I Confronted the People That BLOCKED My Video (Rant)

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Rick Beato

10 ай мурун

What happened when I confronted the people that blocked my recent Top 20 video.
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Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker 3 саат мурун
Damn you can feel the frustration and anger at the beginning of the video before Rick even starts talking about it. It's so palpable. Remind me to never piss Rick off. Hahah.
Julien MARY
Julien MARY 13 саат мурун
the problem is youtube policy, allowing abusive claims, spread up by idiots acting as robots because they are paid for it. That's why it's important to fight for free education for everyone ... it will help to avoid idiot following and doing anything.
Mark Haun
Mark Haun 19 саат мурун
Why can't KGglobal work like radio or commercials. If someone on KGglobal uses an artist's music, the artist should get a small piece of the pie. If Rick makes a $1000 on a video, why can't Don get $100-$200 of it? Win-Win
Ricardo Pinto
Ricardo Pinto 20 саат мурун
Do you have that guys contact? Procrastinating on social media and getting paid, sign me up!
John Carroll
John Carroll Күн мурун
Always wondered why The Dude "hates the f@#$ing Eagles, man!!" Wonder no more! ;-)
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Күн мурун
LOL!!! We all knew Henley was kind of an ass. We forgive him because he and Frey gave us so much happiness over the years. But that same OCD attention to detail that gave us perfectly crafted music like "Hotel California" means that he'll deny a new generation that same pleasure. His obsessive assholishness is what forced Felder and Meisner out of the band. But it's also the same thing that made every note perfect for fifty years. You're absolutely right, but I don't expect he'll change any time soon. Keep hammering away Rick.
Billy Mac
Billy Mac Күн мурун
How many people would not have even heard of KIng Crimson , let alone listen to, and maybe purchase their music if it wasnt for the free advertising by Rick?
Gumboot Zone
Gumboot Zone 2 күн мурун
I have a few carpentry and construction videos and was surprised to find out a couple of them got copyright strikes. Turned out they could hear the radio playing in the background and detected a song they recognised, so I got in trouble for it.
slow sal
slow sal 2 күн мурун
You and Henley full contact in the cage only one survivor. Pay per view of course.Slow sal Money Management LLC
Anthony Metcalf
Anthony Metcalf 2 күн мурун
I plan on doing a cover of Epitaph for busking. Hopefully none of the aforementioned parties walk by.
Anthony Metcalf
Anthony Metcalf 2 күн мурун
I see you got an ad on this video. I hope you get paid for that.
Bill Collier
Bill Collier 3 күн мурун
Who are these morons that thumbs down on this video..
C M 3 күн мурун
Keep calm and eat Peruvian food 😋
Francesco Stabile
Francesco Stabile 4 күн мурун
Your channel is one of the most interesting, high quality, educative in all the internet. Artists should contribute to that instead of blocking. Thank you for your videos, keep on going!
Mike 4 күн мурун
Uh.....Don Henley changed.............wow.
Mike 4 күн мурун
Rick, you do great stuff brother. The whole thing is getting out of control and you shouldn't be getting crap like you are.
S Cano
S Cano 4 күн мурун
You know Rick, i think it will be wiser for them get along with youtube creators and get something out of it, instead fighting them. The's must be some middle ground if they were willing to settle. A win-win situation. I supouse.
Chuck Wagon
Chuck Wagon 4 күн мурун
Speaking of Don Henley, my late older sister worked with him on some business stuff in the 80's and she flat-out told me he acted like a complete prick most of the time, i.e., talking down to her, showing up late for business meetings and even raising his voice at her over the phone because her kids were a little noisy in the next room.
Celery Man
Celery Man 4 күн мурун
I did a cover for 30 seconds of the hotel california solo and it got taken down...Don Henley sucks
Pale Male
Pale Male 4 күн мурун
But you are PROMOTING their music (for free) ? Folks can go on to purchase, if they want. Get a free-use promotional deal with a couple of the biggest music administrators - then the rest will need to come on board too.
Old Man Badly
Old Man Badly 5 күн мурун
Don Henley said, and I quote, "hey you kids, get off my lawn".
