Learn Any Song By Ear (Even Complex Ones)

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Rick Beato

23 күн мурун

In this video I discuss my strategies for learning any song by ear.
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OdaKa 4 күн мурун
Tfw I thought you were playing "Lose Yourself" by Eminem but it was "Roxanne" by The Police
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 4 күн мурун
Fav gem here was when someone asked for the chords to 'Teach Your Children'.
SupaSoul Productions
SupaSoul Productions 5 күн мурун
What do you get if your father is a musician? You get dad music jokes...like... 'I tried to learn to play piano by ear....but I just kept getting a headache from banging the side of my head on the keys.'
John HENDRICKS 5 күн мурун
In church they the like using diminish chords, i barely see folks using augmented chords. I need to work on more inversions. I need to get my hands on theat beato book.
Lennon & McCartney Fanatic
Lennon & McCartney Fanatic 5 күн мурун
Thanks for sharing your video,I listen a lot to the Let It Be Piano Intro the original Beatles version, I seen to hear it as C chord = CEGC,G chord =DGB,A minor chord as CEA and Fmaj 7 chord as CEFA and F6 chord as ACD yet I’ve seen it played CEG,BDG,ACE,FACE and FAD.I think I seen Paul play it these days for C chord as just the CEG I actually prefer his original Let It Be movie version.
Christopher 9 күн мурун
11.57..i wanna talk about inversions...12.39...i wanna talk about inversions...because inversions really would come next...12.43...so what is an inversion...12.45...most of you know what an inversion is...but i'll explain it...12.50...finally explains it...
Two Beers
Two Beers 9 күн мурун
Are we allowed to play & talk about Stairway to Heaven again?
Ira Elliot
Ira Elliot 9 күн мурун
today i learned “sus2 chords” and “line cliches”. thank you, Rick.
Randy Lott
Randy Lott 9 күн мурун
New video series idea! *MAKE BEATO LISTEN* Viewers send Rick the most challenging songs they know of and have him try to work them out! Not a wonderful idea business-wise, but it would be fun! Maybe have it so it takes a $5 or $10 donation to send a request.
Randy Lott
Randy Lott 9 күн мурун
If anyone is up for a challenge, check out these artists: Guthrie Govan (jazz fusion shred master) Nick Johnston (uses very interesting voicings and melodies creating unique atmospheres) Lalle Larsson (keyboard master that plays fast and uses eclectic styles and sounds) Bernhoft (mostly simple, but chord voicings can be unique) Dave Weckl (some very interesting rhythmic and melodic ideas in his catalog, very challenging bass lines) The Flower Kings (one of the most diverse catalogs of any band I know, some songs are insanely challenging both in form and because they have very uncommon progressions and voicings) I've always found rhythm to be way easier to figure out than chord voicings. I can usually figure out the root note and chord quality, but I struggle with very strange chords with more than 3-4 notes. It makes sense why it's hard for me. It's like knowing letters but not many words.
Randy Lott
Randy Lott 9 күн мурун
The only way I can learn super complex music is: 1. Enjoy the song 2. Listen to it many times (until I can sing it in my head) 3. Have enough willpower to write down one note at a time (chords are WAY harder for me) That's how I was able to accurately transcribe Guthrie Govan tunes you may have seen on KGglobal. It took me 50+ hours to create a Guitar Pro transcription of Waves and Wonderful Slippery Thing by Guthrie Govan, including accurate bends, slides, vibrato, etc. Rick could probably do it in a day!
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs 10 күн мурун
Hey! I'm here in Atlanta, Georgia. I've just found this one, and I'm always eager to learn even more. I've been playing by ear pretty much all my life, and Braille music is not easy to read. (Yup! I'm totally blind and have been all my life, and I want to meet Pat Metheny so much. I've been listening to him since "American Garage.", and I never realized before that album that I was hearing him from education films. I knew it was him being featured on the Weather Channel, and he's been such an inspiration! Back in 1983, I got to go to his show at Cafe 290 when it was here. I'd taken music theory, and I tried to determine what rhythm "First Circle" was, but I was off by 4 beats. I had my sister write down on a napkin what I thought it was and had it passed down to him. After he finished the set, he recognized me for being so close! I'd guessed 18-8. He told me to give myself a pat on the back for coming so close and that it was in 22-8. I was on cloud 9 for over three days and nights! I was also going to Georgia State University, but I never got to meet him before or after any of his concerts I attended. I loved the interviews I heard with Russ Davis. I'm always singing to his music, and I still haven't heard everything he's recorded. The closest concert he's scheduled to perform is this Nov. 6 in Ledyard, ct. I wish I could afford to get up there to attend that show, but I don't have anyone who'd be interested in going with me. He's been a huge inspiration to me, especially when I was at my lowest. I've suffered through a very rare and hard-to-treat form of Trigeminal Neuralgia for over 44 years, and I'm 56 now. Josh Groban and I have met twice, because I've also been a huge fan of his, but I've always come back to Pat's music, because there's so much expression and emotional strength and such good energy that seems to just radiate through his music. Thank you so much for bringing this ear-learning tutorial, because I'm so excited to encourage people to help them broaden their abilities. I'm looking forward to when our choir can finally come back together at church, because there are two people I'm especially happy to work with who would benefit from this video and possibly the course, although I haven't taken it yet. I just noticed this video today, and I'll have to save money for it the next time you run a special on it. Being on a fixed income and owning a home makes courses like this worth saving money for.
