Gibson Les Paul Comparison | Humbucker vs P90 vs Mini Humbucker

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Rick Beato

Ай мурун

In this episode we're going to compare Humbuckers, Mini Humbuckers, and P90's. How different do they sound in either the Bridge or Rhythm position? Which do you prefer?
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Kevin McLoughlin
Kevin McLoughlin 2 саат мурун
My favorite is the P90s in all examples. In Rhetts part with the mini humbuckers I heard a bit of ring. I’m guessing it’s more likely a preamp tube being weird than a microphonic pickup...since the cab was not in the same room. What do you think Rick?
exionem 3 саат мурун
P -90s give such a not too warm, not too bright, just right sound. I´ll take them over the humbuckers.
Apok Switch
Apok Switch 2 күн мурун
It surprised me how much I liked the neck pickup on the mini humbuckers on the CLEAN channel. I know sound preferences are totally subjective but after hearing them I was excited to hear the distorted one...and it had a strange kind of “ring” to it that I found abrasive. Goes to show why I need more than the one guitar I have. Sonic capabilities can vary so much from guitar to guitar based on many factors. Now if I can convince my wife...
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años 2 күн мурун
Subtitles: Rick why do you have all these less balls.
BBDRUMS28 5 күн мурун
I liked the mini humbuckers the most I think
Trevor Peters
Trevor Peters 5 күн мурун
Can u do this test with a p rail
Rick Flippin
Rick Flippin 6 күн мурун
Thanks for this ordering a deluxe with mini humbuckers gold top yes!!!!!!
mougabo 6 күн мурун
that´s why i like my p90 in the neck and my single coil in the bridge .........
Wade VonP
Wade VonP 7 күн мурун
I love the almost microphonic-ness of the mini humbuckers
Ruslan Smaga
Ruslan Smaga 11 күн мурун
deluxe vins
edchihiro 13 күн мурун
For me the P90 and Mini are the beast
Matthew Tildesley
Matthew Tildesley 15 күн мурун
Nice. I had a '79 Gold Top Deluxe, back in the day.
Nick Kaelblein
Nick Kaelblein 16 күн мурун
All sounded great but I really liked the mini hums I will say though they sounded microphonic might want to wax pot those
Joe V.
Joe V. 17 күн мурун
Frankly, amazed that they all sound almost the same. Q: how did you not have noise from P90s? What is this majik?
gregg mann
gregg mann 19 күн мурун
I never heard the P90's before they are sweeeeet I don't play guitar but if I did the Gold Top P90 would be my choice.
David Harrell, Sr.
David Harrell, Sr. 19 күн мурун
Hands down for me- mini humbuckers.
Jeffrey Bank
Jeffrey Bank 23 күн мурун
Although I own two core PRSs and a beautiful Suhr Modern Plus and two great Fenders (a Tele and a Strat) I always check out the Gibson website for what's new on the LP page. I own a 2019 Standard with Burstbuckers and a Tribute. Will never sell them, but I might by another LP sometime.
Fabrice formymates
Fabrice formymates 23 күн мурун
Thanks for you comparison videos, some of THE best on youtube. Any chance of a Les Paul Deluxe vs Firebird comparison video? Firebird pickups and mini-humbuckers are different but not many of us have had the chance to hear both side by side.
Derek Springer
Derek Springer 23 күн мурун
P90's! Maybe a bucker in the neck. Mini's are so so. In my opinion....
Ron Clemens
Ron Clemens 24 күн мурун
I have a 1960 Reissue gold top that has crappy pick-ups in it, and I've been looking to change them out. This video is helping me decide. The P-90's were hands-down my favorite here; no question. Didn't care for the minis. Thanks Rick and Rhett!
Robert Emerson
Robert Emerson 25 күн мурун
When I first saw all those Les Pauls, I didn’t know how expensive they were and how much he was flexing here.
jbognap 27 күн мурун
I would like to have the middle position clean compared. Also, I'd love to see a show about adding strat type clean sounds to LPs, e.g. combining inner coils or even looking at 3 pickup LPs.
pyroman6000 28 күн мурун
How come in 5/6 examples, it sounded like the bridge pickup had a massive reverb on it that got turned off when you switched to the neck? They all sounded muffled and muted. Save the last example, with the minis- it wasn't as noticeable that time. (but was in the clean example) Neat to hear them all side by side. The P90s had a noticeably "honkier" sound to them than the PAF's, and the minis did too- but in a different way. They all sounded damn nice- but my P90 fanboyishness made me give them the nod.
GregK Ай мурун
Keep doing the signal chain!
axe2grind911a Ай мурун
Great showdown, but lacking maybe the most important thing: Lead playing. This would show off the sustain and timbre qualities more fully. I know when I'm playing single note leads, it's very important which guitar I have in hand.
