Understanding the Circle of 5ths

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Rick Beato

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In this episode we're going to learn how to fully understand the Circle of 5ths and 4ths. We'll also discuss Plagal Cadences (IV - I), Dominant to Tonic Resolutions (V - I), and the order of both Sharps and Flats when reading a Key Signature.
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Ned Snarky
Ned Snarky 7 күн мурун
“Heeeey Joe.”
Huey Welch
Huey Welch 8 күн мурун
Very helpful very gifted thank you..
AJLArtist 8 күн мурун
Hello Rick, I'm new to the site and just learning to play. This was a bit confusing to me. Where is a good starting place?
rickdaniels1000 10 күн мурун
Can someone please explain how clockwise is a 5th interval (7 semi tones) but anti clockwise is a 4th? The start and the end have the same distance so how is it possible...
Terry Johinke
Terry Johinke 14 күн мурун
Easy to understand Rick.
Phil Baird
Phil Baird 14 күн мурун
I love your videos Rick but surely most people watching this have absolutely no idea about this stuff. You lost me within the first minute. You might as well have been speaking in Chinese. Sorry mate.
Greg Carroll
Greg Carroll 20 күн мурун
I first learned to play guitar in church. The music director kept going on about the "circle of fifths" the way he described it was each song was specifically picked because it moved through the circle and helped the congregation get a sense of completion when all the songs were done. Can say that I know anymore what he was trying to say after watching this. I think I need the Cof5th for dummies video.
stacey 11:11rh222
stacey 11:11rh222 22 күн мурун
Such excellent material
Darryl of Sussex
Darryl of Sussex 23 күн мурун
Got about a minute into that and .... nope. Don’t get what this has to do with circles.
BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed!
BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed! 24 күн мурун
It's the Circle of Forths to me. Ask me, I think it became Fifths due to the dark money lobbying power of Big 5th. They're mad with power (chords.)
Drift Wood
Drift Wood 28 күн мурун
Sorry what ?
Jarryd Roland
Jarryd Roland Ай мурун
Plagal circle of 4ths - “Let’s do the time warp again!”
Aida Oliveira
Aida Oliveira Ай мурун
Another one to remember the order of flats and sharps is - Father Charles Goes Down and Ends Battle for sharps. Battle Ends and Down Goes Charles' Father for flats.
Sharon Clune
Sharon Clune Ай мурун
I haven’t played piano in years but when I dust the piano, I always run through this. I still have the charts my instructor made me.
Michael Hoffstetter
Michael Hoffstetter Ай мурун
Hawe to. Bimble you pus but wee talk 100% waw maan
Michael Hoffstetter
Michael Hoffstetter Ай мурун
Waw another talent waw thanks Rick
Michael Hoffstetter
Michael Hoffstetter Ай мурун
Holey moley thanks i try ok
Michael Hoffstetter
Michael Hoffstetter Ай мурун
Nodes newer see waw
Michael Hoffstetter
Michael Hoffstetter Ай мурун
Waw Rick dont waw maan
Michael Hoffstetter
Michael Hoffstetter Ай мурун
Stop stop
Michael Hoffstetter
Michael Hoffstetter Ай мурун
Waw thanks Rick
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Ай мурун
Great work Rick. Thanks for making music theory accessible to the masses in such an understandable and enjoyable way!
Veronica Goralski
Veronica Goralski Ай мурун
I stumbled on this video and I've never been more lost while hearing my own native language
Federer Fanatic
Federer Fanatic Ай мурун
It seems to me that if we subdivide the circle in a geometric sense that this results in a different notes, i.e., maps the circle's circumference on a range of sound frequencies?
N317V Ай мурун
I still have no idea what to do with this knowledge. Why do I need to memorise this?
lajoshanostra Ай мурун
70 dislikes that still don't understand the Circle of 5ths lol. You're the man Rick!
Danny crotch
Danny crotch Ай мурун
Hey dude heard you gave out 2 some of ya best drum intros? U missed out Max Roach...also Clifford Brown do something on them...
orion1935 Ай мурун
Now I know how my students felt when I was teaching electronic theory. duh!
