JERICHO VS BEATO | Heavy Metal Cage Match

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Rick Beato

2 ай мурун

In this episode I interview 6 time World Champion, 9 time Intercontinental Champion, and lead vocalist of Fozzy, Chris Jericho!
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Dave Wight
Dave Wight 5 күн мурун
didn't he just say this for another article topic? he is right there are not many A league rock bands out there who can carry the torch from the Metallicas, Maidens AC/DCs..........the bands next tier down are A7X; FFDP; Disturned, should be Alter Bridge ..
jo hn
jo hn 6 күн мурун
Is this real life? The matrix is happening. Pro wrestling, A7x, Rick Beato, all combining in some sort of acid trip of an experience.
Oliver Morrow
Oliver Morrow 9 күн мурун
My dream is to, one day, talk music with my beato
Troy Staunton
Troy Staunton 10 күн мурун
39:00 Freddie would have been a dope wrestler. Has miles of personality and a juvenile fighting history that meant when Sid vicious talked smack Freddie talked back and did left. Freddie was a total bad ass.
Troy Staunton
Troy Staunton 10 күн мурун
The siren story sounds like one I heard about a guy from the 70s who released a couple albums but did nothing, and someone from South Africa met him on a construction site in New York and was stunned that he was there. As their conversation developed it turned out this guy that was a nobody working in New York, was bigger than the Beatles in South Africa. Now he just tours South Africa and does festivals in Australia and New Zealand.
mr metal
mr metal 11 күн мурун
Foo Fighters born in the 90s bigger than ever.
Brian B
Brian B 14 күн мурун
Hate to say it, but I don't know where Chris Jericho gets off bashing the lifespan of acts from the 90's. I've actually seen Fozzy live as a supporting act for Motorhead (lol). I'll tell you this, for the life of me I couldn't tell you the name of one Fozzy album.
Nickle Bac
Nickle Bac 14 күн мурун
Haolekoa 737
Haolekoa 737 19 күн мурун
Rick, this could be your best interview yet. And Chris, you and the rest of the AEW crew are killing it! You got me back into wrestling for the first time in over 20 years. WWE is dead, long live AEW!
Dennis Roland Lopez
Dennis Roland Lopez 20 күн мурун
Emanuel de Sousa
Emanuel de Sousa 23 күн мурун
Slowing down the rhythm (pardon the pun) leads people to introspection and to learn awesome things like guitar! For the worst situation, the best things will emerge,
Puxt Buck
Puxt Buck 26 күн мурун
I can’t believe people don’t bring up the Screaming Trees and Mark Lanegan when talking about 90s music. Mark’s still putting out great music.
quasipseudo1 28 күн мурун
Nailed it... grunge didn’t age well. Great stuff at the time though.
Ray Soyars
Ray Soyars Ай мурун
im a huge fans of all those bands chris listed but... he is right...
Shannon Whiteley
Shannon Whiteley Ай мурун
This guy hasn’t aged a day in the last 30 years. Liontamer!
must be the keep it true fest in germany, the germans love classic metal ,thats why they have WACKEN and other big metal fest in germany.
Nathaniel Harty
Nathaniel Harty Ай мурун
Leaving a comment.
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui Ай мурун
This is the quickest I’ve ever clicked on a video... Beato vs Jericho BOOK IT!
jprepo1 Ай мурун
I really shouldn't have been surprised by this crossover, but yet here I am
Leightnite! Ай мурун
Bitchin! Jericho even mentioned Savatage!!!
dornomac Ай мурун
Tool figured it out, and they've been around since 92.
Terrille Alvin
Terrille Alvin Ай мурун
La champion
Wesley Anderton
Wesley Anderton Ай мурун
Does no one else care that they brought up POTUSA???
