Almost Famous: Why Record Labels Suck

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Rick Beato

9 ай мурун

In this episode I tell the story of Cameron Crowe meeting the small town band I Nine. It's a step by step guide on how record labels used to destroy bands careers.
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Llime Works Press
Llime Works Press 3 күн мурун
Sad story, but I love Heavy Weighs the King. I wish them the best/
Rob Gronotte
Rob Gronotte 5 күн мурун
How can we get a copy of that live recording?
Airracket 5 күн мурун
Thank you that was a really nice story you have a great day
MrBrianDuga 5 күн мурун
Wow what a story. Just Subscribed to 'Heavy Weighs the King' - great sound. Here's to their redemption.
Rolph Finkin
Rolph Finkin 5 күн мурун
I-nine seems very okay, but I don't hear anything magical there.
Lucas Shaffer
Lucas Shaffer 6 күн мурун
8:32 a baby sg is born
Billy DJ
Billy DJ 7 күн мурун
Excellent channel Rick. Your's and Leland Sklar's are among my favourite channels on YT.
Dom Addeo
Dom Addeo 7 күн мурун
"Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" 1974 song by Sugarloaf (Corbetta & Carter).
Cao's TV
Cao's TV 8 күн мурун
Morale Value of the Story: Do not sign! Make money out of your own records!
Rick The Explorer™
Rick The Explorer™ 9 күн мурун
Agents, Managers, A&R guys, record labels; I don't hang out with scumbags anymore. I have made 3 of the best albums I have ever heard with my band, and anybody who hears it says it's the best music they ever heard. My music will be ignored by the industry, always was, always will be. Why? Not sure.
Matthew Sommerville
Matthew Sommerville 10 күн мурун
The whole Cameron/Carmin thing got really confussing
sivadmg 11 күн мурун
What's the difference between this show and the current pop music industry?
sivadmg 11 күн мурун
one difference is that these singers don't have their boss's hand up their ass.
Mads Bendixen
Mads Bendixen 11 күн мурун
Almost famous wasnt about I Nine
No One Of Consequence
No One Of Consequence 12 күн мурун
Isn't it supposed to be "Heavy weighs the crown"?
True North Canadian
True North Canadian 12 күн мурун
Ryan Upchurch says hi
XHitsugaX 13 күн мурун
bought the album however does it also have a spotify version for me to listen on the road?
David W
David W 14 күн мурун
What was Clive’s involvement. I got confused as he’s not the guy with the laundromats. Lol
Friday 15 күн мурун
These guys are amazing Rick.
Spaceprince72 16 күн мурун
It’s like this in most creative industries. A thick layer of no nothing, non creative types end up being the gate keepers and arbiters of creativity and for some reason have all the confidence in the world while having not a creative bone in their body.
Daniel Beckman
Daniel Beckman 17 күн мурун
When I hear a movie director or a music producer say things like "I have my vision for this..." I say "Oh boy, we're fucked."
venimo 17 күн мурун
An American tragedy. People who've no interest in the people or their art, looking to flex their Napoleonic need for validation in areas they should just stay the hell out of. According to the story, everyone loved what they were doing and as soon as they were dropped into the machine, tainted vanilla was the only flavor allowed. This is f**kery at its most naked.
Harry Solas
Harry Solas 19 күн мурун
I'm old. I am not I Nine's demographic. Loved the music, the singer is o.k. I realized that the person I wanted singing with them was Joni Mitchell. What an impossible standard to measure a singer by. It's like saying "Eh, Stephen Hawking is o.k. but he's no Einstein.
Joel Suarez
Joel Suarez 21 күн мурун
Good ole AR days thank God no body replaced me on any record Rick do u remember recording my bands school for heroes and ENDO
escher2112 22 күн мурун
So - I guess I'll ask the obvious question - Where is the FLAC of that original board tape of the set? I need that in my life!
Tim Moore
Tim Moore 22 күн мурун
Loved "Same In Any Language" by them. Too bad they got screwed.
Corey McManus
Corey McManus 22 күн мурун
That music reminded me of mad season with a female vocalist,they're pretty great.