Gertim Alberda
Gertim Alberda 5 күн мурун
This craziness of even manually checking popular channels and illegally overloading them with unjustified copyright infringement and abuse fear to control them and buy of conscience to skim of large sums of the money the KGglobalr would otherwise make (which basically is stealing from them!). It should stop. Also the automatically algorithms are set too tight, and they make more mistakes then ever before and it made much harder, if not impossible to fight it (it will be even set so that it won't be even possible to upload a video if there's a copyright claim put on it). This is milking dry a cash cow. First they make them dependent (and to be able to live from it), but then the milking begins, but they forget that the cows will start looking for other, greener pastures and eventually run away. They're making a big mistake, but some people, as always only a very few, will get very rich in a relatively short time, so they don't care. That's the problem; no one cares. And certainly not for the musician; 'copyrights' are only used as a false security to mainly keep the music industry up and running. It has become a big money making industry, which, above all, has to be kept alive.
Steve’s Slide And Jazz
Steve’s Slide And Jazz 5 күн мурун
Neil Young monetized my covers of his music. There may be others. My personal rule is, “the music comes to me for free, I can pass it on for free.” Instead my musical performance is monetized for Neil. What? He makes a half a penny for each view? Sheesh…
会烧中国菜还会弹吉他的美国好老公会烧中国菜还会弹吉他的美国好老公 5 күн мурун
It’s the new “get off my lawn” food out of touch artists!
会烧中国菜还会弹吉他的美国好老公会烧中国菜还会弹吉他的美国好老公 5 күн мурун
It’s the new “get off my lawn” food out of touch artists! Ironically he is promoting how great these people are and they block him.
Refuge G
Refuge G 5 күн мурун
So if I have a legal receipt and purchase music on any format, does the licence to use transfer to me?
Refuge G
Refuge G 5 күн мурун
Historically musicians only audience were the people present. Then came inexpensive but uncopyable vinyl 45's and vinyl 33'. This lead to music being for a short time a fantatic way to reach a large audience and make millions. Those days have gone. So now it is back as it used to be. What's interesting is the way some comedians are using youtube to induce potential clients to buy tickets to see the whole show on stage for real. So is there a source where I may visit to peruse a record companies collection so I can make an informed purchase of licence to use. I don' t even know how many classical muscians there are. So no beethoven for me.
Refuge G
Refuge G 5 күн мурун
So who owns the copyright to my DNA. Do I own a cpoyright on my finger prints, if not then I best where gloves.
Refuge G
Refuge G 5 күн мурун
You tube is a fantastic medium to learn about music. These bands you are talking about are from 50 years ago. If it were not for you tube I would never ever be exposed to this music at all. Never seen a link to where this music maybe purchased (at the true revenue cost that the band received) in the first place. So basically these bands loose. Secondly I purchased some music 50 years ago on vinyl. So was I buying a personal licence (receipt) to enjoy that music in any media format, because that vinyl has long since degraded. I should like to know.
Lou Lou
Lou Lou 6 күн мурун
These snobby rich musicians don't get it. I went to get a U2 single online after seeing your U2 tutorial.
Lou Lou
Lou Lou 6 күн мурун
YOU ARE MY NEW unPC hero. You are so right.
Lou Lou
Lou Lou 6 күн мурун
I voted for Trump just to stick it to Henley. I love the Eagles' music, but I can't stand the artists behind the music.
inthso 6 күн мурун
Could you imagine the fun they'd have going to every dive bar and blocking or collecting from every garage band playing an Eagles song?
Michele Curlee
Michele Curlee 6 күн мурун
OLD Dinosaur IDIOTS! The only way most young people learn of them and potentially buy their creations is via KGglobal! Best FREE advertising EVER! P.S. I am an old dinosaur, and when I make references about the older bands, I get “deer in the headlight” looks! They don’t even ask, “ so, who were those guys”. Way to go to your grave, clinging to your old gold records. No tech savvy whatsoever...influence talks and reason takes a walk! I rest my case!
胡李 6 күн мурун
He looks like Anthony Bourdain the late food critic
Stooo Marshall
Stooo Marshall 6 күн мурун
Don Henley needs to go back and fix Jurassic Park, his grandkids are about to get eaten by a T-Rex...
Daniël van Ginkel
Daniël van Ginkel 7 күн мурун
FIne, I'll make sure not to listen to King Crimson then.
paintpot2 8 күн мурун
Man, come on. I had a rough night, and I hate the fucking Eagles, man.
Learn Guitar at 60!
