Spicing Up Simple Chords | Beginner to Advanced (Sale)

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Rick Beato

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In today’s livestream I discuss how to spice up simple chords on three different levels.
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Roon M
Roon M 8 күн мурун
Thought I heard some quadrophenia in some of those voicings. You could do a “what makes this album great? With that one.
Matteo Zardini Lacedelli
Matteo Zardini Lacedelli 16 күн мурун
Thanks from Italy,give me a suggest:i play Guitar and Like to buy a keyboard to improve my way of playing. What di you think about that? Thank you Maestro ci ao
Blood disorder
Blood disorder 17 күн мурун
6:46 Em 9 11 George Bush “that’s music to my ears”
Yadin Michaeli
Yadin Michaeli 25 күн мурун
Very cool
Joshua Gouzy
Joshua Gouzy Ай мурун
E minor always gives me the E-B-G-Bs
Luke Hunnable
Luke Hunnable Ай мурун
Hahah you found the quintessence of Nirvana. It's that sound. Voice does the third!
Alexandre Bicudo
Alexandre Bicudo Ай мурун
Hi Rick and thank you for another great video. You can try magnesium chloride. It's an essential mineral for bones and tendons and helps to fight arthritis and atrosis. All the best.
John Villanueva
John Villanueva Ай мурун
Hey Rick sorry to hear abt your athritis i know that can be nasty. Hope your able to manage it fine. Thanks for this video.
Bill Travis
Bill Travis Ай мурун
I have a question :-) first off thanks so much for your videos, I love them, but whenever you do mention in some of your videos "SUS 2" does that mean suspended 2nd? ...or 9th? Sorry I'm not amazing at chords 🤘🥁🖤🤣
Solaris Ori-Tev Asazi
Solaris Ori-Tev Asazi Ай мурун
could you possibly pick a Loverboy track for a video sometime in the future ? that would be awesome 😎
Robert Cheney
Robert Cheney Ай мурун
Spice it up 🌶🌶🌶😎👍🏻🥂
David Jimenez
David Jimenez Ай мурун
Dear Rick, about the Artritis. My father used to go to Apetheraphy Bee therapy and he got totally cured, it is very very hard for some people and some people cannot even try it because they get allergic to the bee sting but he told me how many Artritis people get totally cured. He lives in Mexico but I’ve seen there’s the same therapy in USA.
erikbarrett85 Ай мурун
When he played the Em9 chord i thought of America. Turns out it is in Horse w no Name
erikbarrett85 Ай мурун
You know when he said he doesn't normally get and then trailed off he was going to say starstruck. I don't either and although I haven't met a ton of famous people I know that there's a few who would make me a little bit nervous lol
AurorA Ай мурун
V K0'0L!
Hania Rodríguez
Hania Rodríguez Ай мурун
This is so interesting. Thanks for sharing! Love music ❤️
Job van der Doelen
Job van der Doelen Ай мурун
Rick youre fucking awesome man I love your channel
Brian Russ
Brian Russ Ай мурун
Thank you Rick for explaining this in a way that makes it easier to comprehend. Complex chords aren’t that complex when you break it down like this.
Andrew Sillyman
Andrew Sillyman Ай мурун
Thank you for the keyboard content!!
Scott Westfall
Scott Westfall Ай мурун
Great channel! Thanks for all the time you take to talk to us about so many things music in a genuine fashion. Am I allowed to make a video production suggestion? Try a warmer color for the facial light source, maybe 3500k temperature. This not only helps match your appearance to your background, but also takes the blue out of your face and hair. Just my old stage lighting instincts talking. :)
Tom Marko
Tom Marko Ай мурун
Iwano Kurusawa
Iwano Kurusawa Ай мурун
Hi Rick, i am one of your followers. i'm from Malaysia. i truly believe you have a great experience and knowledge in music. you're great man! i would like to know ; have you ever listen to asian musician such as M. Nasir from Malaysia? Try listening to one of his classic such as "Bonda". thanks
The6Stringbandit Ай мурун
3:50 in the morning and something clicked...oh the feeling
D Fran
D Fran Ай мурун
This is awesome...!
Collin Ай мурун
Rick you legend dropping knowledge bless up!
