What Makes This Song Great? Ep.101 Kelly Clarkson “Since U Been Gone”

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Rick Beato

13 күн мурун

In this episode of What Makes This Song Great? we explore the music of Kelly Clarkson.
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iheartdrums 481
iheartdrums 481 2 саат мурун
Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars would be amazing for the next episode 😍
organicpaul 3 саат мурун
That was a great!
Daisy the Sadboi
Daisy the Sadboi 6 саат мурун
The echoey guitars really remind me of Maps by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
John H
John H 6 саат мурун
Brother Rick I’mma let you finish but you need to do “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison
Yago Reck
Yago Reck 6 саат мурун
Damn, Rick, you're truly a extraordinary talented guy! I would say "gifted" but this sounds like someone just gave that to you, and I bet your skills are made after a ton of (smart) work! Anyway, wanna give you a huuuge thanks! This content by itself worth gold! Not only big informative and clarifying comments all around, but you do it with such joy and playfulness! That's what really stood out to me. People nowadays seems to be divided by a wall, on one side there's the real skilled ones but no soul, on the other, there's the dreamers witch almost no hard work - and usually they clash out with each other. You on the otherside got the best of both worlds, and it's a blast to watch you do your thing! Magic, pure magic. And talking about this song specific. Well, I'm a metalhead (guess it's easy to say by my profile picture, duh), and I mean I play extreme metal (got a death metal band, hope someday you'll be reviewing that too \m/ gotta keep the dream alive, huh? Hahaha). Anyway, the thing is, it's been years since I keep listening to those 2000s pop and rap hits - specially 'cause I'm a 90s kid, so those tracks were with me when I grew up on my teenager years - and 'till this day I still got a place for 'em in my bearded metalhead heart. For years I got a suspicion going - the old pop songs are soooo much better than the new ones, like 9 times out 10! It could'nt be just saudosism or simply "late boomer thing", if I really was that biased guy, why the hell I would listen to "shitty pop sungz"? I'm a metalhead, blablabla. So, now I got the musical theory wisdowm from you, to confirm that, no; the late 90s to 00s pop songs got their own mojo and flavour going on! Much more than meets the ey.... EAR! At least, our regular ears hahahaha Sometimes I even jam with those songs, and I really think that so many metal guys could benefit from that, you know? Hearing! That famous Beyoncé song, "Naughty Girl", I did a small cover of it, but full hi-gain distortion unleashing hell HAHA that main riff is dope! I guess it's a dorian mode, don't? Sorry if I'm wrong, but I guess it's I-II-iii or 1-2-b3, something like that... But it's straight heavy metal with a flamenco touch, you just need to put some distortion and corrupt that pretty song and voi lá... It's metal. Oh, and before I forget, watching the dissection of this pop masterpiece right here, I wasn't aware of how many tracks are in there! Sweet lord! And the vocals!? Must confess, when you played Kelly's punchline chorus on 12:00 I just died! Almost made a grown man cry HAHAHA so graceful and heavenly-made vocals! That's truly a state of art. Sorry for the big love letter HAHAHA just... I love your work, I'm really a fan. Someday I'll be one of your students on the ear course! Keep it up, the world needs a guy like you, bud! Cheers!
Samuel Desjardins
Samuel Desjardins 6 саат мурун
Rick!! You should totally do Bat COuntry by Avenged sevenfold, so many interesting parts in that wonderful song!
Dave A Flave
Dave A Flave 7 саат мурун
I nominate Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark for the next What Makes This Song Great?
Steve Zellmer
Steve Zellmer 8 саат мурун
You need to do Linda Rhonstadt
Muhamad Akbar Triana
Muhamad Akbar Triana 9 саат мурун
Uncle Rick, thank you for being a good person by sharing your knowledge. Hopefully your KGglobal channel will grow bigger.
burkead 10 саат мурун
Have you considered Cleveland Rocks by Ian Hunter? I love it this song and even the cover by PUSA (even though it's not as in depth). I live in Ohio and heard it for years every Friday night on the radio but still can't get it out of my head.
BlueWorldTV 11 саат мурун
The harmonies do sound a bit auto-tuned.