Learn Guitar at 60! 8 күн мурун
Rick your videos are amazing. Great rant btw.. (Our Senate is USELESS. Total waste of time and MONEY)
macleadg 8 күн мурун
If Rick plays 9 seconds of one of my lame songs, and tells his subscribers how great it is, I promise not to block him.
会烧中国菜还会弹吉他的美国好老公会烧中国菜还会弹吉他的美国好老公 5 күн мурун
Perfect response! Well played!
pdofak 8 күн мурун
"Henley never had a life." is what I heard. And the big irony is that people buy content that they hear about. Regardless. Don. And oh yeah one more thing, Thanks Rick! :)
ExNihilo 9 күн мурун
The Dude is right
william arbogast
william arbogast 10 күн мурун
Don Henley is an ASS, just ask anyone else in the Eagles
RuinDweller 10 күн мурун
"Out on the road today, I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac. A little voice inside my head said 'Don't look back - you can never look back.'"
Randy Ordonez
Randy Ordonez 11 күн мурун
Yeah that's really crazy. It's like Don Henley is saying that you're getting a piece of the pie that you have no right to have. On the whole scheme of things it's not like it's having a major negative financial impact on his life.
surfthewav3 11 күн мурун
KGglobal videos are like free ads for artists. People hear the sound, they like, they find the artist to ad the song to their favorites.
sivadmg 11 күн мурун
who appointed Don Henley to a position of paying 60 people to look out for the little guy?
sivadmg 11 күн мурун
"They" should really consider context when determining copyright infringement. If I'm not charging it should be no harm, no foul.
Dreamvine 11 күн мурун
Deep breaths bro. You are helping a lot of people, myself included. I have learned so much from your book , ear training course and videos. I am so thankful for everything you have done my man.
No One Of Consequence
No One Of Consequence 11 күн мурун
The comments on this channel are worth more to me than anything Don Henley's done in his misbegotten life. And that's just the ancillary benefit of this channel, to say nothing of what I learn from Rick. Fuck Don Henley.
Richard McCaffrey
Richard McCaffrey 11 күн мурун
I never would have listened to King Crimson but for you video and promoting them!
Saucy Jk
Saucy Jk 12 күн мурун
Look, to the detractors......Rick saw a market and capitalized. He puts in alot of time and although I don't think he's quite the svengali/master that his mostly amateur fan base does, I do think he is knowledgeable and talented,, as well as versatile. I admit, hearing him complain about videos being taken down borders on the "really,dude" scale, but, look, ricks a businessman..and the truth is im entertained by his channel. mainly because he explains things very similar to how i would...from theory to music appreciation to songwriting. I taught and performed a long time, and as soon as youtube came out, the head of the music school/college I taught at told me to do what ricks doing now...(.i had , like Rick a broad array of things i knew fairly well, some of the teachers at the school were specialists, "jazz improv", but little else)... But I just wasn't interested.... Rick, I think , should at least acknowledge that part of why alot of old-school guitar teachers(guys that are roughly 45-65 years old) have a more difficult time making what they used to is because of the dissemination of knowledge on channels on you tube for free, and ricks is a big one... as well as how to play pretty much any song, free. Rick taught, so he knows back in the 80s and 90s it was knowledge, a great ear, talent and skill that set one apart as a teacher....and player....we had to learn theory the long route....developed our ear the long route, i do not begrudge Rick making some significant coin on his books and clicks...but, it IS a little rich to be complaining about artists/publishers/whoever block the video....there IS something to be said for MYSTERY, and when any guy down the street can play things by copying, it does cheapen it a little. When someone who is 14 doesnt have to pay for root movement analysis, modal/diatonic understanding, and alot of other things, it "mc donalds" even exceptional players.....i mean, how many years did we try and figure out suite judy blue eyes when it was in a bizarro tuning we never wouldve figured out....now a 13 year old nails it. theres little korean boys playing donna lee ala Jaco note for note. lol. Most good teachers have their own methods, as does rick...and sometimes these can be unique. My teacher from 88-90 is very well known in philadelphia. He was the house guitarist for the latin casino from 69- to mid 70s at least...backed everyone, sinatra, basie, manilow, a guy named Chuck Anderson...now, i wont say Chuck is my cuppa tea playing wise, but as ateacher he is incredible.......His teacher was a legendary teacher, guy who taught Martino....Dennis