I Know a Little Music Theory...What’s Next? (Sale)

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Rick Beato

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In this live stream we dive into intermediate music theory concepts.
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gokberkmusic 14 күн мурун
What can we say Bbsus2#11 chord? Its first chord of Stp's sour girl song's chorus..
EB Gone
EB Gone 17 күн мурун
Can someone plz reply with what keyboard rick uses In his studio. I can’t figure it out
Blank Slate
Blank Slate 23 күн мурун
I bought the Beato Book. I’ll say this, it has a lot of information in it, a lot. 500 pages worth. After perusing through it briefly, it appears to be another theory book. Intervals, chord formulas, modes, major scale, minor scale, etc. without any real way to apply the concepts. For example, the information is presented in a very regimented way “this is a diminished chord, it has a flat third and a flat five,” without any way accompanying information such as “you would use that in this key with this chord progression.” Like I said, he basically presents as this is a diminished chord... Furthermore, this is a very large book, hardly user friendly and because it is only available as an E-book, I found I was constantly scrolling back and forth, up and down on my iPad to find information to put the pieces together. He has the transcriptions to the quick lessons but once again, those lessons usually produce more questions than answers. All in all, the Beato book is another large theory book without any real way to apply the knowledge contained therein.
Johnny Ledford
Johnny Ledford 25 күн мурун
Obviously add 6 is just like a stepchild. 🤣 Seriously Rick thank you so much for dropping all this knowledge on us.... I love it.
dave davis
dave davis 26 күн мурун
Hi rick sorry to ignore you for a while, my home and studio burnt down. I learn a lot from your videos especially resilience after watching your strength against copyright Five up on the sunny side. Dave davis 👌
Lenny Bellafiore
Lenny Bellafiore 26 күн мурун
“Simple simple” is a relatively relative term. Please be careful of turning off us beginners who might feel we are dummies because even this “simple” isn’t readily sinking in. My sense is, if you understand this theory to the point where you can build into your improvisations, you are pretty far along. Great content, Thanks
i am trying to understand music theory. can anyone help with this question? the song Rapture by Blondie, the vocal melody always sound so cool to me, so im thinking it must not be just a straight major or minor notes that she is singing... the song is in e minor, but she sings a g sharp note. would that make it some kind of mode? also she starts singing with a B note, which is the 5th of e. does that help make the melody sound "haunting", like it does? if not, what is it about the vocal melody over the chords the bass and guitar play that make it sound "haunting".... any thoughts would be appreciated
Bill Michel
Bill Michel 28 күн мурун
When you dig yourself into a musical hole, Rick is there to help you build a strong foundation. Thank you Rick!
Tony Crouse
Tony Crouse 29 күн мурун
Sorry Rick, but this stuff is too complicated.
Davis Pool
Davis Pool 29 күн мурун
Is beato book 4 good for people who understand absolutely nothing about music theory? In short - is it for beginners like me?
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Ай мурун
I must say your channel has helped me evolve alot with both theory and music production, recording and making songs. Thank you for that! Even though its abit hard to learn all in English words for the theory and then translate it to swedish. Because its abit different words for everything on the theory part.
BatmanWangChung Ай мурун
I think it would have helped a lot of us if you had the keys on screen. Great video still sir!
FlowtnWitWalden Ай мурун
Was waiting to hear that Maj 7 flat 5 chord I learned off a neat little song with a cool lyric called "Broken Dreams" on George Duke's 1977 album "From Me to You."
Christian Lee
Christian Lee Ай мурун
6:10 mama mia here we go again
jim miranda
jim miranda Ай мурун
I need to see the keyboard please. I learn better visually.
LYNmUsic Official
LYNmUsic Official Ай мурун
Wow ... was just about to put the same thing re having a camera on keyboard or a digital camera on screen. Would be soooooo helpful.
Danny Sunay
Danny Sunay Ай мурун
Why 27 dislikes? If you do not understand it, read beato"s book!!!
