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Rick Beato

19 күн мурун

In this episode I countdown my Top 20 Greatest Singer Songwriters of All Time.
Jason Tillery is the singer in this video.
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Skot Penfold
Skot Penfold 2 саат мурун
What a list! We're blessed to be able to listen to these amazing artists - thanks again Rick
J R 4 саат мурун
Jackson Browne These days
Allan Russack
Allan Russack 6 саат мурун
What about Steven Bishop. On and on, seperate lives and tons more. I read he’s Eric Clapton’s favourite singer songwriter and certainly one of mine!
Kevin Deibert
Kevin Deibert 6 саат мурун
No American Pie by Don McLean?
Kevin Deibert
Kevin Deibert 6 саат мурун
I would have switched (or traded rather) Send in the Clowns & John Denver for something by Nick Drake & Tim Buckley - great list otherwise. Thanks for including Jim Croce & Gordon Lightfoot!
Kevin Deibert
Kevin Deibert 6 саат мурун
I would have switched (or traded rather) Send in the Clowns & John Denver for something by Nick Drake & Tim Buckley - great list otherwise. Thanks for including Jim Croce & Gordon Lightfoot!
Kevin Deibert
Kevin Deibert 6 саат мурун
I think of Send in the Clowns as a Broadway Show tune. It is a nice song though
Kevin Deibert
Kevin Deibert 6 саат мурун
Everything I Own by Bread is a great song. "If" is really good too.
C.J. Rogers
C.J. Rogers 7 саат мурун
I see I'm definitely not the first, but absolutely Carole King! One of the greatest pop song writer/composers of all time, and with the eventual release of her performing her own material (urged and facilitated by James Taylor), certainly fits the Singer/Songwriter mold.
CardinalEgan 7 саат мурун
How about a Top 10 video of Top 10 videos? *•~-;,...
Tim Snyder
Tim Snyder 9 саат мурун
My bucket list is one: to meet Rick Beato.
Robert Obermeier
Robert Obermeier 9 саат мурун
Wow! You always bring back so many memories. Then you explain to me why the songs stay with me. Great job.
ira onok
ira onok 10 саат мурун
Jason tillary... damn dude😎
Mateo Rengifo
Mateo Rengifo 12 саат мурун
Rick, you should make a video about The Clash and Joe Strummer. Whiteman in Hammersmith Palais or, Death or Glory, would have been perfect for this list.
laddrob 14 саат мурун
I'm so tIred, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for you to add Ray Davies to your list. ;)
ukulelegoldnuggets 14 саат мурун
One of my favorite lyrics is " You can keep the dime..." from operator.
Darth Nanz
Darth Nanz 15 саат мурун
is it just me or this singer is amazing! does he have youtube channel ?
Todd cathey
Todd cathey 15 саат мурун
I was 12 in 1970 and got to hear and see the best that will ever be. Go geezer rock.
Eric Rallison
Eric Rallison 16 саат мурун
Too funny.... I'm at # 14 on your list, and these are so far all the first songs I wanted to learn in 1988 when I got my first guitar! Also mostly very big campfire hits in the 80's (maybe still?). I'm going to endeavor to complete the list using those themes..... before watching the rest...
Jacob Marren-Cooke
Jacob Marren-Cooke 16 саат мурун
No Leonard Cohen?
adrian sylvester
adrian sylvester 16 саат мурун
Harry Nilsson ? Love your video, as usual Rick !
Bob Turnley
Bob Turnley 16 саат мурун
Lots of great songs in the video. But 'singer songwriter' is someone who writes all the words/music and does all the singing. I'd replace half the songs on this video with songs by Van Morrison, John Fogerty, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Richard Thompson, Bruce Cockburn, Loudon Wainwright and Dan Fogelberg.
Wayne O
Wayne O 17 саат мурун
I couldn't AGREE with this list more ..I love them all !!!
