As Much GUITAR THEORY As I Can Teach In 1 Hour

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Rick Beato

23 күн мурун

In this live stream I teach as much guitar theory as I can in 60 minutes.
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Olorin323 2 күн мурун
Rick, I'm self taught. I figured out most of the muting stuff on my it weird though that I've learned to strum many of the chords though to not hit the muted strings? I often strum power chords while only hitting the 3 strings.
Soumya Dutta
Soumya Dutta 2 күн мурун
This channel is GOLD.
Dejan Tesic
Dejan Tesic 2 күн мурун
Garret Mckinley
Garret Mckinley 3 күн мурун
Your channel is amazing! Thank you for doing what you do.
Николай Медведев
Николай Медведев 3 күн мурун
why don't just everybody start repeating and learning what he plays?
YouthInEyesAsian 3 күн мурун
Lost me at triads...
Bob G
Bob G 4 күн мурун
Got your Betato book. I wish there was a path that helps the beginner learn in a logical way
Joel Longfellow
Joel Longfellow 4 күн мурун
Totally agreed!! Works in any category. Guitar, piano, voice, brass, woodwinds, tuned percussion. Anything should be learned in this appropriate manner. Fantastic!!
Todd Beckham
Todd Beckham 6 күн мурун
Looks like tomorrow is your Birthday!! Hope it's a good one!!:)
Jeffrey Olson
Jeffrey Olson 6 күн мурун
At the start I wanted to send this to my daughter. 3 minutes in I realised you are still teaching to a different level of beginner. Not real beginners. But I get it for advanced beginners.
Gert van der Does
Gert van der Does 6 күн мурун
Dude! I thought you were 46 and early going gray like myself. Just a little earlier than me! Turns out you're just older than me! 🤣 Happy birthday, man!
kerebros 6 күн мурун
Great video Rick! I have been playing 30+ years and I still learned a lot from this video . .you're awesome
William Campbell
William Campbell 7 күн мурун
"Štěpán Holejšovský ​can i watch a replay later?" The new "What strings do you use?"
Timothy Woods
Timothy Woods 8 күн мурун
Rick, what a guy. Thank you
Timanator 9 күн мурун
Happy Bday Rickster!
jim keleher
jim keleher 9 күн мурун
Happy birthday Rick , thanks for your lessons !
Tanglangfa 9 күн мурун
I avoided learning theory for twenty years. You’re lying to yourself if you think learning theory will hurt your creativity. Creativity improves immediately. Imagine someone trying to type a novel, but they don’t know English. They’ll get some random words sometimes, and maybe even accidentally memorize some basic words through trial and error. But they will never type Shakespeare or Hemingway. Maybe like 5 people have been truly great without learning theory or learning it at some point. 5.
Jf L
Jf L 9 күн мурун
Hi, next topic... Jam.. 😎. As for me.. Im stuck.. I dont really want to learn new songs.. I just want to her it, find the key and improvise /jam/soloing.. All my friends ask me to write but nhaa.. Why use words when i can express them... I love your Chanel and all the given to ppl.. Thx sir. 😎🎸
SaintsFlow9 10 күн мурун
you should do a guitar skill/ techniques video
Indiana SB
Indiana SB 10 күн мурун
Thank you Rick!!! I’m a sound, light and video guy. Your lessons help me feel the music better. Happy Birthday 🎁🎉
Hipster 101
Hipster 101 10 күн мурун
🤨 bought the Beato Book. Thanks for the good price Rick :) I will be reviewing it sometime in the next year. I’m very much a beginner and the Reddit reviews say your very ‘comprehensive’
StarLord 10 күн мурун
Happy belated 59th, Rick! I missed the last promo so glad to catch both Beato Book and Ear Training Program this round! Perfect for me, getting back into guitar and other musical things. Your vids are produced well, topics are enjoyable and timely. Happy to throw some money in, learn, and support the cause!
Erik Dahlen
Erik Dahlen 10 күн мурун
Hello, love your channel but I have a question and I don't know where to ask, so I'll try here where the title is about guitar lessons. I noticed Roger Waters played his Rickenbacker bass (I think it was a Rickenbacker. It was early 70's) with a pick behind the pickup cover so he only had a few inches to maneuver his right hand. Is this normal and is it hard to do?
torchandhammer 10 күн мурун
Wouldn't this be cool if it was your first lesson with Mr. Beato in the back of the music store. Okay, practice the stuff I just showed you and come back next week.
Timothy Kirkpatrick
Timothy Kirkpatrick 11 күн мурун
Can you do something on Tim henson from polyiphia
Michael Felix
Michael Felix 11 күн мурун
This guy eats free, no questions asked. If I owned a restaurant
Kathy Shortt
Kathy Shortt 11 күн мурун
Hey, Happy belated birthday Rick and thanks for the tips!!