Daniel Buchanan
Daniel Buchanan Ай мурун
Chris talking about AC/DC and seeing them thinking about how to respond. I love that. You gotta know when to pump the brakes in the conversation. Rick and Chris I loved everything about this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
AR Spook
AR Spook Ай мурун
Some may not agree here, and I have a bias opinion. But, after Guns and Roses, when walking through the field of recorded so called rock music, lets just say you had to watch where you stepped,...... because it was everywhere And it didn't Smell Like Teen Spirits
aheadyar Ай мурун
i love enemy ive listen to it since 2009 i wasnt interested in the band never seen the music video then in 2013 i found out the singer is Jericho i couldn't believe it and now i found out rick beato worked on it , damn this song always surprise me pls do an instructional video on it or post the tab i would love to learn playin it
Send to Dev/Null
Send to Dev/Null Ай мурун
Jericho is insufferable.
Edison Voelker
Edison Voelker Ай мурун
Looks like a little bit of the bubbly in the background... or something
Bujf vjg
Bujf vjg Ай мурун
Anton Newcombe made Thank God For Mental Illness for 20 bucks.....he wouldn'ta got 10 albums for $200! lol.
Bujf vjg
Bujf vjg Ай мурун
well, if Willie Nelson found a Pearl Jam song from one of their last albums good enough to cover.........and Eddie Vedder's Into The Wild album is sublime!
JustRockMySoul Ай мурун
Dylan is still young and you made sure his gift is honed. I'm sure he will start making music eventually.
JustRockMySoul Ай мурун
Awesome guy, genuinely passionate. The story of Siren reminded me of Sugar Man.
Josh Walter
Josh Walter Ай мурун
as a 23 year old guitar player. its not that rock is dead i think a lot more kids are getting into these old bands. i mean a few years ago journey 'dont stop beleiving was the biggest thing at highschools. rock Instagram followers the majority are 18-35 or something. so its not that the music is dead, its just that there alot more ways to spend your time. and remember sm2 was one of the highest selling albums of all time. When you learn your First song it takes a few days to get, sometimes a week. . so its not that the music is dead its just there are so many distractions and forms of entertainment, that not alot have the LOVE and dedication for music to actually learn how to be a certain person or get to a certain skill level. pretty sure that why rick hears ''whats the fastest way to learn this'' because people have no attention span, and their not willign to memorize anything out of high school.. also you can make music on your computer, so if they do pick up a guitar, theyll learn a few songs or chords but again unless their dedicated their not going to even learn FL studio or Ableton.
Adam Christopher
Adam Christopher Ай мурун
The discussion about growing up with all your friends in bands gave me chills. I feel so lucky to have grown up in that time.
Chris Austin
Chris Austin Ай мурун
I think Green Day and Offspring still hold value today
Justin Shipley
Justin Shipley Ай мурун
Did a festival with The Offspring in Sept 2019....they absolutely still hold value. They still slay live.
TJ Caruthers
TJ Caruthers Ай мурун
Battery vs. Fight Fire with Fire my brain literally just went self destruct mode....Can not compute can not compute......
Metal Venom
Metal Venom Ай мурун
JERICHO more Kiss covers. Yo who would you rather be.....Tommy Thayer following Ace or Reb Beach following Lynch?
sickynixx Ай мурун
I'd love to See the Siren movie. Unfortunaley it's not available in Germany. Where the Siren Fans are. Could someone please tell chris.?
Z056 Ай мурун
Derek Babanin
Derek Babanin Ай мурун
rick big fan love your vids... Can you let me know what lighting you use in your videos.. You have it down,, congrats . Thank You for the hard work you put into the videos.
TheMindBullets Ай мурун
AIC's best music wasn't anything that was ever played on the radio.
Mind's eye visual guitar method
Mind's eye visual guitar method Ай мурун
Wbbf. Penny Arcade House of Guitars Magic 92 Wmjq. 96. Wcmf
Joey Smith
Joey Smith Ай мурун
Now kids will buy one or two songs and not the hole album
Joey Smith
Joey Smith Ай мурун
Another thing is you used to go in a record store and see the cover art and you didn't know the band and took a chance on it and and would find something you like or would hear about a band you didn't know from a friend's
bruno3833 Ай мурун
Jerichi is the best in the world at what he does
Robbie Bateman
Robbie Bateman Ай мурун
Love this channel and loved this interview. The one part where I perked up is when they mentioned Rich "the Duke of metal" Ward. Guitar player for Fozzy, the under rated Stuck Mojo, Sick Speed and many other projects. It is of my opinion that Rich Ward is the most under rated guitar player probably ever. He is a guitar God. In a Guitar magazine article many years ago they asked Zakk Wylde who had the best tone in rock and metal and his answer was Rich Ward. Stamp of approval. But it's not just his tone but his song writing and music making process that are equally impressive as well. He is with out a doubt my favorite musician ever. You are correct in that he is a very humble person and I know this from having the pleasure of meeting him twice. I hope you can get him on your channel for an interview Rick. Please don't stop trying.
vorticity4 Ай мурун
One of the smartest guys you’ve ever interviewed. Really enjoyed this.