Dave Carsley
Dave Carsley Ай мурун
P90s are always king! I didn't used to think so when I played on real amps, but now that I've been exclusively using modelers like Helix and Kemper for live shows for a while (meaning the awful 60 cycle hum of P90s is no longer an issue) I could be happy forever with nothing but P90 guitars!
Dave Carsley
Dave Carsley Ай мурун
Best thing to do is talk about the signal chain, but post a time stamp of where the examples are. That way, the people who want to go right to the examples know where to go, and the people who want to know about the signal chain can just let the video play.
Kenny Gardner
Kenny Gardner Ай мурун
The Deluxe is the most versatile because of the clean tone. It also can rock!
mk win
mk win Ай мурун
Those mini hums are head and shoulders above the humbuckers and P90s. Don't understand why they never got the same love from people.
Fahéj Illatos
Fahéj Illatos Ай мурун
On clean back to back i hear the difference pretty clearly with eyes closed, but with gain on... I need to really focus and still only heard the difference two times.
AR Stubbs
AR Stubbs Ай мурун
I thought the white custom sounded the best.
ブブタン Ай мурун
Surprised that the mini humbuckers seemed to have the most character. Love it or hate it. Almost sounded double tracked or something.
Charles S
Charles S Ай мурун
I love the Alex Lifeson L.P. Axcess !! What a universal all around utility guitar. Just Amazing !!!
Domonique Brooks
Domonique Brooks Ай мурун
The mini humbuckers just do it for me. Brighter, clearer sound than the full size humbuckers, and a fuller sound than the P90s.
Tyler Gilchrist
Tyler Gilchrist Ай мурун
I’ve got a Clapton Strat with Gold Lace Sensors and a LP Traditional with Burstbuckers but damn I may need that gold top!
mik99D Ай мурун
Where is the oscilloscope reading to monitor output sine waves? They all sound very similar through computer speaker.
Parker Klein
Parker Klein Ай мурун
And now I know if I ever buy a LP it’s going to have mini humbuckers!
Simon Thomson
Simon Thomson Ай мурун
Very timely! I'm trying to decide which guitar with which pickups is best for the new band I'm putting together. The answer to my question is all of them (with maybe the P90s just ahead)
Jeffrey Hall
Jeffrey Hall Ай мурун
Knowing the chain is helpful
Jack T
Jack T Ай мурун
Interesting, on my iPhone I dug the mini humbuckers, but on the big speakers it was P90 all the way.
Lane Adamson
Lane Adamson Ай мурун
Surprisingly to my ear, the mini bridge pickup seemed to have the highest output (and sounded pretty sweet, too). Would like to know the settings on the amps - the rhythm pickups on all three guitars sounded bright and articulate.
Bastion71 Ай мурун
To my ear: the P-90 was more midrange-y, especially distorted, it almost had an "aww" cocked wah sound when hit hard. The mini-humbucker had more definition and was more chime-y, could hear the individual notes better when distorted. The humbucker was the humbucker! I've never really been a P-90 fan... but I might have to change that, maybe a LP DC Special.
Salvantonio Clemente
Salvantonio Clemente Ай мурун
PAFs aren't getting much love here, but I'll tell you...having used all three in many different studio situations, the PAFs always win out for me in the context of a mix.
Edson Fernandes Junior
Edson Fernandes Junior Ай мурун
I consider that if you want something between a single coil pickup and a humbuker, the minihumbuker are the most suitable, but the p90s are also very top. I'm considering putting it in my guitar in the future a p90 or minihumbuker. Choose a little difficult. Congratulations on your work.
William Blair
William Blair Ай мурун
It would help immensely if this pup comparison video was performed by competent guitarists instead of these two.
Brendan Hayward
Brendan Hayward Ай мурун
Yes but which one is the coolest
jay etheredge
jay etheredge Ай мурун
Love the P90s!
Emilio De Filippo
Emilio De Filippo Ай мурун
P90 has the fullness and the loudness of an humbucker with the clarity and the definition of a single coil! 👍
James F. IV
James F. IV Ай мурун
Love this!
Andrew K
Andrew K Ай мурун
PAF Humbuckers have the classic tone. Am I the only person that preferred them?! They all sounded great. P90s had bite, the minis where bright and tight! Focused. Not a huge difference in all.
Jan Lievaart
Jan Lievaart Ай мурун
Cool thx!