Cova Tembel Music
Cova Tembel Music 17 саат мурун
Props to Jason!!! Great work. I adding Billy Joel and Kate Bush to the list (with your permission, of course) :-)
Santiago Marshall Manríquez
Santiago Marshall Manríquez 17 саат мурун
I strongly feel that rhymes and reason is far and away John Denver's best.
Santiago Marshall Manríquez
Santiago Marshall Manríquez 17 саат мурун
Phil Ochs and Nick Drake deserves to be in such a list.
Santiago Marshall Manríquez
Santiago Marshall Manríquez 17 саат мурун
Bob Dylan probably has over 50 songs better than most of these songs.
Henry Byrd
Henry Byrd 17 саат мурун
I kept having to check the title: "Singer songwriter? " "Top Twenty of all time?"
Robert Lester
Robert Lester 17 саат мурун
So glad to see "Sister Goldenhair". Seals and Croft was a flyer. I love how you find beauty and production value in unexpected music. I would LOVE for you to do an episode on an ABBA sing. Vastly underrated production genius that even a novice like me can appreciate.
BazNard 17 саат мурун
Fuck me. No David Bowie. I'm so offended I might unsubscribe
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 18 саат мурун
Jewel, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Cave deserve a part 2. ♥️
Scott Meendering
Scott Meendering 18 саат мурун
The River by Springsteen.
Michael Fong
Michael Fong 20 саат мурун
Two people van Morrison and david Crosby.
Donya Lane
Donya Lane 21 саат мурун
Questions... I realize this is an impossible list to stick to, but where's Billy Joel??? Neil Sedaka??? Carol King??? Also, why didn't Rick say that "Send in the Clowns" was written by Sondheim? Was there a legal reason why he wasn't permitted to say his name? Also, any one of Joni's other songs should have replaced "Clowns" (IMO). Also, I often feel that Dolly Parton is overlooked as a great singer-songwriter! EDIT: After some discussion today about this list, I returned to say that I do realize this is about the SONG and not the songwriter, alone. More specifically, I guess this is a list of Rick's favorite songs from, not only this genre, but also from this ERA. Obviously, my list would be different (with about a 60% overlap). I removed Lionel Richie from my original comment, because "Easy" (though, one of his greatest songs) was a Commodores' record, so... not in the same genre. But come on, "Piano Man" should have been on here, instead of Sondheim's "Clowns"! And I guess "Laughter in the Rain" by Sedaka will just have to go on a Part 2 list.
Hal Cooper
Hal Cooper 22 саат мурун
After hearing wild world, I now know it could be done as a hard rock song :)
roberto zanetti
roberto zanetti 23 саат мурун
American ethnic music is fantastic
Daniel Dennehy
Daniel Dennehy 23 саат мурун
this mans really forgot damien rice and carole king
Lily Kam
Lily Kam 23 саат мурун
Omg! Memories of great times and music!🥰🤗🤗
K. Peralta
K. Peralta 23 саат мурун
"OF ALL TIME"??? You need to qualify that because these are all rock pop tunes. Duke Ellington wrote rings around all of them.
Jack Low
Jack Low Күн мурун
While taking nothing away from Joanie Mitchell, as a songwriter, there *are* other female song writers who could have been included. Was Joanie included so you didn't seem to be misogynistic? You also seemed to forget many male writers, possibly because they aren't in the pop/rock genres any longer, or they are only in the Country genre. Your title is very misleading.
geerhoar Күн мурун
Suggest Grammy winner Aimee Mann as a great singer songwriter.
