Kurt Rosenwinkel: The Most Important Guitarist of His Generation?

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Rick Beato

26 күн мурун

Kurt Rosenwinkel is one of the most important guitarists and composers of this generation. He has influenced guitarists of all genres in both his approach to guitar and improvisation. Here is my interview with Kurt.
• Kurt's Website: kurtrosenwinkel.com/
• Kurt's Masterclass: shop.heartcore-records.com/#masterclass
• Kurt's Instagram: kurtisrosenwinkel?hl=en
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myke2k2 Күн мурун
I attended the Berklee College of Music with Kurt back in '89 through '91. He's been THIS KOOL and played like this since THEN. Every - I mean EVERY professor knew about Kurt and would be at any recital he was in. So many of us would show up with cassette recorders to capture his stuff and try to study him... the professors studying HIM! lolol! He was also a member of a band back then called Human Feel that released a couple CDs that were burning. I remember he showed up to a rehearsal in a room next to mine, and forgot a guitar strap... I loaned him one and I felt like I loaned it to some rock star.... lolol! But he was very kool. Thanks, Rick! Keep it coming!
Bruno Күн мурун
Kurt Rosenwinkel is indeed awesome ... But the question "is he the most important of his generation?" is irrelevant when there are musicians as brilliant and diverse as Julian Lages, Nelson Veras, Ulf Wakenius ... (so as not to appear chauvinist, I will avoid talking about the 2 geniuses Sylvain Luc and Bireli Lagrenne who even impresses master Georges Benson! 😉)
PureToneAmps 2 күн мурун
I am so happy and excited to see Kurt here too. His value as an artist is difficult to be realized. I am also happy and proud to be one tiny part on his creativity and expression thru my amps. His magic is in his ideas, approach and skills and I am really excited to know that all this talent passes thru my designs... Keep on exciting us Kurt.
cle262 2 күн мурун
I’ve never heard of this guy. I know about him now. Thanks, Rick.
Blake Cohen
Blake Cohen 2 күн мурун
Hilarious Holdsworth story.
Nate Kianovsky
Nate Kianovsky 2 күн мурун
I think my he played on one of my flute teacher's albums in the last couple years
William Neill GROSS
William Neill GROSS 4 күн мурун
Concerning the topic at 16:16 I wonder why people don't get turned on to "classical music" which has never been more vital and adventurous. Modern composers and players are at the vanguard of inventiveness. Concerning Jazz I've got a buddy, a jazz drummer, who saw Ella Fitzgerald when he was in High School. That was it for him, from that moment on it was jazz. I saw Ella at a much later age, one of her last concerts before she died and she could still send a shiver down your spine with one note, she was that powerful. I love Jazz but RocknRoll is still my default setting; my first concert was Bruce Springsteen. I've met a lot of present and former Bay Area Jazz players, Charle Hunter, John Schott, Adam Levy, Will Bernard, those guys LOVE Jazz with a capital L-O-V-E-!-!-! ALL those guys had an early experience with a good Jazz player, either a teacher or a performance. They know the Jazz canon, learned it early enough that it was ingrained in them. I think a lot of people at a young age at least can't feel that power that someone like Ella communicated so well through the haze of hormones, drugs, and the pressures of life, or their parents simply didn't have that in their record collection. I admire people who connected with that sensibility early. It shows a certain taste and maturity that most of us just don't get until much later if ever.
Jared Stone
Jared Stone 4 күн мурун
The first clip-'Little Dream' from 'Caipi'-is Eric Clapton soloing on guitar. Great composition. I'm so glad you chose to interview Kurt. He's been THE biggest musical inspiration in my life. Great stuff, Rick..thanks!
vidsforsquids 5 күн мурун
Never heard of this guy , but most important guitarist of his generation? I don’t agree
vidsforsquids Күн мурун
@Christophe Gragnic not this person
Christophe Gragnic
Christophe Gragnic 3 күн мурун
Interesting, but who would you point us to?