Carzooka Ай мурун
Jericho and Beato.... This is awesome!!! Nice to see a good Canadian boy still rocking hard!!
Ekayani Performs
Ekayani Performs Ай мурун
Looking for Sugarman is another story like this. Huge fan base in South Africa. It can happen
Aaron Azazagoth
Aaron Azazagoth Ай мурун
Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Mudhoney, The Melvins didn’t age well???
Sergio S.
Sergio S. Ай мурун
About the lack of rock bands in high schools, I don't remember who it was but it was in a podcast like this one, someone was saying: _"When I was a kid, in my high school, it was very easy to form a band. In my high school alone, there were like 12 drummers, 20 guitar players, a bunch of bass players and a couple of singers and everybody wanted to be in a rock band! When I see what's going on in my daugher's high school, there's like 2 guitar players, maybe 1 drummer and 25 singers and they don't want to be in a band. They all want to be in one of those TV shows like America's Got Talent, The X Factor or American Idol!"_
Chris herman
Chris herman Ай мурун
Awesome hearing the stories...just fantastic Rick. I laugh because my son was in a local emo- metal band called HABITS......well, a friend of my wife was in Tokyo Japan and there on the front window was a huge poster of MY SON'S BAND!! LOL. The record store owner loved them and was trying to.promote it...Just amazing...
Sergio S.
Sergio S. Ай мурун
About social media or the internet in general: One thing that I see all the time now is people complaining about a band's setlist. Nowadays, you can find almost every live performance of a band online and some people, people who don't even go to a live concert but only watch concerts at home, on the Internet, these people complain that bands always play the same songs and rarely change their setlist. This is _not_ how it's supposed to be! You're supposed to buy a ticket, then wait patiently until the day of the concert, then be super excited when that day comes, get ready for the concert, then drive or even fly to the concert location, then wait...and wait...and wait until the doors open, see the opening band(s), then wait some more and then....finally, the band starts the show you've been waiting for for so long! After the concert, your ears are ringing, you're tired but you're so happy and you will think about this for the next few days/weeks, remembering every detail. Now that's how it's supposed to be but nowadays, like I said before, a lot of people go online, they click on a link and watch the concert and then, they have the nerve to complain that bands always play the same songs!
hurdygurdyguy1 Ай мурун
29:05 ... every type of music dies?! No, it doesn't... the mass popularity fades, yes, but people still play (and dance to) Swing, Polka, Country Folk, Ska, etc.32:22 ... I took guitar lessons in the mid '60's, gave it up because I hated practicing ... 4 years ago I discovered 3 string cigar box guitars, I build'em and I can play Robin Trower, AC/DC, Credence Clearwater, KI$$, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, Grand Funk, Pink Floyd, Neal Young, etc (not note for note, but who cares??!!) .... Never say never, never say die!
zeratul78 Ай мурун
Chris Jericho has to be the nicest dude, I have never heard bad word said about him. WWE legend and he knows his music, what's not to like
Thomas Crill
Thomas Crill Ай мурун
Yes, Rich is great. We seen Fozzy at the shelter in Detroit. He took all 3 of My grandkids on stage and interact with with the them to the song Burn Me Out. Bonus it was my oldest grand daughters birthday.
Rich Sanchez
Rich Sanchez Ай мурун
Hey Rick, the guys in my Rock band were talking about this video. The drummer said Rick Beato makes me happy! Ha ha cracked me up. We are itching to do some summer shows. Thanks for making the drummer happy.
scott sailer
scott sailer Ай мурун
The Future of Music .... Vended w/ Griffin Taylor and clowns son, Simon Crahan. Then Julian Ness (Mike Ness's , SD, son) playing with Jade Jackson. I think the biggest issue is the lack of support of live music, Pay to Play ect ... and the state of the industry. Plenty of bands out there. No Place to play with covid other than live cast, just my humble .02 cents.