Sandole.... Now, i dont know what's in ricks books , but if he has a method and someone on you tube processed and retold this to their own large audience, I would expect rick request it be taken down . Saying the song is from 1976 is irrelevant..the beatles, jimi, joni, zeppelin..sell very nicely today. Anyone into joni already has hejira, anyone not into joni is doubtful going to buy the song or album when it's free on you tube. So let's be honest. It is exposing people to artists from their parents generation, but, in all truth it's not really making any serious dent in their income. However....rick does add to the legacy and legend status to these artists with younger listeners and that's worth something. Overall, rick busts his ass, he knows a good deal, and I would have killed to have this channel growing up. full Stop.. For my generation it was figuring out songs by ear, on vinyl, maybe cassette...no tabs...and you had to find and pay for a really good teacher. It's a different world now. But, make no mistake, for every Rick that have the dedication to do a youtube channel and spread knowledge to the masses that only a handful of us knew back in the day.....there are ALOT, far more, who cant or wont, who have been seriously harmed by the internet income wise. Its not ricks fault, he just won a sort of lottery, if you will.... Rick i hope if you read this you will see it as fair assessment. I like your channel, I really do. You seem likeable, we have very similar tastes, im about 7 years younger but similar sensibilities... from studying classical(i was in high school, mostly 9th and tenth grade) to doing real book tunes chord melody style, to soundgardenand U2 to classic rock, on and on... Peace Brother.....and yes, Henley is a tool.
Danilo Alcantara
Danilo Alcantara 12 күн мурун
You do a great work for the music industries, I started to listen to some artist that I did not care about before only because the way you showed the details on how it was made and how great it is, it is more than fair that you advertise your stuff on it. Thank you for all the work.
J B 13 күн мурун
After this...the only Eagles I like are in the woods and Philadelphia.
Jouni Hartikainen
Jouni Hartikainen 15 күн мурун
Go on you own way People Are jealous They deserve not you talent And charisma
Jeffrey Hampton
Jeffrey Hampton 16 күн мурун
Good for you
James A.
James A. 17 күн мурун
Your having so many technical issues Rick. Audio playback.
TheOrganist007 18 күн мурун
robert fripp is a very strange guy
Mark Carpentier
Mark Carpentier 18 күн мурун
Art and ego have always gone hand in hand. That said, in the end, these artists are, clearly, cutting off their noses to spite their face. Interestingly enough, much of this conversation skirted around Don Henley's blocking tactics. If you watch History of the Eagles (the documentary), it's clear that both Henley and Frey are arrogant cuss's. The way they treated Don Felder is just awful. Admittedly, they are great songwriters, but that's no excuse for how they treated Felder. That just goes to show their attitude towards others, and their comments regarding the industry, really paint a clear picture. It's a shame they set that kind of example for others.
Greg Petryk
Greg Petryk 18 күн мурун
So is there anything we can do as consumers of the music to change the industry from blocking the music we love?
Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson 18 күн мурун
Fantastic production really informative
Ben Abbott
Ben Abbott 18 күн мурун
It’s really sad that Don spends so much time and money on playing Whac-a-mole. Life is too short.
comfortat 20 күн мурун
King Crimson sucks. Your error was putting their album on any top 20 list.
eximusic 20 күн мурун
Robert Fripp - ha! He's an old coot with no business sense. And ruined his past albums with remastering. Don Henley the other old coot. I have personally bought CDs because of artist exposure on KGglobal. Absolute morons. Other notorious whiners in the history of rock: George Harrison. Wouldn't allow Let it Be to be release to DVD or theatre. Why? Because he was whining in the original movie. Others: Lars Ulrich. But he recanted after seeing the negative reaction from Metallica fans.
Debra Waites
Debra Waites 21 күн мурун
Poor Glen
Ig Rockero
Ig Rockero 21 күн мурун
Henley has always been driven by profit. He and Frye consolidated shares of the Eagles , cutting shares of the others , while demanding their 100% commitment.
Jorge Callico
Jorge Callico 21 күн мурун
Henley has always sold out everyone around him. He took over the Eagles, abused Randy Meissner. He probably the only real singer of traditional talent in the band. Henley should write a tune titled, Addicted To Greed. Either that or go out on the road with his imitation of Dick Cheney that he displays here.