Andrew Kromholz
Andrew Kromholz Ай мурун
I wish these videos were around when I was in high school! Ever think to chat or do something with Jacob collier ?
paprykus Ай мурун
Rick you are a national treasure.
Borganism Ай мурун
You should play/or take a look/listen to the game called: The Swapper. Beautiful piano chords!!!🎵❤🎵
David Vandegaer
David Vandegaer Ай мурун
Yes! That was fun! Thanks as always!!
Greg Roller
Greg Roller Ай мурун
don't try to click on the piano notes... its doesn't work
Be-Bop Ай мурун
Lydian #4, the way to Rick's ❤
CJ N Ай мурун
Voicing is an entire art in itself. Thanks for helping ppl understand the process
CJ N Ай мурун
If you find those dissonances interesting, get on some stevie wonder. He gets away with some incredible dissonances by either voice leading or parallel motion. If you ask me about the major/minor sixth I personally think that it is so intriguing on the preceding V chord that you can introduce either the major or minor sixth to give the listener a clue to whether you are moving to a major or minor destination. Like if its V/vi, V/ii, or V of any minor position, the b6 or b13 however you want to think of it is much more reasonable. Many musicians including stevie wonder will intentionally alter those things and shift into another key. Many songs tonicize a note that used to be vi using this method. Overjoyed by stevie but also every little thing she does is magic by the police tonicizes what used to be Vi for example
Moano Ай мурун
Aaaand video is saved to my list 👍
Todd in Rancho
Todd in Rancho Ай мурун
so helpful, Rick. at 29:22 he lays out the c maj chord with 7, 9, 11, 13...i like to think in terms of each of the diatonic pairs. they are all either major minor thirds....yes?
Seba Sz
Seba Sz Ай мурун
Please hand up anyone who agrees Rick Beato should have own show on AXS TV :)
Teresa Clark
Teresa Clark Ай мурун
My hand is up!
Nico Incertezza
Nico Incertezza Ай мурун
wow, that was fun! like so many times before - thank you!
Mike Barr
Mike Barr Ай мурун
Following along with acoustic. Nice
Mike Barr
Mike Barr Ай мурун
Love ya
Mike Barr
Mike Barr Ай мурун
Greg the French Guitarist
Greg the French Guitarist Ай мурун
why do you look like De Niro wtf
Alberto Alvarenga
Alberto Alvarenga Ай мурун
Man, Beato is so technical. When he starts getting into music theory as it relates to music composition, I get squiggly eyes. lol. It's great having this guy spill his brain out here on youtube. This channel is a real steal if you love music: performance, composition, and recording.
Anthem Ай мурун
this channel is a Godsend for those of us looking to brush up on stuff
Yusif Ай мурун
@10:00 it's funny how we can think of these things in many ways. for example the chord Rick calls A Lydian I've always thought of as B major over A or B/A... the way he plays it is with a 9, so I would think of that chord as Bsus2/A. so many ways to see the same shape and hear the same sound. music is amazing
music and me
music and me Ай мурун
This is what I needed today, thanks.
Mark Ай мурун
Rick how is that WMG can claim music as copyrighted but not strike the channel (in this case a church live streaming the mass) only restrict the videos from being played in certain countries? That seems oddly specific.
PlayMusic! Ай мурун
22:31 Listen to Kaizers Orchestra - Evig pint!
Guitarsandpedals Ай мурун
Hey rick can you do a "what makes this song great" about The Adventure from the band Angels and Airwaves?
extremadrummer Ай мурун
It's quite understandable that you wer a little bit nervous with Steve , he is one of the greatest!
Eddie Ай мурун
That E Minor flat 6th sound an awful lot like the opening chord to Pink Floyd's 'Welcome to the Machine'. Oh no, did I just trigger the YT copyright police for even mentioning it? 🤔🤔
Dicky Mclorin
Dicky Mclorin Ай мурун
(Insert immature comment regarding Rick's curved finger, oh la la)
Marcelo F. Lazcano
Marcelo F. Lazcano Ай мурун
Thank you for keeping music and the knowledge of music alive. Much love from Germany!
Leva Bognár
Leva Bognár Ай мурун
Can you make a video in what makes this song great, from the band FOALS? Probably any song that has a nice building line. Spanish Sahara, Late night or whichever you find interesting
Antti Ohtonen
Antti Ohtonen Ай мурун
Hi Rick! Could you make a video about Tom Quayle? With or without an interview.
