MUSIC THEORY: Where To Start? | Beginners Guide

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Rick Beato

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In this live stream we dive into music theory basics and talk about where to begin learning it.
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lee koss
lee koss 3 күн мурун
I’m checking out your videos for an adult distance flute student who is so excited that we are sequeing into theory. Thank you doing this!
Joshua Swinney
Joshua Swinney 10 күн мурун
I want to thank you so much for putting videos up like this please keep up the great work Rick!!!
Stewart Johnson
Stewart Johnson 14 күн мурун
I’m stuck on “C mixolydian comes from the key of F major, it’s the fifth mode in F major”.
L Wade
L Wade 16 күн мурун
Hello Rick! I've joined your channel and picked up the Beato book! Your channel is helping me get my music life back on track! KUDOS!!!
Richard House
Richard House 16 күн мурун
Good grief. So many commercials it's hard to keep up
taco2k3 19 күн мурун
WOW! I learned more about music theory in your 30 minute video then I did in a 8 week college night class. Thanks Rick!
Caleb Alkema
Caleb Alkema 21 күн мурун
I’m still confused but have an idea now of what all that means
Robin Dixon
Robin Dixon 19 күн мурун
that's a start! honestly same
Grow & Prosper
Grow & Prosper 23 күн мурун
At 11:16 Why is F, A, C. good additional notes for G chord?
Betty Camacho
Betty Camacho 25 күн мурун
At 29:54 the Radio Head song chords sounds like the minor version of the first notes of Beethoven's Appassionata the 2nd movement (a set of variations in D flat major). Similar haunting melodic quality of a series of chords.
Julian Lawrence-Ball
Julian Lawrence-Ball 25 күн мурун
I learned something today and that makes it a good day. Cheers Rick 👍🙏
Askar Massalimov
Askar Massalimov 26 күн мурун
Hi Rick, I can't figure out in which key is some piano track that uses a,b,c,e,f,g,g# notes and what is the root note. It seems to have some blues vibe to it, but nothing simple seems to match. The song is called "Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx - Piano Player". Love your videos! Thx.
Cave Johnson
Cave Johnson 28 күн мурун
I haven't studied this since band camp in mid 80s. Thanks for starting at the beginning. Love your channel.
Jonathan Koumaris
Jonathan Koumaris 28 күн мурун
I may hold of growing beard until COVID-19 is no longer an issue. Hopefully vaccinations speed this up. Beards not very conducive to proper mask seal. Maybe grow beard after being vaccinated?
Sean Tracey
Sean Tracey 29 күн мурун
Grow the beard!
Craig R.
Craig R. Ай мурун
Rick Beato...your simply the best. Thanks man. 👍
Frode Kristoffer Lone
Frode Kristoffer Lone Ай мурун
Hi Rick. Love watching your videos. Very informative. You make music theory exiting and interesting. Always felt that it’s overwhelming, and a big hurdle overcome this music theory thing. Still feel like that. But by watching you and your videos, it slowly sinks in bit by bit. A long way from home still. But always funny and interesting. Love it. Keep up the good work 👍🏻🎼
Liternix Ай мурун
Yeah I was born in the wrong generation
Gawaine Banks
Gawaine Banks Ай мурун
Thanks so much! My first theory course was 21 years ago. I still learn something each time I watch your videos. Question: why do we call them "perfect" 4ths and 5ths, rather than "major?"
Gawaine Banks
Gawaine Banks Ай мурун
@Beach ComberFascinating! I vaguely just remembered something about 4ths and 5ths being the only intervals whose inversions remain major? Thanks.
