Fortunes of Failure | The Road Taken

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Rick Beato

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There were two events that happened 40 years apart, one in 1980 and the other two weeks ago that changed the course of my life. "The Road Taken" is the story of how two life failures (getting rejected from music school and losing a record deal) dramatically shaped my life's trajectory and brought me here today.
"Fortunes of Hard Work: Why You Should
Never Give Up" -
"How Rediscovering Rock Music
Led Me Here - A 24 Year Overnight Success" -
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Jay Leek
Jay Leek Саат мурун
Damn, Rick. Look at the garden you get to sow. These comments are gold. You are a yogi. Bless you.
Jay Leek
Jay Leek Саат мурун
Your ability, sincerity, life experience and openness make you an incredible asset to the world. Thank you. I wish I had a friend like you hang with.
Relevant Information
Relevant Information 3 саат мурун
We learn best from our mistakes or defeat. We learn to pick up ourselves from our boot straps, improve, grow and move onward and upward. Great post Rick 👍
Limaonen Aier
Limaonen Aier 17 саат мурун
Got me to tears Rick. Thank you!! Thank you!!! I'm not giving up. You're such a blessing and an inspiration✨
bob hope
bob hope 18 саат мурун
Hail, Hail Fredonia, land of the Freeee and the Brave
fernando pomareda
fernando pomareda Күн мурун
Those stories from you made me think about Social Distortion lyrics. Please, make a video about them. Hi from Peru, Rick.
You Go SEO
You Go SEO Күн мурун
You probably don't remember me. . .but I remember U! I was skeptical at first. . .I came to your first seminar. . .(4 Summers ago in Decatur). thinking "Is this guy for real?" You're wife showed up in the middle of the seminar With your kids Dylan et al. . .and you began to cry (slightly) when they all showed up to support you. You asked them something about a pixar movie thing. . one of the children (maybe Dylan) was spot on with the correct response~I thought to myself. . .This is a good man. . .This is a good dad. . .This guys' the real deal!" Thanx Rick! I will always follow you! You are true!
Tim Chisholm
Tim Chisholm Күн мурун
New subscriber here. Great story. Thank-you for sharing.
Ted Wood
Ted Wood Күн мурун
I'm older than you and the advice you give is great. All the more for these young budding artists etc.
Jarek Weckwerth
Jarek Weckwerth Күн мурун
That was moving. Thank you!
Tom Seery
Tom Seery Күн мурун
Great story, very inspiring! Thanks for sharing it!
Boyce Webb
Boyce Webb Күн мурун
I live right outside of Peachtree City Mr. Beato. We could be neighbors! You have cool grey hair.
Billy Keith
Billy Keith Күн мурун
I have cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and I was born with that cleft palate and lip. But I'm grateful for all of those things. When I first heard AC/DC at the age of 9, I knew I had to do the guitar thing. Thanks to having cystic fibrosis, Gibson guitars gave me a Les Paul through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Marshall amps gave me a cool Valvestate 2×12 and that rig put me on my path. I've never given up on music. Being sick and spending well over a year in the hospital throughout my life, is the reason I met my girlfriend who was my nurse! We've been together for 15 years now. Don't get me wrong; being sick certainly sucks, But it allowed me to rock and find love in this life. Thank you Rick. And thank you to those reading my comment. Rock on.
sickb2200 Күн мурун
"Life is like a box of chocolates."
reallydistracted1 Күн мурун
Rick, young people REALLY need to hear this type of message, repeatedly, until it is visceral, in their gut. I have countless stories of people who took their perceived failure and turned it into something greater than they could imagine. I have a hundred times that of people who gave up. What a great story, thank you so much for posting, and thank you for your tireless work in supporting music. God bless!
1mespud Күн мурун
The old adage is true: If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Ignorance and helplessly depending on others is just a bad detour. Life won't tell you that mistakes and failures are generally unintentional but they are our best teachers and if you do it right you make them less and temporary as time goes by. Only you alone are responsible for your own mortality and success. Like all the greats before you, you have to devise your own rules and blaze your own trail. You'll never master your destiny by conforming to others or have them misjudge you or determine your worth.
Toby Smith
Toby Smith 2 күн мурун
I love this story by the way Rick. I still think you are one of the best teachers over KGglobal. I myself have learned loads from you just by watching. Great teaching technique you have
Toby Smith
Toby Smith 2 күн мурун
Was the producer a drug addict?
Kevin Brando
Kevin Brando 2 күн мурун
Another great video, Rick... and a truly public service to everyone listening. Thanks for what you do.
Lordy Lordy
Lordy Lordy 2 күн мурун
Great video Rick! I am going to show this to my oldest son who is working hard towards his goal of getting in to Juilliard.