J.D. Riepe
J.D. Riepe 10 күн мурун
I pictured Morty saying, This is way too complex Rick! lol great video
sickofthewest 10 күн мурун
Inversions: The Swan of Tuonela?
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson 11 күн мурун
Rick is a GENIOUS teacher
Aditya Muhammad
Aditya Muhammad 11 күн мурун
im learning song by memory ;(
Niek Van wensen
Niek Van wensen 11 күн мурун
When I hear a chord I can sing the notes of which the chord consists/hear the separate notes in my head, but I cannot name the notes or the chord just by hearing them. is that some sort of perfect pitch or “just” a good ear?
Bull Daag
Bull Daag 11 күн мурун
you rock rick
Larry Hall
Larry Hall 11 күн мурун
I'm thinking the worst thing about music theory is the name as there is nothing theoretical about it.
Pete Carroll
Pete Carroll 12 күн мурун
Just caught your live ear training stream. I'm getting all my mates onto it. Pete
Zenom 12 күн мурун
Thanks for the upload ! I have good knowledge of the theory now, but it seems I am not physically able to differenciate the intervals... Im pretty sure we are not all equal there, same as the vision is very different between 2 human. For example when I hear someone say : "hear that root note ? See how if feel home in that scale ?" To me it just doesnt make sense, its just a note I dont understand what "it feel home" means 😅
kenneth lambert
kenneth lambert 12 күн мурун
Nice to hear you start from the high or outside notes. That is a method I used a lot when trying to figure songs out. I would also search for what note the bass was playing which normally was the root or 5th. Those along with the melody scale would normally nail it down.
Jacob Heidrick
Jacob Heidrick 12 күн мурун
You and matt heafy from trivium should collaborate together. He’s a major twitch streamer and does a lot of his guitar tutorials himself for his songs. Would be great way to network and get some of the people on his channel to be interested in digging deeper into the theory of music!!
Sean Landis
Sean Landis 12 күн мурун
Some new ways to think about things. I have enough theory to be confused. But this has clarified things. Thanks.
BatmanWangChung 12 күн мурун
Thanks Rick!
Gabe Penn
Gabe Penn 13 күн мурун
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 13 күн мурун
Love Ray ....I do ! 🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Ashley LaCombe
Ashley LaCombe 13 күн мурун
I'm a new subscriber. As a singer and music lover, I think your videos are absolutely amazing. Thank you for all your insight and knowledge!
Chris Papantouros
Chris Papantouros 13 күн мурун
I’ve learned more from this dude than anyone else in my life. Thank you, Rick.
Steve 13 күн мурун
Just purchased the Beato Ear Training Program. Rick is a genius and I am happy to sign up and learn from this genius!
Latesha Presley
Latesha Presley 14 күн мурун
The periodic canadian frustratingly burn because voyage excitingly scorch minus a chemical child. filthy, direful damage
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris 14 күн мурун
Great topics. Great instructions. Thanks Rick.
Aziz Aziz
Aziz Aziz 14 күн мурун
This whole video is a info-commercial. I never learn anything from Rick's videos. He pretty much just jumps from topic to topic without actually teaching the topic. If I actually learned something, I'd gladly pay for his material but given his teaching style, I think it'll be money down the drain.
Fach 15 күн мурун
Summary: ear train in this order 1. all 12 intervals 2. major and minor triads 3. sus chords 4. line clichés / augmented and diminished 5. inversions 6 chords in all major keys 7. listen to the outer notes to find the interval, then find the chord quality/inversion. INCREASE THE VOCABULARY OF SOUNDS YOU RECOGNIZE!