BlueWorldTV 11 саат мурун
Rick is the man! I've been a Rush and Dream Theater fan for years. Prog rock guy...but I love this song. I have found the one thing Rick isn't good at: air drumming!
khdur 11 саат мурун
This song, from a musical & lyrical perspective is fantastic regardless and there's no doubt that the production is superb, but Kelly raises just about every aspect to another level because she's able to bring those sincere and excellent vocals consistently throughout. I'm also completely captivated by a tune from her "Thankful" album in 2003 titled, "The Trouble With Love Is". Anyone who appreciates incredible soul vocals will have to sit down when they hear that one.
A voz da geração de 81
A voz da geração de 81 12 саат мурун
One of those dissonances sound like my stove when I turn it onl, no joke!
Santiago Arriola
Santiago Arriola 12 саат мурун
How about something from Porcupine Tree or Steven Wilson 🙏🏻
Guilherme Bonifácio
Guilherme Bonifácio 13 саат мурун
Dinosaur Jr. please!!!
Damian Weger
Damian Weger 14 саат мурун
RICK you should definitely do one on eminence front by the who, it'd be a great dive into a song!
Robert Russell
Robert Russell 15 саат мурун
Wait... they don’t love you like I love you. ;)
John Hajewski
John Hajewski 15 саат мурун
In the spirit of women artists - I nominate Tori Amos - Silent all these Years. Has it all. Incredible artist, motifs, structure, angelic voice, enigmatic lyrics...
Wesley Watson
Wesley Watson 15 саат мурун
RICK! Idk if you take suggestions but you should definitely review either Sister Golden Hair or Ventura Highway by America !!!
Matt Cooper AKA Leader
Matt Cooper AKA Leader 16 саат мурун
Excellent excellent excellent excellent way to explain perfect pop
James Fick
James Fick 17 саат мурун
Love this, probably would have never appreciated any KC song w/o Rick. KC has always seemed talented to me but just not my style of music. Might have to explore a bit.
George P
George P 20 саат мурун
thanks Rick... loved this so much:)
clefdefa 22 саат мурун
I was rewatching this... it is sad how much production goes into that... so many tiny lines. Effects etc. It is like photos... there is so much productions same with movies... it looks nice but it isn’t real.
Allen Hudson
Allen Hudson 22 саат мурун
Rick, the stuff that you’re doing is more important than you realize. Never stop.
Mike C
Mike C 22 саат мурун
The base line sounds like the Pixies.
SkiBum77 23 саат мурун
Always loved this song. Now I know why! Thanks.
Cormac Daly
Cormac Daly 23 саат мурун
Where does Rick get all his stems?
A voz da geração de 81
A voz da geração de 81 Күн мурун
What makes this day great, guys? Watching Rick's videos compulsively!
gmcjetpilot Күн мурун
This is fascinating how they mix it, and how technology allows you to separate the parts out with pro-tools. Of course Rick's knowledge of music theory and ear to explain and analyze the chords is mind boggling. I heard this song and enjoyed it when it was released. I will never listen to it the same...
Jason King
Jason King Күн мурун
It's a perfect pop song. If Rivers Cuomo retired and Kelly Clarkson took over vocals, I bet it would sound something like this.
Matt Cooper AKA Leader
Matt Cooper AKA Leader 16 саат мурун
Excellent observation =w=
gmcjetpilot Күн мурун
Who knew Rick is a Kelly Clarkson super fan... Ha ha. I don't know about singing ability I would say the most successful singer from American Idol besides KC is Carrie Underwood. There were many good singers male and female, which have had success post American Idol. but you don't hear from them much anymore. Some of the runner ups have had good careers, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert come to mind. It takes more than just a good voice. As Rick has pointed out most performers don't write their own songs and are not allowed to develop as writers.
The Hook
The Hook Күн мурун
Always loved the power in this song, and so cool Rick that you broke this one down, bravo brother!