Jev 2 күн мурун
What great take-away from bad experience. You are Awesome and Inspiring. Thank You.
Barry Potter
Barry Potter 2 күн мурун
Rick do you like Stephen malkmus and pavement
Jeff Sartain
Jeff Sartain 2 күн мурун
Great story. Very truthful and informative.
Moebius Event
Moebius Event 2 күн мурун
I know that panic-freeze feeling all too well. I used to get it in exams really bad, and now I realise what it was exactly.. for me at least, it was dissociating from stress. It still happens every now and then and it's nothing to do with the topic, for me it's often a mix of the person, and the mood I am in. It happens the most during debating a topic these days.
Thomas Simms
Thomas Simms 2 күн мурун
Oh, I forgot to mention your Bach expose. Excellent! Thanks so much.
Thomas Simms
Thomas Simms 2 күн мурун
I like your stuff, Rick. We are close to the same age and have similar musical tastes and backgrounds. I just want to congratulate you on your youtube success. It's fun to see what you put out. Thanks, especially, for revealing the amazing contributions of Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon, all big favorites of mine!
Rob Brown
Rob Brown 2 күн мурун
Segovia was not the inventor of the classical guitar, even though he would’ve liked everyone to think so. There were hundreds of great guitarists in the 18th and 19th centuries. The father of the modern classical guitar was Francisco Tarrega.
Chris Entzel
Chris Entzel 2 күн мурун
It's called the "Butterfly Effect" ;)
Brian Alfonso
Brian Alfonso 2 күн мурун
Music School can be great, but honestly it isn't the end all be all of things. I entered music college for two degrees, one being Guitar. I dropped off in the first semester, it was boring as hell. The other degree is for composition, which i also dropped. It was all too pretentious for my liking. Great Story Rick!
EconMan 2 күн мурун
This is therapy. 🔥
Timothy b Edwards
Timothy b Edwards 2 күн мурун
Thnx Rick
Fuji Samurai
Fuji Samurai 2 күн мурун
This is like Michael Jordan getting cut from the basketball team.
Obscure Guitar By Skip Neumann
Obscure Guitar By Skip Neumann 3 күн мурун
I fell off a horse and totally broke my left wrist at age 9- the doctor told my parents to take me to a music store and pick out an instrument- I picked a guitar. Age 14 I was run over by a car- used the lawsuit money to go to Williston Academy, a private school- my Dad loses his job and I am enrolled in public school- I meet my wife in the lunch line- this year we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and my band will be playing at it
reallydistracted1 Күн мурун
WHAT A TERRIFIC STORY!! Thanks for sharing!
Tom Rechsteiner
Tom Rechsteiner 3 күн мурун
you rock Rick
GGHansford 3 күн мурун
Thanks for telling your story... very powerful. They success comes from 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and you certainly are proof of that. :)
Aaron Singleton
Aaron Singleton 3 күн мурун
I have the passion, just not the means. Still, thanks for the vids, Rick.
hoborock007 3 күн мурун
I laughed out loud at a couple spots of your story...good video
figgybass 3 күн мурун
Incidentally, I blew my 1st audition as well, it was on trumpet. Switched to bass after a year of being a trumpet major.
figgybass 3 күн мурун
Hi Rick, I really enjoy your channel. I happened to be a music major down in Mansfield Pa. in the early 80's and played many places in the Southern tier of NY. Including the Waterfront in Ithaca. My friend took guitar from Steve at IC and I got to see Steve play with Jerry Niewood at Chuck Clarkes in Elmira. I wonder if our paths ever crossed. I also played at PJs in Horseheads and the Painted Post Holiday Inn. Upstate always had a great music scene. Take care, Dave F.
George Griffith
George Griffith 3 күн мурун
Or that music store behind you
Cody McElroy
Cody McElroy 3 күн мурун
They didn't accept your white privilege card? Dang
Jeff Archer
Jeff Archer 3 күн мурун
Always liked the saying that Life is what happens while you are making plans. When I got kicked out of my band, er downsized, it hurt. I felt like I was a ok musician. Somehow I ended up in the bell choir at church. Mesmerized by the clean pure bell tones. Imagine the poor aspiring rock guitarist with dreams of shredding leads humbled,knocked down and broken by trying to play three notes. Just three bells while some juggled many. My weaknesses were laid out. We had a director, discipline, 1e and a 2e and a, reading music, dynamics,,baton and no drums or bass to lean on. Long periods of nothing,just count,oh no I lost it. Listen for something familiar,watch the baton,breath,relax, I'm back on,I can do this. I found what was missing from my guitar. Why it never felt comfy. It's like the band was playing and I was playing along with them but we weren't one. I'm so grateful for being kicked out of the band. I wasn't really ever with them. Years later we're back together. Older and wiser and sounding better. I'm also thankful for the patient kindness of those in the bell choir ,the directors and the church. I met other great musicians and got to play along with them. I used to think that musicians had to look a certain way. Wow was I wrong. Normal looking housewives and bald old guys have tons of game. More music in their pinky than all the songs I memorized. Video tried killing the radio star but they hid in the church.
