What Makes This Song Great? Ep.102 U2 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

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Rick Beato

19 күн мурун

In this episode of What Makes This Song Great? I break down "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" from U2's iconic Joshua Tree album. The song was the second #1 single from Joshua Tree and is one of the greatest rock songs of all-time.
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martinskanal 3 саат мурун
I wish this would put the boring Edge-bashing to rest. U2 is not my fav band and Edge is not my fav guitar player, but he sure is a great guitarist and is the carpet that ties the room together.
D18351 4 саат мурун
Could you do a "What Makes This Song Great: Semisonic, Never You Mind"
Interneticus Sapiens
Interneticus Sapiens 7 саат мурун
Dun-dun-dun, dudun-dun, dun-dun-dun. Such a masterpiece..... ¬…¬
Nelson LeDuc
Nelson LeDuc 8 саат мурун
Rick, thanks for this one. I never appreciated this song at all until watching this video. The two most powerful resolutions in our tonal system are 7 up to 1 and 4 down to 3. This song features both of those, but neither of them resolve. The c never resolves to d-flat, the g-flat never resolves to f. And what is the title and hook line of this song? "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" -- this is a perfect example of "text painting" -- how better to represent that lyric musically than by NOT RESOLVING the two most powerful tensions in the major scale? I can only imagine that if Bach or Schubert had been asked to write this music, they would have done something very similar. Pure genius!!
hayes 13 саат мурун
Great video! I'd love to see one from Elliott Smith or Amy Winehouse!
CJ E 14 саат мурун
No Rick, Not Too Much Drumming . . . In fact, no such thing as Too Much Drumming.
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 18 саат мурун
I wish U2 would play Heartland live. It’s a brilliant song yet they’ve never played it live
Agus Santoso
Agus Santoso 22 саат мурун
Edge may not be playing fast or show-off shredding and how many notes you can play craps. But when you can make distinctive and revolutionary guitar sound of your own, you are one step higher than those showing off guitarists who merely play, shred and tap fast and loudly.
Raven Guitar Music
Raven Guitar Music 23 саат мурун
Just when you think you know a song... Rick points out something you missed. Love these videos... do something off Songs of Experience Rick!
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker 23 саат мурун
Sunday Bloody Sunday is one of my favourite songs of all time.
Reno Railfanning
Reno Railfanning Күн мурун
The is a guitar gear video with Dallas Shoo and he he won't say who makes The Edge's picks :)
Reno Railfanning
Reno Railfanning Күн мурун
Being in a stadium, which I have, while U2 lets the crowd sing this is something spiritual. Their version on Jimmy Kimmel is mesmerizing. These guys are a live band and their shows are something else.
jack I wanna paint!
jack I wanna paint! Күн мурун
it wouldnt be rick if he didnt throw a rant in there
KAFKUBA Күн мурун
Please answer this question...do you really think these musicians think about this as much as you?
Kyle Warren
Kyle Warren Күн мурун
Could you do 25 or6 to 4 or Beginnings by Chicago for a video? That would be awesome!
Anders Jensen
Anders Jensen Күн мурун
How about Dire Straits? Telegraph Road! Should not be a hit by modern radio standards, yet it’s a fan favorite. Dire Straits can’t be blockers because there are tons of videos out there… so, please…
John Carroll
John Carroll Күн мурун
Love these videos!! I'm a relatively late to the Beato party, but have really enjoyed these informative pieces. Have you considered doing a video for Lovely Day by Bill Withers? The guitar track by Ray Parker Jr on that is just brilliant!! Cheers, good sir!
J P Күн мурун
Watched a second time, what a well done video 👍
Alex S
Alex S Күн мурун
The whole thing is just awesome, Rick. Enlightening and inspirational. Thank you buddy!
jaxdagger Күн мурун
Performing in church worship bands, it is fascinating how much influence this song and the entire Joshua Tree album has on today's praise music.