Roiderien Ай мурун
Rick, I'd like to address some comments to the "clean" testing of the pickups. You followed the classical recommendations in that you tested every guitar with the same amp and speaker cabinet that was adjusted in the exact same way for all guitars. I am going to argue, however, that in this case, that was not the best way to elucidate the differences between the pickups, because it didn't differentiate between the trivial and the essential differences in their sounds. I would call the trivial differences those that can adjusted out by the use of simple bass, mid, and treble controls. The essential differences are those that remain after such adjustments. Additionally, I think it's important that the amp was set up to demonstrate some nominal desired sound. For example, no one would ever use the neck pickup if it really sounded like all of them did in your demonstration. Instead, in real use, the amp and tone controls would be adjusted to obtain the beautiful liquid tone obtainable from the neck pickup. With the amp adjusted as you had it, who could make a judgment of the neck pickups--they all sounded hopelessly boomy, with a recessed top end. I believe the better way of doing this testing was to select one of your Les Pauls, and call it the standard--it really doesn't matter which you chose. Then, using an amp or preamp with at least 2 channels, adjust the volume and tone controls of the "test' guitar's channel to sound as much like the standard guitar as possible. What differences remain I would say, are peculiar to each pickup. You could run through all the guitars in this fashion. I think such testing would be revealing and far more useful.
Vladonutyj Ай мурун
P90s are my favorite pickups at all. Thx for comparison
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan Ай мурун
Ergin Demir
Ergin Demir Ай мурун
It would be great if you had another LP with Filtertron set.
Adrian Addy
Adrian Addy Ай мурун
For clean, I like the mini on the bridge, P90 on the neck. For distortion, they all sound very very similar. If not for the wording on the screen, I won't notice there are any changes at all. But P90 on bridge has more bite for Hard Rock or even Metal, the mini on bridge is brighter & has a thrash metal feel to it. On the neck, they all sound the same.
Chris Davies
Chris Davies Ай мурун
TBH, over the net, I didn't hear much difference. Well. not enough to say one was better than the other anyway as they all sounded great. My feelings are, it's the amp that makes the biggest difference. A reasonably good guitar (or even a cheapish (£100) guitar), will sound better through a good amp, than for example, a 10 grand custom job through a cheap amp.
Emmo Martins
Emmo Martins Ай мурун
all sound almost the same. not worth any hype. a waste of time. make music and stop masturbation.
igotobakeries Ай мурун
No! I have very special hearing abilities and I'm not at all subject to cognitive bias.
Steve Suveg
Steve Suveg Ай мурун
PS You should have played a wrap around. Then you will some difference.
Steve Suveg
Steve Suveg Ай мурун
I think the Gold Top neck pick up is out of balance and a little muddy on the low end. Otherwise I think they all sound the same.
Ronny Rono
Ronny Rono Ай мурун
I don't like that song anymore
tim collins
tim collins Ай мурун
How did you control the hum with P90'S? I have a 2007 #33 GOTW. hums like crazy
M Warren
M Warren Ай мурун
Just my own personal opinion.... the '73 with the minis is the winner.
Michaël Rollins
Michaël Rollins Ай мурун
Why did I sell my 1962 SG with P90s???? Nothing else has filled that gaping hole in my heart.
Igor Romanovsky
Igor Romanovsky Ай мурун
Please please, when comparing, do bridge vs bridge and neck vs neck in separate sets, not in the same sets.
Joseph Piscitello
Joseph Piscitello Ай мурун
Great comparisons just bought a Yamaha Rev Star with P90's I have 7 electrics this is my first guitar with P90's I have a Gold top Les Paul Tribute with Humbuckers love it American Pro Strat great guitar ! absolutely love the Yamaha not sure if you've done a review but this guitar is awesome it does have a Mahogany body thanks for the great content.....
gscgold Ай мурун
Nothing beats the vibe of a Les Paul gold top with p90s sounds amazing too
Dylan Blodgett
Dylan Blodgett Ай мурун
I'll take the '73 with the mini humbuckers!
Steve Ай мурун
It's easy to be a critic but in almost every example, the Mini Humbucker sounded best to me. Of course that opinion is from an older than dirt drummer so my hearing may not be what it used to be.
Roy Jones
Roy Jones Ай мурун
Nice comparisons. I would've liked to see a burstbucker pro in the vlog. Maybe in the future?..
Joshua Bennett
Joshua Bennett Ай мурун
I prefer the PAF's but any les paul is a beautiful guitar
David Raiklen
David Raiklen Ай мурун
Now I want to hear a Mini Humbucker on a Strat. These videos are the best "shootouts". I hope sample libraries can get a similarly through real world comparison :)
NoStringsAttached Ай мурун
Big fan of the P90S also esp Gibson's. One thing worthy of consideration is the pickup height on both sides in relation to the strings. In the past have installed new pickups and then getting the best out of them by careful adjustment. Then thought - I didn't do that with the original pickups! 😜
Cigarette Smoking Man
Cigarette Smoking Man Ай мурун
Do you intentionally go into the low input on the hiwatt?
Reloading123 Ай мурун
Love knowing the signal chain. Thanks form the vid
Greg Thomas
Greg Thomas Ай мурун
The differences are there but pretty subtle. And in a mix...? It would be tough for me to justify owning all three guitars, but if money and space were no object, why not?