New Day Rising
New Day Rising Ай мурун
I dare you Rick, if it's possible! Do a video on great songs composed by musicians who had gained no musical theory at the time! (Are there ANY of note? Are there TONS? I don't even know!) I intend no disrespect by this; you're strictly awesome, Rick and have enriched my musical experience tremendously!
Alan G
Alan G Ай мурун
Never underestimate the importance of just noodling about as a part of any creative process.
freesk8 Ай мурун
I love the major 7th chords! :)
D T Ай мурун
There are kids paying thousands of dollars a year in tuition just to learn what you are teaching.
Alex Vien
Alex Vien Ай мурун
Rick, very helpful video. Thank you! I have your ear training course. Would you be able to do a video on exercise to accompany the ear training course? I’m trying to improve my ear but just getting frustrated because I can’t hear the right interval! :/
B2Z Powersports LLC
B2Z Powersports LLC Ай мурун
I held on as long as I could, but I was lost by 04:30 in.
Jason Stewart
Jason Stewart Ай мурун
I'm a professional musician and music teacher, went to college for all this stuff and everything, and I gotta tell you guys, this is pretty much exactly what we studied (minus having a bunch of professors watch you play solo stuff and tell you you're not good yet). Rick really knows what he's talking about, and I have 0 issues with any of the information. I also just bought both the book and the ear training because 1) we all need practice, no matter how much experience someone may have and 2) I really want to support people who teach with passion and give quality information. This guys checks all my boxes. Thank you Rick.
Eric Kochan
Eric Kochan Ай мурун
Rick you are awesome. Great content!
Juke Joint Jack
Juke Joint Jack Ай мурун
Crucial thanks!!!
Reima Lahdenpää
Reima Lahdenpää Ай мурун
Dear Rick, I would love to see you break down something from Billy Talent. If you happen to like the band of course. For example, I loved the fact that in their song Reckless Paradise, the first chorus hits at 2min and therefore its so much more awesome. I think their guitars and vocals are special and stand out from generic rock
boctok55 Ай мурун
Kind of off topic, but what are your thoughts on foreign bands that do traditionally American (in this case, blues) music? I ask, because I discovered the band Kaleo a few years ago and was blown away. Just wondering what you thought of them and others like them.
Jack Price
Jack Price Ай мурун
Hey Rick this was a great theory lesson. Can you do a neo-soul scale/chord approach?
Lindel Holden
Lindel Holden Ай мурун
Rick, I think that's the question Alexander the Great asked Aristotle just before he went on to defeat the Persians and conquer the known world.
Jesse West
Jesse West Ай мурун
Shpacing! 11:09
Win vs Fail
Win vs Fail Ай мурун
Hey rick I know this is a bit off subject of the video, but i would really like to know how you solo each instrument from any song and make it sound so good.
LOL4RAWRZ 2 күн мурун
I'll tell you now that no amount of EQ will do as well as re-recording a line yourself. Rick either has access to the original stems or he interpolates stuff really well.
Nathan H
Nathan H Ай мурун
The add 9 example chord reminds me of Norah Jones
Brad T
Brad T Ай мурун
Domo Arigato Mr. Beato
P.M. O'Sullivan
P.M. O'Sullivan Ай мурун
lost me at 5:10. Why is bb7 dim 7 and not just 6? I mean what would it be if I wrote Cdim6? Is this in the book?
P.M. O'Sullivan
P.M. O'Sullivan Ай мурун
@Beach Comber A. ok. I though there would be some logic in it. :D
Beach Comber
Beach Comber Ай мурун
just jumping in - a valid question I would say. I think maybe it's just based on notation that has become the accepted norm. I will say for example if for some reason I was arranging a piece of music with a Cdim7 chord in it for 4th grade band - or any band for that matter - if the flute was assigned the 7th note, Bbb, I might write it as A just to make it a simpler read for the player.