Arli Zan
Arli Zan 22 күн мурун
There's always 2 Brians. Some try to sneak by as Bryans but don't let that fool you, they're just running interference for Brian. This planet isn't geared for monobrians in any one place.
Patrick Tilton
Patrick Tilton 25 күн мурун
This reminds me of a scene from the movie "ONE TRICK PONY" starring Paul Simon and Blair Brown. I saw it years ago, and I hope I'm remembering it right . . . but wasn't there a scene where Lou Reed plays a record company douche-bag who tries to steer the main character [played by Paul Simon] into some shitty disco-type production . . . ? I've listened to the soundtrack album a thousand times, but I haven't seen the movie in well over 20 years, and only that one time. I hope I'm not imagining that scene. I remember the gal was also in "ALTERED STATES" with William Hurt.
Alex Damaceno
Alex Damaceno 25 күн мурун
I still listen to Elizabethtown's Soundtrack TO THIS DAY and I love both versions of "Same in Any Language" (the other one being from My Morning Jacket). What I really CAN'T BELIEVE is that I've been face to face with an I Nine member after Chris' acoustic concert here in Rio in 2016 and didn't even know it.
David Fields
David Fields 25 күн мурун
That's why if anyone is going to sign with a Label and they Already Sound Good they Should make it Appear in the Contract that the Band has Say into what Does and Doesn't go on the Record of Possible
David Fields
David Fields 25 күн мурун
@Rick Beato the Last song sounds like it has a Heart Influence like how Anne Wilson Sings in some songs
Tim Key
Tim Key 25 күн мурун
Amy Heckerling directed Fast Times, not Cameron Crowe. (I enjoy your videos. Thank-you)
babak ahmadi
babak ahmadi 25 күн мурун
dear Rick...Please increase the music and reduce the words.
Scotty G
Scotty G 27 күн мурун
Incredible story; I have seen the wrong agent or management wreck a perfectly good band, even on a local or regional scale. I Nine seemed to be miles ahead, on both talent and work ethic, and it still played out this way.
Werner Slabber
Werner Slabber 27 күн мурун
Hi Rick, STOP LOOKING TO THE LEFT! I love the warmth, and personal approach, feels like you are actually talking to ME, and content of your channel!!! but....i lose you every time you look to the left :-) Love you man! Werner
T S 27 күн мурун
I wonder if an A&R guy interfering this much has ever resulted in a successful record? I’m thinking yes or labels wouldn’t let it happen.
Justin Schans
Justin Schans 28 күн мурун
Yeah, her voice set to that music is really fantastic.
Darius Khan
Darius Khan 28 күн мурун
One thing I learned from this - Rick Beato is a great storyteller!
Ninja Egg
Ninja Egg 28 күн мурун
Executive with his pants down Sitting behind a desk How bad do you wanna be a starboy? Be a starboy That mansion on that hill could be yours Fancy cash and girls How bad do you wanna be a starboy? Be a starboy Finish me off Undo yourself Put this heroin in your arm You're on your way I think we can do business boy It's a crazy business but it's worth it How bad do you wanna be a starboy?
Derek Bury
Derek Bury 28 күн мурун
If an artist's record flops, they will still be on the hook for the cost of making the video and production costs regardless. It is a cutthroat business
sijjiin 29 күн мурун
Damn! That is so sad.
Joel Dukes
Joel Dukes Ай мурун
Rick: Almost Famous is actually about me and the only band I ever signed Everybody: .......
Vaughn Blaylock
Vaughn Blaylock Ай мурун
I always thought that this is what happened to Anna Nalick, whose debut album was a true work of art (and I'm a metalcore guy, by the way). He second album was just terrible, and didn't sound a damn thing like her. What a shame.
Vaughn Blaylock
Vaughn Blaylock Ай мурун
You need to interview Pete and Sam Loeffler from Chevelle and let them talk about what Epic did to them.
comedyplanofficalTM Ай мурун
Sad they got the bureaucracy shaft. Those tunes were incredible! Stop allowing narcissists in society lol
1023mjw Ай мурун
Love IT! MM
Nick Light
Nick Light Ай мурун
I love your channel but I am hurt. I am a record company guy.
Rapscallion And Chums
Rapscallion And Chums Ай мурун
Just watching this now. Can't find any info online about new HWTK music. Did it come out?