Jordan Pratt
Jordan Pratt Ай мурун
Signal chain always..what good is a review of anything if you dont know the whole story.
Eric Funnell
Eric Funnell Ай мурун
Doesn't the wiring in a LP make a difference? Vintage wiring vs. modern? Modern wiring has a high cut filter on it.
Nick Clarity
Nick Clarity Ай мурун
This is why I play a Les Paul BFG so I don't have to choose
joachim dahl
joachim dahl Ай мурун
what they fail to understand is that the red one wouldhave sounded best anyways.....sad
Trevor Yearwood
Trevor Yearwood Ай мурун
yes !
Benjamin H. Smith
Benjamin H. Smith Ай мурун
Very cool. You can see how they're all variations on a theme. I was really surprised how good the mini-buckers sounded. I liked their dirty neck sound the best. The P90s also sounded great. Great video.
nicolas faisant
nicolas faisant Ай мурун
The mini humbucker sound seems to be more clearest than the others.the HB and p90 sound very similar.interesting vidéo. My only concern is about the guitars. 3 pickups configuration but 3 différents LP who sound differently...not easy to make an opinion.the 3 LP sound great. Thanks Rick
Jason Weiss
Jason Weiss Ай мурун
Thank you for this video Rick. Your content is entertaining and enlightening. Best of all, it always inspires me to pick up my guitar and play. I think the P90's took the day for me.
Blaydrnnnr Ай мурун
What year is the Hiwatt? Mine are a Hylight '76, and a Biacrown '82 OL version.... I had no idea how many times the combo of a 57 and a 421 is used...I have both, have had them for years and years...And my 2 Hiwatts are rarely used these, I need to get back to some of this stuff
blueshurler Ай мурун
P-90's for sure. Sound fantastic in all settings. Don't like the mini's. Even before he said it, i agree with Brett, almost like a tele.
Allen Dean
Allen Dean Ай мурун
People never ask me why i have les Paul’s- although i do want one.....
zepsett Ай мурун
p90's are unbeatable imho.... they're also noisy, and that's NOT opinion.
Vista Vette
Vista Vette Ай мурун
The mini-humbuckers have a pronounced bump in the high-mids...if I ever get my '72 Deluxe back from the shop, I'll have to take another listen back to back with my '20 60's Standard
t3r080 Ай мурун
Humbucker = Full P90 = Nasal Mini Humbucker = Hollow
TC Demos
TC Demos Ай мурун
Liked the PAFs the least. Mini hums may have won. Did not love neck pickup sound for any of them. I am sure Rick dialed in for bridge pickups. One of the reasons I have always used midi preamps or modeling. No need to compromise. If Rick dialed in for neck, the bridge would sound harsh. Just make two presets or snapshots/scenes and you can now have both sound good.
John White
John White Ай мурун
Harder to tell the difference with the dirty sound, and even with the clean the advantages/disadvantages seem almost neglible. I will say that the mini-humbuckers 'rang' more, there was something a little extra. more resonant or something. A bit more complex.
Ken Hall
Ken Hall Ай мурун
I thought the Mini Humbuckers were the most distinct difference. They sounded less muddy and clearer. The rest all sounded almost identical to me. In my experience the main difference is not as much about the actual sound as it is the difference in the reaction to how they respond to the player. The sensitivity "feels" different.
kipponi Ай мурун
I can hear differences even selfphone. 56 gold LesPaul sounds best with this mini speaker. Must use good headphones next my testing. Mics do matter it is fact.
7668587 0
7668587 0 Ай мурун
: i don't know what last year means
7668587 0
7668587 0 Ай мурун
Sloppy Pockets
Sloppy Pockets Ай мурун
I like knowing what gear you use Rick
JG Hill Drums
JG Hill Drums Ай мурун
I have a G&L ASAT special with P90’s it is a go to in our the video thanks for making will help folks made decisions in sound for years to come.
Kirk Mooneyham
Kirk Mooneyham Ай мурун
I LOVE the sound those P90s put out from that Goldtop, just amazing!
Mike Austin
Mike Austin Ай мурун
In the visual phase, the black guitar sounded muddy, especially on the neck pickup. For me, the differences without the visuals were negligible. It would be interesting to see how many people could tell the difference in a true random blindfold test.
Mike T.
Mike T. Ай мурун
No one would without the visuals. That's the funny part. An audiophile magazine did this sort of test a couple years back. Blind tested a 128kbs mp3, 256kbs mp3, 324kbs mp3, a FLAC file, and a WAV file, with three noted audiophiles. They all picked the 128kbs mp3 as lower quality, that was no problem. But the other high-quality files, they only identified the type of file correctly about 1/3 of the time.
Thomas Berinati
Thomas Berinati Ай мурун
This helped explain to my wife, “Why so many guitars?.” : )
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