Andre Stojanov
Andre Stojanov Күн мурун
When I was very young, around 8 years old ... I took an old radio from my mother and listened to this song with my ears plugged into the speakers. Especially on Edge's riff, the part with no guitar solo. It made me shiver! Thank you for sharing your feelings about this song. I feel that way too when I hear it!
RexWave Күн мурун
Please get Larkin Poe in for a “What Makes These Covers Great?” You could start with Nights In White Satin. The harmonies between the vocals and slide are crazy. Megan, the Slide Queen, is a special player. Rebecca doesn’t always let her picking skills out, but when she does...
Rene Pajaron
Rene Pajaron Күн мурун
this song's title: UNTIL NOW? I love this song....
Bats In the belfry
Bats In the belfry Күн мурун
My Father discovered you and told me to Look at your videos. We are both very interested in music made of as you say "real humans". At First I thought how should I make this as a German woman without subtitles ? But you a speaking so clearly and not too fast. Thank you 💜 And at least the music ist a language we all can understand. Many greatings to you and stay safe
Ray Frechette
Ray Frechette 2 күн мурун
Incredible song. Has a completely unique feeling that no one has successfully replicated.
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor 2 күн мурун
I love the Classic Album series, so great watching how they mixed the songs and what was behind them
Ryan Forprez
Ryan Forprez 2 күн мурун
This is the song I sing when I have the fridge door open for any length of time.
Michael Corbett
Michael Corbett 2 күн мурун
I'm actually surprised that you didn't pick up on the rhythm being a very slow simple funk groove. I heard this when it came out but it was about 15 years later driving in Marseilles when my friend had it on the car radio that I heard the groove. The song mixes gospel, blues, soul and Irish traditional overtones (Edge's guitar and Bono's style of singing). It literally doesn't really know what it is. It never settles.
Leastmilk 2 күн мурун
Can you do a Rancid or Operation Ivy song?
Junkyard Dadski
Junkyard Dadski 2 күн мурун
Pearl Jam's "Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town" for the win!
İsmet Tarık Gölge
İsmet Tarık Gölge 2 күн мурун
I realized that I haven't paid any attention to great drumming in u2. Great video and song!
Blaine Trahan
Blaine Trahan 2 күн мурун
A very underrated band.
Joao Victor Vital
Joao Victor Vital 2 күн мурун
Could you do one about the song Ain’t No Mountain High?
Fabien Bouron
Fabien Bouron 2 күн мурун
Hey Rick, Could you make an epidose on Muse? why not Plugin baby ! thanks for your great work on this channel, I love it
Barbara Denby
Barbara Denby 2 күн мурун
i went to see U2 in tampa. i got there a little late and the band came on while i visited the lav; they opened up with this one. i said to the girl next to me at the sinks - "i dont mind missing this one i'm not crazy about it.". she agreed. this is all to say i'm going to watch this and see if rick changes my mind.
hasinur rahman
hasinur rahman 2 күн мурун
Larry Mullen Jr. is hugely underrated as a drummer.... This video really brings out the uniqueness of his drumming.... Thanks, Beato.
Sebastian Orlander
Sebastian Orlander 2 күн мурун
WhatI love about this series is that it really forces people to consider all of the facets of arrangement that go into songwriting. I never considered U2 to be interesting from the drum perspective, but to hear you actually play a couple of examples of how non-standard those grooves are makes me want to listen to U2 more closely.
Hofit Peer
Hofit Peer 3 күн мурун
Hi Rick, amazing video as usual. I would like to see a video about the Goo Goo dolls "Iris". I saw it in your alternative tunings video and it became one my favorite songs of all time.
Anthony Dallarosa
Anthony Dallarosa 3 күн мурун
ELTON JOHN::: “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” I know you, if no one else on KGglobal, has the vocabulary to explain the brilliance that is this piece of music.
groo46 3 күн мурун
You asked me to leave a comment so I will.
Jim Mackenzie - Comedian with Mad Skiills
Jim Mackenzie - Comedian with Mad Skiills 3 күн мурун
This has one of my favorite “guitar solos”, as the obvious resolve is played/mixed so subtly so the listener completes it.