Beach Comber
Beach Comber Ай мурун
I searched "what is a perfect interval" on google and found this - not sure how valid or not it is - "Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras was interested in understanding the notes and scales used in Greek music. He is generally considered the first person to call the relationship between two notes an interval. In particular, he studied the Greek stringed instrument, the lyre. He studied two strings with the same length, tension, and thickness. He noticed that the strings sound the same when you pluck them. They are in unison. They have the same pitch and sound good (or consonant) when played together. Then he studied strings that had different lengths. He kept the string tension and thickness the same. Played together, those strings had different pitches and generally sounded bad (or dissonant). Finally, he noticed that for certain lengths, the two strings may have had different pitches, but now sounded consonant rather than dissonant. Pythagoras was the first person to designate intervals as perfect versus non-perfect."
jjtcrt1 Ай мурун
Yes Rick, the beard would be epic
Nicola Lunghi
Nicola Lunghi Ай мурун
Can you British guys stop calling "si" thi?
Chris W
Chris W Ай мурун
I Don't Particularly Like Modes A Lot. Make up your own mnemonic to remember the order of nodes.
Craig Messerman
Craig Messerman Ай мурун
yes on Beato Claus!
Funk Fatale
Funk Fatale Ай мурун
As a long time fan, I finally bought the book bundle and the ear training course. Time to dig deeper. Thanks for all that you do, and sorry it took so long to properly support the channel
Gary Leach
Gary Leach Ай мурун
Wow I need a WAY more basic introduction! I was lost within 15 seconds of the first note played :-0
mnls0 Ай мурун
Well you could start with 'where do I begin' song... :))
Daniel Oduntan
Daniel Oduntan Ай мурун
I really want to learn theory, I'm dyslexia and dyscalculia, if anyone has any advise on ways to better understand please chime in, forever lost in a sea of letters and numbers . . .
Kent Winslow
Kent Winslow Ай мурун
Go for the beard... sometimes the wife gets what she wants, sometimes the daughter does. You can always shave it off if need be. Don't forget the beard detangler, the beard oil, the butter, the shaping wax, etc. Love your videos. Thank you!
onsese joo
onsese joo Ай мурун
B is also known as H
Łukasz Piątkowski
Łukasz Piątkowski Ай мурун
I feel like I've finnally received the key to decipher your wonderful book :D Cheers!
Rick Morse
Rick Morse Ай мурун
Hi Rick, just found your channel, love it, you cover everything a 37 yr old dude just starting guitar would listen to, I wanted to say thanks for your contribution seeing how it looks like KGglobal makes it a challenge for good people such as yourself to genuinely teach..again thank you
Eric Bruce
Eric Bruce Ай мурун
What was the radio head song? Great video
Nima Abbasi
Nima Abbasi Ай мурун
is it me or rick looks and sounds like al pacino
Om Mathur
Om Mathur Ай мурун
Thank you so much!!!
Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson Ай мурун
I used to pay 12$ a half hour for guitar lessons (1994) and he is teaching for free.
runrig97 Ай мурун
My beginning music theory: If we start by assuming A=440Hz, and we throw away the even tempered scale based on 2¹/¹², then C# would be 550Hz, and E would be 660Hz, and playing any two of those notes together creates an undertone, that is, a third note that is the difference of the Hz values, which is another A one to two octaves below the A=440Hz. Go ahead, play a C# and E, and see if it doesn't occasionally register an out of tune flat A (out of tune because you're using an even tempered scale where the major third is too sharp).
blairman Stevo201!
blairman Stevo201! Ай мурун
Grow the thing... When you shave it off It’ll be ‘you look so much younger. Have en buy you a beer.
Rock-Drive-77 Ай мурун
I feel dizzy now.
runrig97 Ай мурун
Putting "m2" on 8 saying it's a minor second from 7 is misleading. All your other intervals are from the root "1", so 8 would be a perfect octave. There are plenty of minor intervals in the major scale if you are not counting from the root.
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor Ай мурун
What's the answer Billy........Billy..........Always makes me smile, Rick with eternal optimism, that one day Billy will answer.
frederick rohrbacher
frederick rohrbacher Ай мурун
Hi Rick, I've been watching your channel since you started out and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Even though there are some who say I was born without one. Lol. Ipop
Audrey Sims
Audrey Sims Ай мурун
Oh boy! My favorite type of clip❣️ 😺
Billy Hardebeck
Billy Hardebeck Ай мурун
Absolutely love this content!