Koen Roels
Koen Roels Ай мурун
I learned much much theory via Rick ánd I have the ear training course! And it is sooo good! Thanks Mister Beato!
teresa tall
teresa tall Ай мурун
Dude you blow my mind in a good way, like acid when you get to hear all the other notes.
sTV G Ай мурун
Did he just make a “G sus / Jesus” joke🤣 ... my favorite chord🤣
Jake McKernan
Jake McKernan Ай мурун
Mother Love Bone!!!!!!!
Blair Lyons
Blair Lyons Ай мурун
I Mother Earth. Psychedelic Rock. Unconventional chord progressions and voicings. I think you will dig them.
SeanDaRyan Ай мурун
have you ever listened to Snarky Puppy??
Tom S
Tom S Ай мурун
When you played c Lydian I heard “Thaaa Simpsoooons”. Might be a good ear training reminder.
kietro Ай мурун
That’s exactly how I learned to identify tritones
Timothy Collins Guitar
Timothy Collins Guitar Ай мурун
Is it true that country guitar theory came from chickens?
Arunachala Ай мурун
what a gift to humanity this man is. bought the book. awesome.
1man2manynotes Ай мурун
Can anyone recommend a live guitar teacher online? I bought the beato book but I need a teacher. I’m ready to give the money, time, and effort. Just don’t know where to start to get a good teacher
citizenoftheall Ай мурун
Best music teacher ever.
Mike Franckhauser
Mike Franckhauser Ай мурун
When a jazz guitarist play stairway to heaven this video is hilarious you’ve got a watch it it’s only a few minutes long I think you’ll like it
Hoigwai Ай мурун
Gotta hear your thoughts on the new Bruno Mars Anderson Paak Silk Sonic track Leave the door open.
Tracy Farthing
Tracy Farthing Ай мурун
So many questions. Is a Csus4 over F actually an Fsus2?
Beach Comber
Beach Comber Ай мурун
I would probably look at what the next chord was to name it. If it resolved to C maj i'd call it a Csus4 even with the F in the bass - if it resolved to and F maj i'd call it an Fsus2 - If it went to neither resolution I'd probably name it by the bass note. (I'm just jumping in - corrections welcome)
ornella bejarano
ornella bejarano Ай мурун
Very well explained. The tragedy of a sincere man who really knows what he is talking about representing a short, self-absorbed period in musical history (usually called "all time" just so we are reminded how some culture ensures it will not last).
Jim Vincitore
Jim Vincitore Ай мурун
LMN Ай мурун
Rick, How about the triangle for major sevenths?
William thurman
William thurman Ай мурун
I was trying to figure out the Chord progression on jacobs ladder ...the intro ....think u could help me???
Rickard Linde
Rickard Linde Ай мурун
Is it possible to see your fingers on the piano thru another camera when you do these videos? It would help a lot,
Ricky Shockley III
Ricky Shockley III Ай мурун
As a songwriter and aspiring artist I'm so glad I found this channel. So informative and your enthusiasm for music just helps keep me motivated and excited to work on things. Thanks, Rick!
Frank Siewerdt
Frank Siewerdt Ай мурун
Rick, thanks for the great videos! Do you have a video, of have you thought of making one with the best songs that open with "unusual" or "uncommon" instruments? I'm talking about harmonicas (Beatles' "Love me do", Aerosmith's "Pink",) or even cowbells (Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women"). Cheers!
Mark Goodwin
Mark Goodwin Ай мурун
Thanks Rick! Your way of explaining concepts is great, anyone can understand.