King Johnny
King Johnny 3 күн мурун
You still haven’t done Lynyrd Skynyrd, Creedence clearwater revival, queen, black sabbath or Iron Maiden and i think you should especially ccr like c,mon
Michael Francis
Michael Francis 3 күн мурун
Hey Rick, since you live in Atlanta, I was wondering why you haven't done an episode on Collective Soul.
Matthew James
Matthew James 3 күн мурун
I’d love for Rick to break down an angels and airwaves song !
925candyman 3 күн мурун
13:51 OH!! classic Tony Soprano
Phil Yates
Phil Yates 3 күн мурун
Unless I'm mistaken, have there been over 100 episodes and none have featured Bruce Springsteen? Born To Run is not my favourite album of his by any means, but surely something off that is worth the analysis? Tell me Bruce isn't another notorious KGglobal blocker?
Phil Yates
Phil Yates 3 күн мурун
@Rick Beato Wow, I thought he wouldn't be the type. What a shame.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 3 күн мурун
He’s a blocker
Phil Yates
Phil Yates 3 күн мурун
I loved the Classic Albums series. Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols is a fantastic episode and made me appreciate what great musicians Paul Cook and Steve Jones were. It's worth watching it just for the Bill Price bits alone.
J H 3 күн мурун
Love your channel! Besides the music, I also enjoy watching it because of the picture quality. Very well recorded! Could you please do a “what makes this song great” on the song Mr Brightside by The Killers? (If you like it, that is) Thanks!
Thomas Moll
Thomas Moll 3 күн мурун
This one and „Pride“ have probable U2's greatest intros. If not some of the greatest intros in all of rock history. And kudos for insisting on LM Jr.'s great drumming.
Leslie Caruana
Leslie Caruana 3 күн мурун
Thank you for such a thorough amazing analysis of one of my all time favourite songs.
Winston Green
Winston Green 3 күн мурун
Loved this video. One of your best to date. I must have listened to this song a hundred+ times and I had never noted the interesting drum fills until you pointed them out. Kind of remind me of some of the 80's electronic music. Joy division etc. Anyone know which mic(s) they used for vox on this album???
matthew Paterson
matthew Paterson 3 күн мурун
What I like about this song is that it’s danceable.
NBT 3 3 күн мурун
Those who complain about Edge are those who have spent hours learning other players creativity and never CREATED anything of their own. Sorry, just the way I see it. In the end its not notes and scales its the creation of beautiful sound that fits the tone of what the song is communicating.
Rashid Rani
Rashid Rani 3 күн мурун
I remember bought Joshua Tree cassette when it first came out in the 80s...playing it non stop in my dormitory during my uni days. Other Students drew blank what I was listening to....they were all listening to Maiden and other metal bands.
James Judd
James Judd 3 күн мурун
Love to hear if you would ever do a breakdown of the song Blackbird by the band Alter Bridge.
Niall Flanagan
Niall Flanagan 3 күн мурун
Excellent breakdown!
Antonio Galeano
Antonio Galeano 3 күн мурун
Amazing video.
buzzy one
buzzy one 3 күн мурун
I use to get anxious listening to U2 .I turn dowm the guitar track and it really took the edge off
Sheldon Wilson
Sheldon Wilson 3 күн мурун
Don’t know if a band like Seether would be on this channel but if you ever got the chance I would love to see a What makes this song great for Seether 🙌🏻
Paul Mottet
Paul Mottet 4 күн мурун
I would love to see and hear your comments on Supertramp. There must be a song that deserves your attention..no?
Connor Morris
Connor Morris 4 күн мурун
Yooooo, Rick! Do Silverchair!
Sean Kebely
Sean Kebely 4 күн мурун
This album got me into music as a kid. My parents got me a discman for my birthday and i played this album over and over. I love it so much
Lloyd Griffiths
Lloyd Griffiths 4 күн мурун
Lesson Learned by Alicia Keys & John Mayer!
