Random BOOMER Journalist Says WHAT About Paul Simon???

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Rick Beato

6 күн мурун

In this episode I discuss an NBC News Think article that attempts to predict the historical importance of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and The Beatles 200 years from now. And Fails!
The article:
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Robin Auld
Robin Auld 13 мүнөт мурун
Good rant! Although to be pedantic Simon didn't write Scarborough Fair.
Luke Yonghyuk Kang
Luke Yonghyuk Kang 14 мүнөт мурун
Love the passion towards music Rick
Kevin Elliott
Kevin Elliott 18 мүнөт мурун
Lol, you probably got this Slate fool a ton of KGglobal views.
Gerardo Celetti
Gerardo Celetti 20 мүнөт мурун
Great rant Rick! Especially liked the note on Bach considering that Paul Simon has stated that in at least 2 instances - in American Tune and yes parts of Bridge over Troubled Water - he took heavy inspiration from Bach tunes himself!
Batphink 2
Batphink 2 24 мүнөт мурун
Paul Simon seems a total egomaniac cannot stand him, just saying! The rest you mention I much prefer but I never cared for being with the in crowd so be it lol! But hey I unsubbed once you covered Billy Eyelash LOL!
Doomblackdeath 35 мүнөт мурун
Standing ovation. Rick Beato is possibly the best voice for music and musicians today. His understanding of music from both the musician's and listener's point of view is incredibly rare in this day and age, and he crosses all styles, genres, and even subgenres. He is the hero music needs, and we are all better for it.
Billy Arsenault
Billy Arsenault 53 мүнөт мурун
And another one down, and another down- another one bites the dust.
Al Armandi
Al Armandi Саат мурун
Rick! put your money where your mouth is and make your "10 musicians that will be remembered on the 2222" video! (@8:42)
Rod Jones
Rod Jones Саат мурун
You're right about Joni Mitchell - she's massively under-rated at present. BTW, I know you're talking about singer-songwriters, but, if we're guessing as to who will be remembered in two hundred years' time, my guess would be Ellington and Miles Davis.
Ron Klijn
Ron Klijn Саат мурун
Jeff Slate will be the unknown guy people will be talking about 200 years from now.
Anthony Firmin
Anthony Firmin Саат мурун
He just wanted his 11 minutes and 20 seconds of fame in order to boost his flagging career because... “He's a real nowhere man Sitting in his nowhere land Making all his nowhere plans for nobody”
Secret Agent Paul
Secret Agent Paul 2 саат мурун
Jeff Slate does the theme to Fab4Free4All podcast. Listen to any episode to hear his stuff.
herve mucho bueno
herve mucho bueno 2 саат мурун
love you when you're cheerful, love you when you're angry. If i have any problem any day, i want you as my lawyer Keep up the good work
Dave Bowman
Dave Bowman 2 саат мурун
While I completely agree with Rick on the stupidity of the article, Rick makes a fundamental mistake in his statistical analysis when comparing the Spotify followers of Dylan and Simon. I have no stake in such a comparison, but Rick shows that no-one masters every art. The analysis/comparison was un-necessary to start with, and was very likely way off the mark. Can you spot it? The rant was in all other aspects brilliant, imo!
Bjorn B
Bjorn B 2 саат мурун
This is proof that "opinions" have gone wild. They have become completely irrelevant since there is no need to base it on facts or reality anymore. But that's just my opinion ;)
Lars Ickenroth
Lars Ickenroth 2 саат мурун
Setting aside numbers and quality, 'Graceland's' significance in not just musical but general cultural history can never be overstated.
pgmc66music 2 саат мурун
Go Rick, call them out!
Ray .Thomson
Ray .Thomson 3 саат мурун
Who's to say the human race will be here in 200 hundred years...Let alone music and human culture?