Barbara Granger
Barbara Granger Күн мурун
All good....but there’s no such thing as the “best” twenty or whatever number you want to’s all just opinions
Roxy DeJaneiro
Roxy DeJaneiro Күн мурун
Yesterday-McCartney, You've got a friend-King, Ain't No Sunshine-Withers, Imagine-Lennon, New York State of MInd-Joel, Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain-Nelson, Time After Time-Lauper, True Love Ways/Words of Love- Holly
Mark Miller
Mark Miller 21 саат мурун
Not sure whether it matters, but according to Wikipedia, ""Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" is a song written by songwriter Fred Rose."
laddrob Күн мурун
The Band. The Weight, Whispering Pines
laddrob Күн мурун
Maybe too early to quality depending on how you define "singer songwriter" but I would mention Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and the Everly Brothers as very influential songwriters
laddrob Күн мурун
how about Suzanne Vega
Nedi Safa
Nedi Safa Күн мурун
Dash Crofts of Seals & Crofts told me that George Martin was all set to produce an album with them (the first band since the Beatles)and they turned around and suddenly he's producing America! He said, " And that was before 'Sister Golden Hair' and we were bigger than America!" I said, "But were you bigger than Jesus?".
Spin Dryer
Spin Dryer Күн мурун
Elton John never wrote any lyrics.And I understand the purely 60's & 70's outlook so where is Carole King, Warren Zevon, David Bowie, Marvin Gaye, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Dolly Parton , Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, Emmy Lou Harris,Curtis Mayfield , John Prine , Donovan, George Harrison, Randy Newman, John Fogerty ,Jimi Hendrix ,Waylon Jennings, Tom T Hall, Bob Marley, Stephen Stills... JJ CALE !
localhero635 Күн мурун
Mark Knopfler 🎸
Rocky Mountain Ras
Rocky Mountain Ras Күн мурун
Glad to see Harry Chapin in this list
Craig S
Craig S Күн мурун
I know, everyone has there favorites not on the list. Just want to give a shout out to Judee Sill and her amazing songs. No one remembers her or her music so won't make any lists. Give The Kiss a listen some time.
NashaWriter85 Күн мурун
Good list Rick! I do wish that Difford & TIllbrook from Squeeze and Andy Partridge of XTC would get a bit more love for their songwriting prowess. I think they are sorely underrated. But, otherwise, I agreed with your list whole-heartedly.
Todd Charlton
Todd Charlton Күн мурун
Tom Waits, Kate Bush and Billy Joel would be on my list.
Pedro Castello
Pedro Castello Күн мурун
In Brazil we call these musicians a "cantautor": cantor (singer) + autor (author). Examples: Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, João Bosco... Love your videos!
ornella bejarano
ornella bejarano 12 саат мурун
todos mejores que los 20 del listado ....y João Gilberto encima de todos
Taura Eruera
Taura Eruera Күн мурун
Great to just hear a great voice and guitar quoting great songs
Steve Stringham
Steve Stringham Күн мурун
number 19 Harvest. Just Harvest. Harvest Moon came along Decade 's later.
Doug Tallman
Doug Tallman Күн мурун
No Carole King? No Stevie Wonder? With the exception of Paul Simon, these singer-songwriters will be mere footnotes in the history of music.
Broonzied Күн мурун
No complaint here. Nice to see Jim and Gordon get a nod, but Joni tops this list for me too.
Andy Changala
Andy Changala Күн мурун
Paul McCartney?
Bucket Күн мурун
God Bless you, Rick Beato.
Lawrence Holguin
Lawrence Holguin Күн мурун
I love your channel. Do you sell your background accompanying tracks so I can play these songs for friends with the background music???
Peter Ruccione
Peter Ruccione Күн мурун
how is lennon and mccartney not on this list??? either together or even separately........unconscienable omission
JohnToner320 Күн мурун
I was surprised Lennon or McCartney wasn't on this list. What about Leonard Cohen or Nick Drake?
Sherilyn L
Sherilyn L Күн мурун
Thank You for the Seals and Crofts Summer Breeze. my very first concert ever! I feel like no one knows this song.
Sherilyn L
Sherilyn L Күн мурун
@Linda Regelean lazy fingers. thanks
Linda Regelean
Linda Regelean Күн мурун
Jason Stapley
Jason Stapley Күн мурун
Brillant video if I could click like twice I would
Wes Leinon
Wes Leinon Күн мурун
Thanks so much for rememberance of Jim Croce. My Dad introduced me to Jim when i was 5. You made my today great!