Javier Cisternas
Javier Cisternas 6 күн мурун
Rick, you makes us better musicians, thanks for all your work, you are a living legend
Jörgen Johansson
Jörgen Johansson 7 күн мурун
Such s great guy and musician 👍♥️
Jeffrey Carter
Jeffrey Carter 7 күн мурун
This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you, Rick, for taking us into the heart and mind of a musical genius! (Takes one to show one!)
Hervé Quatre
Hervé Quatre 7 күн мурун
It's funny how Kurt states that he is not a huge Wes fan, and then mentions Opening Nights where Eubanks choruses are so much influenced by Wes.
The 80/20 Drummer
The 80/20 Drummer 8 күн мурун
YES - so happy to see Kurt getting more mainstream exposure. Only push-back would be "calling him a jazz guitarist does him a disservice". As a jazzer (who also plays pop and rock), that kind of frames jazz like it's not good enough. I know what you mean tho ;)
Grooveworks 8 күн мурун
Beautiful. Thanks Rick!
Aaron Searle
Aaron Searle 11 күн мурун
I love Kurt Rosenwinkel's music. But to call him the most important guitarist of his generation? Really? That's a big call and hard to back up. Remember that his generation includes a lot of influential musicians like Tom Morello, Paul Gilbert, John Frusciante, Nuno Bettencourt, Dave Navarro..... etc..... etc......
Rupert Lay
Rupert Lay 12 күн мурун
Why don't people like jazz music? Rick asks...Well a few reasons: 1. The radios do not play Jazz music. 2. It's a systemic thing. 3. Most people do not feel or understand the rhythm in Jazz it is too sophisticated rhythmically (and Jazz is about rhythm)....just three reasons... and The elephant in the room 4. It speaks to a significant contribution to humanity which happens to be for the most part by black people, and the world is not ready for that. Bonus 5. It forces one to be free....most of us seem to reject freedom in the true sense.
canopeaz 12 күн мурун
Hey Rick have you heard of Justin-Lee Schultz? He's an incredible child prodigy, a multi-instrumentalist super-talented kid at age 12 or 13
Jon Kovach
Jon Kovach 13 күн мурун
Guthrie Govan is probably my favorite improviser.
Brigid Fian
Brigid Fian 13 күн мурун
OK I listened to Kurt's music. I prefer more melodic less electronic. thanx
Bthelick 13 күн мурун
from the opening preview I can already feel the Alan Holdsworth influence!
Paul Oswald
Paul Oswald 14 күн мурун
Hands down my favourite interview that you have done Rick!! Thank you so much for this introduction to Kurt. I will will disappear down yet another rabbit hole that you just opened up for me.
Dimitris Korontzis
Dimitris Korontzis 14 күн мурун
Hello Rick , my opinion is Kurt is one the best jazz players right now but to me he miss something very important , he can,t make me feel anything,in contrary to Julian Lage that i think he is the most important Jazz guitar player these days.
Luka Majetić
Luka Majetić 14 күн мурун
Julian Patrick Howland
Julian Patrick Howland 15 күн мурун
What a cool conversation! Thanks, Rick, for putting this out into the world for us all to learn from and enjoy!
Moa Nicolas Edmunds Guevara
Moa Nicolas Edmunds Guevara 15 күн мурун
Beautiful interview.
Guzzo Pinc
Guzzo Pinc 16 күн мурун
good one rick...
stephanie r
stephanie r 16 күн мурун
CAREFUL! John Mayer is going to get his uber-fragile ego dinged and start flagging all your videos. lol (bad joke, I know)
Dallas Sutherland
Dallas Sutherland 16 күн мурун
I really enjoyed this. I worked in the jazz department of a music store years ago, and it was always exciting to see a new album of Kurt come out. He's one of the best,absolutely.
Gene C
Gene C 16 күн мурун
Of course Wes was over 50 years ago. I wonder how he would have evolved if he had lived another 30 years or so.
