The 2021 Grammy Awards: Live Performance or Lip Synced?

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Rick Beato

27 күн мурун

In this live stream I discuss which performances were Live or Lip Synched in the 2021 Grammy Awards.
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Jeff Archer
Jeff Archer 5 саат мурун
Our band jammed last night and there were some rough spot still it was fun. Later I said don't worry perfection is the death of creativity. Watching this video I'm thinking we had no fans,no awards,no money but we probably had more fun. At least we heard each other and not some stinking click track. My ears are still ringing. I couldn't hear over my cranked Marshall. If I was off a bit who cares? It's live,organic,unfiltered pure juice. Not available in stores.
Heavygusto 12 саат мурун
Isn't pitch correction the bigger issue?
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin 13 саат мурун
Arent you a music theory channel??
Tanner Budge
Tanner Budge 17 саат мурун
Dude look at Lydia- highly suspect live Grammy performance in 2015
Franck Wolf
Franck Wolf Күн мурун
Hi Rick, I’m a french jazz musician, essentially performing as a sideman in Bireli Lagrenes bands, who I’m sur you’ve heard about as a guitarist, for almost 15 years, among my own, more intimate, projects. I watched some of your videos and I really like the way you are teaching and talking about music and the evolution of it. I would like to add a remark about the place of musicians, especially in TV shows. My position on playback is simple : it is not good for the artists, nor for the technicians, nor for the public. Bruno Mars' performance at the Grammys is, as you say, amazing. I watched it three times to try to understand if they are singing live. Either way, it's incredible. If it is live, such accuracy and precision in the voices is epic. If it's playback, the lip sync is a feat. What I regret is that they didn't come with the band, maybe because of the restrictions due to the pandemic, but still... How to make children want to play a musical instrument if we see less and less musicians on TV, or even on stage. I remember a Beyonce and Jay Z stadium tour, with 14 dancers and a soundtrack, certainly recorded by musicians especially for this tour, but without musicians on stage. It can’t be a question of budget, because when you sell 50-80000 tickets per concert, you can easily hire a band. I'm afraid that what already happened to studio musicians will happen to live musicians if we don't denounce this kind of practice, especially coming from mega-stars reaching so many young people around the world. Anyway, thanks for offering so much quality content on your KGglobal channel. Hoping this (too) long comment will reach you. Cheers. Franck
raj88 Күн мурун
you are a guru for many musicians all over the world, thanks a lot rick.
Capitolnoises 3 күн мурун
Lady gaga definitely sings live and dances with extreme athleticism. You can hear her breathe and drop off the mic when she pulls it away for some kind of arm movement.
Ram Spencer
Ram Spencer 3 күн мурун
Sing it live..... For the love of God! 🤪
Eagle-winged Turtle
Eagle-winged Turtle 3 күн мурун
There's a lot of reasons people lip sync besides complicated dance numbers. Singers get sick, their voices get worn out night after night, obviously many need backing tracks because they can't double or quadruple their own voice live. During coronavirus, people aren't performing as much, so probably more of them have actually missed performing and haven't been stressing their voices night after night. Probably a treat to perform live.
Fred Bloggs
Fred Bloggs 2 күн мурун
Or maybe they sound like shite without the studio gimmicks?
Worldwide Chubby Guy 2.0
Worldwide Chubby Guy 2.0 4 күн мурун
You can't dance and sing at the same time - love your wisdom but you seem out of touch with BTS who dances and sings at the same time. They practice singing on a threadmill. They hold 4 hour concerts daning 80 percent of the time.
anony mous
anony mous 2 күн мурун
Bts lipsync
Amy Tucker
Amy Tucker 4 күн мурун
Go see the Barenaked Ladies, great live show
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias 4 күн мурун
I gotta admit it bothers me a little that Rick is always so respectful and generous when referring about current pop artists, but it’s not his problem, it’s mine. I just wish one day he sits and bashes with everything he has, his experience and knowledge and says how he feels about the garbage a lot of music is today
kennyRumbles 6 күн мурун
Cheers Rick from London you’ve kept me sane through this lockdown 👍
Phil Bennett
Phil Bennett 7 күн мурун