Moe Fugger
Moe Fugger 11 күн мурун
Thanks for taking time to post your videos Rick!! Great videos to learn from.. Great videos for new thought in understanding theory.. Very entertaining as well!! Thanks so much😁
marti. artin
marti. artin 11 күн мурун
Man, this is THE most valuable hour of informations for beginner guitarist like me :) thank you very much for your work
Chikimefuiki 11 күн мурун
I cant believe we have the same birthday! Im turning the big 30, I hope you have an amazing birthday this year man, you have been a great resource and inspiration to keep progressing. I bought your Beato book a few months ago and its been great. Have fun this saturday, thanks for everything!
Richard Stensson
Richard Stensson 11 күн мурун
Excellent! Would love to see one for Piano next. :)
ziblot123 11 күн мурун
Wait till u hit 70
JeffBarlettHomeVideo 11 күн мурун
How did you get that synth sound at 25:32 in the video? It sounds really good. What are you using to make this sound effect?
Vlr Pachuau
Vlr Pachuau 11 күн мурун
Thanks Rick... Please do a video on top guitarists that don't use plectrum.
alex Gallo
alex Gallo 12 күн мурун
Happy birthday Rick.... Thanks for all the music
utubeaf3c0 12 күн мурун
Is this right (where x = don't play)? dx du xu du dx du xu du I'm probably way off, but this puts me in the mind of "Lyin' Eyes" (by those whose name cannot be mentioned).
Geirthieuss Bimkravahl
Geirthieuss Bimkravahl 12 күн мурун
Dude, you can NEVER teach enough guitar theory in one hour:). There's too much theory in you for one continuous month, to say nothing of one continuous week, or one continuous day. You're a treasure on here. Stay true:)
Daniel TheAngryDemocrat
Daniel TheAngryDemocrat 12 күн мурун
My Mel Bay Guitar Method (Circa 1969) stressed keeping the thumb behind the neck. Yes it is baloney! On my piano the old school admonished to hold down a piano key for the full count as written but finger legato cripples your hands & has since been debunked too. That's what the sustain pedal is for!
Unmitigated Gall
Unmitigated Gall 12 күн мурун
Music theory is a great way of analyzing things that pop into your head without it. 90% of classic rock musicians can't even read music. But it's indispensible if you want to play in a jazz duo at the Holiday Inn. It's like the musical version of art history. "This is how the masters did it." OK, but music is 50% inspiration and 50% perspiration. Take away the former and there are no songs. Of course Rick never looks down on people.
Moe Bentoumi
Moe Bentoumi 12 күн мурун
Happy Birthday.... And thank you for doing what you do.
BronieV Michael
BronieV Michael 13 күн мурун
Similar thing on the piano would be great!
Éric Chenel
Éric Chenel 13 күн мурун
It will take me a decade to assimilate this 1 hour lesson 😮
age noire
age noire 10 күн мурун
I feel you
Bradford Not Your Cousin Leigh
Bradford Not Your Cousin Leigh 13 күн мурун
Rick you are the G.O.A.T.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 13 күн мурун
Whippersnapper 59 piece of cake we're the same age actually right now I'll be 60 this year congratulations and happy birthday
George Kiapos
George Kiapos 13 күн мурун
Happy B-Day, Rick! I enjoy your channel (and I've got 5 years on ya!).
Mr King
Mr King 13 күн мурун
Many happy returns of the day Don't forget to collect on your senior discount! Ask and you shall receive, I saved 38 cents at Donkey Donuts today. WIN!
The Dusty Shed
The Dusty Shed 14 күн мурун
Mr. Beato, this is an amazing thing you are sharing with the world. Thank you.
Dr Johnson
Dr Johnson 14 күн мурун
CouId you pIease anaIyze 'what makes a song great' of a song by the Japanese band Envy? thx!
Mo Hogany
Mo Hogany 14 күн мурун
Now I get it.
Jeffery Johnson
Jeffery Johnson 14 күн мурун
I would like to say today thank you for your great contact you help with my journey 🔓🎵🎼
Bob B
Bob B 14 күн мурун
you look much younger than 59 ;) One of this 1 hour videos about Bass would be really neat :D Enjoyed this one as a bassist aswell
chad rocca
chad rocca 15 күн мурун
I never ever wrap my thumb around. I have never needed to. This is not normal. Dont do that.
GiG DaDDy 15 күн мурун
Whats with the green screen, what happened to the real studio?
Satan Official
Satan Official 15 күн мурун
El Kabong sure knew how to do a crash course in guitar.