TymeOnMySide FB-YT GDZ E_SPORTS 21 күн мурун
I'd pay for the guitar lessons but I'm afraid my adhd would just have me asking you questions. I can play any percussion learned in school I sing but always wanted to learn guitar and bass
MadeByMe 22 күн мурун
The Beato Club sounds like a luxurious golf course
MadeByMe 22 күн мурун
I really can't believe Don did that... as a kid you look up to these people and then as adults you see how some of them can be so petty. Imagine back in the day if the Eagles had private police going around and if you gave a tape of the Eagles to a friend who didn't buy it.... You'd be in serious trouble... smh
The Flip Flop Man
The Flip Flop Man 22 күн мурун
Don Henley's net worth is over $250 million !! How much is enough ?
Alexis Rosales Ruiz
Alexis Rosales Ruiz 22 күн мурун
KDH explained why he thinks you get blocked. Basically because you advertise your stuff at the end.
Music Man
Music Man 22 күн мурун
What does Fripp say? If you know Tony Levin, I’m sure you can contact Fripp. He and Toyah have been covering other people’s tunes on KGglobal for quite a while.
Cherry Rose Montino
Cherry Rose Montino 22 күн мурун
Blocked eagles hehehe greedy old Don'
smart451cab 23 күн мурун
It's not 'old people', it's ignorant people. The same type who fought hard against the cassette tape and VHS. I've had copyright hits from videos I've recorded when I inadvertently had a radio in my car playing a radio station well into the background noise. Certainly not anything anyone would watch for the music content. It's absurd.
BASH BOYY 23 күн мурун
Thanks Rick
Christian Zafiroglu
Christian Zafiroglu 23 күн мурун
Don Henley has always been the Money Man of the Eagles. He’s greedy, a bit hypocritical, and an angry old man. It’s one of the several reasons I really don’t like him or that Eagles as a whole.
Thomas Pappas
Thomas Pappas 24 күн мурун
Rick the fact that you are on here with the best music channel on the web bar none, sharing your knowledge, turning new generations on to great music and promoting old and new artists speaks for itself. You've got nothing to apologize for because youve given so much to this Generations music community and in a way much more meaningful way than many of the artists who played some good tunes that we love because the reality is most of them haven't really done much beyond that which is plenty but you are a teacher to millions of people and that really says something about your character. And the fact that you persisted this long in the business while being one of the more talented people in the business and that goes without saying, your passion for music paying off.. The reality is there's a lot of well kept secrets in the music business of guys who could have been every any bit as good as the greats, but the music business and who gets signed is based on a lot of factors that are out of people's control and some of the most talented people never become commercially successful for playing music but the ones who could not dream of doing anything other than being immersed in the music business find a way to make a living at it and also give something back can become extremely successful long after guys who spent all the money they made in their twenties have been forgotten. What you have done for music in many ways surpasses most commercial music except for arguably some of those bands that influenced everybody like Led Zeppelin or the Beatles or Hendrix but the people who are changing other musicians lives by sharing their knowledge if they don't have to share it for free are the most amazing people in music. The other day when I bought your beato book I knew it would be awesome and I also wanted to give back to the channel for what you've given to me and millions of others. the content contained beato book is so pregnant with information that you can't get anywhere else in one easy to follow reference tool. If you are a serious musician and have amassed a lot of books in your music library I guarantee you this book by itself is more valuable and has more useable content than all of them combined. I have spent the past 30 years accumulating books on Theory on the history of music, song tabs before the Internet, subscriptions to several guitar magazine that have been going for years. I am talking about thousands and thousands of material that does not compare to the information in the beato book. It's not to say that I won't continue to buy books on music because it's my passion and it's not to say that some books do not have a few worthwhile pages that are very specific but in terms of overall knowledge of music for the guitar player as well as any musician the beato book is impossible to beat.
Thomas Pappas
Thomas Pappas 24 күн мурун
These guys need you a lot more than you need them. How could they be this short-sighted when they know that the days of record sales and making money that way are over and it makes the most sense 4 them to behave like the Grateful Dead or Phish and let people be exposed to their music. That might inspire people to buy tickets 20 reunions shows they do or do actually buy their music off the various stores that sell songs. I grew up listening to vinyl albums until they were replaced by CDs and I never thought I'd see a day where people would be able to access all this great music for free and I think that sort of sucks but it is what it is. It's not going anywhere so they might as well figure out a way to make money without doing this chickenshit crap after they've already made all the money they can handle anyways it's the Young Artists I can see that getting pissed but guys like Don Henley. You were in music in the right age and made an absolute killing and now you want to go down in history as being a dick? Sounds kind of short-sighted to me but who the hell am I?