John Glenn
John Glenn 3 саат мурун
Well stated. Joni Mitchell story. David Foster producing Tears are not enough, right after We are the world.... Many of the lesser known artists showed up in a limo for that gig for the paparazzi. A charity recording where people show up in limos. Joni Mitchell? Showed up in a taxi. Unassuming, how can I be of support to this project? That was Joni Mitchell. All about the art. all about the craft. I remember it well.
ArielGTAcS 3 саат мурун
I don't believe that something being offensive merits a rant, but something being stupid, however... Something being stupid definitely merits a rant.
Spidge Bandersnatch
Spidge Bandersnatch 3 саат мурун
Paul Simon's legacy is secure. He is IMO a genius writer, lyricist, and arranger/producer.
Dave DRD
Dave DRD 3 саат мурун
they just said - we need some content- so he went to Google and copied some info!!
Paul L
Paul L 3 саат мурун
Paul Simon is a stone cold fucking genius!
Dave DRD
Dave DRD 3 саат мурун
I remember my 1st uninformed rant!!
Raymond Smith
Raymond Smith 3 саат мурун
It just takes the right person to stumble upon some obscure artist or band to catapult them to fame. I ended up hearing Klaatu for the first time last year and I keep going back to their music. 3:47 est and Hope are amazing albums that everyone should listen to.
kadda1212 3 саат мурун
I am 30 years old. I never listen to Bob Dylan or The Beatles for my entertainment, only when something is on the radio. I have never listened to any of their albums as a whole, I just know their famous songs. Paul Simon on the other hand - I absolutely love the Graceland album. It shaped my taste in music, because my dad listened to it when I was 3 and the songs were making me so happy as a little kid and my dad made me a cassette tape so I could listen to it in my room. I can also listen to albums by Simon and Garfunkel just for relaxation. Personally I like this music more than Bob Dylan or The Beatles. Will any of it still be relevant in 200 years? I don't know. I think for music history it'll stay relevant - I think artists that came later will have a harder time because there is too much around to achieve an iconic status and to stand out. We won't be able to witness it anymore and it's kind of useless to make predictions. I am an art historian...contemporary art doesn't interest me so much and I doubt it will achieve relevance amongst laymen simply because media changed art. The invention of photography changed it. And music is changed in a similar way by digitization I think, mass production, available to anyone - people not really playing instruments anymore in popular music, there are more and more singers and rappers, less and less bands I think. Also, the less and less unique something is the less it stands out and becomes relevant. I think the only art genre these days that has the potential to create real iconic pieces is movie, as well as video games. I think future humanities will be more concerned with the history of movies and games when looking at the previous 200 years.
Dave DRD
Dave DRD 3 саат мурун
Or the Central Park Concert!!
Alvin M. Paswett
Alvin M. Paswett 4 саат мурун
In the words of Ric Flair "Woooo"
800pieds 4 саат мурун
I get the outrage and Rick's making good points about history, but I guess the writer's intention was less to downplay Simon's talent or popularity than point out that some talented people get forgotten. Not saying he did a good job making his point though.
robert perrella
robert perrella 4 саат мурун
the problem with jeff slate is that he PROBABLY passed up a couple of "lucrative" opportunities in the past and he SORELY REGRETS IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! the outrageous thing is that jeff slate was paid VERY WELL to write such "MORONIC RUBBISH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,this is rick beato's BEST VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
800pieds 4 саат мурун
Moreover, Simon is better-known in Europe than Dylan
champslim 4 саат мурун
I saw your thumbnail and I said " Are you freaking serious???!!!" I hate stupid people
Jacob Nehman
Jacob Nehman 4 саат мурун
Not relevant that the guy's unknown, as you keep mentioning. He simply came up with a stupid click bait premise and managed to get it published by a prominent outlet. That's all. There are lots of very smart and insightful journalists who are unknown.
Tim Rizzo
Tim Rizzo 4 саат мурун
You said it at the beginning - it's clickbait. For my money, Paul Simon is the best songwriter of his generation. Such economy of language in his lyrics, natural melodicism that increases his songs' depth. He has an incredible ear for pop music, and this is abundantly clear in so many of his songs although one you didn't list I see as one of his greatest achievements: Graceland
Bayandur Pogosyan
Bayandur Pogosyan 5 саат мурун
I'd call my daughter Lenin too, comrade.