Drone Pro
Drone Pro 4 күн мурун
When I was in high school I was obsessed with U2, I wore out the Rattle & Hum VHS. I would have died to have had a series like this.
kekcsi 4 күн мурун
[off] Still waiting for the episode where you say, what makes this song great? Nothing. It's a truly mediocre song.[on] I never realized why most melodies that have long rests by the end of the phrases sounded so lame but some not. It's the upbeat, man. Keeps it rolling. Doesn't feel anymore like you're out of ideas how to continue and just wait for the next line.
31041955 4 күн мурун
this band is all Lanois
Merlin Hampton
Merlin Hampton 4 күн мурун
I love you, man. :) Thank you for breaking this one down. It's so gratifying to have a music expert explain WHY U2 is such a great band. All fashion and politics aside, U2 were a sea change in rock music history. They have inspired and transported me for most of my life. I love all the greats (e.g. Little Richard to Tame Impala), but U2 has always been my favorite band. Thank you, Rick!
Jacob Drollinger
Jacob Drollinger 4 күн мурун
If I could I would give this video 1 million thumbs up! What amazed me about this song is the end where you can go either way, up or down, there are literally like 4 different versions of the fade.
William Paul
William Paul 4 күн мурун
34 years? I'm old!
Luke Pepper
Luke Pepper 4 күн мурун
Great video as always Rick. Just some notes regarding Edge's guitar sound. It's over simplifying to stick a delay pedal on the 8/th notes. When you study them carefully, there are many U2 songs where they are set in ms to suit the bpm. On most of Edge's main guitar sounds, certainly the big ones we all know, he's actually using two delays. One will be a tight, slap-back of around 120-180mps and the other will be the longer, slightly louder main delay. This creates an almost 3-d sound with two delays working together and bouncing off one another. Without checking my settings - 'Streets have no name', is something like 352ms and 118ms working together. In lots of U2 songs, you really have to listen carefully to dial them in. One song, Beautiful day, actually has three delays going in the 'Touch me...' segment. (I think Still's delays are 148ms and 445ms with modulation on the longer delay and 250hz sucked out from the bottom) It's also far more likely that Edge was using the TC 2290 delay units, as the Korg SDD3000 was mainly used for overloading the VOX with +4db setting on the back of the unit. Edge ended up using four TC2290's in his rig. We also have to celebrate the genius of Lanois, who came up with many suggestions on this album - even introducing Edge to the Korg A3, used heavily on Achtung Baby.
spiidee 4 күн мурун
Rick, I don't play any instruments but I sure dig your passion and skill at breaking things down. It's incredibly engaging. It helps that we're the same age. This is my music and you're my people. Keep it up.
Chris Serpicø
Chris Serpicø 4 күн мурун
Bono’s vocal in this, as well as every other vocal on Joshua Tree, is phenomenal. You don’t realize how hard it is to sing U2 songs, until you try to sing them. Spoiler alert: You won’t be able to sing them.
fabiozib 4 күн мурун
amazing dissection of the song. those are the post-morten I like ;)
morgs88 4 күн мурун
Bloody great breakdown, i literally didnt know there was so much going on in that song. Thanks!
John S.
John S. 4 күн мурун
Do "Bad."
VampirVampy 5 күн мурун
6:34 Neh, neh! 😂
ThEThYmEK13 5 күн мурун
I'm thinking right now... How haven't you done a "What makes this song great?" about Opeth yet? :D Their compositions are astonishing...
Bierguy303 5 күн мурун
Comment for algorithm.
Craig Pattenden
Craig Pattenden 5 күн мурун
Joshua Tree is the album responsible for getting me into music, and it’s still my number one album of all time. There’s not a bad song on it. I’d love to hear an analysis of all the songs on the album tbh! Mothers of the disappeared would be my choice to learn about though.
mikerox71 5 күн мурун
Brilliant move on the producer's part to slow the track down💯. Bono seems to have his ego in check for the most part, but I would bet money he hates that fact.