Joseph Santana
Joseph Santana Ай мурун
I made it about 8 minutes before confusion started to set in and within a couple more minutes I was pretty much out of it. I've tried for years and seems like I can't even get the basic stuff down. I always find myself asking "why" when instructors say simple things like "this is a minor 3rd", ect. especially when talking about the C major scale I don't get where all the minor stuff comes in. Even if I can follow along with the video to some extent, without understand the "why" and the "how" I still have no clue how to actually apply these things to my real life playing. It's like they're infinitely stuck as just concepts in my brain that I can only get a vague understanding of rather than things I can actually make use of. Seems like everyone else gets it though so I must be just slow or something...
Joseph Santana
Joseph Santana Ай мурун
@Beach Comber Thank you so much! That definitely makes it more clear.
Beach Comber
Beach Comber Ай мурун
If you play by ear I'd say that is a better skill to have than strong theory knowledge - but just to answer the "minor 3rd" question - C to E is a major 3rd because it is 2 whole steps C to D to E - in any key 2 whole steps is a major 3rd such as F to A - F to G to A , and then C to Eflat is a minor 3rd because it is 1 whole and 1 half step - C to D to Eflat - a minor 3rd is always 1 whole and 1 half step - F to Aflat is a minor 3rd - F to G to Aflat - keep on playing
dave miller
dave miller Ай мурун
I'm not a musician but this is fascinating. Not sure why I'm here but I like this channel.
Gaëtan Ай мурун
Hi Rick, Thanks for the video. I just wanted to let you know, youtube bombarded me with ads on this video, I got one probably every 2 minutes, making the video practically unwatchable. ps : grow a beard, there's nothing better than your kids calling you Santa :)
zak girard
zak girard Ай мурун
This is fantastic stuff! I could play the hell out of the guitar but half the time I don’t know what I’m playing! This stuff is vital to learn…Theory. It's not hard at all compared to something like college chemistry or physics. But Rick is right, you have to memorize it. I would recommend getting SCREENSHOT a chrome extension.
ULoveMe Ай мурун
You lost me at 1:55 lol 😂
KbW Ай мурун
I saw "beginner"..... I feel this is more Orchestra Conducting than beginners... WTF am I supposed to do with this?
Byron Bowles
Byron Bowles Ай мурун
Thanks for the great video!
Phil Mingin
Phil Mingin Ай мурун
Since I started music training early, then put it down for 34 years I find I remember most of my Theory. If I forget something or need a clarification I find The Beato Book has the answer!
Sir Stashalot
Sir Stashalot Ай мурун
Absolutely grow the beard. Thanks for all the awesome videos Rick!
if this is for beginners than im retarded cause it went right over my head
gonepickin' Ай мурун
These ads are beyond ridiculous. Every 2 mins? KGglobal, you suck.
global nomad
global nomad Ай мурун
I think in terms of FLAT & SHARP ... not major or minor .. & use numerical divisions for timing ,, like 4 , 8 th 16th notes.. instead of crotchets & minims,,
Albert Seijas
Albert Seijas Ай мурун
hey Rick that looked like a little bit of a rough start... I almost thought it was a blooper reel. lol
Gene Benarick
Gene Benarick Ай мурун
That's a lot of information for beginners. Hope they understand it.
Teresa Clark
Teresa Clark Ай мурун
Me no spicka. Me spicka English.
Alex NutCasio
Alex NutCasio Ай мурун
What's funny is, most of the guys who Rick interviews can't even sight read music nor know any theory. 95% of them play be ear or tone. FACT!! Honestly Rick, if you're doing a primer; it would be easier to just show the scale and use the mnemonic on the Treble Clef: EGBDF and FACE; that covers the notes on lines and spaces. ON the Bass, ACEG and GBDFA;
viktor lyngmo
viktor lyngmo Ай мурун
Hi Rick, there is something I was wondering about when it came to reverb, whats the difference between reverb in studio and natural reverb (such has in cathedrals and so on)?
