How Do I FIGURE OUT Spotify Songs So FAST?

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Rick Beato

Ай мурун

In this live stream discuss my process for figuring out songs quickly.
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MikeMcK 3 күн мурун
So basically he knows what everything sounds like...
Joe Braun
Joe Braun 6 күн мурун
The whole family watches your videos. It has really opened the hears of the kids. They are listening to rock and metal because they listen for complexity and talent not just autotune. Thank you!
Gustavo Milani
Gustavo Milani 8 күн мурун
You're great, Rick. I would love to buy your ear training program, but is impossible in Brazil Reality. Our minimum wage for a whole month of work is like $200 dolar (1.100 Brazilian Real). Maybe in the future...thank you for all the videos
Luca Ruggeri Music
Luca Ruggeri Music 15 күн мурун
But the 2 over 1, shouldn't it be G minor over F instead of G7?
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 17 күн мурун
great video! I have to say, I dont have 1% the ability that you do, but I have to second what you're saying.. from taking 2 years of theory in high school, listening to a couple chords, and knowing where the root of a chord or the tonic in a song is, and then following the bassline motion (which I am thankful that I was a bari-sax player in high school because this comes more natural to me!) you can then start to just try to follow along, and it becomes practice, practice, practice.. I think the theory and ear training is like learning the words of a new language, and then being able to do what you're doing is like proving you're fluent in the language by having a "conversation" with a native speaker..
CJJC 19 күн мурун
Wasn’t expecting that blast of Hey Man Nice Shot.
George Trovas
George Trovas 20 күн мурун
Rick why do you use Spotify over other platforms like Tidal? Isn't inferior quality?
Ate B. Rojas
Ate B. Rojas 21 күн мурун
Those "70's" chords totally remind me of the verses to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" or songs like "Betcha By Golly Wow" and other great songs.
aditsu 23 күн мурун
You keep saying "dominant", don't you mean "diminished"?
Metal Scientist
Metal Scientist 23 күн мурун
Once you put in the piano you lost me.
Dave Berkheimer
Dave Berkheimer 24 күн мурун
So, the lesson is........ listen, listen, listen, listen, to everything and anything. It all goes back to what I heard Joe Pass say long ago (paraphrasing here), you can't play what you can't hear.
Mo 2k
Mo 2k 24 күн мурун
I remember at my job listening to all the music of today on the radio and thinking "ugh this sounds so derivative of another song I know but worse." I hated it. Now I see it's actually an advantage. If I learn to play all the songs I know then I'll have an easier time playing new random songs I hear on the radio
Mo 2k
Mo 2k 24 күн мурун
Which I'd only do as a party trick or something. Radio music sux
Blizzard of Eyes
Blizzard of Eyes 24 күн мурун
this man Rickis a beast. cant wait to introduce my nephew to this content!
Joachim Tromark
Joachim Tromark 25 күн мурун
Hi Rick! Just want to express my deepest admiration for your work and your wonderful youtube channel! I’m a professional musician and music educator myself and I find your videos extremely useful in my own teaching. You have such a great way of explaining things. So Thanks for the inspiration!
HIKE2IT 25 күн мурун
On top of being a musical genius… giving so many people insight that we would never normally get… I just noticed when you’re turning to the side in this video…You’ve got a great hairstyle!
J Hutt
J Hutt 25 күн мурун
I only started playing guitar when I was 18, and started in anyway analytically listen songs couple of years later. Only because I thought from my experience from elementary school that music is just something some people have talent with by birth and that's it. I had no idea you can LEARN it... Now I'm trying to catch up and it really sucks. I mean, I don't get it. How is listening to a bunch of power chords and knowing what they are easy? I've been trying to do that for years. Like 6 years or something and I still suck at it. Triads are easier, as there is much more information to pick up from single chord. Howe er even then even picking out the root can be a pain. How do you know?
Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett 25 күн мурун
HabAnagarek 26 күн мурун
Wait...C major can be in minor keys, e.g. E minor, A minor, D minor, right?
IAM MARK GABLE 26 күн мурун
Stop promoting Spotify n all streaming thieves. You should know better Beato- time for a big change either streaming services pay at least a penny per play or all artists take off streaming every song so they have no more songs to stream. Force fans to buy from iTunes or your own website to get your fair share for all your hard work and sacrifices.