Purple TreeD
Purple TreeD 5 саат мурун
Thanks so much for standing up to uninformed, entitled and lame mainstream media critics.
donkey limit
donkey limit 5 саат мурун
Matt Dalzell
Matt Dalzell 5 саат мурун
Critics writing about music are like eunuchs writing about sex.
Xavier Gutierrez
Xavier Gutierrez 5 саат мурун
LOL! Let's just say that Simon may just be a footnote. Who's this writer, again? LOL
Gralin James Pritchard
Gralin James Pritchard 5 саат мурун
I'd argue that CCR, Hendrix, Franklin and S&G will all get more recognition in 200 years. They had explicit, risky points to make that were relevant at the time- Vietnam, drugs, womens' rights and plight, the '60s- while the Beatles just strummed and hummed platitudes by comparison. About musicianship and composition, did the Beatles and Dylan ever rise beyond garage band sophistication or skill? I don't know. Glenn Miller and Hendrix may end up as the two bookends for the 20th century global catalog.
Mike Stubbs
Mike Stubbs 5 саат мурун
Here's the thing: my boyfriend sells vinyl (we have a standing arrangement with the buyers from the DOWNTOWN TOKYO HMV to pick our stock once a year, if you need some perspective). NO ONE BUYS BOB DYLAN, EVER. We've had those same damned Dylan records for like ten years or so- Dylan has ZERO cultural relevance. Simon & Garfunkel, we simply cannot keep in stock, and half the buyers are ABSOLUTE CHILDREN.
MrTensai100 6 саат мурун
A google search for Paul Simon yields 837M results while Bob Dylan has 67M. I'm pretty sure Paul Simon is not going to be a footnote to Dylan. It's amazing how an unknown songwriter/journalist who will never achieve half of Paul's accomplishments has the gall to write that garbage.
Yudhisthira dasa
Yudhisthira dasa 6 саат мурун
Excellent commentary, Rick.
Rob Adams
Rob Adams 6 саат мурун
Great insight, Rick and I agree completely. It's also notable that many millennials, Gen X and other subsequent generations have come to appreciate the artists of all genres of music from the 60s and 70s. Many contemporary musicians have been inspired by the likes of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, James Taylor and others from that era. No one can foretell what people will find inspiring in the future. But as great as your rant was, I find it unfortunate that you felt the need to use the label "BOOMER" in your title. A lot of your subscribers are likely boomers as we enjoy your interpretation of the music we grew up with and loved. Please keep up the good work but likewise, please reconsider the use of identity politics. There's already too much hate in this world.
REDD RIVER 6 саат мурун
Rick you would not listen to bad music ,Don,t read bad writing ...... The Legends Live On From The King On Down ....
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 6 саат мурун
Prize Rant - Love it! :-)
AlucardsBizarreAdventure 6 саат мурун
This was very mean spirited
GrumpyOldJim 6 саат мурун
Rant for Rock!
Mattthegreeter 6 саат мурун
Rhythm of the Saints is far and away my favorite Paul Simon album. It was one of my college roommate's discards, if you can believe that! What an incredible atmosphere that album has. I also landed Lyle Lovett's Step Inside this House double album along with a few other treasures that day. So cool.
njigyfd 6 саат мурун
For all we know, this "nobody" Jeff Slate is a guy who will be appreciated as a giant (of the 20/21 fin de siècle) two hundred years from now.
Nolan Tyrrell
Nolan Tyrrell 7 саат мурун
Cathy Keating
Cathy Keating 7 саат мурун
In addition, some more of the most amazing songs of Paul Simon: America, Kathy's Song, American Tune, One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor, Graceland, OMG, anything on that album. Anyway, RAVE ON, Rick Beato! I love you.