Seeker 80
Seeker 80 Күн мурун
Yes! Loved seeing Sondheim on here. And having Joni at number one was glorious!
J Qualmann
J Qualmann Күн мурун
I know a lot of people comment on what should have been included. I just want to mention Randy Newman, only because I think the singer, Jason Tillery, would have killed it singing any of his songs.
Jake Creighton
Jake Creighton Күн мурун
i would add carole king, john prine, donovan, van morrison and ray charles. What constitutes a sing/songwriter? can we throw lennon up there? stevie wonder? smokey robinson? cobain? Bill Withers? Is the criteria that they couldnt have been in a band? I mean america was on there and so was bread but not any of the beatles so i have some questions.
laddrob Күн мурун
Yes Smokey Robinson is great and so was Marvin Gaye.
Marc Peterson
Marc Peterson 2 күн мурун
It's the wrong category, but I think Neil Peart is one of the best. The lyrics to "Losing it", are a beautiful, poetic look at growing old.
Dela Rey Steyn
Dela Rey Steyn 2 күн мурун
Great list Rick, I have some other artists on my personal list, but this is a decent and well delivered list. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jason Tillery's great vocals!
railander 2 күн мурун
Johnny Cash?
Peter Wadeck
Peter Wadeck 2 күн мурун
Wasn't paul McCartney a singer/songwriter? What about John Lennon? What about some more modern writers? I guess Hall and Oats were past your time, let alone Chris Martin. You probably never heard of him or his group Coldplay. They're a stadium band that has sell millions of records today. Check out Adventure of a Lifetime. Btw, Both Sides Now was the first song I ever bought. This video is seriously mislabelled. It should be ok song writers from before the 80s.
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 2 күн мурун
Jim Croce- Operator...........Absolutely
NoTrashInHeaven 2 күн мурун
Yes! I just recently reveled in your great song post Amelia , and I'm like , Joni Mitchell *has*to be your top pick! She's * the best* of honest lyrics combined with musical interpretation, if that makes sense. Very sweet of her to dedicate that gift to you ❤
jair Laiter
jair Laiter 2 күн мурун
Hmm with respect Rick this is a disappointing video for many reasons. First of all your singer, he makes everything sound like Pearl Jam ewwwww. Then the list is almost only American songs which wouldn't be an issue if the ommisions weren't so meaningful. Where is Harrisson? or any other Beatle actually? And how about Leonard Cohen? Tom Waits, nick Drake, All Stewart, Tim Buckley, and frickin Jeff while we're at it... Hats off to the great Roy Harper? Bro!!!!! David heckin Bowie?? Donovan!!! VAN frickin MORRISON!!? Geddy Lee said the best songwriter of all times is Pete Townsend, his demos are masterpieces in song. And lastly; Neil Young at the back of the bus? Your all American list simply sucks, super sorry to say... Again with al respect cause You're the man
Mark Miller
Mark Miller 2 күн мурун
Hard to argue with this list. Personally, I am a big fan of Dan Fogelberg. Not sure who I would remove from your list to create a spot for Dan, but I would like to think he would be on your Top 25 list. That guy who is singing in this video is really good.
Tina W
Tina W 2 күн мурун
Love your videos
Anthony Ward
Anthony Ward 2 күн мурун
Great voice btw and Rick you are correct with these choices. jmo.
Kenrad's Stuff
Kenrad's Stuff 2 күн мурун
I may often have minor quibbles with Rick's lists, and let's be honest, that's to be expected. While I'm not up on all the technicalities of who wrote what, and with or without whom, but I feel like Billy Joel and Carole King are pretty big misses here. Could also include Springsteen in the conversation too I suppose. Also "all time" is highly misleading. Nothing the slightest bit recent here. People like John Mayer or Taylor Swift are part of that more contemporary conversation.
