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Rick Beato

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This video is about to what I think is the greatest video ever on KGglobal.
Greatest Video Ever:
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NoTrashInHeaven 14 саат мурун
Brings back sweet memory of hearing my 5th grade music teacher, Mr. Hoffman, playing Dixie as we walked the hallway to his class! Loved it then and now appreciate it even more! Thanks so much for this video!!
wesmatron 20 саат мурун
I love watching your "What Makes This Song Great?" Rocketman video... another favourite is "Nathan East & Paul Gilbert: "One Chord Challenge" at ArtistWorks"
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Күн мурун
I feel the same about the video "Antaeus - Inner War - Live in Paris, april 2003"
j e tobey
j e tobey Күн мурун
#1="Money for Nothing;" #2= "Jump" Those are the fun "MTV"-style" music videos. Rick, you choice is mesmerizing----such mastery but with emotion flowing all throughout.
Kelly Conroy
Kelly Conroy 2 күн мурун
Different strokes for different folks I guess.
vince snetterton
vince snetterton 2 күн мурун
very showy and clever, as happiness digresses into astonishment. like you i prefer emotional music. cheers
C.J. Rogers
C.J. Rogers 2 күн мурун
Fascinating. Sounds like a NO street corner on a sunny fall day.
Melissa Breland
Melissa Breland 3 күн мурун
New Orleans jazz. So joyful.
grimmriffer 3 күн мурун
So this is an example of "jazz that doesn't suck", brilliant! 😀
C.J. Rogers
C.J. Rogers 2 күн мурун
Dee S
Dee S 3 күн мурун
Been going through some rough spots lately, Rick. YOUR videos are always there to boost me up. Thanks. Your work transcends merely talking about music. You’re a good soul, brother 🙏
chasmj3 4 күн мурун
Rick, this reminds me of one of my very favorites, a duet performance of Monk's That's the way I feel now, by Steve Lacy and Charlie Rouse. Lacy on soprano sax, Rouse on tenor. It is quite different from this happy piece. It's much more moody as you put it, but the quirky approach to the song, the excellence of the individual performances, the interplay between the two, the timing of the exchanges, the respect they show for each other, and the way they disassemble and reassemble the melody all make for a wonderful recording. Unfortunately there seems to be no version of this on the net. It can only be found on the great album recorded in 1984 called That's The Way I Feel Now - A Tribute To Thelonious Monk (copies are available on ebay - worth it for a lot of reasons, including Mac Rebennack's version of Blue Monk).
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor 4 күн мурун
Thanks for posting this. I still think Hurt is one of the best, but I thouroughly loved this.
thepianoplayer416 5 күн мурун
2 people playing duet in perfect harmony. Always wonderful to listen to...
johnathan wetherill
johnathan wetherill 5 күн мурун
Well that was a major let down . ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
William Carson
William Carson 5 күн мурун
Jerry Garcia
Francesco D'Erasmo
Francesco D'Erasmo 6 күн мурун
It's Easter morning and my mother's birthday in heaven. Woke up with a somber feeling. The very first notification on my phone was this dixieland happy birthday video. I love the saxophone. It cheered me up. Thank you.
Robert Falconer
Robert Falconer 7 күн мурун
Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks 7 күн мурун
Wynton's Dad Ellis was the chair of the Music Department at a university here in VA. The whole family has tons of talent.
John Resciniti
John Resciniti 7 күн мурун
Wynton's posture, and one handed playing there! SMH! Love this vid!
John Resciniti
John Resciniti 7 күн мурун
Just seeing this today, but I tell ya I almost knew right away after "Happy" and "a trumpet player and a sax player". I share this with my students a lot. Not this year tho...yet! Thanks for reminding me!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
ekw555 7 күн мурун
oh, this is gonna b one of those jazz things? yeah, it's nice, but it doesn't hot me me like it hits you.
David B
David B 9 күн мурун
Wow, with this click bait you couldn't have gone more snobby or esoteric. I love you and your channel ... but hmm. Greatest video on KGglobal ever is absurd. There are so many amazing songs and videos on KGglobal, I wouldn't even know where to start.