Satan Official
Satan Official 15 күн мурун
"Fact checks can be checked because they're checkable by checkers." ---Albert Einstein
Satan Official
Satan Official 15 күн мурун
Fact checkers say..."Correct!"
RXBXSX 15 күн мурун
Rick - thanks for this video and all the other great stuff you do/give. You're a good man!
Gabriela Sochan
Gabriela Sochan 15 күн мурун
Gabriela Sochan
Gabriela Sochan 15 күн мурун
YES, YOU are right. Teachers who work only in classical music (classical guitar in this case) say many "strange" things 😜 😁 I try combine many styles of music on many different guitars, for example I learn on classical guitar and yes I realy try to do this as classical teacher told me = put fingers very carefully, thumb behind... so on. But! I want to play also 😁 Rock, Country, Meshuggah... 😁 and I have unfortunatelly very small "chinese" hand 😁 If I want to for example use my thumb and mute strings I need some way to do this my small hand and very short fingers 😁 I was very lucky becouse acoustic guitar which I bought has very thin neck (and small box) 😁 and now I may learn from my MASTER John Frusciante who use his thumb a lot!!! 😁 Of course I don't pay here so much attention to "right corner of my fingers" 😜 😁 It is also BEAUTIFUL ❤ 😁 Thank YOU very much for lesson ❤ 😁
Vaughn Webber Music
Vaughn Webber Music 15 күн мурун
Sound is mooi !!!
Mat Setizar
Mat Setizar 16 күн мурун
Wouldn’t striking a muted string still produce an audible sound, albeit not as loud?
Mephilis 78
Mephilis 78 16 күн мурун
I may be playing a Blues right now, but later I will play a Rock and then a Metal.
Mephisto Moto
Mephisto Moto 16 күн мурун
I watched this at 2x speed and was able to get lost in half the time.
Jason Holcomb
Jason Holcomb 16 күн мурун
I wish I had this back in back in 1989 when I bought my first guitar. It took years of self-taught/Guitar World practice to get all of this down lololol.
Des Moore
Des Moore 16 күн мурун
Rick you look well for 59 wayy better than me at 58 I tells ya
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 16 күн мурун
man I wish I had access to you 10 years ago. I could have learned everything I know in 1 year not 10
martin clarke
martin clarke 16 күн мурун
Yes! Spoonman! Go Rick!
DCfromtheV 16 күн мурун
Thanks Rick great job
Aviv Ron
Aviv Ron 16 күн мурун
Thanks rick and happy birthday. That would be nice to credit the guy who wrote that two-time quoted remark.
David Clark
David Clark 16 күн мурун
'Baloney!' You made my day, sir! As much as your tutelage always does. Thanks, Rick
Viktor Zika
Viktor Zika 16 күн мурун
Happy Birthday!!!
Mike Weedeley
Mike Weedeley 16 күн мурун
Aye rick
dimi Dimitri
dimi Dimitri 16 күн мурун
Got the book bundle and it’s great! Thx for the discount and happy 59th!
Mihael Brozović
Mihael Brozović 16 күн мурун
And after 12 years of being in metal, I learned how to mute a chord propperly.
Harald Stein
Harald Stein 16 күн мурун
I alwaystell my students Rule Nr 1 and 2 to master the guitar: TUNE YOUR GUITAR AND MUTE YOUR STRINGS
mark 17 күн мурун
59? yer still a kid ricky. Happy Birthday! Why haven't we seen you on the Late Show?
meathacker 17 күн мурун
Got it thanks for the deal. Been toying with learning the guitar since I was 14. Now that I'm 37 now seems like a good time. I want to learn to play, but even more attractive to me is to understand music. Looking forward to working through your material and actively using your videos instead of just watching them for fun := )
my1after909 17 күн мурун
Makes me smile. Thanks, and Happy Birthday, Sir!
Shine Dawg
Shine Dawg 17 күн мурун
Rb got chops!
Ys Wildcat
Ys Wildcat 17 күн мурун
Rick, please consider making a video on Basil Poledouris - Conan the Barbarian soundtrack one of these days
Krieghandt 17 күн мурун
Will there be a song writing one? and maybe a mix in 60 minutes
Jamiegaleaguitar 17 күн мурун
missed this video as i didnt get a Yoututbe alert when Rick went live which means i also missed the discount code, bummer tried to buy this morning but no luck. Unbelievable video as always
Erik Meijer
Erik Meijer 17 күн мурун
🥳🎉🎊🎂🍰🎁Happy Birthday Rick keep inspiring people 👊🏼
davesdream 17 күн мурун
I got the Beato Book. Not too happy. I thought it was going to be explained in a way easy to understand. I used other methods and I was able to follow but this one on the 4th or 5th page is already very cumbersome. I love Rick's channel but I was expecting much more from the book.