Uncle Deadhead
Uncle Deadhead 26 күн мурун
i love this statment " so hoe do i know its in Eb ? well i just know.." thanks rick, great knowledge there.
Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer 26 күн мурун
Ever think of doing a video where you go through your guitar collection?
John Alleman
John Alleman 27 күн мурун
Yes! Oh my goodness, it’s everywhere, now you mention it RIck! My mind instantly went to, “no wind, no rain, or winters cold, can stop me babe...... Another lock picked open!
DCfromtheV 27 күн мурун
Crazy to me that people need to be told the definition of the word "interval." I mean, it's not just a music term...
dedbusted 27 күн мурун
14:33 - Reminds me of the theme to "Hill Street Blues."
Matt Harris
Matt Harris 27 күн мурун
As you were playing through some of those chords and intervals I could hear so many songs... Turn Your Love Around, Hello It’s Me, On the Wings of Love, etc... Good stuff as always, RB!
Beach Comber
Beach Comber 28 күн мурун
Name an 8 6 4 5 song quick - I'll go with "Angel Baby"
Justin Ward
Justin Ward 28 күн мурун
Came here to say because they are terrible
Martin Johnson
Martin Johnson 28 күн мурун
We're all ear trained, we just don't all have the vocabulary or instrumental knowledge to implement it. We can recognize melodies from other songs when borrowed, and we often know a song just by hearing a few seconds of the instrumental and we anticipate the sound that will come next in our favorite songs. I play Clarinet and Saxophone and I can tell you what doesn't work. Waterfall style instrument game learning. It builds coordination, but that's it. I used Rocksmith on the guitar for months, I recommend learning to read music and learning ear training in conjunction. Try to avoid tabs and don't rely on waterfall games to learn an instrument(maybe an okay supplement after the regular practice)
SFC - MP Corp
SFC - MP Corp 28 күн мурун
Learning at the level Rick is at isnt simple and gets more difficult the older we all get. It's not impossible, but it does take a certain level of commitment. When you start at a young age this stuff will come more natural. A younger person absorbs things so much easier. The older we get the more committed we need to be. It's like anything really. Kids learn languages very easy at young ages. The same applies to music. Music is just another form of language that's all. I was stationed in Germany, with the Army 40 years ago. I spent 8 years there, and married a German girl. I was young, and being immersed in that country into a family that could not speak english to me, forced me to learn the language. I hear a word now, and I just know it. Not because I learned it in a book. But because I heard it so many times I no longer have to translate the word in my head. When you get to the point where you think in German, you can then converse at a normal conversational pace. I suspect hearing musical notes, and knowing what they are without thinking is very similar. You get to a point where you hear it, and you just know without having to sit, and try to figure out what it is. As Rick mentioned, he can hear it, and he knows right away what it is, because he has heard it so many times. I believe it's very similar to learning a language using the immersion technique. You hear it so much that eventually you just know it.
Nicholas Christopher
Nicholas Christopher 28 күн мурун
Hey Rick I enjoy your channel,even tho most of the stuff you do is way over my head, but I still try.Just wondered if you ever paid attention to the solo in the Carpenters”Ill Say Goodbye to Love?”It was done by a guy named Anthony Peluso,just a great solo,thanks for the entertainment!
William Campbell
William Campbell 28 күн мурун
Does Donald Fagen seem disturbingly silent?
tokyo jones
tokyo jones 28 күн мурун
what was that filter song
Gini Winslow
Gini Winslow 28 күн мурун
Two weeks - Good on Ya' Good to see you smiling!
Under Hog
Under Hog 28 күн мурун
Yes Rick, Im really impressed when you try out metal songs and clearly very good at it. Truly a seasoned musician \m/
DocThunderfoot 28 күн мурун
It's so funny that in the beginning Rick talks a lot about that Metal is so easy to figure out because of "it mostly follows the tuning of the low string". That might apply to nearly 100% of all what you can call "Modern" or "New" Metal. But, all of you - and you Rick - that is just a small part of Metal since late 90s. So the huuuuuge major part of what comes under the moniker of "METAL" is NOT that easy. Period. Try to figure out some NOT detuned stuff from Priest, Maiden, Slayer, Dream Theater, Triumph on and on and on... I would assume, you don't hop in there that easy. So if you refer to that aforementioned stuff, don't pretend, that that is "Metal" in general. It. Is. Not.