Jared Mclaughlin
Jared Mclaughlin Ай мурун
Jickles Jingles
Jickles Jingles Ай мурун
As a beginner I got confused after 1.5 minutes 🤷‍♂️ Maybe explain the basics first which would help a real beginner to understand because otherwise it's not for beginners 😉 Thank you anyways for the effort you put in
Per Skovgaard
Per Skovgaard Ай мурун
Yes, Just for the fin of it
Terry Johinke
Terry Johinke Ай мурун
Rick, Love your work but HATE the term 1/2 step. I understand it but as uI was taught in 1966, it's a # or a b ( E.g C# , Db). Please!!!!!
Gene Kurtz
Gene Kurtz Ай мурун
Hello. I know you occasionally compare songs. Can you compare Etta James I'd Rather Go Blind against Chris Stapleton Tennessee Whisky? Thanks. Love your channel
Keenergetic Ай мурун
Darwin Maisner
Darwin Maisner Ай мурун
Why is it that so many famous songwriters and musicians can't read music? You don't get that in classical music or literature. Like, you can't have a million selling novel if you're illiterate.
Megaslunk Ай мурун
As a bassplayer or a guitarplayer with no knowledge of music theory i just feel like music theory makes alot more sense if you play a piano.
CoredusK Ай мурун
g o l d Except for those last ~5 minutes. That was more like "where to end".
Antonio Mesen
Antonio Mesen Ай мурун
This short video has answered a lot of questions I´ve had for months now....Thanks
Anna Bulgariu
Anna Bulgariu Ай мурун
Gabe Roman
Gabe Roman Ай мурун
Rick : “Say hey pat” Pat: “hey pat”
R. Rodriguez
R. Rodriguez Ай мурун
Rick this is great information. Thank you so much. And I do want to support your channel so I just bought the book. Thanks again. After years of watching KGglobalrs you're the first one that's gotten me to buy from their merch store by the way. I've done super chats on other channels but super chats are lame and books are cool.
rdejianne Ай мурун
Agree with the other comments that say this is not a "Beginners" guide. You start talking about Major and Minor and 1st and 3rd and no "Beginner" is going to have any clue what those mean, will be instantly lost and tune out. This is more of a refresher course for those of us who kind of already know the basic, but don't use it often.
Redd Ай мурун
I just started playing an instrument and was thinking about where I could start with theory, then you come out with this! Thanks so much, Rick!
R. Rodriguez
R. Rodriguez Ай мурун
Rick are you ever going to do a What Makes This Song Great for the Gorillaz? I don't know if it's just me but I love their song On Melancholy Hill.
Knavery Ай мурун
Rick, I just bought your book. HOLY CRAP is there a lot of info there. It probably has as much info as all my other music books combined.
Skinny_Rambo Ай мурун
This video couldn't have come at a better time wow..
56WagonWheel Ай мурун
This video has definitely helped me with the first chapter of your book. I’ll have to watch it over and over though.
Moustache Boy
Moustache Boy Ай мурун
I'm I the only on where the videos constantly auto pauses? Every like 39 seconds, and when I press play the video restart from the beginning. And sometimes getting there error the live event has ended. This bug makes watching this video impossible. I'm on phone android 11
Raymond Lugo
Raymond Lugo Ай мурун
Rick, can you help explain how Jason Becker's youtube channel can't play a video of Jason Becker playing Paginini? It said blocked because Wise claimed video contained their content. I lost the link to the video but see that the same video is listed under a channel called OldArchive.