Bill Baumiester
Bill Baumiester 7 саат мурун
Graceland is one of the best albums ever produced. 200 years from now it will still be played. So much for the current crop of music journalists who don't have a grasp of what makes music worth listening to. "And I sang, Diamonds on the soles of her shoes".
Arich Henneman
Arich Henneman 7 саат мурун
Love the rant. My ears are unteachable....
R B 7 саат мурун
I read the article had a bit more than pointless stupid remarks at Paul Simon's expense. It is still off base and should bring shame on his family for generations. He could have just discussed the phenomenon of old artists selling their publishing but seemed to see this as an opportunity to talk trash on Simon. My best guess is that Paul Simon stole his girlfriend at some point.
koljarzg 7 саат мурун
I've never listened more than 4 Bob Dylan's songs, and know most of Simon's. And still, I don't have the need to write an article about it. How come?
Micah Slobcrud
Micah Slobcrud 7 саат мурун
Could you risk naming some of the living unknowns who might be remembered in 200 yrs? I'll suggest one...Lalo Schifrin, perhaps?
Nomar Zepol
Nomar Zepol 7 саат мурун
I already forgot who this Random BOOMER Journalist is. Is anyone going to buy his catalog of intellectual properties?
Dennis Ueland
Dennis Ueland 7 саат мурун
Take a fucking pill dude. Somebody doesn’t like Paul Simon. So fucking what.
Timon Tide
Timon Tide 8 саат мурун
Okay, Rick, who are these musicians you think will be remembered in 200 years? I want to hear them now!
Jeff Parry
Jeff Parry 8 саат мурун
Hi Beato family. Paul Simon concerts are excellent. Can any one find a video of a PEAVEY HEADLINER 4x10 BASS GUITAR CABINET? Peavey really suck at promoting their gear. Are they embarrassed to do so?
tarkett85 8 саат мурун
I think there are a few artists or bands that we can take a leap on them being still relevant and revered, I would expect Beatles to be there with Elvis, EVH, Hendrix, Sabbath because of the impact they had on shaping modern music obviously there’s many more, but you could never say who definitely won’t be hell NSYNC could be in 200 years time (I hope to god they aren’t)
Secret Agent Paul
Secret Agent Paul 8 саат мурун
Dylan wrote some clever wordplay lyrics. Paul Simon reaches deep into his soul to express emotions and thoughts that others can't even begin describe.
NiteRider Band
NiteRider Band 8 саат мурун
I like to see this writer play finger style guitar as well as Paul as well as write a comparable song. Click bait and fake journalism..
piludo36 8 саат мурун
Give them hell Rick! I'm really getting frustrated to the point where young people just throw anything that's not their generation into the Nostalgia pot. I grew up on air Aerosmith, ACDC in the stones. From that point on my taste in music open up. By the time I was pushing 30 I started to appreciate people like Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Nelson riddle, Duke Ellington and the list goes on. So hopefully when this person gets pubes maybe his mind will open up a little bit more. I don't think people will be talking about twerking 200 years although you never know? And that's the point none of us will know because we won't be here. And if music keeps going the way it's going maybe twerking and Britney Spears will be what people talk about in 200 years because the quality and the opportunity for real artists to write their own music is dying. That's what killing music. Also the ability to play your own music live in front of an audience and develop your craft, like Springsteen did, like Sinatra did, like the Beatles did, like Alanis Morissette did, etcetera. It's amazing that someone can get a job as a reviewer just because they have an opinion. We all have opinions just like we all have assholes oh, and they all have a certain smell to them
Dan W
Dan W 8 саат мурун
Well said; and it goes for a lot of stupid opinionated opinions in musical matters out there, which have a tendency to propagate like wildfire among the brainwashed masses.
Stanley Slawski
Stanley Slawski 8 саат мурун
Dang it, Rick... it's a great rant, but your argument stands alone. There's no need to personally attack the Jeff Slate as some "unknown singer/songwriter". It seems beneath you. Jeff was asked to write his OPINION about the music, and isn't that what you do every day, give us your OPINION? Seems to me that a guy who writes about music for The Rolling Stone, Esquire, The New Yorker, etc, has some legit credentials to give an opinion. Maybe more than some "unknown recording guy with a KGglobal channel". Sorry, but you get my point. Stay classy, Rick.