Edward Box
Edward Box Күн мурун
This is is a really cool rock song with a pop punk edge. People knock hit factories but when you have the right people (Max Martin for instance) doing it you can't help but be seduced by the song craft and production. This song has much more harmonic movement than the standard VI IV I V songs you here all the time and bad electronic pop.
junkfoodisgood69 Күн мурун
Rick just trying to justify why he loves this song. Don't worry Rick we all love it :)
Lewis Watts
Lewis Watts Күн мурун
Love this series, love your channel, have mega respect for everything you do Rick, but can you PLEASE do a song from the Stone Roses?!! They're criminally underrated worldwide and they deserve the shout out! Their debut album is one of the greatest! Tunes like Waterfall, Made of Stone, Resurrection are so fucking cool!
sean ainsworth
sean ainsworth Күн мурун
When he hit into the riff I thought was playing something off Dookie, rockin.
Tom Cullen
Tom Cullen Күн мурун
Excellent Rick
Lisa Merriam
Lisa Merriam Күн мурун
Can you ever do Bee Gees Too Much Heaven or Jive Talking?
Ben Pearson
Ben Pearson Күн мурун
Can you do one on paramore
Mike McLeod
Mike McLeod Күн мурун
brilliant assessment of a brilliant song
Harris Leck
Harris Leck Күн мурун
Very interesting. Please explain your software setup and how it works. Thanks!
RayEttler Күн мурун
are we running out of great songs already?
Jim Golab
Jim Golab Күн мурун
I love this song! Thanks for adding so much insight. Honestly my favorite bit of the song is the one you just skipped over at 19:17, where her voice makes a rapid stairstep down, unlike anything else in the song, and shows (I think) remarkable skill and control. It is very much like the memorable vocal line in "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles at 3:42 of 4:42. Thanks again for doing this great song!
James R
James R Күн мурун
Don’t do crap music and call it great. Please and TY
Fark Mrancis
Fark Mrancis Күн мурун
Rick, big fan here. I would like you to check out Morissette Amon. Probably one of the best singers right now in the world. Haha She's from the Philippines. Check her out. Thanks!
Fark Mrancis
Fark Mrancis 17 саат мурун
@Terri Bora agreed. I think rick will enjoy listening to her.
Terri Bora
Terri Bora Күн мурун
Omg YASS! I've been thinking that FOREVER! Of the young generation of singers today we have got to get some vocalists back in the mix and Morissette should be at the top of the list!
Joey Crooks
Joey Crooks Күн мурун
Fun fact the bridge solo was actually influenced by “Maps” by yeah yeah yeahs.
Roadkill Snowman
Roadkill Snowman 15 саат мурун
i was just scrolling through the comments to see if anyone else heard this! haha
TJ Price
TJ Price Күн мурун
Hey Rick. I'm sure you get LOTS of comments about songs to do in your what makes this song great series... But as a huge Kurt Cobain fan, I was wondering if you could do an analysis of In Bloom and Lithium. As a musician, those two songs have THE WEIRDEST chord progressions AND melodies I've ever heard in music. I'd love your take on both songa. Much love. -TJ
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill Күн мурун
Who's listened to the Slate podcast that talks about how Dr. Luke was frustrated by the song Maps by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and made this song to show how to take that song and make a great pop hit? I wish Beato had mentioned that, because the spines of the tow songs are so similar.
KUM0 Күн мурун
This lowkey sounds like Nirvana gone pop or something
Kerryn Simmons
Kerryn Simmons Күн мурун
Great song with a really sexy video.
JoanKSX Күн мурун
OMG I come from NiceChord channel. God bless you TwT
joel francis
joel francis Күн мурун
"Music Appreciation with Rick Beato"
Hal Whitlock
Hal Whitlock Күн мурун
I have joyfully realized how little I know. I’ve been “schooled” and thankful for it! Please don’t stop with these videos, Rick! And by the way, Colin Moulding and Andy Partridge of XTC are my favorite song writers...hint hint! 😁
jdrukman 16 саат мурун
rick did "what makes this song great" on mayor of simpleton a little while ago, look it up, it's fantastic.
Shane Williams Sr
Shane Williams Sr Күн мурун
The breaks is what I call a mastery of silence. Def Leppard is a prime example of it. Nothing grabs your ear like an instantaneous stop followed by full on loud. Brilliant breakdown of a great song.