Mucha Na Dziko
Mucha Na Dziko Ай мурун
hey Rick I have send you by email some of my band rehearsal/jam stuff that I produced. In hopes that you would listen to it and/maybe give us (the band) some feedback, I never heard from you (it was nearly a month ago). I was just wandering whether you saw my email and threw it away as "yeah, many people send me this kind of messages" or that you didn't see it (cause, plenty of mail in the mailbox)? Not that I'm complaining (well, a little, but that's only my thing, nothing against you), but just wandering It would mean a lot
blainke Ай мурун
you *need* to do a what makes this song great on house of the rising sun, the guitar in that song is too good for my ears lol
Shane Williams Sr
Shane Williams Sr Ай мурун
RANDOM ALERT- I've seen you play a DANELETRO in several cuts. I've never heard of this guitar. What makes it great?
Joao Melo
Joao Melo Ай мурун
Hey, please react to Yummy by Justin Bieber, but you went to jazz school Its beautifull...
Joaquin Bear
Joaquin Bear Ай мурун
Rick you need to do a reaction video to “Leave the Door Open” by Anderson Pak and Bruno Mars!!
Christian Cesaro
Christian Cesaro Ай мурун
Rick, I'd love to hear your take on how Shudder to Think are able to make such hooks with dissonant harmonies.
Bert Jones
Bert Jones Ай мурун
Would be nice if you could expand the role of other instruments beyond the guitar collaborating with other teaching professionals. Like harp player Indiara Sfair, though someone like that might have issues due to their corp. obligations with Hohner.
Robert Fletcher
Robert Fletcher Ай мурун
Fantastic!! So easy to follow!🍻
James Walmsley
James Walmsley Ай мурун
Great, this helps me understand chord notations much faster. I am using your book and attempted the ear training but need more time for that one.
Karl-Konrad Klotzkopf
Karl-Konrad Klotzkopf Ай мурун
When an advertising video is more interesting and more useful than lots of ad free videos. :)
LiamE69 Ай мурун
I'm practicing my schpacing.
Fano Ай мурун
sus chords
Peter ŠÖMEN Ай мурун
And Relative/Parallel topic? Teaser for next Friday? 😁
Aspen LUVR
Aspen LUVR Ай мурун
When I watch these videos I get this overwhelming sadness I never learned how to play any instrument...
Aspen LUVR
Aspen LUVR Ай мурун
@Isaiah Fensler that’s kind... and encouraging. I can’t read music. I can play songs by ear but can’t read sheet music. 😥
Isaiah Fensler
Isaiah Fensler Ай мурун
Never too late🙂
Audrey Sims
Audrey Sims Ай мурун
Yay! Intervals❣️🙌🏻
Abner Chamate
Abner Chamate Ай мурун
Utopia RA song WHATS GREAT? thanks
Travis Riggs
Travis Riggs Ай мурун
Hey Rick, kinda off subject but someone mentioned your name as being able to help in this situation. An armwrestling youtuber has been falsely attacked and his channel is in peril. His name is Ryan "blue" Bowen. He is in desperate need of advice or help with this. Thanks in advance.
Steven Eversole
Steven Eversole Ай мурун
Hi Rick. Is there any chance you could do a video that walks through how you separate out the tracks on songs? What software/hardware you need. Do you have access to things the general public can't get? Master tracks or that kind of thing? Thanks.
Transparency Audio & Music Productions
Transparency Audio & Music Productions Ай мурун
Great stuff! Thanks for sharing. BTW, I'd love to see a video covering Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open. Amazing songwriting, production and audio engineering. Bootsy produced and named the band Silk Sonic.
Jacob Erickson
Jacob Erickson Ай мурун
What about using a triangle to represent major7’s
music and me
music and me Ай мурун
You helped me understand what I've been trying for a years, in a few minutes, thanks
Jimmy Florida
Jimmy Florida Ай мурун
What next? I start a KGglobal channel and teach people how to never become the next John Lennon or Keith Richards. I don't know theory, but I can do what you can't which is sing. I am 67 years old. I can sing Stairway to Heaven like no other, but I don't know the music theory behind it.
just a frickin american
just a frickin american Ай мурун
A dim7 is a 6
Vincent Ай мурун
I completely get this with a piano, and I understand the theory, but I have difficulty applying this all to guitar. Does the Beato Book help with applying this to guitar?
blonk333 Ай мурун
Is the beato book something you just start on page one, and work your way through?