Gray Bull
Gray Bull Ай мурун
21:19 the radiohead chord (specifically in the song "All I Need")
Keys To The Castle Music & Songwriting
Keys To The Castle Music & Songwriting Ай мурун
I automatically hear Elton John's "The One" when you play the Cmaj7#11.
modest goat34
modest goat34 Ай мурун
Can you do a song form the 70s for WHAT MAKES THIS SONG GREAT?
Evan Strother
Evan Strother Ай мурун
"Oh, you have the curved finger syndrome too?" Now, I don't feel so bad!
Tubluer 5 күн мурун
Fortunately it does not interfere with his ability to flip the bird at music critics.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Ай мурун
hay Rick would you kindle do a what makes for Baby Animals One word or anything off their first album. as there first was pub band tested and seriousley .......
1badsteed Ай мурун
Why do all the "Beautiful" chords sound like a face plant on the keys? I am just too simple, I guess. Rick, you are a wonderful player! Keep on teaching and I'll keep learning!
M. G. Bode
M. G. Bode Ай мурун
Dream Lifter
Dream Lifter Ай мурун
Rick I've always loved your outro music! Is there anywhere we can find the whole song?
leeD S
leeD S Ай мурун
How to play advanced chords with beginner arthritis
hamacaboy Ай мурун
Rick you are a master of the craft. Thank you for your incredible knowledge of music and harmony, you deserve all the love in the world from musicians and artists
Quickscope One Eighty
Quickscope One Eighty Ай мурун
I now see now Eric Whitaker really liked extended chords lol I played alot of his music in high school wind orchestra
Nate Tolbert
Nate Tolbert Ай мурун
I remember buying Guitar World each month mainly because Lukather used to do a monthly segment. It was always the first thing I would read.
//AutoBarn Ай мурун
Em phrasings reminded me of Great Gig in the Sky, and Radiohead’s down is the new up!
Samuel Barringer
Samuel Barringer Ай мурун
How does atonal music theory work?
Craig McMurray
Craig McMurray Ай мурун
Professor Beato gives and gives quality content. You can’t go to school for free.
Musical Help
Musical Help Ай мурун
Just like life these days, appoggiaturas abound and some notes are definitely out of place with the chord.
Mark b
Mark b Ай мурун
The master
Birding in Bama
Birding in Bama Ай мурун
Rick..as a non musician ( yet I love to study music) you have inspired me with these types of lesson videos to want to seriously learn to play the piano and possibly compose my own music! You are one of the most invaluable music teachers we have on KGglobal ..I am a big fan of your channel's content...especially the way you dissect songs to show us what makes them masterpieces... thank you brother !
fluternity Ай мурун
Great insights here!
you remind me of Anthony Bourdain.
Bill H.
Bill H. Ай мурун
Cheers Rick.
Dylan Dog
Dylan Dog Ай мурун
Can you look up “Eletricni Orgazam-Nebo” ! It’s one of the best punk rock songs of ex-yugoslavia.
Dreanpitch Ай мурун
Great tips !
Not Sure
Not Sure Ай мурун
Hi Rick, I'd like you to listen to 5 songs or so from Tom Delonge's new(ish) band "Angels and Airwaves". There's no one else that sounds like them and I think you'd really appreciate it. All I'd say is whatever songs you listen to, make sure to listen all the way through because Delonge's songs tend to build and really climax towards the end.
Mars OMG
Mars OMG Ай мурун
Pat Benatar "All Fired Up" something recent sounds exactly like it but I can't think of it...
BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed!
BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed! Ай мурун
Trade you a bent finger for a burnt right hand. (All the old guys immediately relate to arthritis. "Oh yeah, me too.")
Back Auf
Back Auf Ай мурун
like Rick, I'm >60, I have hammer finger on my right index (football) - but take a look at Keith Richard's left index (fretting) , yikes! - manhole cover incident in his youth. proof "success in life is often not so much what you accomplish...but what you overcome". Tom Bukovac points out you can add a sus4 with a major 3rd - very cool chord
DashR Ай мурун
Been out of work since March Rick, but I’m saving my pennies so I can definitely get your book bundle. Hope the sale lasts till I can afford it as I know it is a must have for any muso. Love your work. You are a monster musician and probably the best teacher I have ever seen. Thanks so much RB! 🤟👌🇦🇺
Dick Mays
Dick Mays Ай мурун
maybe that curved finger will discover some new chord variations.