Jeremy Cover
Jeremy Cover 9 күн мурун
This video sucked.
Favorite Things
Favorite Things 9 күн мурун
I love that Dixieland jazz. Looking forward to live music again. You get a tight band with musicians who can play off each other, having a good time with it.. it's gold.
Tom Wadsworth
Tom Wadsworth 9 күн мурун
Masterful playing; a study in playing all the right notes !
Michael McCormick
Michael McCormick 12 күн мурун
they do know Paul McCartny owns that song? at least he did , Michael Jackson might have bought it from him.
jack I wanna paint!
jack I wanna paint! 13 күн мурун
its cute rick but give me the stones in amsterdam 1995 with lisa fisher killing it and it was keith richards himself who said it was their greatest concert
Ruben Sahak
Ruben Sahak 14 күн мурун
I think they probably were not even thinking consciously all the music theory behind just they played naturally what sounded good.I am a painter I know what colors to mix to get what tone but I don't do it thinking about it.I believe these musicians probably dont understand half what Rick is getting at but does not matter they do it naturally. Pavarotti could not read music or understood music theory but he was greatest singer of all time and he sang in key correctly.
Jetlag 13 күн мурун
First part: yes, it's their native language, no one thinks about the grammar while speaking their native language. But you use it to describe language and why something sounds good, and that's what Rick is doing here. Second part: you're wrong here, Wynton *does* understand theory very well. The guy went to Julliard and is one of the greatest *classical* trumpeters of all time, he can sight-read the hell out of the most difficult music.
Blue Rock Records - Niels Erik Mogensen-Larsen
Blue Rock Records - Niels Erik Mogensen-Larsen 16 күн мурун
Those guys are exceptional.. Listening to this for almost 10 minutes and never feeling bored for one second. Wow. Hats of for these great guys... If they don't make you happy you need help :-D
Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Aquinas 16 күн мурун
That is some of the highest level of musical kung fu I've had the pleasure to witness. Simply amazing.
David Worm
David Worm 16 күн мурун
Rick for the last couple of nights I have just loved checkin into to your videos Just Straight Up Great. Thanks Brother!
Rachel Reiss
Rachel Reiss 16 күн мурун
My sister texted me the link to that video on my birthday a few years ago--best present ever!
SonicSaviour YouWillNotGetMyName
SonicSaviour YouWillNotGetMyName 17 күн мурун
Wynton has some nice instructional videos, too. There is one explaining the shuffle. It's amaaazing.
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Robinson 18 күн мурун
I have never been so close to admitting that can be really great.
John Rigali
John Rigali 22 күн мурун
The Marsalis brothers smoked the heck out of that tune! 😮 Rick, once again, you’ve served up greatly enjoyable color commentary. 👏🏻
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 24 күн мурун
OMG, I thought that was "When the Saints Come Marching In." Then I saw the title... *Lowers head*
Ole Rocker
Ole Rocker 25 күн мурун
Really got to loving Dixieland when I found a near mint copy of a Dukes of Dixieland album on Audio Fidelity Records, a 1957 stereo copy for audiophiles.
Sebaz! 25 күн мурун
now i know what my problem is... i don´t like those note masturbations.. i´m don´t even hear it... therefor i´m a drummer... and have obviously no chance to become an musican... :-((( bless you Rick
Cam Winston
Cam Winston 26 күн мурун
Swingin' baby..just swingin'...this just creases me !!
benedict garnier
benedict garnier 26 күн мурун
My father was a friend of Sidney Bechet in the 50ies,so l grew up with music from Django Reinhardt, Modern Jazz Quartett, Dave Brubeck and many more. Good choice !!
William Wright
William Wright 28 күн мурун
Sorry for the dissent, it sounds brusque and unfinished, no real flow to me.
