How I Fixed My COPYRIGHT STRIKE Takedowns

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Rick Beato

2 ай мурун

In today’s livestream I discuss how I resolved both of my recent copyright strikes.
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sebastian holsclaw
sebastian holsclaw Күн мурун
We probably need to have a coalition that will use the Twitter method so the small ones get amplified.
Elena Simon
Elena Simon 2 күн мурун
Another KGglobal creator had a strike put on them by an auto repair shop in Arizona. It took social shaming to get it removed.
Efren Plaza
Efren Plaza 2 күн мурун
People should make the rules. Patents and copyright are no diffirent. Music industry is not special.There should be copyright expiration like Patents, 20 years max.
Michaels Music
Michaels Music 3 күн мурун
Good deal .... I'm glad you were able to get the bloodsuckers off UR back 😎
Liz Hudson
Liz Hudson 4 күн мурун
This made my day. Great news.
YourmomsnameisKaren 5 күн мурун
Way to fight back against the woke pussies.
DimestoreLiam 9 күн мурун
Sorry to comment twice, but for episode 100 why not do a jazz cut? I think Don Was is still president of Blue Note Records, and I bet he would be happy to facilitate your doing a video of something from their catalog. How about Lee Morgan's 'The Sidewinder'? Or Donald Byrd's '(Fallin' Like) Dominoes'? Those were both legitimate pop and/or r&b chart hits, obviously, but even beyond that I'm sure you can think of even more classic Blue Note releases off the top of your head than I can. I almost bought a copy of Joe Henderson's 'Page One' album the other day, which, as I'm sure you know featured the debut recording of Kenny Dorham's classic 'Blue Bossa'; I could go on like this for hours (as could a large percentage of your viewers, no doubt), and I know you could too!
DimestoreLiam 9 күн мурун
Nice! Excellent choice, Rick! Anybody who plays 'Greensleeves' is automatically cool, for my money. I don't give much of a damn about King Henry VIII of England, or any of the other alleged history associated with the song, but this is as good as "pop music" gets. That's why we still hear it all the time, roughly 450 years after it was written. When I was in middle school, I played trumpet in the school band, and I chose an arrangement of this song to play for solo & ensemble competition (I think I got a "Second Division" medal, which basically means the judges appreciated the effort, but my execution wasn't that great). Millions of people throughout history have enjoyed this song by now; it may well be the most successful popular composition ever written. Another perfect example of Rick Beato's impeccable taste in music!
imark7777777 11 күн мурун
The system is definitely broken. but for those who do want to make a little bit of money taking the value for the whole video when only a percentage of it has the song yes it should go to the artist but most of it isn't.
TeraMedia 11 күн мурун
When you contrast this channel's content with some of those "first time listening impressions" videos where they bob their heads and say how good it was at the end, it amazes me that those channels still exist - and that any of these copyright holders are harassing Rick's channel at all. Thank you for all of the insight and glimpses behind the curtains of these musicians. I look forward to more of your magic.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 13 күн мурун
Hey Rick, you probably know this already, but I think there is a background filter at KGglobal automatically screening videos. I posted a cover of a RHCP song (poorly done at that), and I got a copyright notice. Banned in certain countries. I didn’t even have a title and at the time only 2 views (both me!). No person actually heard the video before it went out. It’s probably what all the processing is when uploading a video. Btw, love your channel. Thanks for what you do, making KGglobal an app worth using.
Leonardo S
Leonardo S 13 күн мурун
Rick beato is put here by music Industry those video are hilarious...
Bob Burchett
Bob Burchett 14 күн мурун
I'm so glad that you stood up for yourself and us, your loyal listeners. And I am so happy the strikes have been rescinded. You're a good man Rick and you have a good heart. We love you for it!!!!
jay mason
jay mason 16 күн мурун
Shouldn't drink coke since you are too white
Dominick Kociemba
Dominick Kociemba 16 күн мурун
Thank you Mr. Rick for battling The Machine. Frank Zappa would be proud.
Synoflex 17 күн мурун
I am so glad they removed your copyright strikes. I look forward to more amazing content! Although, I must say what you are doing is like volunteering. A teacher gets paid for showing up and teaching classes even though the text books are all copyrighted.
BennyGeserit 17 күн мурун
We have two generations watching your channel in our house.
BennyGeserit 17 күн мурун
Do Buskers get demonetized?
Maggie Gedwynne
Maggie Gedwynne 17 күн мурун
I had no idea your channel could be taken down after 3 copyright strikes! That's crazy! Especially when there are people who make false copyright claims.