Nigal Goodship
Nigal Goodship 16 күн мурун
After seeing this interview, I went on to look at his you tube channel. Now I have brought three albums!! Great interview as always, thank you for introducing his music
Sky Dawg
Sky Dawg 17 күн мурун
For some reason I’m reminded of Steve Kimock when listening to Kurt. As for the most important, Julian Lage comes to mind If there is such a person, anyway.
Ian Spencer
Ian Spencer 17 күн мурун
Nothing wrong with the word Jazz.
RiesVS 18 күн мурун
I love most of Kurts’s work. Started with Deep Song and never last kef back. Saw him live an Amsterdam what an experience. And as far as listening to jazz it us easy just listen ... I started when I was 17 over 40 years ago 😀
Steve Brozic
Steve Brozic 18 күн мурун
Why is frank zappa popping into my head
Tommy Strazza
Tommy Strazza 18 күн мурун
I started Berklee in the Spring of 1991. The first recital that I saw was Kurt’s recital. As an 18-year old kid, who was there to become the next Steve Vai(that changed quickly when I saw how many other people did that way better than me.😂)...it was so mind-blowing and overwhelming that it took me awhile to wrap my head around. That was my “Welcome to Berklee!” moment. Needless to say, I hit the practice rooms immediately thereafter. Kurt’s amazing.
tyrone2k 18 күн мурун
Tommy, I was at that recital and had the exact same reaction as you!!!! I’ve been telling that story for 30 years now 👍🏻
False Note Fest
False Note Fest 18 күн мурун
Was it an E mixolidian? Waww well Rick, you are an incredible huge guitarist, I don't know why I never heard of a concert from you in France, I hope to see you and I think your composition will be amazing
Eddie Davis
Eddie Davis 19 күн мурун
But he doesn't like Wes that much :-(
Rick Jenkins
Rick Jenkins 19 күн мурун
Great interview; so, when does the Rick Beato album come out?
Dudi Ross
Dudi Ross 19 күн мурун
Who else thinks Rick looks like an anime character that hasn’t yet been created yet?
lopezb 19 күн мурун
Wonderful music! First time for me hearing Kurt, can't believe it.
marcwhy 19 күн мурун
Great work, Rick - thanks! "East Coast Love Affair" is a must-listen release! He was just a "kid," and yet you can hear something special was already happening!
Christopher Mead
Christopher Mead 19 күн мурун
Jazz is the pinnacle of human achievement.
marloc2019 19 күн мурун
C'mon Rick, when Kurt Rosenwinkel tells you "you're a great player" you can close the channel and go for hiatus. I mean what's for more..?
arajand 19 күн мурун
Rick beats up journalists for making pronouncements ('Paul Simon will be forgotten') but can't help making them himself: 'X is the most important Y of the Z generation.' Relatedly, Rick talks about ancients like Bob Dylan (age 79) and Paul McCartney (age 78) but then jumps straight to Kurt Cobain and Cardi B, without much mentions of people in the middle, barring rare exceptions like Kurt Rosenwinkel. In other words, Rick likes talking about musicians music journalists and critics just love talking about. All heart-touching immediacy can only come from boomer dinosaurs like Joni Mitchell (bless her heart, I can't listen to her without getting a lump in my throat sometimes) whereas respected musicality today is Rosenwinkel's dry noodling impenetrable to the cloth-eared masses today? There is something missing here.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 16 күн мурун
Yes. Kurt is the most imitated jazz guitarist of last 20 years. Every jazz guitarist i meet loves his playing and went through a massive Kurt phase. That happens to be a fact. That has nothing to do with 200 years from now.
RexWave 19 күн мурун
I’m a knuckle-dragging rock bass player. These videos expand my awareness every time, mostly recently by giving me different ways to move through the music. Thank you.
tyrone2k 20 күн мурун
Thanks for this Rick & Kurt. Kurt is also one of my all-time favorite musicians..... just a phenomenal voice in music. BTW, Searching The Continuum was my C19 lockdown (literal Desert Island) disc. Cheers guys!