Jamway of Aiken-Augusta rock band
Jamway of Aiken-Augusta rock band 3 күн мурун
You are an awesome dude
EL-EL El 3 күн мурун
Inspiring story Rick thank you very much… I never heard it before, I’m glad you retold it. You’re a fantastic musician an interesting guy and you always teach me something. So thank you.✌️🎼🕉
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 3 күн мурун
Great story Rick! It's so great that you persisted in the face of significant disappointment. What about people who don't have the natural talent you do? What about people who tend to quit as opposed to carrying on when they're told they aren't good enough? "Asking for a friend." Thanks for the humanity you inject into your highly educational videos.
Harry Strong
Harry Strong 3 күн мурун
i luv you
John Waddington
John Waddington 3 күн мурун
All the plans in the world are great but, you never know where you will end up.
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios 3 күн мурун
The wiggly calf literally suggest because cloudy hopefully consist behind a adjoining butane. elastic, decisive slice
Murdo Mck
Murdo Mck 4 күн мурун
When your kids have their own families they will watch your autobiographical videos, even if they've heard the stories before. I remember Ian Hislop, commenting on 8mm film of himself as a toddler at the beach: "the camera is pointing the wrong way". 50 years on, he wanted to see his parents enjoying life.
Carlton 4 күн мурун
You have really cool hair
Memories Fading
Memories Fading 4 күн мурун
Music Uni's.... They are good for picking up girlfriends....
Memories Fading
Memories Fading 4 күн мурун
A lot, to most famous "successful" bands of the past and present that play massive festivals, and have famous songs, are living in tiny apartments, without healthcare and couldn't afford all the toys behind you, so it turned out alright.
92Jaghk 4 күн мурун
Much love, Rick.
NEWMOON54 Cannone
NEWMOON54 Cannone 4 күн мурун
Hi Rick! Thanks for being an insightful person, something that seems to be rare, and getting even rarer by the day! I believe that that's your most appealing attribute/attitude , which makes for a positive connection between you, and the viewer(s). Your honest approach, and an unbiased one, is VERY refreshing! You seem to be a student of the "less is more" school, which is twinned to the Confucius standard, "He who speaks ... does NOT know .... and he who knows ... does NOT speak" is proven once again,, to be our ONLY stance, if we value truth! I loved your interview with my number 1 guitarist bar NONE, LARRY CARLTON, and I know Larry loved it too! It was very evident in his demeanor! I've met Larry several times and got to be around him enough through the years to know how he reacts to people. He can be a bit standoffish, and cool towards you if he's feels that you're not genuine, or insincere! I've had 3, or 4 fairly long moments of being with him, waiting to do some minor interview/review(s) at concerts. But in your interview Larry is wide open with a smile to boot!!! Rick thank you for your honesty and your talents!!!! Ciao Sal.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 4 күн мурун
Thank you Sal🙏🏻
bellygunnermusic 4 күн мурун
so interesting to hear your history.
HJ1922 4 күн мурун
Love your story, brilliant !,
panocam1 4 күн мурун
Love the story it is a great one to share as a lesson in life however and this has to be the most novice of questions ever but how does learning such obscure music history a jump off point into the hear and now of your life? I remember an episode of the show "King of the Hill" when Bobby was trying to learn the classics of renaissance comedy by becoming" Tartufo the Spry Wonder Dog" Can you still play such pieces and if so would you be afraid of getting pelted with tomatoes if you did so in public?
Solgato Blogopogo
Solgato Blogopogo 4 күн мурун
rockin awesome hair
William, Jr. Taborn
William, Jr. Taborn 4 күн мурун
It took me 30 years to get into music school and it may take ten years to get through it, as a part time student, but I was able to do a lot of cool things in the interim that I'm able to share with the younger folks around me.
John Royce
John Royce 4 күн мурун
Things happen for a reason, that reason sometimes only becomes clear further down the line..... Use each failure as a lesson and learn from that lesson. Failures help us understand what success is.
NikoNOJ 4 күн мурун
Thanks a lot!
valter vava74
valter vava74 4 күн мурун
You are a very good story teller. Very nice video.