James Ford
James Ford 18 күн мурун
I am happy for you that the strikes were removed. You give hope for the future of music.
Ralph Valenzi
Ralph Valenzi 18 күн мурун
Much enjoyment from your videos. Congratulations on getting the "copyright strikes" repealed. As well as talent and intelligence, you have much courage. Your adept and honest handling of the big corporations and celebrities is inspirational, and you have done it while remaining a thoroughly amiable individual!
kerrywsmyth 19 күн мурун
What’s really fucked up is that for every big KGglobalr who correct the injustice of being improperly copyright striked, there is 100,000 who suffer the injustice of an improper copyright strike who don’t have the clout to fix it with social pressure. That makes KGglobal and their policies inherently and systemically evil. Period.
Idaho Potato
Idaho Potato 19 күн мурун
How much of a song has to be played that an artist can complain? How much to make money?
Alan G
Alan G 20 күн мурун
The thing is when I hear something new I like or that I have not thought about for a while on your channel there is a fair chance that I will buy or dig out the CD or more likely download it.
Len David Hart
Len David Hart 22 күн мурун
Pretty introduction, thank you
profmartin1967 22 күн мурун
It's usually the management or publishing companies who go after copyright. A lot of the time the artist or songwriter has no involvement or knowledge of this.
Slip n Slide
Slip n Slide 24 күн мурун
Henry the eighth wants his royalties.
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 24 күн мурун
A tip to Rick: Just start out talking when streaming live. Don`t sit and wait for people to join. Look into the camera when you talk on stream. It gets more personal as most viewers watches after the stream is over.
tawpgk 26 күн мурун
KGglobal is really the problem, Rick. Don't fool yourself. You should not have your videos demonitized. What you do is fair use.
kraka2oanIner 26 күн мурун
Wow...I, too, have a guitar arrangement of Greensleeves, using the aolean, then the dorian mode. It morphs into a blues, then jazz feel, and finally ends quietly as it started. Kudos, Rick!
Jason Kane
Jason Kane 27 күн мурун
I think most people try to stick up for you and give an S about you and what you are doing is because you seem to be a really great person who loves the content you create. To me, it's that simple.
Which god of thousands means nothing
Which god of thousands means nothing 27 күн мурун
Love the rack of Les Pauls. Need to add those to my rack of Strats, Teles and SG's. But they tend to be as heavy as my basses, granted I have one freak 70's Strat that seems to be made of solid concrete. Wondering if it was normal for some of those to be so heavy.
Rick Kernell
Rick Kernell 27 күн мурун
Rick, I am a Coke nut as well, but I crave Dr. Pepper!!!! Oh, by the way, don't you need a few more guitars?
Tin Man
Tin Man 28 күн мурун
may help to delete all you tube and google cookies then try again, as site won't remember you.
Facundo Alvarez
Facundo Alvarez 28 күн мурун
Rock on!!!🤘🤘🤘
Duncan Walduck
Duncan Walduck 28 күн мурун
: A like and an interaction is better than just a like. Thanks for the wisdom, and (obviously) thanks for all [-or most of(!)-] the videos: I started sharing a few to other channels today.
Michael B
Michael B 29 күн мурун
I'm happy you had a positive outcome to a ridiculous situation. It really shouldn't take 2 million subscribers and high-profile fans to fix this problem. UMG in particular is notoriously abusive of the copyright system, in particular where fair use is concerned. They seem to take a scorched-earth "shoot first ask questions never" approach, and I see so many smaller channels literally afraid to post even a short, fair use clip of any music. This fear and constant reminder of the greed and indifference of the music corporations is working against them in the long run. The fact that the system is nearly 100% automated with no human intervention at any stage of the resolution process is unreasonable, and was simply put in place to save these massive corporations the money and effort required to fight copyright infringers. If the system can automatically find copyrighted music, it should absolutely be able to judge if the length is within fair use guidelines. If a dispute is raised, a human should be required to evaluate the legality of the use. There was a time when Google fought back against huge corporate Goliaths in the name of the little people; now they're equally as guilty in the way KGglobal treats its content creators. KGglobal should not be deleting accounts, nor should demonetization be a blanket policy when the creator puts a significant portion of work into the video. Yes it's time-consuming and costly to investigate and determine these things; if the companies are unwilling to do so, then perhaps they don't deserve to defend their copyright. (Also, copyright owners and their affiliates should not be the sole arbiter of what constitutes fair use.)
peoplevsradio317 29 күн мурун
Coke just issued a memo telling its employees to be less white.
sbr_Grendel65 29 күн мурун
Someone needs to step up and help those who doesn’t have famous friends. You only care about your channel and what you can make.