PDP 28 күн мурун
Is it because most of them are 3-5 chords at most? Usually ones with the same relationship to each other except for the key. Asking for a friend...
Ram Spencer
Ram Spencer 29 күн мурун
I don't even need to watch this to answer that. Because they're simple as f*** and most of them have the same for chords anyway.
The Willing Muffin
The Willing Muffin 29 күн мурун
Yes, it's easy or simple most of the times to come up with a chord progression , but those sounds do reverberate through the bones and that is what matters most.
M Parker
M Parker 29 күн мурун
I'm far more interested in how you separate parts from the original... even to the extent that the reverb is intact.
Jeremy Ellis
Jeremy Ellis 29 күн мурун
Whoa, I've had this Filter song stuck in my head for weeks?!! Pad players - try that riff out on your 16 pads in controller mode; it is fun.
Anthony Peters
Anthony Peters 29 күн мурун
Yo !
Luca Caruso
Luca Caruso 29 күн мурун
I knew that that was your way Rick, being the experienced musician and teacher you are. That's like the kind of thing I do to learn songs, except I never studied music theory nor know that much about chords (I've come to know how to do 7ths, 9ths, 11ths and 13ths, yes, but I don't know inversions of those chords. I only know certain types of fingerings). And then, for songs like the Paak. Mars or Silk Sonic as you like, I figure it out in a bit more time. But I always start for the root, then try to form chords. It always worked, even in some more jazzy songs. Funnily, I've learnt new chord shapes by being told what chords I was playing in my songs by trained friends and my older brother
Vintage Equipment
Vintage Equipment 29 күн мурун
he figures it out so fast because he's been training his ears for 40 years 30:12
JEFFREY ROEDEL 29 күн мурун
Live by the drop D, die by the drop D!
Meat Motor
Meat Motor 29 күн мурун
I am going to share my Schoenberg Spotify Playlist and see how quickly you can do 12-tone!
Stephen Ronsonette
Stephen Ronsonette 29 күн мурун
If you wanna break down some crazy chords used by a rock guitar player, then your looking for some Alex Lifeson. Eddie Van Halen was asked one time,"what's it like being the greatest guitar player on earth?" Eddie replied,"I don't know man, go ask Alex Lifeson..." In my personal opinion he really gets into these same ideas in music orchestration that you breakdown on this Bruno song on albums like Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows and Signals. His chord movements are just incredible. Great video Rick!
realgenghis1 29 күн мурун
Great little lesson! Todd Rundgren's "Hello It's Me" is another good crash course in maj7 | minor7 "relativism. Love your channel and always look forward to new episodes!
Giovanni Gianetti
Giovanni Gianetti 29 күн мурун
First song that popped in my head when you played the Bruno Mars song was Love So Right by the Bee Gees
Jason Davis
Jason Davis Ай мурун
I can't figure out who would dislike this video?!!??!!!!?!??!!!!?!?!???!?!???!!?!?!?!!?!!??!!!?!???
L8 SK8R Ай мурун
Someone of Rick’s education and background listening to Pop music, one might expect they’d become bored of such “simple” music. Try some early Beefheart, almost any Zappa or even Symphonic Black Metal then we’ll really see what anyones made of!
Daniel Savio
Daniel Savio Ай мурун
Root motion (independent of bass motion). Chord complexity (triads, sevenths, added tones). Chord quality (major, minor, diminished, augmented). Great video.
Steve Johnsen
Steve Johnsen Ай мурун
Rick, what’s the name of the piano / keyboard app for live stream, you have at the bottom in the beginning of the film?
AtomMother Heart1970
AtomMother Heart1970 Ай мурун
Metal -Try to figure out the bass string tuning -most are Pentatonic -Phyrigian or flat 5ths Other songs -identify cadances -maj7th distinct sound first chord -Search for other 7th chords -listen to the bass notion
bellygunnermusic Ай мурун
you are everything and everything is you-1st four chords.