RavencoreLZR Ай мурун
Bummed that i missed this livestream.
Phil Mingin
Phil Mingin Ай мурун
Maestro - This is one of your best lessons! Everyone, from Beginner to Advanced can understand and learn from this lesson! You don’t have to be a Musicologist or “Theory Junkie” to see the 7th, 9th, 11th or 13th of the chord - everything was right in front of you. Bravo, Maestro! You’re the Best!
Phil Mingin
Phil Mingin Ай мурун
@Teresa Clark "Huh?" What?
Teresa Clark
Teresa Clark Ай мурун
Alan S
Alan S Ай мурун
At around 22:55-23:00 with Em then Em with C (~Am7) I hear Summer Breeze. Also love all the extensions shown on screen with the keyboard. I am considering keyboard just so I can play more color tones at once. Videos are all great but I especially value your instructional ( and the Luke interview. Keep up the great work!
The Faction
The Faction Ай мурун
A while back I came across a guitar player that told me he found a beautiful new chord and he just didn't know what to call it. So asked him the notes. He told me that the lowest note was a C followed by an E and a G. He said he put another C on top of those three notes. He thought it was called a C8. I walked away......
Pizza Gogo
Pizza Gogo Ай мурун
Thanks Rick , I found you writing them out on the whiteboard made it a real “aha” moment for me in seeing how those chords contained related (& complementary ) scales...
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BLW Online Trading Ай мурун
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KRigby Ай мурун
Completely off topic but why do you think Rik Emmett got lost in the great guitarist era ? Would love to see you do an interview with him.
Joe McA
Joe McA Ай мурун
This is the video I’ve been looking for for ages!
Joe McA
Joe McA Ай мурун
@BLW Online Trading yeah you’re definitely not Rick...
BLW Online Trading
BLW Online Trading Ай мурун
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Slavic Aussie
Slavic Aussie Ай мурун
For people that want romantic songs, use those add9 chords.
rome8180 Ай мурун
That 1/5/#11 you played sounded like the opening music for Six Feet Under. I know you've discussed Thomas Newman on the channel before.
Chris Ай мурун
Would love a lesson on melodic minor with chord extensions, progressions, and how to move between chords with extensions in general. From what I've learned so far melodic minor seems to have so many more ways to move around diatonically that seems overwhelming to me.
Chris Ай мурун
@Anthem I already have it, it would be helpful hearing those topics from Ricks perspective in this format too
Anthem Ай мурун
buy the beato book its in there
Chris Ай мурун
I use that em9/11 a lot, didn't quite have a name to it yet
Chris Ай мурун
@BLW Online Trading No. Reported for impersonation and spam.
BLW Online Trading
BLW Online Trading Ай мурун
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darren lunan
darren lunan Ай мурун
Great to hear you mention The Church
darren lunan
darren lunan Ай мурун
I have always had the philosophy of just putting my fingers on the strings until it sounds good - depending on what I'm playing and writing - but never knew what I was playing! It was always fun when my band mates would say what chord are you playing and I'd say - no idea, but this is where I put my fingers! And they would have to work it out! But I realise that can only take me so far, so I have to thank you Rick for everything you post. I would like to hear you write a song on one of your videos - that would be cool!
Dalton Cook
Dalton Cook Ай мурун
Omg this is why I watch rick, he will teach you songs like welcome to the machine or at least give you a jumping point, and he doesn't even know the extent of what you will learn with his videos. Possibilities are endless.
Elsinore Bennet
Elsinore Bennet Ай мурун
Thanks, Rick.Perfect timing. I had created a lush pad and was writing chord progressions with it last night. When I got up this morning this video was on my feed..
Yvonne Kelso
Yvonne Kelso Ай мурун
Don't play a flat 9
Yvonne Kelso
Yvonne Kelso Ай мурун
Play Elton. His Octaves are AWESOM..
Dean Burgess
Dean Burgess Ай мурун
Love that you love The Church!
Mr Jebadia
Mr Jebadia Ай мурун
Black Hoodie Day 🐱‍👤
Andreas Bauman
Andreas Bauman Ай мурун
Always inspiring. Thanks Rick!
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