MaziNnamah Ай мурун
Do you know how much money you have to have in the bank to be so relaxed about demonetisation?
Tusk 1157
Tusk 1157 Ай мурун
I just discovered this channel. I'm f**king hooked. Managed to find the banned GYOW video. LB has been my favorite guitarist since I saw him at Tampa Stadium 7/4/1976. I have to add a story I heard Ken Calais tell about the outro lead solo. He said that he was called in during the holiday because they just couldn't get it quite right. He took several different tracks of LB's leads, spliced together what was on the record and LB actually had to learn to play it the way it came out. He ended by stating, "btw he learned to play it pretty damn well." Lol
llahsramavt Ай мурун
Good guy won for a change!
kammhron Ай мурун
487 people suck.
DJ Ryde
DJ Ryde Ай мурун
Well done Rick great channel its a real Gem 💎
Child 'O' Light
Child 'O' Light Ай мурун
Go to BitChute buddy, get away from KGglobal, many are doing it and happy that they did.
nathan hughes
nathan hughes Ай мурун
So what does one do if they aren’t youtube famous?? Suckitup buttercup i guess huh
EdwardCurrent Ай мурун
So you can beat copyright strikes if your channel is wildly successful and Steve Lukather is your biggest it
Johann Rosario
Johann Rosario Ай мурун
If you are LIKED, you gain with no accountability. If you are DISLIKED, you lose with no explanation.
pissywits pissywits
pissywits pissywits Ай мурун
you give them free air time yes its there song lots of young people or people in general don't now them, even if they are famous in a given time frame you talk explain admire there work it's not just posting there song online you put the work in and diverse a part off the profit.
ranzee Ай мурун
Did the strike just disappear? Interested to know - because with mine they don't tell you it just magically reappears and all reference to the claims/strikes etc are gone. All you have left are the emails.
Zippy Ай мурун
I am really not surprised about Sony. There greed goes far and beyond, from music to gaming they sure love to take advantage of a good thing.
L.A. A
L.A. A Ай мурун
The videos I watch you have made are based on your insight/lessons on that song of a popular group I may know and like but it helps that it's a song of a band I love....and makes me seek out that band more....not less....and maybe actually invest more into that performer. can't buy advertising like that....not really
RedBud815 Ай мурун
EMI is another company that loves to issue copyright strikes
RedBud815 Ай мурун
lol you can't drink Coke you're too white...
Mia Hess
Mia Hess Ай мурун
Rick, I have a question. about live performing (when that comes back). If I own a piece of original sheet music, can't I play it live in any venue? Or does the venue have to pay ASCAP? Can I get SACAP rights for myself or if I'm in a ukulele group? I'm so confued about this. I mostly play stuff from the 40s but occasionally I'll dip into 70s stuff. Your videos are always so good.
Oleg Bondarev
Oleg Bondarev Ай мурун
I came to this channel through TOOl videos, and big respect for TOOL for being so understanding towards what you are doing, Please keep educating us - that is the bet part of the internet - learning. Well, that and cats, apparently.
A T Ай мурун
The strikes are a back handed method of blocking content. Good to hear you are winning back some of these. The copyright claiming is rough as well. You should write some of your own melodies and insert them into the videos at the beginning and end as intros and endings. Transfer the rights to the music to another entity, maybe a company owned by you. Then you can file claims to the content so that you can get a percentage of the take from the videos, even if other groups have filed claims to the content and revenues.
rutniktrainer Ай мурун
All of the songs I see you do videos on are not currently top 40. The artists collecting royalties should be thrilled that you are promoting their music. It's free advertising of their products. Are music executives really that stupid?
Jim Driscoll
Jim Driscoll Ай мурун
Good to hear that logic and truth can prevail!
Deacon Blues
Deacon Blues Ай мурун
Hi Rick, Google does this all the time. You can have a video that was there for years and then they would block you in a second (retroactively!!!) Don't forget the decisions are being made by an algorithm no a person! Maybe you should move to a new platform like Odysee.
Will James
Will James Ай мурун
The social pressure method is effective, however this is working within the system they prefer -- it keeps them indefinitely in control and without any accountability for damage to brand/channel, loss of time or money, damage to reputation, and leaves small creators in the cold. And this is not just a DMCA issue, there is also the large issue the entire process is shrouded by KGglobal, run by algorithms, with no fair or expedient process to try to resolve issues.