Felix Pando
Felix Pando Ай мурун
What amanzing story.
Thomas Müthing
Thomas Müthing Ай мурун
The simple reason why record labels SUCK is the same why film companies SUCK. They're being run by accountants, not artists - or anyone even REMOTELY interested in the craft. By BEANCOUNTERS.
Rich at Large
Rich at Large Ай мурун
Hmm.... I don't want this to come off harsh, but ultimately their sound/genre was simply stuck in the wrong decade for radio airplay in 2005, and the songs weren't strong enough IMO, no matter the initial interest shown by label reps. It wasn't a fresh sound. That's probably why the A&R guy felt the need to work on it. Plus, the famous people involved with promoting the band had either already had their big moment in earlier decades, or (like John Mayer) were probably just being polite, but they were not going to make a difference in getting the band pushed by a major label. In other words, I don't think this was all about one bad piece of luck or one bad decision. If this had been The Strokes or Fall Out Boy with their 2000s material, the label wouldn't have gotten bored with the band. Too-relevant-to-be-ignored songs matter. They should have just cut an indie record themselves.
thatmountain Ай мурун
I fucking love Same in Any Language
Hugh-John Fleming
Hugh-John Fleming Ай мурун
THAT is a Cameron Crowe movie...
The Velo In The Vale
The Velo In The Vale Ай мурун
The problem with the Music BUSINESS has always been the BUSINESS part. When you have pen pushers, bean counters and Business Managers with all the creativity of an Accountant, deciding what is and isn't GREAT Art or GREAT Music, you end up with the Top 40. That's why Rock music is dead ... that's why being a Musician is largely over ... people don't want to be in Music because of passion and artistic need anymore, they want to be FAMOUS ... that's the Music Industry right there. I've been saying this since the 80's ...
Petar Nenov
Petar Nenov Ай мурун
Basically an ad for a fellow band that's been unsuccessful for whatever reason. Not a bad cause at the end of the day.
Erik Dodd
Erik Dodd Ай мурун
Cameron used to give my pop some of the records he would get for free.
Chris Bannister
Chris Bannister Ай мурун
The trouble with 'The music business' seems to be that it has very little to do with music.
Cory Kamermans
Cory Kamermans Ай мурун
That's Clive Davis for ya.
Dave Fiano
Dave Fiano Ай мурун
I like the band and singer, but I want t hear more of an Enya vibe..
Jon Poole
Jon Poole Ай мурун
It's all smoke and mirrors until you're getting a standing ovation.
Scott Shiflett
Scott Shiflett Ай мурун
Artists get chewed up and spit out by the millions.. there’s always some naive fresh young thing to push around. For the most part no one has a clue.. it’s all second guessing and lookin over your shoulder at what sold last week.. but mostly “who takes credit” friends band had an A&R guy who did NOTHING for them but when their grass roots touring approach started yielding results he flew out to be in every photo op taking as much credit as he could.. hell even my band (I’ve been on more labels than I can remember) had issues when the label were doing NOTHING for us so when our manager pulled a favor and got us some airplay in Los Angeles their promotions team couldn’t take credit for it so did the next best thing they could.. NOTHING... It’s no big deal to them some fresh young hopeful steps off the bus every day.. your life’s passion hell your very life means absolutely nil... oh well.. I still consider myself “successful” in the sense that constant failure hasn’t diminished my love of music.. playing, writing, producing, performing, even just listening.. (It also helps that my tastes are so archaic it’s irrelevant to the modern music business.. no real friction there)
Warrick Noseworthy
Warrick Noseworthy Ай мурун
great story for young artists need to hear
Johnny and the bulldogs
Johnny and the bulldogs Ай мурун
bishopoftroy Ай мурун
7:42 phantom SG creeps in
B A Weevil
B A Weevil Ай мурун
Bummer man. We never made it that far. Peter Katsis was managing us, around 1990. There was a buncha interest, Mercury/Polygram made us an offer. But they showed their hand up front, and told us they wanted us to change lyrics in every song. We, of course, declined, and never got another offer from a major. Because Peter and Vince Lawrence had done our project on spec, we were tied, we had to take an offer with up-front money. So it languished, and we banged away on the road for years, until interpersonal crap split us up. Limp Bizkit, Peter's next act, went ahead and took the deal, that's how that played out.