Ruby Rooo
Ruby Rooo 15 күн мурун
Hi Rick, I bought your program, but I haven't received an email. How long does it take to receive an email?
Colm Coss
Colm Coss 15 күн мурун
Trying to learn a bit of guitar and it is a dreadful instrument for theory learning. As Rigby does here, most tutors refer to the piano keyboard which mostly has an orderly and rational layout. The guitar fret board seems like a guessing game. Also I'm rubbish hearing intervals.
Crypto Tharg
Crypto Tharg 15 күн мурун
The Rickster, FTW!
jackbenimble999 16 күн мурун
If you're starting out, don't worry too much about learning by ear. Just learn to play and sing songs!
benjamin 16 күн мурун
just friggin practice
Sérgio Ferreira
Sérgio Ferreira 16 күн мурун
Hi Rick, thank you for the videos. Very helpful. What about the 3rd inversion? Starting o the 7th of the chord? nobody talks about that one!!!?
Boar Head
Boar Head 16 күн мурун
recognize or RICKognize? 🤔
justjustinmusic 17 күн мурун
Rick,I suggest you take a look at SILK SONIC (Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars) - 'Leave The Door Open'. I think it's the best written and recorded song I've heard in a long time. I have sat down to study the song. Close to 30 chords,mostly jazzy chord inversions,modulation with several key changes,and it has an amazing rhythmic groove. There are elements of the R&B soul greats like Stevie Wonder,Marvin Gaye etc... Thankyou for your videos.
Mark C
Mark C 17 күн мурун
Cool glasses
Nick Fox
Nick Fox 17 күн мурун
We had the st patricks day pinching rule when we were kids.
adam smith
adam smith 17 күн мурун
I'm not even a musician, but I find your videos fascinating! Keep up the great work
In Between Names
In Between Names 17 күн мурун
When are you going to interview Tommy Emmanuel?
Guern Music
Guern Music 17 күн мурун
As a teenager I learnt by ear, working out all the songs we played note by note, chord by chord. Then the likes of ultimate guitar came along and I got lazy. This video has spurred me on to get back to learning the traditional way. After 20 years of playing I should be better than I am, so hoping revisiting these early skills can help push me onward! Thanks Rick!
R Dublu
R Dublu 17 күн мурун
I need analysis on Tom Morello, he is killin it with Springsteen, Pretty Recless guitar solos!
Will Sevy
Will Sevy 17 күн мурун
2:50 empty my bank account
Brilliantbeing 17 күн мурун
My advice to musicians: put down your instrument and listen to more music. Start with the music you like and dissect every part. Isolation the notes of chords and "sing" that one part all the way through the track. Then sing the next note of the harmony, and so on. Don't pick up your instrument until you internalize the essence of the song.
Brilliantbeing 17 күн мурун
My thought is ALL musicians should have a good enough ear to figure out songs. I thought this was a given, but now I see it's not. So my question is, what are these musicians listening to when they hear music? Do they just hear the words and the melody? Why can't they hear what each instrument is playing?
Danny Pagan
Danny Pagan 17 күн мурун
This really help me tremendously. Thanks so much!
Richard Deese
Richard Deese 17 күн мурун
Thanks! I once demonstrated for an unbelieving friend, that I could identify intervals without looking. I went across the room, turned my back, and let him play any 2 notes. I didn't miss any. Afterwards, he just said, "How do you do that?!?" I replied that it's not perfect pitch, but I can hear the distance between notes. I realized that I'd always been able to do that. It's not some great talent; I'd just been listening to music all my life. But everyone listens to music! You can't get away from it. So why can't everybody do that? Well, I've also noticed that when I listen to music, I seem to be paying more attention to it than the average person. I also have a learning disability, and one effect is that I zoom in on things in a way others don't. I can get lost in one detail of something. I hate it when people play the radio or TV so low I can't hear what's going on! Turn it up or turn it off! But I listened to my parents easy-listening station (Jones College radio) for the first 10 years of my life. I think that helped, because they played instrumental stuff that was a bit orchestral. I got a *_feel_* for music. You have to feel it. If you can't, then you're just going through the motions - no matter what you know about theory! Feel it *_first_*, and only then learn to name things. At least, that's my take. As for suspended chords, I think of church organ music - like holding C & G while moving from F to E to D and back to E with the middle note. I've noticed that many rock / pop keyboard players use inversions to move in what I think of as a sort of 'inside' or 'compacted' chord structure. Often, the singer or lead guitarist handles melody, & the keyboard does background harmony chords. I'm gonna get me a Beato Book very, very soon...! Thanks again. tavi.