Mike Roy
Mike Roy Ай мурун
4:45 in I almost had to take Jericho down. Pearl Jam only having a short carrier of good music!? WTF? I'm sorry they are still amazing and actively touring, recording.
hurdygurdyguy1 Ай мурун
Exactly!!! I know it's from a few years (and albums) ago, but my fave recent PJ tune is The Fixer!
S T Ай мурун
Nice Raven Tee! "Listen here mission control....Einstein was Wrongg"!
Jimmy Grant
Jimmy Grant Ай мурун
Jericho really hit it on the head. Bands were everything in the 70's and 80's. Then, everyone stopped playing music and started playing video games...and that was that.
joel holden
joel holden Ай мурун
I'm glad you two brought that up.I've had many guitars and played a little,never got as good as I wanted to,but I was NEVER a video game player.I met a woman once about 12 or so years ago and she had the game 'Rock Guitar',a plastic guitar with colored buttons you pushed along to a tune on the TV screen,right?Well,I had never played it,and was really sucking at it,and I couldn't believe what came out of this womans mouth.She looked over at me and said..........."I thought you could play guitar"!WHAT?LOL
P. J. Ervin
P. J. Ervin Ай мурун
Never realized these two knew each other.
Ray Stevens
Ray Stevens Ай мурун
"Wait until rock and roll starts again, people will be going £¥¢π!√ crazy." Chris Jericho
TerryKoss32 Ай мурун
Chris Jericho is my hero
Nick B
Nick B Ай мурун
I had no idea, just like Chris. One of Rick’s videos just popped up on my homepage and I watched it. I was like wow this guy and that place looks so familiar...then I read and saw it was Rick and was like omg I’ve recorded there! The gray hair caught me off guard 😉 Looking good Rick, glad all is going well!
John Socha
John Socha Ай мурун
We need a Bachman Turner Overdrive breakdown!
William Campbell
William Campbell Ай мурун
Handsome Dick Manitoba... "Two-tub Man."
Mitch Weissman
Mitch Weissman Ай мурун
Great show Rick and Chris!
William Campbell
William Campbell Ай мурун
Lou Thesz
Mikey B
Mikey B Ай мурун
Looks like Jericho's got sean Kinney on the ropes, and OH MY GOD, ITS JERRY CANTRELL WITH THE ANGRY CHAIR
Too Tory
Too Tory Ай мурун
JERICHO is so off about 90s bands. Typical 80s / hair rock /metalhead guy who ignored The 90s because his world got flipped upside down. So don't forget everybody from the 80s felt like the were from cheese ball city in 90's and no one wanted to hear a thing from them until early 2000.. Although rage against the machine and Soundgarden took their breaks they formed Audioslave and continue to deliver us their styles... then Soundgarden got back together if you didn't notice And we're releasing music and doing tours up until Chris's death. Chris had a huge solo career as well!! Pearl Jam did tremendous massive touring their issue was they fought Ticketmaster and they refused to put out music videos after Jeremy.They allow their fans to tape the concerts and they were very prolific to this day, nonstop. Every decade has tons of non-survivor, one hit wonders etc. STP, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, rage against the machine, Nirvana into Foo Fighters.. hey man the Beatles only made major records for six years. They are the kings that we set everything to.The 90s kicked ass and the band from that era delivered a way cooler, on a more integral scale than the big bands of the 80s. like rat poison warrant, Winger Skid Row some of them are pretty good but do not have the depth lyrically and musically and the no-frills of the bands mentioned above from the 90s..
Dave Messenheimer
Dave Messenheimer Ай мурун
Grunge bands didn't age well because the mainstream changed. I'm admittedly a big PJ fan, but they put out a lot of good music post 1995 (and a lot of "meh" as well), even if it wasn't commercially successful. You can find some pretty great rock songs on every album. Over a 30 year career it's not surprising to see a band changing their sound a bit.
richard V.
richard V. Ай мурун
🤣🤣this was very Cool!