Randall Schoverling
Randall Schoverling Ай мурун
‘Heavy Weighs the King’ stuff sounds pretty cool😎
Atoms of Stardust
Atoms of Stardust Ай мурун
I know this video is like 7 month old by now buy YT just recommended it to me, I just wanted to say that you should suggest them to put their music on streaming services. I’m sure you know it’s where the money is right now, it’s how you can grow the audience etc. I tried to search them on Spotify but couldn’t find. And it’s really easy to put your music online nowadays.
Jim Belanger
Jim Belanger Ай мурун
Very nice video
Kaleidoscopia Ай мурун
You got to work with Cameron Crowe AND Nancy Wilson? Wow
herrdoktorprofessor Ай мурун
record companies should be burnt t the ground. Useless parasites.
Digitalbrain 555
Digitalbrain 555 Ай мурун
Wow. What a nightmare!!!!!!
gxulien Ай мурун
After I heard I9 finally, I realizedpeople have different ideas of what "rock singer" and "female Led Zepplin mean. Sounds more like Stevie Nicks.
gxulien Ай мурун
@Don McNevin Fair enough. Led Zepplin did a lot of acoustic numbers, but I thought I9 was indie folk.
Don McNevin
Don McNevin Ай мурун
I disagree. Stevie Nicks is a legend and amazing. But this gal from I Nine had some pretty good range and as Rick said, the band is rock/folk combination. I'd call it rock and call her a rock singer. Linda Ronstadt was rock singer as well, even though her ultimate passion was something pretty far from rock.
moonlitegram Ай мурун
Their sound reminds me a lot of some of the music that was out in the late 80s and early to mid 90s. When nostalgia for the late 60s and early 70s took stride for the first time and mixed with the modern rock elements of the time. Like in the Edie Brickell vein.
megadeth mofo
megadeth mofo Ай мурун
"So the band broke up.... and it looks like..... we will never play again. Bee-ooooo, Guess you only get one chance in life to play a song that goes like....FZ.
Micheal Faraday
Micheal Faraday Ай мурун
Joe Balusik,III
Joe Balusik,III Ай мурун
One of the many examples of why I subscribe. Thank you for sharing this tale Rick. My best wishes to I Nine/Heavy Weighs The King.
909sickle Ай мурун
I Nine is better name
Steve Stanley
Steve Stanley Ай мурун
What a cool story this is. Best of luck to everyone involved!
Ryan Anthony
Ryan Anthony Ай мурун
Wow.... What a scary horror story!
TE-BO Ай мурун
0:28 literally Meg and dia vibes
Raw Riffs
Raw Riffs Ай мурун
damn true, i love meg and dia
LeOnline Ай мурун
410 people that suck
David Burkart
David Burkart Ай мурун
Thanks for that Rick. Appreciate the histories
Peaches Chrenko
Peaches Chrenko Ай мурун
Wow what a unfortunate but true all too often
Producer Dude
Producer Dude Ай мурун
Mother’s Cake is one of those bands. Absolutely amazing European band but haven’t caught on in North America yet. Check out Creations finest.
Sebastian Schröer
Sebastian Schröer Ай мурун
or listen to pearl jam
A.Michael Padilla
A.Michael Padilla Ай мурун
Interesting. I wonder if those A & R guys are just trying to weasel their way into the creative process so they (in their own minds) can become a star. I would imagine a lot of those people had dreams of becoming a great musician/superstar and didn't have the talent or things just didn't work out for them and they are bitter and resentful. So its almost like they use their position of authority to reconstruct an artists songs with their own vision, in an attempt to fulfill some repressed wish/fantasy of being a professional musician/superstar and having people hear your song on the radio or whatever... something like that. I'm just speculating. I could be wrong but I feel like there is something in my little moment of contemplation.