Elliott Felson
Elliott Felson 20 күн мурун
Caipi is one of my absolute favorite recordings ever. Thanks for do this piece on Kurt, Rick!
Hea Vestlus
Hea Vestlus 20 күн мурун
Greatest of all!
Michael Alvarez
Michael Alvarez 20 күн мурун
Dickran Marsupial
Dickran Marsupial 20 күн мурун
I had never heard of this man before today. Kurt Rosenwinkel? At first I thought it was a wind-up/prank of some sort.
Markus Andrezak
Markus Andrezak 20 күн мурун
cool - about time for that title of the video :)
hazor777 20 күн мурун
Pete Seeger called, he wants his hat back.
jirdesteva 21 күн мурун
I find all music is or has a mood. I love AC DC but there are days or moments that I can't listen to them. Then there are the Jazz and big band moments or days. Thank Rick
MajorNinthWarden 21 күн мурун
I don't like jazz because it sounds like a bunch of meandering around. I can appreciate the skill and knowledge involved, and it's probably fun to play, but it's not fun to listen to.
Keith Matthews
Keith Matthews 21 күн мурун
Live streams are one of the positives to come out of lockdown. I've been watching weekly streams by pianist Yulianna Avdeeva. It is mostly about piano music but there is lots of musical insight and beautiful piano playing!
Ken Keyes
Ken Keyes 21 күн мурун
People don't like jazz because of tonal dissonance, complex rhythms and over indulgent virtuosity...which is why musicians like it.
Anthony Costa
Anthony Costa 21 күн мурун
Definitely not my thing.
Zaphods2ndhead 21 күн мурун
Even when you know something very well, when you have to write it down and explain in verbally you end up learning YOURSELF on an even deeper level. To teach is to learn.
Shine Dawg
Shine Dawg 21 күн мурун
I need that picking attack. I'm watching and learning...
Shine Dawg
Shine Dawg 21 күн мурун
I needed my daily dose of RB. What a treat, wonderful interview
Luigi Cannizzo
Luigi Cannizzo 21 күн мурун
" Very Special Sounds and Creative Talent ". .. Many Thank Mr. Beato for This Job on Music/Guitar Concept ... ☺😊😀/💙💙💙/👍👌👏👋
Tim Bruer
Tim Bruer 21 күн мурун
That was very enjoyable, it's great hearing two musicians that are so articulate and knowledgeable. Thank you
Tal Michles
Tal Michles 22 күн мурун
So happy that Kevin Eubanks gets some love from Kurt. Heartcore is one of my favorite albums ever.
Andrew Sokolov
Andrew Sokolov 22 күн мурун
you don't hear often when people say their heroes are Bud Powell and Biggie Smalls, usually it's one or the other. That's why Kurt's music is so versatile
Peter Steemers
Peter Steemers 22 күн мурун
Beautiful guitar and a wonderful talent, I need to find out more!
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 22 күн мурун
Ha! I was just listening to Sco's Still Warm album before viewing this... Great hang guys! Thx!
Joey Farley
Joey Farley 22 күн мурун
I guess you did this video because nobody knew who he was the other night on the live stream? I have to be honest I didn't know who he was but I have been listening for about a week now and he has some serious chops.
Philipp Moehrke
Philipp Moehrke 22 күн мурун
Very sympathic both of you! Thanxxx
April Kurtz
April Kurtz 22 күн мурун
But can you dance to it? Is there a hummable melody? A hook?
tomandaj1 22 күн мурун
He has an elegant flow. That is rare ...