Zippy Ай мурун
You have an amazing musical mind. I bet you are an amazing teacher to, because you just make it very simple to understand.
jappa Kneads
jappa Kneads Ай мурун
Happy Birthday was never the same since then
Kirk Patrick
Kirk Patrick Ай мурун
The best video ever IMO (and I hate modern music) was "Somebody that I used to know" when the painting came alive with Goyte and Kimbra, and in particular the part with her profile as she was screaming at him.
Robin Habermehl
Robin Habermehl Ай мурун
I have seen that video before. You nailed why Winton is one of the greatest jazz players of all time. His Father and Brothers are pretty good too! LOL. Growing up in New Orleans they were birthed into it. One of these days I would like to go there. It is on my bucket list. All we need is the Covid thing to end.
Frank'n'4skeen Ай мурун
"Hot House Flowers" is one of my absolute favorite albums EVER ... all genres. If I only had a couple of records to take to Heaven, I'd take "Hot House Flowers" with.
Watkins _65
Watkins _65 Ай мурун
B52s Love Shack is my feelgood video
Albir Tarsha
Albir Tarsha Ай мурун
"Starts with happy" It's Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!
Bob Mackin
Bob Mackin Ай мурун
The greatest Happy Birthday ever
devastated warrior
devastated warrior Ай мурун
Rick, you rock! I've learned so much from you, and I love how much you love music!
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds Ай мурун
this is not true and you know it
Big Baby
Big Baby Ай мурун
Wow that was amazing!
The1920sChannel Ай мурун
I don't keep up with modern jazz at all (vintage jazz all the way), but Wynton Marsalis is one cool dude.
harryfromwork Ай мурун
Good thing Happy Birthday has recently entered the public domain....otherwise it'd be another copyright strike for
You're such an awesome weirdo. I was craving maybe KISS performing DO YOU LOVE ME with writhing sex slaves and pyrotechnics .. SMH .. then it's just awesome you talking about nothing at all smh. Just the levity I needed. The Federal Bureau of Investigations would like to thank you .. OH I am very sure.
MrMotorNerd Ай мурун
Concrete Blonde , Happy Birthday is a Fav of mine ,
Joseph Robertshaw
Joseph Robertshaw Ай мурун
Hi Rick. Is there any chance you might be able to speak with the Lexington Lab Band about their troubles with KGglobal?
Michael Perrone
Michael Perrone Ай мурун
They're great, but I confess to being slightly disappointed. When Rick said starts with "Happy" I was excitedly thinking that maybe it was something like the Mothers cover (from Live at the Filmore East, or similar) of the Turtles classic: Happy Together. I played that album a lot, back in the days of vinyl, and that track always brought a smile to my face. The lyrics and vocal harmonies alone are well worth the price of admission. I have sometimes thought of covering it myself. It's up there with darker music on my list of covers that I know Rick likes, such as Synchronicty II. (I loved that Why Sting is Uncopyable video! Thanks so much for the analysis, Rick! Priceless.)
EinSofQuester Ай мурун
Hi Rick. I love your videos. Your love for music shines through. I can tell that you're in the music industry for not just the money, but the pure joy that music gives you.
NaniaMania Ай мурун
Wait until you hear Baby Shark :-)
Guitarmaster7272 Ай мурун
Leave it to Beato to show me the Jazziest version of the most ordinary song ever. Nice.
Sietch Tabr
Sietch Tabr Ай мурун
Yes you get it, gypsie jazz to get along with these two fantastic musicians. Thank you very much Rick.
C&L Construction
C&L Construction Ай мурун
Is 'oftenly' a word? I think it is now.
Ayush Aryal
Ayush Aryal Ай мурун
Hands down the greatest video on KGglobal is evenflow covered by BeeGees
SirPlayBassalot Ай мурун
Sees video title, immediately thinks of the filthy frank finale
Steve Stalock
Steve Stalock Ай мурун
That could have been my favorite video too if it weren't for the cat lawyer.
Mark Griskey
Mark Griskey Ай мурун
This grooves
NegativeCreep Ай мурун
Looks like someone's never heard The Duck Song, a masterpiece.
mazdaman Ай мурун
I think you will find Don wrote all these ☹☹☹☹
Dana Coleman
Dana Coleman Ай мурун
One of the things I find amazing about this video is the fact that you have such a deep deep knowledge of the mechanical side of music and yet can still enjoy it on an emotional level.