That acoustic guitar is absolutely luscious
Daniel Ray Olinick
Daniel Ray Olinick Ай мурун
Michael McGuinness
Michael McGuinness Ай мурун
Bravo, Bravo! Money is a byproduct of passion! You are an inspiration brother! Thanks for opening up my musical horizons!
Roy Garcia
Roy Garcia Ай мурун
Good for you Rick. Love all your videos.
scatcatcnut Ай мурун
It always takes him so long to get to the point and make the point. These videos should be about 3 mins long if he cut to the fucking chase.
Andrew Saunders
Andrew Saunders Ай мурун
Thank you for all you do... From Australia
Mike Pinion
Mike Pinion Ай мурун
Rick... how lame of an explanation that was. You are fumbling around with words to justify your actions. I’m not trying to be overly critical as I enjoy most of your content or I wouldn’t be subscribed to your channel. But come on man. Just saying 🤐
67twill Ай мурун
Bro... You just drank a Coca-Cola on air. They should pay you for that! You have enough subscribers and followers that industries should come to see that product placement with you could go a long way.
Markus Robert
Markus Robert Ай мурун
2M Subscribers and two strikes instantly? Coincidence?
Ucan Ashtar
Ucan Ashtar Ай мурун
Its all corporate greed. They sing about love and charity but exercise the opposite
RebelDeuce Ай мурун
Whenever my dad had a problem in his company, he would call the Union Boss and tell him to fix it. i.e., he never got his hands dirty with middle men. The people who bought him out went non-Union. They lasted only a quarter, and were bankrupt. You don't mess with middle-men, EVER!
jek93milani Ай мурун
I like the intro idea
Tom Clark
Tom Clark Ай мурун
@15:25ish Rick I don't think there you are correct. YT does not have to handle copyright claims like they do. The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) law used to provide (and probably still does) that if someone claims they are legally using someone else's copyrighted works (i.e. fair use) then the copyright holder's remedy is to take the content poster to court. My understanding is that YT made a deal with media corps to do things this way which inverses what the law holds, that is now the corporate claimer holds all the cards. That is a BS system and YT didn't have to agree to it.
Giovanni Ай мурун
Great admiration for you, your passion for music and teaching .
Matthew Semple
Matthew Semple Ай мурун
Don't know about The Cars but Paul Simon and Simon & Garfunkel's music has been covered by hundreds of KGglobalrs and there are loads of reaction videos and guitar tutorials that seem to have been up for years - so this is very strange. One thing's for sure is that it will be Legal @ Sony and not Paul Simon himself who will know nothing of this.
Professorvapes Ай мурун
no it only works for big channels very unfair
James Hart
James Hart Ай мурун
Keep up the good work. You're making them look silly in the eyes of the public. So keep it up. Maybe some day they will learn.
Trisdacted A Lot
Trisdacted A Lot Ай мурун
Rick/Others (same comment in the post about the strike). I'd like to offer a painfully long reply about KGglobal's takedown process and the peril they are most certainly entertaining. I'm sure YouTue's lawyers think they have it covered, but, from the way you and others describe things, it sounds like the company is making a hash of this process (to put it politely). And doing so in ways that are fundamentally stupid FOR THEM, and that could crumble with ONE straight-forward, successful legal challenge. To save anyone a long read, this post is a serious discussion about the legal issues (as I see them), and paths forward for anyone who is caught up or interested in takedowns and strikes. All that follows generally asks four basic questions. Is KGglobal: (1) acting extrajudicially by creating their own terms and conditions that create a closed system outside of established legal frameworks; (2) maintaining all records required by different jurisdictions, and carving out any revenues they make from materials in dispute; (3) providing (in terms and conditions that are consistent with Federal and State laws) adequate processes and information to 'takedown targets' so that these individuals can mount a robust defense of their practices...and are they targeting / threatening certain people & not others (and, if so, why); and (4) is KGglobal making an effort to act within existing laws, or are they making things up as they go along? ____________ INTRO First, we can all thank Viacom for the current policy. They sued Google for $1B, in 2009, over copyright infringement. Google immediately caved and unilaterally undertook a MASSIVE KGglobal takedown. After the dust settled, with the future of KGglobal in doubt, Google chose not to mount a defense, to settle, and to establish the mess that remains today = takedowns and strikes only if there is a complaint. Though I say it at the end, I think the WORST approach would be a US Class Action. The best (IMO) would be a complaint to the EU for various reasons, but especially the: (1) clarity of regulations (e.g., DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/790 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 17 April 2019 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market and amending Directives 96/9/EC and 2001/29/EC); (2) regularity and eagerness with which the EU successfully extracts fines from big US tech firms (Google, alone, has paid more than $10B in fines in the last 3 years), and (3) need for companies to harmonize approaches between the EU, the US, and the Commonwealth. The specific complaint would start with issues outlined below, as they apply to Chapter 2, Article 17 of the Directive above. They would quickly expand to multiple Articles and Chapters and additional directives, as KGglobal (as usual) is trampling EU laws and regulations. The approach: find someone in a similar situation in France, Germany, Spain, or Belgium (in that order), and have at it. Shout 'Google did it' in Brussels, and some type of fine will be issued. Beneficially, fair use and copyright are automatically reciprocal between the US and the EU. As a basic