Michael Guy
Michael Guy 17 күн мурун
unreal and happy birthday!
Peter Gathercole
Peter Gathercole 17 күн мурун
As a person who learned classical guitar, I can say that it is the spanish/classical teachers who tell you to put your thumb on the middle of the back of the fret board. They also teach to barre across the whole fret board, and keep your left hand fingers as perpendicular to the fret board as possible. Generally speaking, classical guitars have deeper and wider fret boards than steel strung guitars, and this makes it difficult to reach around the whole fret board (especially for someone like me who has relatively small hands). But you very rarely 'strum' guitar in classical, even flamenco is selective about the strings you pluck. I actually find my (limited) classical training gets in the way when I'm trying to play anything else.
Charaiveti 17 күн мурун
happy birthday, rick!
Gerrit Kallies
Gerrit Kallies 17 күн мурун
Great Video. Thank you Rick.
crowislanddude 18 күн мурун
Rick: this was a really good one..... I’ve sent it to all my musician/guitar buddies.😉
Aaron Grubbs
Aaron Grubbs 18 күн мурун
I used your amazing discount and got the new Beato Book. I bought the first one (I think) that was photocopied, back when you first started. This is a thing of beauty, Rick, along with the ear training! I am so glad I have been able to support the channel all these years. And I can't wait for the modes mug. Anyone else have a hard time getting out of Mixolydian and Lydian?! I could only read music briefly in college when I got a minor in classical guitar, but I really am going to do my best to go through this book over the next few years, for a little each day so it really sticks. I just couldn't do it with the hand written one, no offense, but the staff has always been a weak spot for me! This thing looks really nice and slick. My college guitar teacher would get so irritated because my memory was so good (while my spatial skills really aren't), it was hard for me to ever master sight reading because after a few times through a Bach Etude, my 19 year old brain would just know it. I'm 47 now and thanks to you, Ben Eller, and Andy Wood, I can finally finish my music/guitar education properly--and with a lot more fun. I think the only class where I ever got a great lecture about intervals was my sight reading class, which was terrifying enough, so it just never stuck. Meanwhile Andy Wood has made me see the guitar in a fundamentally different (and a lot easier) way in just a few short months. I am a really bookish guy but the way I was taught music made it seem so complex, I just always wrote/learned everything by ear. I could always hear a 5th or a 7th, I just didn't know what to call it. I guess you could say..I was just in the woods with no map the entire time--I was just lucky enough to have flashlight ears and dexterous hands to find the cool plants. Now I can see the forest, the city, the interstate--I just have to keep locking it into my muscle memory. Thanks for all you do!
bionicmark 18 күн мурун
A friend of mine once told me; “It’s not the what, but the where...” meaning.. it’s not what you play, it’s where you play it.
Billy Shears
Billy Shears 18 күн мурун
Been hearing about Ramones playing all down strokes for over 30 years but all everyone said waa "it has a sound". This is the first time someone has said WHY. lol
John Cougar
John Cougar 18 күн мурун
59?? That's ridiculous! You don't look a day over 56!
Willy C
Willy C 18 күн мурун
Don't feel bad, I was 60 on Saturday, April 24th as well... we are like a good wine tho, we get better with age... at least that's what I keep telling myself lol
D \ m / V
D \ m / V 18 күн мурун
my hands are small ish for a dude so sometimes with bar chord especially i struggle to hit all the proper notes in chord cleanly. i unintentionally mute strings.
D \ m / V
D \ m / V 18 күн мурун
i love the driviing analogy hahah so accurate. it's how i play which is bad but i also like randomly driving without a route lol great vid as always!!!
HowlingUlf 18 күн мурун
Happy Beato day, Rick, you old geezer haha! You're about fifteen (15) weeks older than me! ... f i f t e e n ... o_0
Anthony Isabella
Anthony Isabella 18 күн мурун
rick have you ever tried to contact andy timmons man he is something else what a player. that would be a great interview.
landofsuchbeauty 18 күн мурун
Belated Happy Birthday, Rick!
Grant Mecozzi
Grant Mecozzi 18 күн мурун
I purchased your book a while back and it is like drinking from the fire hose (in a good way). This is going to be a interesting experiment see what you can do in an hour.
lopezb 18 күн мурун
I've been playing since I was 14 (55 years?!) and am learning new things from the beginning! Should have taken lessons....Thanks, Rick.
Kahlil B Thomas
Kahlil B Thomas 18 күн мурун
Well Rick... Finally but the bullet and bought the Beato book. At that discount I can't not! Happy birthday and thanks for sharing that brain of yours
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