Ron McCain
Ron McCain 18 күн мурун
Actually, Rick, i get something every time i listen to your KGglobal channel. You are really providing value here too.
Gabriel Kyne
Gabriel Kyne 18 күн мурун
Thank you!!!
k.k. Martin
k.k. Martin 18 күн мурун
Thank you!!!!!
Mark McGee
Mark McGee 18 күн мурун
Such a brilliant lesson this. Rick is the main man. 👍🏻👌🏻
Pedro Castellarin
Pedro Castellarin 18 күн мурун
Excellent content on the channel, Rick. Congratulations. What program do you use to isolate instruments?
AftershockPS3 18 күн мурун
It’s like I’m introducing myself my name is John . So people identify oh your name has J O H N ??
AftershockPS3 18 күн мурун
Your guitars more than key of keyboard
Jack H
Jack H 18 күн мурун
totally recognized Josie after one chord. :)
Julian Burdock
Julian Burdock 18 күн мурун
great lesson thanks
NeoDental 18 күн мурун
So good. Thank you.
Pol Rock
Pol Rock 18 күн мурун
Thanks a lot !!! B regards
jesusoliveira2 18 күн мурун
Maybe someone can answer me: is, say, a D/C (maybe a D7/C ?) chord an inversion? I bought an e-book recently that says on pg. 59: "The seventh chord may be in any inversion as well." That wasn't very clear to me. Would that be the 3rd inversion? Thanks!
James Kimble
James Kimble 18 күн мурун
Dude you’ve already shown you can do this! Write some songs my man !
Direto da Caverna
Direto da Caverna 18 күн мурун
Great tips..l watched your interviw on Nelson Faria chanell..really cool
Jim Vincitore
Jim Vincitore 18 күн мурун
Why did the Spice Girls get so popular?
Auld Unca Mick
Auld Unca Mick 18 күн мурун
29:05 theory without ear training is just a memory exercise that creates those annoying people who parrot theory and often say "you can't play that because..." when you are playing a particular note that doesn't obey "the rules". Over time I learnt to reply "this is what accidentals are for". 😀
kauztuv 18 күн мурун
Rick, could you do a break down of Love's Theme by Barry White?
Auld Unca Mick
Auld Unca Mick 18 күн мурун
14:44 Ah, I wondered why "over" chords are sometimes called inversions when the chord shape isn't inverted in the way we get taught in piano lessons. More power to the bass! 😀
Joel Dalton
Joel Dalton 18 күн мурун
I have followed you for years. Do me a favour, do Born On the Bayou by Creedence. Those sounds are great.
Wia Domo
Wia Domo 18 күн мурун
Graeme Davin
Graeme Davin 18 күн мурун
Rick is a legend
Klaus Ochs
Klaus Ochs 18 күн мурун
Hey Ric Thanks Bro !
TheAtheist 19 күн мурун
You need talent to work those patterns. Theory alone will only gets you that far. Especially for the piano which is the most polyphonic instrument of all.
kaput450 19 күн мурун
in between I totally get it at WTF are you talking about. Very informative and impressive Rick. Yours will likely be my next course purchase.
J.R. Crowe
J.R. Crowe 19 күн мурун
I'll send you some $, I'm 1 year older then you are. You never add me to your supporter list. Why not ??? Page/Hendrix Pick your Poison Rick. ???
VicVanProphet 19 күн мурун
Im programming a music Teaching/Editing software, i might implement a game to test recognition of chords..
Jeremy Shirland
Jeremy Shirland 19 күн мурун
I take a 3-layer approach. Diatonic chords and it’s outliers: Secondary Dominants Parallel/Melodic Minor If I know those sounds, it solves 90% very quickly.
Brock Baldridge
Brock Baldridge 19 күн мурун
Can I learn the dance of eternity with this
Rob Shaw
Rob Shaw 19 күн мурун
Please do a Kate Bush what makes this song great!
Nic B.
Nic B. 19 күн мурун
Rick, how many black shirts do you own?
Piano Productions
Piano Productions 19 күн мурун
In case YT algorithm wasn't enough watching this serves as a reminder I need to watch Andrew's music theory for beginners in 30 mins 😂
b 19 күн мурун
I trained my ear and it got kicked out of the music shop for playing stairway. Thanks Rick, brilliant lecture on music.. some university should be hunting you down! man you inspire even an old guy like me..