Geoff Merrill
Geoff Merrill 22 күн мурун
Whenever I find myself somehow paying attention to genius, listening and concentrating for all I'm worth, on some level my mind is wondering, 'To what degree am I anywhere near an understanding of this person, of these concepts, etc., etc.? 5%? 20%? 33.3%?' But I don't let that distract me too much, or become the focus. The more people who, fortunately, work on developing their natural talents, the better.
Alan Dalaku
Alan Dalaku 22 күн мурун
Never heard of this dude, and am VERY glad to now.
Ignazio Di Salvo
Ignazio Di Salvo 22 күн мурун
This is GREAT!!!
Ibratarig 22 күн мурун
Thursday morning, cup of coffee and this awesome conversation here, maaan, I love this channel! Never heard of Kurt before but he is on the radar now, thanks Rick. Any chance Guthrie Govan is showing up here in the near future? ;-)
asher platts
asher platts 22 күн мурун
OMG this is amazing, I thought this was just going to be a video where you talked ABOUT him, but you are talking WITH him! So excited!
John Angelori
John Angelori 22 күн мурун
Rick! Superlatives are always an invitation to ask about someone else - like Jonathan Kreisberg.
Miłosz Karpowicz
Miłosz Karpowicz 22 күн мурун
Great interview.. Thank you... Is there a transcription of E-Mixolydian lick/exercise that Rick plays 12:15 ?
onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος
onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος 23 күн мурун
was he playing microtones in the first song?
Paul Quirk
Paul Quirk 23 күн мурун
Why is improvising even a thing? What's the point in NOT planning? How is this different from a writer offering a novel that he wrote in a week? Figure out something that you like a lot and THEN play for me!
Jetlag 16 күн мурун
@Rick Beato Many of the modern prog guitarists are not proficient improvisers, but are still good musicians and composers. What also strikes me is that many great improvisers are not equally good songwriters... might be something to discuss
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 16 күн мурун
@Jetlag Paul is obviously an intelligent guy but has a real blind spot here. The ability to create great music on the spot is The highest form of creativity. He must hate blues.
Jetlag 21 күн мурун
@Paul Quirk ​ Think of it this way: when you enter a conversation or debate with five people (say, in a talk show or some panel), do you work out every sentence you are going to say in advance? Probably not. You have a topic (the theme) and you prepare certain arguments in advance, but then you go with the flow. A week later, the same conversation might take different turns and twists. This unpredictability, and the ability to react to different situations and moods is really what makes this interesting, both to viewers and to the participants.
Paul Quirk
Paul Quirk 22 күн мурун
@Rick Beato I'm serious (and aware of the apparent philistinism). It's partly that I don't get jazz solos. (Why is one better than another? Etc.) I'll concede I lack the understanding to appreciate them. But the question doesn't depend on what I like. Did Coltrane think his improvised solos were perfect, all the way through? If not, why not revise it first and perform the perfected version in public? Why do we want to hear playing without planning, even if, remarkably, it's almost as good as with planning?
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 22 күн мурун
Is this a joke post? Why did Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, Jimi Hendrix, Allan Holdsworth improvise? Because they were brilliant musicians.
Chris Yates
Chris Yates 23 күн мурун
Big fan Rick but most important guitarist of a generation? Just sounds like Dimeola and McLaughlin fusion to me? Your title is click -baity to me. Played guitar for thirty years and never heard of him. After the interview still don’t seem to care.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 22 күн мурун
You may have played guitar for 30 years but have learned a little about contemporary Guitarists. Kurt has been well known to every guitarist I’ve known for 25 years. He played at Crossroads multiple times because Clapton loves his playing. You may be just stuck in the 70s. By the way, it sounds nothing like fusion.
E Anderson
E Anderson 23 күн мурун
Thanks for introducing this music to me.
Zack Orr
Zack Orr 23 күн мурун
OMG Rick! Finally someone says it. Thank you. Kurt rocks!!!
global nomad
global nomad 23 күн мурун
big yay ,, FOR all CREATIVES...
anconia's place
anconia's place 23 күн мурун
I first heard Kurt on Gary Burton's Six Pack album from 1992. Great stuff!
imaginarytube 23 күн мурун
One of my favorite guitarist. He is a true master of fluidity! Thank you Rick and Kurt!