Chuck Wagon
Chuck Wagon 8 саат мурун
First of all, we already know which direction history is headed. The Beatles were and will always be at the top of the rock summit. Elvis was the King until Colonel Parker ran Elvis' career into the ground so far it couldn't be revived. Dylan is the historical footnote to Paul Simon ( I hear Simon & Garfunkel and Paul Simon's hits played with some frequency even today) and I can't tell you the last time I heard Dylan on the radio. I grew up in the 60's and I felt Dylan's music was inaccessible with it's constant social complaining and posturing. Joni Mitchell is in a class by herself and will be remembered thusly. Neil Young is also in a class by himself although he made some bad musical choices that I feel ultimately hurt his career.
Peter Scott
Peter Scott 8 саат мурун
I think that "writer" is basically making a living as a Troll, best not to feed him.
Oz Gonzalez
Oz Gonzalez 8 саат мурун
"This Joker!" You're so Kind with your words Rick!
Sgt. Pepper
Sgt. Pepper 9 саат мурун
Bands like The Beatles and The Stones will be remembered for a long time. Like Beethoven or Bach but it is just a guessing game who will be relevant in 300 years...
Tim Shearer
Tim Shearer 9 саат мурун
Yes Rick, now you MUST do a video on the unknown musicians alive today (that you know) that will be talked about 200 years from now. Can't wait!
SWeller 9 саат мурун
Rick, you took the bait. People trying to make a name for themselves will say anything to get attention. He couldn’t care less about being right he just wanted to get attention.
Edward Lewis
Edward Lewis 9 саат мурун
NBC isn’t relevant. Period. !!!!
fogmachine 9 саат мурун
Does Rick practice for these by telling kids to get off his lawn?
Matt Ward
Matt Ward 9 саат мурун
It is, as you point out, difficult to impossible to predict what music will be remembered in 200 years but I would not be surprised if Paul Simon's "Graceland" will be seen as a significant milestone when pop music integrated African music leading to an age of musical globalization.
RM Mccarthy
RM Mccarthy 9 саат мурун
Great rebuttal. Thanks for posting!
Shawn The Bassist
Shawn The Bassist 9 саат мурун
well put this putts nesds to be liked
DjangoThunders 10 саат мурун
Did he forget about 'The Graduate"? Don't you just hate music critics? When your music is the score for one of the most famous films of our era I think that counts for a little extra. Just like Harold and Maude, the music is integral to the film.
ExplosiveNotes 10 саат мурун
I don't exactly care who will be relevant in 200 years. I don't find very useful to me to pay attention even to what's popular these days. I'm not bothered by the conclusion that the guy made, but fookin 'el the reasoning is non existent. "Everybody will be forgotten in 300 years, except Beatles, Motorhead, Exploited and Slayer... because I say so". - I'd feel like massive idiot if I'd mean that seriously.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 10 саат мурун
I just got back in the time machine from the year 2221. It's none of the above Rick, it's all about Nickelback!!! They love that band! I don't know why!
Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods 10 саат мурун
Dayum! "This guy that doesn't have an editor." Yes....yes.
fhain alex
fhain alex 10 саат мурун
as a german i love how well you pronounced bach... now you have to work on your johan sebastian - :D
adventuresinbelieving 10 саат мурун
the greatest generation has mostly passed, and their kids (like Paul Simon) are ageing, and now we have people like Megan Markle and apparently uneducated and - worse - unschooled "cultural critics" raise the most bizarre and unformed narrative. That said, he did have some points. People will argue Leonard Cohen is worthy, what of Bruce Cockburn. Some will argue Beyonce is a black music icon, what of Janis Ian. Take Away: educated your kids and their kids on some FACTS! Thank you Rick. p.s. Stevie Wonder, now that THAT name will endure. Steely Dan too, haha!