reminder, any complaint must be filed by someone with standing = someone (or a business): (1) living (or accused by a person or company) in a jurisdiction with clear (and established) fair use laws; and (2) who has incurred actual, material damages. These damages can be financial, reputational, punative, or suppressive. In the US context, 'fair use,' copyright law, DMCA, and Section 230 are an utter mess, more often in conflict than in agreement. The clearest case law is in copyright and fair use. The scant rulings on DMCA generally are consistent with copyright law -- and I've seen no fair use cases involving DMCA. Section 230 has basically served as a 'not me' for most US federal judges. Not so in Europe (and in Australia, until the government shamefully caved last week to Facebook). ___________ SPECIFIC CONCERNS 1. Are they pursuing these activities extrajudicially? Are they simply claiming to be the middleman between a supposedly damaged party and the offender -- effectively halfway doing their bidding in the hopes of avoiding a dispute? As the company 'serving' the KGglobal creator, is KGglobal -- as a beneficiary of the service provided -- ensuring the provision of ALL the legally required documentation for the dispute or block. By agreeing to act in this manner, they are required, under Federal (and most state) law to ensure the accused has ALL NECESSARY information with which to make a counterclaim WITHIN the ACTUAL judicial system. Not some kangaroo court run by KGglobal that is buried in the Terms. This is especially pertinent if KGglobal is threatening the livelihood of users, creating actual damages AND quashing potential content creation through extralegal threats. 2. Partially mentioned above, are they registering the original complaints within the appropriate jurisdictions to create a 'legal paper trail' of the dispute. As the 'server', controller of distribution, and sole contact with the complainant, they are required to maintain and communicate disputes in a manner that is consistent with FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS, not their Terms of Service. Particularly if they benefit AT ALL financially for ANY LENGTH OF TIME from the existence of the disputed material. In effect, if a KGglobal creator was harmed by KGglobal's mishandling of the process (either by creating their own process, having a sloppy process, or withholding vital information from creators), they have left themselves WIDE OPEN to MASSIVE civil liability and potential criminal financial violations. If they flowed a PENNY of ANY financial gains from materials that they (not a court or arbitration panel) later deemed problematic to their bottom line (and reported it in regular SEC filings), they have knowingly committed copyright violations. Assuming they have not refunded ALL of those gains to the initial complainants, they are in further jeopardy by acting as the server of complaints to KGglobal creators. Thus, they knowingly participated in a dispute process without implicating themselves -- yet still enriching themselves. This = fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. 3. What relief does KGglobal provide in their Terms SPECIFC to their actions around takedowns and strikes? Is it arbitration? What is the federal and state jurisdiction? What type of arbitration? Which court supersedes the arbitration or acts as the broader arbiter of the merits and venue for cases? Can this venue change based on the complaints? Does KGglobal provide adequate information to those they threaten --materials that those persons would need to mount an adequate individual defense against both the complainant AND KGglobal? Stepping back, the situation far exceeds a Section 230 defense because KGglobal are both inconsistent arbiters AND agents WITHIN what is a well-established judicial process. In addition, KGglobal continues to act (effectively) as a co-conspirator with the Creator by collecting money in dozens of different ways from 'banned' material, yet they try to shield themselves from multiple legal problems while acting as an agent of the court. DMCA law attempts (but fails) to address this very issue. Finally, KGglobal is acting ARBITRARILY, targeting some but not others. In a legal framework, this uneven action regarding copyright and fair use law proves their awareness of the grey areas, yet their willingness NOT to seek legal clarification so as not to interrupt the money they collect in equivalent situations that are not disputed. 4. Taken together, is KGglobal even acting within the most basic rules of federal and state and international laws? Notwithstanding NUMEROUS specific, detailed, and comprehensive laws in certain jurisdictions (i.e., have they established regular, recorded, consistently enforced rules and mechanisms + financial carve-outs to keep from mingling disputed and regular revenues)? In my opinion, not even remotely. They are using their size and control both to bully and hide. Any ambitious young lawyer within a substantial firm (I'd suggest Jones Day, Calfee, or Vinson & Elkins) could make a career out of this. The case has a 'help the little guy, smash big tech, oppressive music industry dinosaurs' element wrapped up in a conservative's dream of narrowing the scope of copyright claims. _____________ FINAL THOUGHTS In the US, Rick would be ideally situated to lead a complaint in a favorable Federal District (11th). The 1st, 7th, 8th,10th, possibly the 5th would also be good. Definitely NO for the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and, god forbid, the 9th (California). Even better would be to find a way to file something in France. I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND against a Class Action suit, (in fact, I would drop out of a class suit) as this would completely screw with jurisdiction, change venues into a much more corporate-friendly environment, and set an equivalence of damages across the entire class. A Class Action suit would be the death of fair use claims. IMO, the only plaintiffs should be a select group (or individual) who can establish clear and ongoing damages. Happy to add more, lol.