Joshua Frahm
Joshua Frahm Күн мурун
A very underrated song, though I personally prefer the cover by A Day to Remember
Thornton Tracy
Thornton Tracy Күн мурун
I wish she sang more these days...
Thornton Tracy
Thornton Tracy Күн мурун
Rick is just awesome!
Bogdandroid Күн мурун
Hi Rick, really loving this series! Is there any chance you might dissect something by My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive? Anything shoegaze really. Thank you & keep up the good work!
Gary D
Gary D Күн мурун
I don't like most pop music, but this is a perfect song. I can't deny it. lightning in a bottle.
John Gilmore
John Gilmore Күн мурун
I have always loved this song since it first came out. So happy you once again used that patented " Beato de-plugin" that can break the 2 track stereo mix into its individual stems. Then allow us to see how much effort, time, thought and talent that goes into a seemingly simple pop tune. You are an inspiration as a teacher producer and father. Keep up the great work.
Giuseppe Guarneri
Giuseppe Guarneri 2 күн мурун
Rick ti adoro, sei un fenomeno, trovo divertentissimo che tu sia stonato come una campana😁
Chris AD
Chris AD 2 күн мурун
How about a Tesseract song on your future videos?
Melissa H
Melissa H 2 күн мурун
I’d love to see you do “Do I wanna know?” by Arctic Monkeys. It gets my vote as the best song of the last decade.
Skradgee 2 күн мурун
Anyone who likes music theory but dislikes this is just plain wrong. ❤️
CaptainReedo40 2 күн мурун
Here is a challenge for a future episode. “Gangham Style.” The video has 4B (with a “b”) views, which means something about the song itself must be grabbing people’s ears.
jalabi99 2 күн мурун
I've always loved the bass line on this song. I will disagree that there's no great singers to come out of American Idol since Kelly though
Stonewall 2 күн мурун
You got to do “Nights In White Satin”.
Bill Chriswell
Bill Chriswell 2 күн мурун
Absolutely fascinating👍 Light years from my garage band days in the late 60s🤣🤣
ANsOn II 2 күн мурун
Desmond child wrote this song in another dimension. Rick knows it is true.
Brett Mccullough
Brett Mccullough 2 күн мурун
Rick its 30 years since The Law's released There She Goes. how about a video on our reclusive friend Lee Mavers and this awesome track?
kurtis hall
kurtis hall 2 күн мурун
I want a breakdown of oh darling by supertramp
Richard W.
Richard W. 2 күн мурун
A new definition of “great?”
Sailing SV Zara
Sailing SV Zara 2 күн мурун
... and all that without auto-tuned vocals.
Francis Taylor
Francis Taylor 2 күн мурун
Another fantastic video, Rick. Thanks. Every time I listen to one of these songs I'm hearing all the elements for the first time. Thanks for opening my ears!
Ryan Kurtz
Ryan Kurtz 2 күн мурун
I've never actually listened to this song in full. I am pretty impressed by it surpringly
Gary Tackett
Gary Tackett 2 күн мурун
Wolfgang Van Halen's Think It Over could be a duet with Kelly and Wolfie.. Just my opinion
krigblast 2 күн мурун
how do you get all these session files? wild
Barbara Sullivan
Barbara Sullivan 2 күн мурун
I love this song by Kelly, now I love it even more!! WoW
Kenneth Nilsen
Kenneth Nilsen 2 күн мурун
I hope you make an episode of Tom Petty - Learning to fly. Go through harmonies and guitars
strogon42 2 күн мурун
She may have a astonishingly great vocal range but the harmonies are still so heavily pitch corrected, it dosn't really sound like a human anymore, imo. more like a synthesizer with a vocal patch. Still, the production is great, but they polished out the wrinkles that would make it more human too much.
xmoose9 2 күн мурун
Since you Been Gone is a Rainbow song guys, what are you talking about?
Hugh-John Fleming
Hugh-John Fleming 2 күн мурун
Suggestion box; The SUMMER WIND, FRANK SINATRA/NELSON RIDDLE...someday. One of the most exquisite recordings ever made.