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips 4 күн мурун
Hi Rick. For the last 5 weeks I have been in a playing crisis. I cannot pick up a guitar and play anything. I have just lost the love for all things Guitar and its killing me. I have tried listening and watching Bands and solo artists Studio and live on You tube but my love for all things music has died. Is this common and terminal.
Meep’s Music & Cover Songs
Meep’s Music & Cover Songs 5 күн мурун
Only beautiful people can create beautiful music, beautiful people are powerful people, They also have integrity and loyalty, the rest outside that is manipulation and is bs and causes distrust, end quote
Bob Price
Bob Price 5 күн мурун
So interesting how defeat can make you more successful in the long run than successes. I really enjoyed your story and could relate to it.
Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels 5 күн мурун
SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} aahh great talk
Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)
Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55) 5 күн мурун
I live near two fairly big state universities and auditioned to be a voice major at both schools twice. The first time, I was actually sent an acceptance letter from the music school at the university I wanted to attend more, but the problem was I was a community college student and my grades at the time were terrible, so transferring and actually being accepted by the university itself would've been an issue. When I finally improved my community college grades and was ready to graduate with an Associate's degree, I auditioned for both universities to be a voice major again. This time, I wasn't accepted by the music school at the university I wanted to attend more, but I was accepted to the other university's music school, so that's where I ended up going.
Raivis Petersons
Raivis Petersons 5 күн мурун
Thank you Rick for this story!
Bruce Wilson
Bruce Wilson 5 күн мурун
I deeply appreciate your authenticity. Thank you for telling part of your story. It is important to make plans. And, they will always end up differently. Make plans. Go with the divine inspiration.
Glynn Smith
Glynn Smith 5 күн мурун
In my 67th year I can honestly say no-one taught me as much about music theory as you have. I've earned my living as a bass player for a while - best income I ever earned (better than senior management) ..knew very little theory, I was all about shape copying, guessing and sounds right.
Robert Steven Schwartz
Robert Steven Schwartz 5 күн мурун
Rick, I learned the same lessons in my life. When I look back on my life, there are things I would have done different knowing what I know now. But, had I not taken the paths I did, I would not have my beautiful kids, I would have not gone to law school and not become a Judge . So I though I regret the breakup of my first marriage for the hurt that resulted, I had to marry my second wife to have my kids. Etc., etc., etc.
Christian Snook
Christian Snook 5 күн мурун
If you only knew how timely this was for me. Thank you much, Rick!!!! ❤️
Jorge Barnet
Jorge Barnet 5 күн мурун
Thanks for sharing it! Trully! Blessings!!!
Jody Carroll - Blues.Roots.Americana Songwriter
Jody Carroll - Blues.Roots.Americana Songwriter 5 күн мурун
The amount of and excitement of reaction vids to "old" music is very encouraging for the future. Seems like kids didn't hear enough a variety of music in the late 90's till now due to the music distribution problem. Now with the internet they are and are talking about it. I say we are on the cusp of something huge as they grow and learn music themselves like never before. Access to the greats of the past have never been so apparent and truly good art always pushes into the future and drives the boat.
Michael Giordano
Michael Giordano 5 күн мурун
What was that original legendary producers name ?
Dan Morris
Dan Morris 5 күн мурун
as the lyric goes, "God bless the broken road, that brought me straight to you". Great experience to share, Rick, thx.
studioblogic 5 күн мурун
Great Sir Rick, Thanks for confirming my theory that humility and talent are inseparable twins. Live, love, create and inspire. Shaw said - "...humility isn't thinking less of one's self. It's thinking of one's self less. Thanks for everything you do to elevate the potential of world's music community. barry in Indy
Alan Burch
Alan Burch 5 күн мурун
Thanks for being there, Rick.
Just the Drummer
Just the Drummer 6 күн мурун
Great story, loved listening to that! What a great guy!
Channel Family
Channel Family 6 күн мурун
SAROJA Band 6 күн мурун
So many of these pompous, snooty music "professors" are bitter and jealous of musicians with real raw natural talent.
Daniel Rogers
Daniel Rogers 6 күн мурун
Great Vid
Daniel Rogers
Daniel Rogers 6 күн мурун
London Sire Records..if I Recall correctly they had the Greatest Chicago Blues double LP of All Time "Fleetwood Mac in Chicago 1969"
Brandy Reviews By Aaron
Brandy Reviews By Aaron 6 күн мурун
totally irrelevant question. My girlfriend LOVES your hair. She has a cut like that, but shorter. She wants to know how you keep it slicked up like that. What product or a lot of product?