fadetounforgiven Ай мурун
That intro should have continued with The Unforgiven.
Jeffrix9919 Ай мурун
What a joke. It's too bad you have to do all that for Free promotion to the artist and telling the World how Great their sing is... Seems pretty backwards.
Glenn Goryl
Glenn Goryl Ай мурун
The cynic in my head is telling me this is all a marketing ploy by The Cars & S&G to get more publicity. Could you voluntarily demonetize your videos? (i.e. - just dedicate the money from any video you promote an artist through to the artist from the get-go).
Craig Nichols
Craig Nichols Ай мурун
It's wierd that the bands do this. I listen to you then go on to listen to the artist. Greedy artists unfortunately
Brent Ай мурун
Rick, I Noticed that The Empty Hearts (Elliot Eastons new band) posted episode 99 The Cars on their faceboook saying it was very cool
Jesse Rubio
Jesse Rubio Ай мурун
Congratulations Rick! 🤙🏽 What's up Dude!? Your content is great and channel is awesome . Keep up the good work .
Phil Jones
Phil Jones Ай мурун
Self indulgent crap.
Brian D
Brian D Ай мурун
If you like Root Beer, Barq's is my favorite.
stormcup Ай мурун
you are too white to drink that coke !
Mohammed Zafir
Mohammed Zafir Ай мурун
I'm a root beer guy myself.
Kim Flegel
Kim Flegel Ай мурун
Your hair is too white for that coke!
Laston Lastoff
Laston Lastoff Ай мурун
Your 100% right on that approach - I have had A couple of these sorts of issues and I am just a little channel - I went to twitter - No big names came out for me - I just kept banging on the twitter door - Here is the rub - The copyright issues arose from music I created using Garage Band - some Adobe Royalty free loops and my Q Chord - IT WAS ORIGINAL - crazy fools - I like listening to your meaningful videos - Like Aaron Copeland comes alive -
JFairhart Ай мурун
Why wouldn’t the music royalties be deducted from your revenue so the music royalty owners get a percentage of it? That’s a win-win, right?
Brian Whitehead
Brian Whitehead Ай мурун
COKE = RACISM.! You are to white to drink coke
Faith Life Worship Center
Faith Life Worship Center Ай мурун
13:20 Was that a product placement? ;-D Just a joke, of course!
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Ай мурун
I strongly recommend *wildtechie* on instagram Try him and thank me later.... Am not having any strike on my channel thanks to him
giamma Ай мурун
Congratulations Rick! you are the best! I love your Work ! I would love to know what you think about Sonic Youth ('Guitars).
Charles S
Charles S Ай мурун
I'm not sure about other bands. However I do understand why RUSH are strict when it comes to their music. They have Owned everything almost since their beginning. However, once contacted and asked, they are very lenient.
Man I wish I was this popular &people would send me those superchats 🤣
David Lester
David Lester Ай мурун
Keep rockin Rick! You are doing great, keep fighting.
Joako Torrado
Joako Torrado Ай мурун
Good on you mate!
hbert06 Ай мурун
You're doing it absolutely the right way! I love watching your content! Keep it up! 👍
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Ай мурун
I strongly recommend *wildtechie* on instagram Try him and thank me later.... Am not having any strike on my channel thanks to him
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