Robbie 2 күн мурун
Got a great track for a What makes this song great video. Glamour Profession by Steely Dan
Ryan Young
Ryan Young 2 күн мурун
my only problem with this song is that it starts out sounding like almost a 90's grunge song, and then it hits the hook and the vocals turn so strongly into candy pop.
sketchy2356 2 күн мурун
Was this the song inspired by Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
Mert Özmerzi
Mert Özmerzi 2 күн мурун
Can you please do a twenty one pilots one.
Rupert Zahl
Rupert Zahl 2 күн мурун
Anyway ... I wonder, if this might be the lucky time and place, when and where to let slip a request/wish/recommendation for, say, ep 103 or 107 or so (hate even numbers, they are just boring), where it might eventually NOT go by unnoticed ... Totally underrepresented in the fabulous collection of mr. Beato's videos are ... ... Jethro Tull. There is one (in numbers: 1!!!) mention in the greatest riffs of all time, but that by far does not do justice to the vastness of their opus, so, no, not Aqualung, but I'd definitely like to watch "Heavy Horses" being given the Beato treatment. What about a list of the 20 best cover versions of songs ever made? My personal #1 by quite a long way would be Manfred Mann's treatment of Bob Dylan's "Father Of Day". That is so much more than a cover version, more like re-composing the song over given lyrics, but you can still hear the original sounding through. A really totally not serious request would be "Amarok" by Mike Oldfield. That video would probably take a year to make, and a week to view. I would view it , though, if it existed, full length, no breaks needed.
Mark Cheetah
Mark Cheetah 2 күн мурун
That whole album is great. Kelly is an absolute powerhouse, sang all those multiple vocal parts herself. The production is top notch. "Behind These Hazel Eyes" is a real standout track too. And I agree, she's better than anyone else who ever was on that show.
Joe Crupi
Joe Crupi 2 күн мурун
Rick - have you considered reviewing You’re The Voice by John Farnham? It’s pretty much the Australian national anthem
Rupert Zahl
Rupert Zahl 2 күн мурун
oh. so that's where the hairstyle is from (time: 16:47) ;-)
Deandar 3 күн мурун
Am I the only one who wonders how in hell does he gets all these layers from for each song??
jdrukman 16 саат мурун
sometimes the bands or mix engineers send him the sessions directly, but many of them just leak on the internet and can be found with some dedicated searching.
Logan Keilty
Logan Keilty 18 саат мурун
Mastodon2 Music
Mastodon2 Music 3 күн мурун
I always liked this song and felt like it was very well crafted and had a great hook. A great rock song and a great vocal performance.
Shade Hunter
Shade Hunter 3 күн мурун
I'm so used to the A Day To Remember version of this song that I kinda forgot the nuances of the original! Congrats on 101!
Sergey Batalov
Sergey Batalov 3 күн мурун
hey, Rick, are you allergic to 21st century music, though. in general? (I am joking -- I know from your material that you are not!) Would you ever consider some electronic punk like LCD Soundsystem to take apart? Tony Fontano gave them a nod in 2010's decade albums (4th in top 100 albums), so they are not total rubbish, are they?
Dreadpirate 3 күн мурун
10:17 When the guitars in the chorus are soloed you can really hear just how much of an influence "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs actually was for this track.
Joey Crooks
Joey Crooks Күн мурун
I think they sampled the tremolo E
Ebojager 3 күн мурун
Great video, I never knew all the detail that made up this Great Song. Its still one of my favorites.
Ville Klaas
Ville Klaas 3 күн мурун
I always liked this song and I dont even like any pop at all for the most part
Batt Manion
Batt Manion 3 күн мурун
I just watched a vid interview of Keith Jarrett. Not only is he talented , he's got serious vision of what he does, why it happens the way it does and how he constantly improves himself. Then there's Rick, who claims to be an all-pro but his lack of vision has left him with judging Kelly Clarkson numbers. A study in comparisons.
Batt Manion
Batt Manion 2 күн мурун
Let me also say that i know Rick's channel is aimed at beginners/intermediates and he doesn't have to be Keith Jarrett to make a buck, or bucks, or more bucks. I just resent him because he could and should have been a creative artist who made real music, instead of peddling junk.
JOSH 3 күн мурун
Kelly Clarkson can sing her ass off. Super talented vocalist.
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