Damari Lawrence
Damari Lawrence Ай мурун
G R O W T H E B E A R D . Please. ^___^
James Furz
James Furz Ай мурун
Nice one.
zak girard
zak girard Ай мурун
Can anyone tell me what this chord is? It's an easy shape. Fifth fret G note. FINGER 1 7th fret E note FINGER 2 7TH FRET D NOTE FINGER 3 8TH FRET G AND C NOTES PINKY FINGER I learned this very pretty chord from my first teacher a while back. Now getting into theory I can’t figure this one out. Thanks in advance.
zak girard
zak girard Ай мурун
@Beach Comber Thanks makes sense 135...9.
Beach Comber
Beach Comber Ай мурун
I would say Cmajor add 9
TheScramble 210
TheScramble 210 Ай мурун
Rick , I was wondering if you’d ever heard of Nina Diaz, of Girl in a Coma? She needs producer and some help to get her second album out. She made a video and I think she is a very talented singer and writer.
Asfandyar Imran
Asfandyar Imran Ай мурун
Please do a wmtsg for californication
smcjw Ай мурун
If you want to traverse an Octave in seven steps, making 6 stops at any of the 11 tones inbetween you get C(11,6) possiblities which is 11!/((11-6)!*6!)=462. Those are a lot of combinations! Why are only those 7 singled out here relevant?
Beach Comber
Beach Comber Ай мурун
A short incomplete answer if I understand the question would be the 7 modes have been part of music theory since the middle ages - they are considered a standard source of reference - kind of like the periodic table in chemistry. Search "the 7 music modes" on the web and there will be a lot of info.
Steven Espaniola
Steven Espaniola Ай мурун
Hi Rick, can you do a vid breaking down the genius of Keith Jarrett’s improvisation prowess? I had the opportunity to see him live in SF and own pretty much all of the live concerts on vinyl. Thanks!
Anthony Ward
Anthony Ward Ай мурун
Billy Gibbons beard for sure Rick. :)
this and that
this and that Ай мурун
YESSSS! so happy he made this
Atash Beats
Atash Beats Ай мурун
NO Beard!
thomas666 Ай мурун
Yes, you should grow a beard. When your daughter asks you to do something, you just do it.
JC's Covers & Plus
JC's Covers & Plus Ай мурун
Harsh Truth
Harsh Truth Ай мурун
my head exploded around the greek mythology point
Apryl Rittenhouse
Apryl Rittenhouse Ай мурун
I was wondering why did. Studioscrecord live in the 60s and suddenly change to using tracks llike vocals here guitar here bass here all recorded seperatly. Was it only because of noise bleeding onto tracks?
Douglas Broccone
Douglas Broccone Ай мурун
Rick is such a nice guy, I keep watching and am amazed that I'm getting at least some insight into what I thought was Impenetrable knowledge for me as 51 yrs old
Mr. Baish
Mr. Baish Ай мурун
Rick, I'd like you to strongly consider making a 'what makes this song great?" For she gave good sunflower by the black crowes. I understand it's a deep cut and the entendre is heavy. But it is absolutely a rock and roll masterpiece. Thank you for your consideration.
jeff Ай мурун
Hi Rick!! I have a suggestion for a ‘What makes the song Great’ I think the song “Apostrophe’ off the LP Apostrophe by Frank Zappa would be great! The Bass line laid down by Jack Bruce Is outstanding!!!
James Cutchall
James Cutchall Ай мурун
Love you Rick but I think we need to see the keys that pertain to the numbers. Completely confused. Ie, when you say Dmaj consists of 1 2 3b 4 5 6 7 what notes are these? I assume D E F# G A B C ??? We want to see the keyboard as you hit the notes. So it looks like the numbers skip the F, Ab, Bb, C# and Eb notes because they are not in the Dmaj scale? Ie, what is a Asus9, we dont know what the scale is, and therefore what the sus is nor ghe 9th note. Do you have a lecture that explains how the scales work? Thank you anyway, big fan.
Aziz Aziz
Aziz Aziz Ай мурун
I feel like he keeps on jumping from one topic to another without completing the point. He needs to simplify this. He’s throwing terms around without explaining it properly.
Jerome Keehn
Jerome Keehn Ай мурун
Grow it
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