Andy Wilkinson
Andy Wilkinson 23 күн мурун
I got caught playing with my Hog ..once or twice in my life
Andy Wilkinson
Andy Wilkinson 23 күн мурун
Never heard of him....Must have pulled a Rip Vanwinkle when he was playing....first 30 seconds of your video was boring....so instead of being an impatient listener ...I waited....Unlike Rick in his Spotify tuber....I listed and waited AND. I was greatly rewarded,.....Thank You Rick and Kurt
Pete Stevens
Pete Stevens 23 күн мурун
Rupert Neve passed away this year , I thought you as a guy that runs a studio you would of made a comment on one of your video's.
David Richards
David Richards 23 күн мурун
Why do some people not like jazz? The act, itself, of listening to a new music defines a person as a particular kind of new person -- you become a person who listens to that music. This 'becoming' is inevitable with any cultural activity, or type of media, or literary genre, etc. The act of disliking something is an expression of reluctance to become something new. But nothing is ever truly isolated from other things. The inner change(s) involved in 'liking jazz' will change one's relations to other things - things which may not even be musically related, but which perhaps involve deeper aspects of pattern and culture shared with 'jazz'. These changes can be profound and scary. So, a 'dislike' of jazz might result from a fear of changing one's relationship to other things which might not seem, on the surface, to have anything to do with jazz at all.
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber 23 күн мурун
Sounds pretty german, Rosenwinkel!
henrikduende 23 күн мурун
Where do i find this masterclass?!?😃
Joe Labatt
Joe Labatt 23 күн мурун
Julian Lage is right up there
James Sanford
James Sanford 23 күн мурун
Rick you should interview Billy Gibbons
Pete Alba
Pete Alba 23 күн мурун
Great stuff. Just like some singers can sing the phone book, Kurt can play the phone book and make it sound fresh. Such a thoughtful person and player. Thanks you for this one, Rick!
reffoelcnu alouncelal
reffoelcnu alouncelal 23 күн мурун
I’m a big fan of kurt , He plays so many genres of jazz , plus you almost never see him play the same guitar twice ,that’s unusual ,
Moon Talker
Moon Talker 23 күн мурун
he looks like Adam Neely from the future.
patrick casey
patrick casey 23 күн мурун
great interview. I LOVED that you asked him what album people should start to introduce themselves to his music. Perfect question for someone with such a varied catalogue and longstanding reputation (especially one who is on my never ending "I really should check them out" list. Started listening last night. Caipi is nice, Reflections is excellent but both led the way to Secret World which has been on repeat as I "work" this morning. Thanks.
Matías Martinoli Aránguiz
Matías Martinoli Aránguiz 23 күн мурун
subtitule spanish???
Stephen 23 күн мурун
Heartcore is such a great album, but I think calling Kurt the guitarist of a generation is a big stretch, he is not that well known outside jazz circles and has not achieved the level of influence that someone like Mark Lettieri has or a bunch of the young fusion players out there at the moment
Stephen 23 күн мурун
@Rick Beato I don't disagree, it's just that Kurt's influence is limited to those with an interest in jazz guitar. Most guitarist don't have a clue who he is. Mark might be a lot younger then him, but he has achieved a lot more and has a lot more influence already. Hell someone like Guthrie Govan is of the same generation as Kurt and is far more worthy of being called " the guitarist of his generation". BTW I think it's great you made this video, more people need to hear Kurt's music.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 23 күн мурун
Kurt has 25 years worth of albums with the greatest players behind him. Mark is a killer player and good friend but he’s not even from the same generation. I guarantee you Mark himself is heavily influenced by Kurt. I don’t even know who else you’re talking about.
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TRUE Limits Of Humanity - The Final Border We Will Never Cross
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