Frank Merendino
Frank Merendino 19 күн мурун
First time through the progression in Maybe I'm Amazed it's Bb, F/A, C, G/C, Bb, F/A, C Second time through: Bb, F/A, C, G/B, Bb, F/A, Ab, Eb/G, C
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 19 күн мурун
Great lesson! I was going to add something, but then you said it in the video, so I deleted it! ;-) Oops -- just came up with something: The G7sus4 at 19:30 (which you call The Police chord from "Walking on the Moon") is about as close as solo guitar can get to the "Hard Days Night" chord. Sure, you could play the Fadd9 that the Harrison and Lennon played, but then you'd be missing the low G and D notes from the bass and piano. So ... did The Police swipe that one from The Beatles?
Patrick Stoute
Patrick Stoute 19 күн мурун
Could you help please me out...while whistling a song, i can hit the notes,but when singing.. my true voice is being a Octave higher.. how can i change this? The difference is so obvious when i record my voice.
Daniel Rota
Daniel Rota 19 күн мурун
Buy the book you will NEVER use it up❣️ I printed it out and put it in protective sleeves. . Thanks Rick🤝
Tone Pot
Tone Pot 19 күн мурун
Why is the Hendrix chord a sharp 9 (not a flat 10)?
Randal B
Randal B 19 күн мурун
Riding in a taxi, listening to Mr. Magic by a glover Washington junior... Too shy to try to come out the route notes in thirds out loud. You also find it hard to analyze jazz chords if you can’t comment or have a reference instrument? Like hearing and identifying chord changes 100% in your head?
Frank MaSSa
Frank MaSSa 19 күн мурун
Yo Rick,,,,, How about a segment(s) on a True Genuis.... FRANK ZAPPA
tannertuner 19 күн мурун
I don’t have time right now to listen to the whole thing. I’ve already spent too much time on KGglobal today and I need to get other things done. But my strategy for learning songs by ear is that I learned as a young boy listening to gospel quartets and later piano by ear to focus on the bass singer or bass line in a song and learn to sing or hum it. Once you get the bass line and apply the melody that narrows down your chord choices. And in pop/rock/country music especially the chords aren’t typically going to be all that complex. I got pretty good at being able to play a recording and have the song down on piano by the 2nd time through. If I had the sheet music, I might start off reading chord symbols but the notation was always wrong and chord symbols quite often are too. And because the printed notation was almost always wrong I just never developed the discipline of sight reading piano music (I sight read for voice and other single note instruments I play just fine). Then I learned how to transcribe parts by ear by using the pause and rewind buttons and copying every little thing I hear. I transcribed the entire piano part for Bohemian Rhapsody by ear once and had it down note for note and even recorded it with the intention of adding the other instrumentation later: I got to bass and some of the guitar parts but didn’t have a drummer and don’t have that coordination myself so that’s where it stopped. It was a cassette 4 track so that tells you I’d have to start over again to finish it now. The damning part is I have to memorize everything and I’ve learned if I don’t keep playing what I’ve learned to keep it in memory I lose it and have to start over. In my 50s now, I can learn to play a song today and won’t remember it tomorrow.
James Christensen
James Christensen 19 күн мурун
Wish I had bought the ear training sooner. It is fun and it is a challenge.
Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell 19 күн мурун
Something that you were doing but not explicitly telling people to do themselves is to try to vocalise the notes and lines as you listen rather than just dive straight onto the instrument and hunt for them. This helps a lot when trying to work out actual melodies and also high and low chord tones.
tomatocan 19 күн мурун
i think the Strokes, Thee Adults are Talking is.. Great. But you don't like Indie....... what about Punk? or Frank Black? didn't he ever create something Great? (crustatians, or the whereabouts of your personal brain) does it all have to be Jaco with the perfect producer ? Tom Waits recorded Chocolate Jesus in a real Barnyard with Real Chickens! Just sayin' Love ya Rick
Luke 20 күн мурун
so what do you do when you come across a chord you're not familiar with? Do you still pick out the chord by ear or pick an easier song with chords that are familiar?
Tim 20 күн мурун
Even complex ones, eh? Learn to play Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement by ear. And ... go!
Filosofi Inkeri Kavanterä
Filosofi Inkeri Kavanterä 20 күн мурун
My dad started teaching me to play piano at the age of 3. The first three years I went on by ear only. I have only trained singing as an adult - last 2 years self taught- and now finally you get to see me learning by ear in real time- 2 new songs in 30min- one of them in Italian! :O :D
Keith Madding
Keith Madding 20 күн мурун
Thanks Rick ⚓️
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