel, Rick! Love it.
Ronald Weasley
Ronald Weasley Ай мурун
Rick could you do a lesson on the solos Lines On My Face?
gonzalo moreno andonaegui
gonzalo moreno andonaegui Ай мурун
So virtuoso at 1.5 speed
Hasan Abbas
Hasan Abbas Ай мурун
How does Rick get that pad sound??
joseph frankovich
joseph frankovich Ай мурун
How do you massage a chromatic minor pentatonic into a supertonic minor 7th sound. do you try to use as many notes as possible or target some of the out notes?
Pasquale Costantino
Pasquale Costantino Ай мурун
Rick... thank you so much for your videos. I’m learning music and english! Pakito from Italy
Colin Willems
Colin Willems Ай мурун
I've got a lesson coming up on the Melodic Minor Pentatonics that was actually inspired by your original video where you talked about them. You inspired me to work out all 5 positions of both the major b6 and the minor b5 scales across the neck. Be super cool if you got the chance to check it out when its up on KGglobal - it's a video to go with the written lesson on our website that is featured on our websites homepage (Strings of Rage) - again inspired by your original lesson. Thanks for all you do, you're a massive inspiration to us and we've seen our guitar playing and theory knowledge get substantially better because of your teachings! All the best from the UK!
Jim Schmidt
Jim Schmidt Ай мурун
Rick, what? No love for an Epiphone Casino???? I know you love P90's............
Paul Flood
Paul Flood Ай мурун
This guy helping me so much. Played casual all my life, but retired now so more time to get better. He has really put it all together... Same as Stephen Wilson and they both came along about the same time to keep me going and very entertained
John Horne
John Horne Ай мурун
My friends aren’t hip enough to be impressed. XD
toob maniac
toob maniac Ай мурун
That SG sounds just like my friends first guitar a Teisco Del Rey, what a piece of terrible sounding garbage that was !
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