Shaun Britton
Shaun Britton Ай мурун
Worse parody singer ever I heard two minutes that's enough of my life wasted if u want metal don't go fozzy lol
DofkaTubeChannel Ай мурун
Jericho wins points for the RAVEN shirt \m/ Oli from Keep It True is 100% responsible for putting these ole' skool demo and legacy bands together and celebrating their music. Bands like Siren, Leather Leone, Fifth Angel and so on. Many have continued after Oli got them to play the festival and have moved forward writing and recording new music. Cheers for bringing the Siren story to the masses.
YTbobo4u Ай мурун
The Siren movie..."I'm Too Old for This Sh*t!" Rent for $5 on Amazon prime.
Zach Sommerfeld
Zach Sommerfeld Ай мурун
now that is a thumbnail
Micah Newby
Micah Newby Ай мурун
Best interview on the channel yet!! I loved Chris Jericho's column back when he wrote for Metal Edge magazine and he has not lost the charisma at all. Thank you Rick and Chris, this was a real pleasure to watch.
David Gerbino
David Gerbino Ай мурун
My comment regarding Young kids wanting to play music and rock band. If you read this comment, please check out the band called The Warning. They are an amazing trio and sisters from Monterey, Mexico. The oldest is 21 or 22. The youngest is 15 or 16 and now plays a 5 string bass. They recently were signed and recorded their 3rd album in New Jersey. They are awesome live. I saw them last year in NYC at The Mercury Lounge. They are very active on social media and I think it benefits them. It helped them build an army of fans. There are a bunch of live videos of them playing on KGglobal. Some from fans and some pro. Also, The Warning Army made sure many music reaction KGglobal channels reacted to their songs. They were influenced by the Rock Band game. 🤘
Aegis Darque
Aegis Darque Ай мурун
Thanks for this Rick..... absolutely love Chris and Fozzy.....
David Gerbino
David Gerbino Ай мурун
Nerds 🤘
Dementat Ай мурун
How is the future of rock and metal? Who will be headlining festivals in a decade? The Hu, quite simply put the most important band in a decade
john moser
john moser Ай мурун
Ummm I still think Alice in Chains still puts out great albums
john moser
john moser Ай мурун
Master of puppets wins for me
Simon Rix
Simon Rix Ай мурун
You guys left out the best rock band ever.....Steel Panther
scott spencer
scott spencer Ай мурун
wrestling is fake guys
davies010 Ай мурун
Pear Jam, to me was a band that was perhaps stuck in time, but has such a unique tone. It’s addicting to me. The 10 year run they had was insane
Slasher Dope
Slasher Dope Ай мурун
Love that Raven shirt!
gigeorge6sic6 Ай мурун
Wwhaat??!! Chris should invite Rick Beato to Talk is Jericho!
Klaus Fritsch
Klaus Fritsch Ай мурун
I'd take Powerage... :-)
Feng Vang
Feng Vang Ай мурун
Snaffdude Ай мурун
So sweet to hear Rich Ward get a shout out from Rick. He is absolutely one of my favourite guitar players because of his use of "The pocket" and his tone. I love it when my "lead guitar" friends are like "Why is Rich Ward one of your favourites?" and my answer is always "I've got Dimebag for leads, and Rich for everything else" He is a super sweet and humble dude to boot, always a joy to meet him and pick his brains
Brandon Kazimir
Brandon Kazimir Ай мурун
Rock Band/Guitar Hero introduced me and me generation to all types of rock bands when we were growing up and inspired many of us to pick up real instruments. Rock Band 3 also basically taught me how to play drums.
Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison Ай мурун
Great video 👍
Luke Fitzpatrick
Luke Fitzpatrick Ай мурун
Ken Wolf
Ken Wolf Ай мурун
Jericho and Beato great tag team!!
Grant Reid
Grant Reid Ай мурун
It would have been intriguing to see Stone Temple Pilots music with Chester Bennington at the helm, sadly it wasn't meant to be Edit: turned out he left the band before his passing anyway
smoothawee Ай мурун
2:47 press it for instant gratification
aanler Ай мурун
Pearl Jam didn't age well?!
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