GG N Stuff
GG N Stuff Ай мурун
Not the greatest video on KGglobal.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Ай мурун
Wait for the takedown notice..... lmao
Rock n Roll
Rock n Roll Ай мурун
Video link
Steve Satterwhite
Steve Satterwhite Ай мурун
Sounds a lot like Louis to me.
Thedevilsblues Ай мурун
You know what? After 20 years of playing the guitar and straight up refusing to play this for friends and family. This video just convinced me to play it.
David Severance
David Severance Ай мурун
I would mention something complimentary about Wynton but his head is already so swollen up he has a hard time gettin it through the door.
fokeyjo Ай мурун
I didn't think your fave would be WAP :D My fave it Ritchie Faulkener's Organa's Rage.. bits of it ended up in the Firepower album!
Luke Fitzpatrick
Luke Fitzpatrick Ай мурун
Scott S.
Scott S. Ай мурун
once again the horns make it REAL!
Siege Cats
Siege Cats Ай мурун
Jazz happy birthday?
Tomáš Kot
Tomáš Kot Ай мурун
Let's accept that it really is the greatest video on KGglobal. But then it immediately isn't anymore, because the video where Rick explains and analyses the greatest video on KGglobal logically has to take its place as the greatest video on KGglobal.
kpy95 Ай мурун
Nice lesson Rick. 🍻 My favourite video isn’t on KGglobal 😏.
ffggddss Ай мурун
Awesome! Thank God that stupid copyright on this song got blown up finally! Fred
joe kight
joe kight Ай мурун
New Orleans is just all over that.... it's on our streets here.... it's WONDERFUL!!!
Marinus van der Lubbe
Marinus van der Lubbe Ай мурун
Rick your pockets need more pocket, iron works for me ;)
marcus ross
marcus ross Ай мурун
He played happy birthday
Crow's Music & Movies
Crow's Music & Movies Ай мурун
Big fan of your videos, have you seen the final dual in crossroads with Steve Vai? This trumpet player kind of reminds me of that just jaw dropping talent.
Patrick Kramer
Patrick Kramer Ай мурун
John mayer and David ryan harris jam session from last year is the greatest video on youtube
Matthias Dudelila
Matthias Dudelila Ай мурун
you like happy music try hypa hypa from escimo callboy
Sara Siegel
Sara Siegel Ай мурун
Jerry Jazzbo
Jerry Jazzbo Ай мурун
Can't appreciate this? Seek another channel...please.
Bevin Modrak
Bevin Modrak Ай мурун
Oh man that was awesome. One (of the many) things that came through to me is you can hear Winton's classical training and specifically technique, comes through. Really really awesome. I remember Winton's first album coming out and us trumpet majors couldn't believe his ability to switch between jazz and classical so well. If you can play his horn lines on guitar with all his Satchmo nuances, wow good for you.
buk kuk
buk kuk Ай мурун
3 chords .. and power .. .. he finally got it ..
markb377 Ай мурун
Bent knee battle creek spare room sessions
Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde
Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde Ай мурун
Thanks Rick for pointing me towards Wynton Marsalis and his wonderful concert "Jazz in Marciac 2009", which is here on KGglobal :)
Doug H. in VA
Doug H. in VA Ай мурун
this will lose you a LOT of subscribers. YOUR opinion of 2 guys on horns outside means nothing to tens of thousands of viewers.
sky blue
sky blue Ай мурун
my favorite "birthday card"
Pedro Benevenuto Valadares
Pedro Benevenuto Valadares Ай мурун
I don't know why, but If Doc from Back to the Future was a musician he would probably be Rick's BFF
Alberto De Jesus
Alberto De Jesus Ай мурун
On a de belles choses tout de même en France!!!
LINDA H Ай мурун
It has to be Little Wings by Mark Gormley as The Greatest Video Ever on KGglobal.
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