BatmanWangChung Ай мурун
Thanks Rick!
Abelskeeper Ай мурун
Does my heart good when old people learn a new technology. Hahaha...just kidding ya Rick, I'm older than you! Lol
Ice Bough
Ice Bough Ай мурун
Nice shot there Rick lol
Vladimir Moskva
Vladimir Moskva Ай мурун
I don't use Spotify, does this method also works for songs from KGglobal Music?
forest sun
forest sun Ай мурун
phenomenal singing Laura Bratan - Adagio Laura Bretan - Breathe Laura Bretan - La Luce I'm curious about your opinion
Dana Honnen
Dana Honnen Ай мурун
You are fantastic. I would love to hear your thoughts on BTS Blood Sweat and Tears.
Rubber Plant
Rubber Plant Ай мурун
Anyone who can type and have a verbal conversation has already used recognition training as a small child and then at school, i.e. chord recognition is just another language. Of course, people say "I can't learn languages" but they must have already done so to be able to say (or type) it. You've only got to clear your head to focus
Moses Ramirez
Moses Ramirez Ай мурун
I know it's in a ton of songs, but I can't hear that 9/11 chord without thinking of The Beatles' The Long And Winding Road.
Raimon Colmenares
Raimon Colmenares Ай мурун
Thank you!!! this lesson was very helpful!
Mr. Numi Who
Mr. Numi Who Ай мурун
Knowing what chords sound like helps, then you can substitute. The broader your palette, the better. I begin the hard songs with Internet guesses on Guitar Tab sites. Since a lot are written with tin ears worse than mine, they only get me half way there (if not needing to be completely rewritten). If there is sheet music, great, as a last resort. None of them help me arrange a solo piano version that carry the melody, however, that is all ear... nice piano video insert... your G11 to CM7 made me want to go learn 'So Far Away' by Carole King (be back in five minutes)...
ethan E
ethan E Ай мурун
Rick, I don’t have kids. If and when I do. make a playlist for infants. That concept is ridiculously interesting.
Robert Benato
Robert Benato Ай мурун
For someone who could have simply piled most of this video into "Experience and time in the industry to understand x". This is pure gold. You took the time to explain through everything, even if that meant repeating yourself. This has inspired me and I'm sure many others, thank you for putting in the effort!
et1421 Ай мурун
Could you do a top 10 of popular songs that would be hard to figure out?
Will Fly
Will Fly Ай мурун
He kept talking about the Bruno Mars song, but never says what song.
Daisy Rothschild
Daisy Rothschild Ай мурун
23:32 oh! that progression... don't you use it in your intro? just going my ear memory. maybe I'm wrong tho
Cedric Wayne
Cedric Wayne Ай мурун
You do great work,i appreciate it.
Mark Conner
Mark Conner Ай мурун
Rick, you're a national treasure. Hope lots of good things come your way this year.
Tolocoda Ай мурун
Again, wow. I had music profs in college for basic theory classes, which were a few levels above you non-music major clapping for credit courses, but this is so far beyond anything they alluded to.
Mother Fuckin' Nature Bear
Mother Fuckin' Nature Bear Ай мурун
13:45 That 9/11 chord is explosive, really helps you come down
Glenn Iverson
Glenn Iverson Ай мурун
I learned basic theory when I was taking piano lessons as a kid (which unfortunately stopped when I hit puberty and discovered girls, though I still play for my own personal enojoyment). But I learn more from EACH of Rick's videos than I did from 3 1/2 years of study.
Mark Carpentier
Mark Carpentier Ай мурун
Sure sounds a lot like I'm listening to The Great Gig In The Sky
palacerevolution2000 Ай мурун
18:04 to 18:18 sums up this clip; just brilliant.
Roger Moore
Roger Moore Ай мурун
I imagine, like me, you have been playing for a million years. If your a good guitarist -- figuring out songs is easy peasy lemon squeazy.
Chris Fox
Chris Fox Ай мурун
Steve Roach's Structures From Silence is built on an Eb/Ab. One might call it an Ab9 no third bu to my ears it's a "fourth in the bass" chord, and it's Eb
John Terpack
John Terpack Ай мурун
This is part of why I gave up the bass. This all goes so far over my head.