Blaine McDonald
Blaine McDonald Ай мурун
I get what the circle tells me but what I don't quite see is how to use it practically
fitzy1093 Ай мурун
Seriously great lesson!! Thanks Rick
Mark Stockdale
Mark Stockdale Ай мурун
Can I just say....um....wait.....what?
Ricardo Marlow
Ricardo Marlow Ай мурун
If you can draw the circle with the correct order of 5ths or 4ths, you don’t need a fancy memorization device for sharps and flats...they follow the same 5ths formula as the key/5th intervals relations. In other words 5ths are (F)CGDAEB...those are also order of sharps, and 4ths are (CF)BbEbAbDbGbCbFb...starting from the Bb that is your order of flats. Pretty easy and a more complete understanding of how it works. Next learn your melodic minor from the point of view of lydian dominant...ie C lydian dominant has one flat left, and one sharp right, from 12 o’clock position vantage point. So looking at say E lydian dominant you have D natural left, and A# to your right, the rest are Same as E major. Flip to Ab lydian dominant you have Gb to your left and D natural on the right side, other notes obey Ab key sig. So pretty much everything you need is on that circle if you understand it.
Andrew Piatek
Andrew Piatek Ай мурун
Why do I have to use mnemonic devices? The things about cats and dogs, what does it have to do with playing music? If you look at the keyboard, and go by the fifths (that's your fifth and second finger in your left hand), and then add the flats every fifth, do it 12 times, and you're back to what you began with. Why do I have to learn about dogs and cats? I really find mnemonic devices like this not only distracting, but also annoying, embarrassing, and down right idiotic. :)
Gawaine Banks
Gawaine Banks Ай мурун
Very helpful. How about a "deceptive" cadence (to vi/VI but not a modulation, rather, when the deceptive cadence is followed by a perfect cadence)? Why do they "work" so beautifully as a "cadence" while being outside the circle of fifths? Used in classical and pop music, but I can't think of examples in jazz/rock/fusion? Thanks as always for your teaching.
I think you can read my mind. Multiple times where I have a theory question you post a new video talking about it.
Jenna Breeze
Jenna Breeze Ай мурун
G Sharp. F Shirp. C Sherp. B Sherp. A Sherp.... Herp derp.
Reverend George
Reverend George Ай мурун
Damn I fell for it again! Eleven minutes my arse it is! Watch, pause, rewind, take notes, do it until you get to the end of the video. Watch again, pause less, take some more notes. Repeat until you can watch without pausing or taking notes. That's almost an hour gone, but it certainly has been time well spent, bloody well spent to be honest. Thank you Rick for yet another piece of inspiration.
HonKyMonKy Ай мурун
MEROMY TRICK: learn the first sharp, start a fourth above C and go up fifth by fifth = F#/C#/G#/D#/A#/E#/B# The flats are the reverse/mirror of the sharps and start on the "last sharp" and go down fifth by fifth= Bb/Eb/Ab/Db/Gb/Cb/Fb Enjoy :D
HonKyMonKy Ай мурун
The IVm chord to I(Maj) is the negative harmony of the V7 to I(Maj). Maybe do a video about it next time, or you probably already did.
Andy Sheimo
Andy Sheimo Ай мурун
your playing/explanation of plagal chords sound like Fat Boy Slim
Andy Bishop
Andy Bishop Ай мурун
Fantastic information and I like the shorter length of this video. Thanks Rick!
Jay Jeffries
Jay Jeffries Ай мурун
my mind gets a little blown whenever I really listen to one of Rick's lectures. I was wondering about how to count the tones (half steps/whole steps) then I realized these are FIFTHS (of the major scale), so it's whole step - half step - whole step - whole step going down a perfect fifth and whole step - whole step - half step going up a perfect 4th - I thiink.
Alex G
Alex G Ай мурун
2:42 Fatboy Slim - Praise You
drewski5150 Ай мурун
I think I'm getting hairloss for how much of this went over my head. 😅
Marius Musicus
Marius Musicus Ай мурун
Hi Rick, I think you miss-spoke. The Dominant to Tonic resolution is achieved by moving Counter-Clockwise on the Circle of 5ths. You said clockwise. Cheers.