Ben Pietrzykowski
Ben Pietrzykowski 2 күн мурун
Where is Lennon?
loloschool 2 күн мурун
Wille Nelson, gee whiz.
M. Nielsen
M. Nielsen 2 күн мурун
Country Roads sounds best.
Steven Swanson
Steven Swanson 2 күн мурун
I saw John Prine and Townes mentioned in the comments and I agree...but how has no one mentioned DOLLY PARTON...arguably one of the greatest of all time. She has written so many songs, for so many people.
fanatic26 2 күн мурун
Now that I am done watching this I am going to go find a Jim Croce playlist and just jam out for a while
C.J. Rogers
C.J. Rogers 6 саат мурун
Absolutely one of the greatest untimely losses to the world of music...imagine 30 or 40 more years of Croce!
Andrew Burgess
Andrew Burgess 2 күн мурун
Where's Barry Gibb?
Daniel Gilbert
Daniel Gilbert 2 күн мурун
Get a better singer
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 2 күн мурун
I'm 62. Aside from my harder rock and blues taste. This was the music I grew up on. I would play Jim Croce Elton and Led Zeppelin in series. Because it was ALL good back then.
FrogBich 2 күн мурун
“All time” is more than just the 70s. I’m surprised there is no Elliott Smith on here
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 2 күн мурун
Now I have to make a new playlist. This was perfect. Not a big John Denver fan, but I'll let that slide.
Youtube2 Snoopy
Youtube2 Snoopy 2 күн мурун
Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, John Martyn, Peter Gabriel.
john king
john king 2 күн мурун
Enjoyed very much..Thanks Rick
StarlandandMore 2 күн мурун
Just wanted to clear up, John Denver helped write Take Me Home Country Roads, it was written by Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert, John came in on the tail end of it
C.J. Rogers
C.J. Rogers 7 саат мурун
Annie's Song
Roxy DeJaneiro
Roxy DeJaneiro Күн мурун
Rocky Mountain High
laddrob Күн мурун
For John Denver I would have chosen Leaving on a Jet Plane (sung by Peter Paul and Mary)
dcarsondavis 2 күн мурун
Always think of Love Actually and You've Got Mail when I hear that song
Armando Ariza
Armando Ariza 2 күн мурун
Who is singing? He is FANTASTIC....
Julius Ebola
Julius Ebola 2 күн мурун
Type O Negative did a cover of Summer Breeze. It's pretty good.
Seretta Soule
Seretta Soule 2 күн мурун
Man, I love when you have your friends come and play/sing with you. Great video 🤘
Thanato phoric
Thanato phoric 2 күн мурун
Heart of Gold is on Harvest, not Harvest Moon. I love this channel!!
CJ 2 күн мурун
Great list. It’s hard to pick a favorite from guys like Dylan , Simon and Garfunkel , Chapin and so on. I would have opted for Taxi (Chapin) “Baby Blue” ( Dylan ) and Bridge ( S&G) and so on . Would have been nice to see Cohens “Alleluia”. But you can’t list them all in 20 songs. BUT my all time favorite is by an unknown but yet it still beats most of these( if not all) on the top 500 songs ever. I was with Tony Sansone when he wrote it ( well sat with him while he wanted my opinion on some lyrics) At 220 best song ever written Walk Away Renee and there really was no “Renee”. The song is about Hull Avenue in the Bronx. And the only contribution that the Left Banke made to the composition is the name “Renee”. Tony wrote the whole song. Still in touch after more than 55 years. He also contributed to their next song “Pretty Ballerina” which no one here probably ever heard ( but definitely worth a listen ) Wonderful video!!
Thomas Kila
Thomas Kila 2 күн мурун
Thank you for what you do, Rick. Videos like these bring back great memories for ‘Boomers, while at the same time, introduce these Classics to the younger generations.
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