Chris Fox
Chris Fox Ай мурун
I was in an ear-training class around 1974 and the professor told me to talk to him after class. I thought I was in trouble. "You have perfect pitch," he said. I was guessing, I protested. "You were right every time," he replied. I never figure out a song in the wrong key. We don't need to figure songs out; we recognize progressions. I can usually play along with a song the first time I hear it.
BedRoomRock Studios
BedRoomRock Studios Ай мурун
Right on Rick, this is so true, with the proper chord and interval knowledge or ability (as you have) hearing the interval or mode quality (sound) also helps me to know the scale, chords etc.. any pop song for sure can be easily transposed. (I V VI IV) all to common.
John Lindstrom
John Lindstrom Ай мурун
I’m pretty sure I could drop a handful of silverware and Rick could call out what chord it is.
The Tardifs Take Japan!
The Tardifs Take Japan! Ай мурун
The funniest thing is I keep getting an ad before your videos now of some loser harping on about how interval ear training exercises don't work. Ok man, good luck with whatever you're selling!
Aaron Stackpole
Aaron Stackpole Ай мурун
You play that chord and "Some times you wanna go where everybody knows your name..." goes off in my head ;)
Steve Tragg
Steve Tragg Ай мурун
How do I figure out the songs so fast? Ear training and having already heard everything since the 70's.
Saucy Jk
Saucy Jk Ай мурун
People from my, and ricks generation(rick is 6 yes older) had to learn songs by ear, off vinyl usually lol. By 19 people paid me to learn pretty much anything by ear. When I was 18 upon graduating high school I got the best teacher in Philly and went twice a week. I learned real book charts, inversions of jazz chords, "root movement analysis", ...ear training..everything, so that when a student would bring in something denser, josie comes to mind, I had the vocabulary to know what I was hearing (lotta man 9s).
ocljtc Ай мурун
Domo arigato Mr. Beato.
Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch Ай мурун
Schooled by by Professor Rick...oh nonononnono. Rock on Rick
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson Ай мурун
Too much awesomeness? I dunno.
TheBarf Ай мурун
Would love it if you would do a What Makes This Song Great for The Spinners' "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love."
Mark Ledford
Mark Ledford Ай мурун
not saying he doesn't know his stuff, not saying he isn't that good, but there is video editing involved here.
Unmitigated Gall
Unmitigated Gall Ай мурун
Yeah, metal is all riffs or 5ths going back to Sabbath. The Bruno Mars had a lot more sophisticated changes. Never thought of altering the low E string with riffs though. As for the Pentatonic, it is an 8,000 years old Chinese scale. They also had the 12 tone scale long ago. Basically the black keys vs white keys now.
Gerald F Skillern
Gerald F Skillern Ай мурун
You’ve helped me fall in love with music again! Thank you!
lagom Ай мурун
Rick watching your videos I’m making the growth from knowledge to understanding 👍
Michael Clark
Michael Clark Ай мурун
What is the deal with Mary Spender , she is not a great songwriter and Joe Pass gave me some lessons in 1971 while he was in Odessey House and he played out with carol Kaye on bass and Paul Humphries drums what does Mary do teach elemantary guitar I do not know
Boisson Media
Boisson Media Ай мурун
Your videos are awesome! I have watched your videos for a couple years now but, I just bought my first guitar two days ago. I have watched so many of your videos I am sure I could pick you out of a crowd by voice alone. lmao Addendum: Also picked up your BEATO Book, looking forward to all the reading and playing.
Alan Cosens
Alan Cosens Ай мурун
The short answer: Spend decades transcribing tens of thousands of songs.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Ай мурун
Question: So how do you do it? Answer: Yes.
clrobin66 Ай мурун
The Fmaj7 to G/F didn’t make sense to me at first. Although the bass note F has no movement, the chords on top sound like they are descending, even though going from F to G should sound like it’s going up. Then I realized that the Fmaj7 can be thought of as Am/F. So what we have is F in the bass note and the chords on top moving from Am to Gmaj, and that’s why the progression sounds like it’s descending. In other words, it’s iii over I then II over I.
Michael Tveten
Michael Tveten Ай мурун
Billy’s like, “Please, Rick. Take a fucking weekend off, once in awhile.”.......
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