Jens Thorup Rasmussen
Jens Thorup Rasmussen Ай мурун
Hey Rick - Jens from Denmark here. Elementary School Music teacher. Just bought your book - more should do so 😊🎶
Will Pearce
Will Pearce Ай мурун
Explained is a loose term I feel. I was lost from about 30 seconds in. And I thought I knew a bit about playing guitar...!! 🤯
kimber1911 Ай мурун
I'm crying and shaking uncontrollably. Time for music basics again. "This is a scale...."
Robbie Fitzgerald
Robbie Fitzgerald Ай мурун
Dont know why anyone downvoted this. Thanks Rick!
Marc Vaccaro
Marc Vaccaro Ай мурун
Who downvotes this? You are KGglobal for me Rick. The day you leave, I leave.
Addicted To Guitars
Addicted To Guitars Ай мурун
"Once you memorize it you have it for the rest of your life." Once upon a time I had all this memorized but have forgotten some of it.
Mark Meador
Mark Meador Ай мурун
RE: The Instagram Plagal Cadence post. Why Bb after D? Is it because the Plagal-fourths end up resolving at D? It's lovely [the interval; D to Bb, major chords] . I think of Rocky Horror or Inception movie. I understand the Plagal-part starts at Bb triad.
rafa deltoro
rafa deltoro Ай мурун
Hi , i have your book version 2.3 , whats the diference to the new one?
Camilo Mejía
Camilo Mejía Ай мурун
Great videos!!! Thanks!!!
Alex Forest
Alex Forest Ай мурун
Four Cops Got Drunk At Ed's Bar
Clark Nickerson
Clark Nickerson Ай мурун
As you were circling through the fifths on your fretboard and singing along with your playing, you sounded positively George Benson-esque! 😄
Sami Kankaristo
Sami Kankaristo Ай мурун
0:30 Like Rick said, an ascending P5 interval is the same as a descending P4 interval. All intervals are "mirrored" like this: asc. m2 = desc. M7 asc. M2 = desc. m7 asc. m3 = desc. M6 asc. M3 = desc. m6 asc. P4 = desc. P5 asc. aug4/dim5 = desc. aug4/dim5 (same asc./desc.) asc. P5 = desc. P4 asc. m6 = desc. M3 asc. M6 = desc. m3 asc. m7 = desc. M2 asc. M7 = desc. m2 ...but that's a big list to memorize. Instead, just think of the augmented 4th / diminished 5th interval as a "pivot point", and around that: - perfect perfect - minor major - 4th 5th - 3rd 6th - 2nd 7th I can't remember where I learned this from, but it was eye-opening. Makes inverting intervals (and chord inversions) so much easier.
couchcamper Ай мурун
5:37 Ricks new hit single available on itunes xD
Alexey Filippenko
Alexey Filippenko Ай мурун
Me: it's almost 5 AM, I haven't slept, brain, please, have mercy! Brain: 5:37
Wagoner Bros.
Wagoner Bros. Ай мурун
This hurt my brain
James Suntres
James Suntres Ай мурун
Every one of your videos is a learning experience!
PriaboniaMusic Ай мурун
"Are all those your guitars?"...
Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller Ай мурун
Thanks so much for this video. It's really nice to know that dominant chords got their name b/c they want to move
Ricardo Isella
Ricardo Isella Ай мурун
Hi. Arthur's theme, Christopher Cross song, the intro and verse are composed in a circle of fifth, (Dm-G-C-F-Bb-E-A and then turnover E7-A). This is an easy song that may shows how it works a circle of fifth in a song.
Flojer0 Ай мурун
You saw it here kids, singing with your music doesn't have to be pretty but it does a crazy job at internalizing the technicalities.
Penultimate Name
Penultimate Name Ай мурун
Circle of fourths is equal to the chord progression ii v i
Chris Andersen
Chris Andersen Ай мурун
Great video. Much to unpack here. I understand the basic idea of the circle of fifths, but I never studied music formally, and this is wicked helpful if I just watch a few more times. Rick, you’re an incredible teacher. Thank you.
Face Pepper
Face Pepper Ай мурун
What are you talking about!