Rakesh Ramesh
Rakesh Ramesh Ай мурун
The first case in point to this topic would be how RCA stifled Elvis Presley in the 60's and 70's getting him to churn out bland songs like a factory assembly line, songs which he did not believe in and hated to the core. Resulted in his number 1 position in the industry taking a hit from the bands which became well-known during the British Invasion, who all happened to be huge Elvis admirers themselves. It did a lot of damage to his image as the first rock-star because he never got really good rock material after that 💔
Robert Brown
Robert Brown Ай мурун
James Durbin, American Idol 2011, was I thought one of the best things to happen to rock n roll in decades. He didn't win, I thought he should have. He was maybe the third finalist I think. He (or they) did an album. I remember we were listening to this at Skip's Music in Sacramento the next year. One of the guys who worked there actually went to high school with him. Anyway, it sounded so commercial I was sick. They f'd it up. There were a few very good songs on their, originals of course but the way the album was produced - plastic commercial - really sucked. I think he's doing blues now. He could have been big. Went to see him the following year after Idol at the Whiskey A Go Go or one of those clubs in Hollywood. Should have been big.
Rich at Large
Rich at Large Ай мурун
Ha - Skip's Music... shout out from a fellow Sacramento-area guy.
philipm06 Ай мурун
The greatest hits of Rick Beato - where can I get a copy?
Ralf Neitzel
Ralf Neitzel Ай мурун
Just bought the album!
jamesthomson14 Ай мурун
Sad record companies destroying music the way it's made the way it's produced no truvision.
James Barrick
James Barrick Ай мурун
I get it - record labels suck. But sometimes they are awesome. Mowtown was a label that brought a generation of really great music to all of us. Yes there are countless stories of Gordie was an idiot or a selfish prick. The end result was a good thing for music lovers, and a handful of superstars that started out as talented kids in the projects of Detroit. As for the comparing of 20 years ago to now with the internet... Yes technology allows musicians to put their work out there and create a following. But back in the day there were FAR MORE clubs to play music live. And MANY hard working bands did create their own success by touring relentlessly. Many used this blueprint and walked into the record labels contracts and dictated terms. Led Zeppelin comes to mind... yes it helps to have good management. For every artist that complained they were screwed over by the label, I would argue what you had was an artist that gave up their freedom when they signed. Always enter any negotiation with strength. If you don't have the strength yet - go get it. Artists like the idea of the label fronting them cash and paying for the travel and the recording and mixing and all of that. In doing so they give up all of their artistic freedom. These are choices these artists made... nobody forced them to sign these deals.
Charles Hefner
Charles Hefner Ай мурун
Good one Rick. Very good story telling by you. That is why I love your channel. It is very instructive, interesting and captivating. Keep up the good work. I especially Love the video of the Jaco story of that breakout album in ‘76 that he did. It affected me greatly. Thx buddy.
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes Ай мурун
Captain Name Dropper
joe doe
joe doe Ай мурун
Normally I love to hear music business stories like this and Clive Davis is a recognizer of hits in any form. Sorry it had to end badly. You should have had it in the contract that if they flake out, you get royalties from any future businesses of the A&R guy which would mean the 2 laundromats. I wonder who he and the record label had in mind to replace you as producer. Surely not himself. Can major record label execs really be that dumb? How did they get to be where they are? Why do they get limos to ride around in?
Marla Plunk
Marla Plunk Ай мурун
I've heard this argument for years. Here's my take, and I'm just a 50 year old local musician (professional - piano bar player and keyboardist/guitar/bass player in cover bands): Music is either an art, or a business. If artists choose to sign, it's a business. That's the deal. You get all the bells and whistles (marketing/recording studios/financial resources) with signing, but you lose the art. If you want to keep the art, you struggle with growing your fanbase and resources, but you keep your art. Most people dream of signing with a label to get famous and rich, but the fail to realize going into it that they do NOT decide what is marketable and what is not. Record labels are not evil. They are a business. Musicians are artists. They can't have it both ways, and it's a tough choice, but it is a reality.
Jay Torr
Jay Torr Ай мурун
Her voice is so pitchy...I think it's actually pretty bad.
Paul Middleton
Paul Middleton Ай мурун
I just paused your video so I could listen to I nine on Spotify. Really good songs.
Anthony Forlini
Anthony Forlini Ай мурун
I love it, and I gotta say the Female Led Zep quote was perfect. Dig that young ladys voice. and the music.
Anthony Forlini
Anthony Forlini Ай мурун
Love you sharing this.
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