David Shortino
David Shortino Ай мурун
Hi Rick I woke up to RHCP “Under the Bridge” the other day and I kept hearing the Emaj7 chord between the verses and I thought about the videos you’ve been doing lately..cool chord progression! Also I used to teach guitar lessons in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and a lot of students wanted to learn songs off Metallica’s Black album. I bought the cd recently to remember those days and your 1991 music video. I love every song on there...it’s great!! Take care Rick!
Randy Bakkelund
Randy Bakkelund Ай мурун
SO i have the Beato Book 4.0 that is 500 pages, so is the transcriptions 200 pages?
Kris Martin
Kris Martin Ай мурун
I agree with you about there being phenomenal players out there. One such artist that I find always makes interesting music in a techno-jazz fusion is Complexive. He appears to be young with no formal training but he comes up with some amazing tunes.
Greg Bennett
Greg Bennett Ай мурун
It would be really helpful to have the piano keys graphic displayed on the screen instead of just playing the piano off screen. Great stuff! Thanks!
Peter Kelley
Peter Kelley Ай мурун
At 25 minutes in I begin imagine Rick being Schroeder's (from the Peanuts) piano teacher.
John mcLean
John mcLean Ай мурун
Rick, been following you for a while now and at the beginning of lockdown here in the U.K. introduced your videos to my 12yr old guitarist son. I’ve been playing since the 80’s and was keen not to force my music on him preferring to let him find his own likes. He’s been listening to your “what makes this track great” vids and imagine my joy when he says “hey dad have you heard this” and plays , Toto, The Cars, Led Zep or Paul Simon and the like. Thanks for introducing great music and fantastic artists to a new audience/generation you should be applauded by the industry for your work, not denigrated. How on earth do artists expect to get their work out there in this climate without the help and support from guys like you. Thanks.
Crister Kågéll
Crister Kågéll Ай мурун
I just have to say this: Man, you are the best… I just watched your video from 1 year ago "How computers ruined music". I LOVED IT. The way you take down and tear apart modern digitized music, and you´re doing it in a respectful way (not really), but with a fantastic knowhow and some humor I guess. Man, I love your stuff. Keep up the good work.
KI2LA Ай мурун
I'm trying to understand the circle of fifth... finding out if its a major or minor is pretty easy... and finding out the key... but yes... im still a rookie in circle of fifth or remembering the whole chords... i even bought a map with chords and its in front of me when i make beats XD
Freddys Nightmare
Freddys Nightmare Ай мурун
how do i get Instagram
Freddys Nightmare
Freddys Nightmare Ай мурун
i am new thank you
Slade Ай мурун
Thx Rick🔥🔥🔥
Brad D
Brad D Ай мурун
The ad before a Rick Beato video, "Are you practicing intervals? You're wasting your time!" Lmfao. Intervals are literally music. As soon as I learned intervals I thought oh music is just intervals and rhythm. Well that's easy.
A. P.
A. P. Ай мурун
The Professor Julius Sumner Miller of music.
Alan Simpson
Alan Simpson Ай мурун
Yeaa they know it the big boys like sir george martin he knew it anyway i would interpret it as the more theory you know the more ammo you got it obviously will make you a lot better musician but you got to work very very hard like rick here he works hard and has years of experience
Caligulas Incarnation
Caligulas Incarnation Ай мурун
What's the point of current music theory when it doesn't have scales that exist within the current theory?So everyone can sound the same ?
Yves Roy
Yves Roy Ай мурун
I use a akg c214 and you use a akg c414is the dice ce between those worth to upgrade my mic
Gibbo Ай мурун
Cool how the Csus2 wants to resolve to the major 3rd, but Jump by Van Halen resolves WITH a Csus2
ziemelis Ай мурун
Thank you! I've learned something new today!
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