Sam Scott
Sam Scott Ай мурун
So enjoyable bro. Really fun
Shadow Ай мурун
Patrick Sterling
Patrick Sterling Ай мурун
Understanding the Circle of 5ths for people that already know the Circle of 5ths! Lost from the beginning.
2gobeyond Ай мурун
I am a teacher and had a replacement music class today as the teacher was away. Of course todays lessons was going to be 'Just watch Mr Beato!". I thought this circle of fifths lesson was the one the kids should watch.
Scott Davenport
Scott Davenport Ай мурун
At the 5:38 mark my brain began to melt
Thurman Juan
Thurman Juan Ай мурун
I don’t get it. 🥴
Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen Ай мурун
Thank this was enlightening and exciting
polygraphovich Ай мурун
“Cascading effect” great way to describe it. See Awaken by Yes (Workings of man part) for counterclockwise trip around the circle, starting with E major: E > A > D > G etc all the way back.
GoyoSound Ай мурун
Heavy ammo for your arsenal. Thank God I learned this basic stuff when studying piano as a teenager. If you know about key signatures and IVths Vths the twelve keys will never overwhelm you
Extra Time
Extra Time Ай мурун
Rick thanks for all you great information. Could you possibly do a video about stacked chords. How say one guitar player is playing Am and the other plays Em and you get Am9 and a system for how to do this for say a 145 or 251 and on another note how you would take extended chords into the studio and divide the chord up between instruments like bass, guitar, keys etc. A bit like you writing for strings video but across a band.
Kyle Kaner
Kyle Kaner Ай мурун
Awesome explanation Rick thank you!
Michael Nedoshytko
Michael Nedoshytko Ай мурун
Great references! Never thought about the circle of fifths and fourths this way. Thanks for the tips!
Billy Hardebeck
Billy Hardebeck Ай мурун
Great video
at0micl0bster Ай мурун
4:32. Fucking hell... for an instant I thought he was gonna start singing about worms
Andre Allore
Andre Allore Ай мурун
Did Aerosmith use this?...lol
no name ever
no name ever Ай мурун
Every Rick Beato video is like a master class. Even for the basics, it's like a 'master class of the basics.' His knowledge, experience, and communication is truly top notch.
John James
John James Ай мурун
5:37 is my favorite part
MrStradia Ай мурун
Lino Tom
Lino Tom Ай мурун
Sebastián García
Sebastián García Ай мурун
thanks Rick , i was looking for this
david salsedo
david salsedo Ай мурун
Bravo Beato!!! I learned Authentic and Plagal modes from Gregorian Chant but you presented it so quickly and clearly
Luke Fitzpatrick
Luke Fitzpatrick Ай мурун
Emma Mason
Emma Mason Ай мурун
Watched this video hoping to have a greater understanding of the circle of fifths having watched it. I actually understand it even less now. I heard loads of other stuff I don’t understand too. I don’t think Rick Beato tute vids are good for absolute beginners like myself!
Jean-Luc Rouland
Jean-Luc Rouland Ай мурун
So perfect
owen chapman
owen chapman Ай мурун
That is brilliant
Paul Rus
Paul Rus Ай мурун
Noticeable new cam. Thanks for the theory lesson Rick!
Антон Плотников
Антон Плотников Ай мурун
Thank you Rick for this great explanation. Very helpful! Much appreciated!
Neil Kenneth
Neil Kenneth Ай мурун
The order of flats = 7-string guitar tuning but all 5ths (BEADGCF)
louis masar
louis masar Ай мурун
If I already understood this I would probably love this video. As someone who was trying to understand this...
cathoderaytube2 Ай мурун
Order: everyone should learn some piano either first or along with your instrument of choice: The keys for the order of sharps is just going from finger 1 (thumb) to 5 (pinky) on the right hand, and the flats just go on the left hand from finger 1 (thumb) to 5. Also, the flats are just BEAD and you won't be playing past that in the beginning phase (until you get to O Holy Night in D flat.)
John Doe
John Doe Ай мурун
F c g I want to praise you like I should lol
James Alexander
James Alexander Ай мурун
This is the only video on this channel that I have ever heard that has poor sound quality..
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