General Terms Jr
General Terms Jr 6 күн мурун
Interesting story that can pump the spirit of anyone. Very few students nowadays have that type of commitment with their talent. It looks like it's time to start getting used to mediocrity and pass the era as fast as we can.
Warner's Svengoolie Video Dungeon
Warner's Svengoolie Video Dungeon 6 күн мурун
I agree. I look back at my life and see that every first step inevitably led to the next one, and so on, but I feel if I had missed one of those steps I would not be where I am today.
Blackstone Daze
Blackstone Daze 6 күн мурун
Awesome video! Thank You!
codys room
codys room 6 күн мурун
Every failure or rejection is an opportunity to put in more work and practice. The rejection probly hurt your pride so much, but it made u get better and now look at you. Your 1 of the best youtube guitarists and have so much knowledge to give to us guitar players. I love enjoy and learn alot from your channel. Thanks for the story. Its inspirational
Terry Abbott
Terry Abbott 6 күн мурун
Loved the story of auditioning for bass.
Richard Helder
Richard Helder 6 күн мурун
I love your channel. I love your whole attitude. Rock on my friend!
Stashman FPV
Stashman FPV 7 күн мурун
The thing I like about you Rick, is that you are 100% real. You're not one of those guys that tries to be someone else. You're the "Diamond in the Rough." I've watched all your videos and will continue too, as you can relate to all of us musicians that aspire to be more than we are, while being genuine and ourselves... All the best to you Rick Beato! ✌🏽
Injured TableTennisPlayer
Injured TableTennisPlayer 7 күн мурун
I have such a story how I left highschool to enter college early and I ended up being a doctor. Some call it fate....this Easter I reiterated it as being the Hand of Our Lord.
Injured TableTennisPlayer
Injured TableTennisPlayer 5 күн мурун
@sandsmarc a lifetime being a physician taught me differently. I’ll pray for you too
sandsmarc 6 күн мурун
I literally hate when people are responsible for doing something themselves and credit it to a stupid lord. You are the only lord. Stop with this tripe.
Brent Whitmore
Brent Whitmore 7 күн мурун
Rick, your best story yet! And so true! I have always grown best from my failures. Kudos!
Our Earth
Our Earth 7 күн мурун
Rick - this is really inspirational - as a geographer, I am always giving career presentations in which I tell students many of the things you are sharing - you never know what doors will open, don't give up on your dreams... Thank you for sharing!
Kurtis Mayer
Kurtis Mayer 7 күн мурун
Love hearing your story Rick. Much love
Fastidious Sloth
Fastidious Sloth 7 күн мурун
I love your positive don't-let-the-bastards-grind-you-down philosophy. Incidentally, do any of those amps crank up to 11?
Julian Benedict
Julian Benedict 8 күн мурун
If I could double thumb I would...
All The Bees Are Dead
All The Bees Are Dead 8 күн мурун
Cool story
约翰·史密斯 8 күн мурун
Great story Rick! I can think of a pivotal point in my life that led me into four decades as a mental health professional. Some fluke, eh?
GuitarUniverse2013 8 күн мурун
It’s a wonderful story indeed. But consider this. The producer who let you down really betrayed you. He knew that he had done wrong, and in our industry it was probably some kind of drug or alcohol problem or psychological problem. He was calling to apologize. I don’t know whether you excepted the apology or not, but the point is, and this is the point that I don’t think you bring to light in your wonderful talk, when people do us wrong, it’s up to them to ultimately take responsibility for the hurt they have brought to you and your friends and family. If they don’t take responsibility, then you are the one that has to bear that burden. And because the person that has done us wrong won’t admit it, they end up pointing fingers, lying about us, and the hurt continues. So I think it’s incumbent upon us when we are hurt by others to be gracious enough to except their apology, but more than that we should constructively engage them to say, “ OK, I accept your apology but how have you changed your life? What amendments have you made to your behavior? “ We’re all familiar with people who constantly apologize to us for screwing up, “oh I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” So Rick, you ended up where you ended up because you’re a brilliant compassionate talented human being. If you’re like me, you measure your success on seeing how your life has positively affected everyone else’s life. It’s OK to have money in the bank it’s OK to be powerful it’s OK to be successful, but it’s not OK to do those things at the expense of other peoples emotional well-being and personal safety. Keep doing your wonderful work and keep witnessing and telling the truth. It’s too bad that we don’t live in a society where people like you could actually be presidents of institutions and so forth. The problem is that healthy well-balanced truly generous people like you aren’t allowed into that special club! What we get are the 1%’s, and recent psychological investigation has pointed out that many of these Tip top people in our society who become leaders are actually psychopaths!
trebledamages 7 күн мурун
Psychopaths or narcissists, or both.
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