Craig Abaya
Craig Abaya 24 күн мурун
Sound Signals
Sound Signals 24 күн мурун
RichardBe Sings
RichardBe Sings 24 күн мурун
Haha.. you didn't know about Don's Quest?.. I found out about it when Universal(DonHenley) Lawyer.. Michael something ..Got my Facebook account terminated for uploading a Cover I did of The End Of The Innocense... For some.reason, the whole thing made me think of the song.. Desperado..lol.. And so.. none of my covers on KGglobal are monetized ... So.. whether our youtube videos make money for them or for us or not.. it doesn't seem to matter much to some of them ;)
Joe Bellofatto
Joe Bellofatto 25 күн мурун
Listen to mojo Nixon's "Don Henley Must Die," it will help you feel better.
Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson 25 күн мурун
It’s a bit ironic that King Crimson, via Aviator Management, would block a video due to “copyright concerns,” when Robert Fripp and his wife have been posting nothing but videos of cover songs for months now 🤔. All of their videos are viewable.
Frederik Miller
Frederik Miller 26 күн мурун
eagles meet metallica
Christopher MacIntyre
Christopher MacIntyre 27 күн мурун
Should have left the echo on... the "Voice of Jehovah" thing is often a plus when doing a rant.
Green Jeans
Green Jeans 27 күн мурун
I hate hypocrisy! Rant away!!
daydreams4rock 28 күн мурун
JuST let me release my music
daydreams4rock 28 күн мурун
i got scammed by KGglobal for producing and releasign my own music
Rembo USMC
Rembo USMC 28 күн мурун
Is that Done "Colonel Sanders" Henley? Maybe he should write some new music rather than trying to make money on what he did 50 years ago. I got paid for a house I built in 1990. Should I get paid every time the house gets sold?
Bill Dolan
Bill Dolan 28 күн мурун
I thought if you teach a song you can use copyright material? At minimum they should allow you to use 30 seconds of ANY song without them bothering you. Or, Let us pay 0.25 cents to use the song. This way they get paid & we get to use the song.
Gregory Larry
Gregory Larry 28 күн мурун
Where is the Woke Cancel crowd when you really need them.
Mary Ellen Couse
Mary Ellen Couse 28 күн мурун
What a money hungry loser Henley turned out to be.
Arthur Dicrescento
Arthur Dicrescento 29 күн мурун
You look so nervous why ???
Arthur Dicrescento
Arthur Dicrescento 29 күн мурун
You have more subscribers than Sammy the Bull...lol ....kinda like Sammy's stories better.....😀😀😀
Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson 29 күн мурун
For every Henry Ford there's a Don Henley...
JestaHs07 29 күн мурун
You are absolutely right Rick! Its just plain stupid what they are doing blocking your videos when all it does is promote "their" music. Most of us never heard some of "their" songs in your videos and thanks to you its getting exposure. Otherwise, it will still not exist in some of our worlds.
Dave Genther
Dave Genther 29 күн мурун
Rick, sorry for your grief. I enjoy your videos, and referred them to others.
MJD3 29 күн мурун
Hey Ricky man, I know you see me raggin on your lists but its all in good constructive criticism BUT NOTHING you did from what I ever saw rises to the definition of violating any rights of persons, property, or companies...How or why did they target you...I know a lot worse and well you know man...ohh btw isnt 50 years the cutoff for free use?
Vaughn Blaylock
Vaughn Blaylock Ай мурун
The lack of Eagles songs on KGglobal that aren't karaoke has led me to stop listening to the Eagles. At the same time, the proliferation of Tool, While She Sleeps, etc. songs on KGglobal has led me to listen to more Tool and While She Sleeps. Don Henley is a moron.
John Elliott
John Elliott Ай мурун
Great rant! My sister is in the music business. It is a mess now, sad.
Twisted Tentacle Inn
Twisted Tentacle Inn Ай мурун
They don't realize that you tubers mentioning great songs makes people buy those songs and listen to them. Even if they made $0 from a 9 second clip, they still make a lot more money from the new audiences they gain. For example, I have never heard king crimson and now I'm never going to gvo out of my way to listen to their stuff. - The Innkeeper
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