Adam Wolstenholme
Adam Wolstenholme 5 күн мурун
That was great. My respect for the rhythm guys has definitely increased. How about a bit of a dive into the lyrics next time?
Jonathan Mong
Jonathan Mong 5 күн мурун
Do "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" by Billy Joel
Mike S
Mike S 5 күн мурун
What HE said 🙌🏼
Stellarockinbud 5 күн мурун
Can you do more songs in this series, and so one of tragically hip. Thanks
Joe Caprani
Joe Caprani 5 күн мурун
You mean "Itsy bitsy, teeny weeney, yellow polka dot bikini" never got to number 1? I'm so disappointed....
Kay Ralf
Kay Ralf 5 күн мурун
Dear Rick, always love your videos. Will you ever do a WMTSG on the band Chicago?
thedevilwuster 5 күн мурун
Of course it's gospel. Just check out the church version in Rattle and Hum
William Campbell
William Campbell 5 күн мурун
Have you heard the Rundgren mix of "Stage Fright"?
chris laform
chris laform 5 күн мурун
Funny. If you listen to different guitar players long enough their playing becomes their voice. Wether it be their playing style, tone or maybe a certain lick that they revert to Edge is amazing. Less is more.
Filthy Loops
Filthy Loops 5 күн мурун
Sadly after "The Joshua Tree" U2 preferred to sell their souls to the music business/industry. Although the next releases have been perfectly produced and mixed, I missed their early fighting political spirit and more "aggressive" style. I loved the years before "The Joshua Tree" when The Edge worked on side projects like "Snake Charmer" with Jah Wobble (PIL), Holger Czukay & Jaki Liebezeit (both from Can). Great job done on/for this video... excellent analysi 👍🏽RespeKt.
littleferrhis 5 күн мурун
You should do some TTNG!
HughMcQ27 5 күн мурун
You're awesome! It's like I get to listen to my favorite songs for the first time again! Amazing!!!
Tommi Bernabei
Tommi Bernabei 5 күн мурун
Hi Rick. Would love you to take into consideration the band Motorpsycho for your "What makes this song great" series. Their discography is very eclectic. My suggestion would be one of the following: Watersound, S.T.G., Waking on water, The Other Fool, Devil Dog, Lacuna/Sunrise, Cloudwalker. Cheers man.
VidZombie 6 күн мурун
More U2 please! I would love for you to dive into some of U2's more experimental tunes and later work (MOFO, Numb, The Fly, The Unforgettable Fire, The Miracle, Ceaderwood Road)
Vince D
Vince D 6 күн мурун
There's way more missing from today's music than spacing 😔
Jim Blair - Perpetual Evolution Designs
Jim Blair - Perpetual Evolution Designs 6 күн мурун
Great series. Killer content ... so good man.
Matthew Prather
Matthew Prather 6 күн мурун
The term, "organic" gets thrown around all the time, but this song is masterfully organic. I think of how the beating heart's intensity varies moment by moment as a person breathes and experiences an emotional event. This song is a beautiful struggle for everyone playing in the band, and each of us that listens to it.
ssgcmwatsonusa 6 күн мурун
Would love to see Rick's take on the live version with the gospel choir
bonnie rust
bonnie rust 6 күн мурун
Love these videos!
Andrew Burgess
Andrew Burgess 6 күн мурун
I maybe wrong but have you done an AC/DC song yet? They have such a large number of possible entries too, I would suggest Hell's Bells. When you were doing your great intro's series you left out the single greatest rock & roll intro of all time in AC/DC's Hell's Bells. I understand why as it's very non standard with the tolling bell followed by the rolling instrumental introduction's but that is what makes this intro so unique and epic & would make it a such a perfect selection for your What Makes This Song Great series.
James Breen Music
James Breen Music 6 күн мурун
I grew up beside the castle in the cover of the Unforgetable fire! Its just outside a town called Athlone in Ireland!
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