Alex T
Alex T 10 саат мурун
The only person that will be remembered in 200 years is Britney Spears.
Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul 10 саат мурун
Air on a B string... Bach, Beethoven, Chuck Berry, Beatles, Brian Wilson, Beach Boys, Bob Marley, Boston, Bee Gees... and Bridge over troubled water, The Boxer, Rick Beato! The B is essential in Music!
GreatToonz 11 саат мурун
The gest of that comment is true, Paul Simon while incredibly talented, only wrote a tiny fraction of the amount of songs Dylan has, almost every artists in rock and pop history has either covered a Dylan tune or been inspired by one, Simon isn't held in that level of regard.
Smufter16 11 саат мурун
Paul Simon was a better song writer than Bob Dylan (oops I mean Robert Zimmerman). Especially during the Simon & Garfunkel era. Beautiful and haunting songs/melodies...still.
bandpassmess 11 саат мурун
Lance Thomas Record Producer
Lance Thomas Record Producer 11 саат мурун
Nice one, more please.
Kenn Cramer Hanberg
Kenn Cramer Hanberg 11 саат мурун
This guy must be a click bait "journalist"...Good Rick you gave him the thumbs down
Huskyresqr 11 саат мурун
Don't hold back, Rick, ...Tell us what you really think...btw Graceland is one of my favorite - and often played - albums....
Eduardo Cervantes
Eduardo Cervantes 11 саат мурун
Rock stars make money into their 80's because they were famous. There was a bottleneck in the industry before the internet and we had a very limited number of musicians to listen to. They won't be famous and their fame is dying as their fans die. Paul Simon can't sing. You can't compare his voice to any Bach singer. It's not an instrument. So many folk singers are gone, dead, and forgotten. There were stars during Tin Pan Alley who made the equivalent of millions today. We don't know who they are and we don't care who they are because pop music always reflects the times. You want to trash this reporter because of your insecurities. You won't live forever however much you want to. Face reality. you are old and will die in a few decades. All things must pass!
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf 11 саат мурун
So no one will remember Jimi Hendrix, Billie Holiday, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Queen, Willie Nelson, Micheal Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stones, and Weird Al? Watch 200 years from now Weird Al will be the most popular Also saying that no one besides the Beatles or Dylan will be a passing mention better be applied only to folk music. If the writer is addressing 20th century music as a whole it is a very racist and sexist thing to to imply that only 5 white men are worthy of being remembered. I’m not a particularly woke person in fact far from it but the amount of cultural influence and revolutionary music that black artist have given us in the 20th century is overwhelming. Also women have written phenomenal music this last 20th century.
progmanjum 11 саат мурун
Beethoven or Bach haven't written any thing this decade. LOSERS.
Thomas B
Thomas B 11 саат мурун
I know right? and whatever happened to that Mozart fellow? a washed up has been I guess.
Thomas B
Thomas B 11 саат мурун
Shows the level of absurdity NBC "journalism" has sunk to. I love how these clowns offer up their highly subjective and highly debatable opinions and then declare them to be objective truth. You'll find more wisdom and insight to the world from a random stranger sitting on a barstool these days than you will the elitist jerks who make up America's modern day media establishment.
Doug Joseph
Doug Joseph 11 саат мурун
Preach it!
foljs 11 саат мурун
Well, the journalist was right. Paul Simon will still be a footnote to Dylan. He already is. Only boomers care for Paul Simon, whereas Dylan still gets young new fans. Simon might still get the ocassional fan but 1/100th compared to Dylan...
Velvet Rouge
Velvet Rouge 11 саат мурун
Sorry to be rude, but this "wish to be a" professional journalist is simply a jerk who probably hardly know anything about music history and who did not do any investigative research on the crap he published compared to what you did. Simply said, I predict nobody will ever think about this guy anymore in a few years time. So do not waste your god given life time with such useless statements. Anyway, your followers (including me) are glad to have you here on the internet to get valuable content besides music making also in music history. Cheers
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