Bruno Mars is clearly an amazing performer and a great singer, but there's no debate to be had about whether the Silk Sonic performance was live or not - it was clearly mimed.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 6 күн мурун
@Phil Bennett there was definitely some autotune but clearly it wasn't mimed
Phil Bennett
Phil Bennett 6 күн мурун
@Shashwat mishra Great singer, as I said. But that was mimed.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 7 күн мурун
He sings that good
flagg 7 күн мурун
great content as always Rick, and happy to hear that you loved the Silk Sonic performance, but we need some more love for Anderson .Paak, that dude is the real deal
Philip Wächter
Philip Wächter 9 күн мурун
Why do they pre-programm the klicks with the length? Why not just set the speed and manually turn it off and on. Just maybe set the speeds beforehand... Or did i understand it wrong?
B Harp43
B Harp43 9 күн мурун
You can definitely dance and sing at the same time. People who seriously study voice often do intensive exercises while they are working on their technique because exercise engages extrinsic muscles in a way that separates them from the vocal production itself. With that said, it is very difficult to do if you haven't practiced singing and dancing at the same time. So you are essentially correct, but what I said is still something to keep in mind. Acts like Ariana Grande and PLENTY of K-Pop singers do it all the time without lip-syncing/live pitch correction, and a lot of them sound STELLAR.
B Harp43
B Harp43 Күн мурун
@anony mous Also, my original point in this thread was about singing and dancing at the same time, which is completely possible. You must not agree, which is strange, because plenty of voice teachers and singers on broadway train to sing well while running, doing cardio, etc. There are accounts of operatic sopranos doing cartwheels on stage while singing high D naturals. If the breath is in the right place, and if the larynx and vocals folds are completely free of tension, you can sing in any position you want, and you can sing doing many different movements. If you don't believe me, you haven't done enough research.
B Harp43
B Harp43 Күн мурун
@anony mous Just because they let their record labels push them around, and just because their studio recordings are highly manufactured, doesn't mean they aren't good singers and performers. You obviously haven't checked them out, or you would know some of them do perform live. Just because you dislike the music, doesn't mean it isn't music, and it doesn't mean they aren't good singers or musicians. I know he isn't a k-pop musician, but the same thing applies to someone like Charlie Puth. Charlie Puth's music is highly manufactured and filled with pitch correction, but that doesn't mean he can't perform live, sing live, play piano very well, or compose complex music. "Bye"
anony mous
anony mous Күн мурун
@B Harp43 haha musicians in kpop? Lol. I could agree that there are real musicians in Korea but there no artist/musicians in kpop. That's it. Kpop is just a product manufactured by their companies for you guys to consume. Ive checked out kpop as everyone was goin crazy abt it but it's pure trash. Kpop is basically famous bcuz of not music but bcuz of one and only looks.
B Harp43
B Harp43 2 күн мурун
@anony mous Some of them do, some of them don't. You obviously haven't paid much attention to them, or you would be able to accept that some of them are good musicians. What you're doing with regards to K-Pop musicians is exactly what conservatives did to rock musicians in the latter half of the 20th century: OVER-GENERALIZING.
anony mous
anony mous 2 күн мурун
@B Harp43 anyways they don't sing live. They lipsync all the time. Bye
Tony Đinh Bolero
Tony Đinh Bolero 9 күн мурун
Honestly I do care about your channel more than Grammy awards
Collin J
Collin J 9 күн мурун
If the metalheads in this comment section don’t recognize Bruno’s and A Paak’s talent at this point, it’s just plain jealousy and ignorace. Life’s too short to pretend that ALL music nowadays are trash. Give ‘em the credit the deserve.
Armed baby
Armed baby 9 күн мурун
They don't care because you know where they are coming from
Honnes Kochonnes
Honnes Kochonnes 10 күн мурун
Nah, I ain't pushing myself down because of these celebrities. Thay aren't that great as well.
Michael Cain
Michael Cain 10 күн мурун
Crestfallen. I thought the Grammy’s swore off lipsinc since Millivanilli.
Fred Bloggs
Fred Bloggs 2 күн мурун
Millivanilli was the tip of a rotten iceberg...
Michael Bird
Michael Bird 11 күн мурун
RHCP live at Slane Castle! I’m sure there’s some dubbing (vocals, likely?) but the guitar sound is beautiful, and done by messing with pedals and tone knobs on Frusciante’s guitars. It’s a bit inexact sometimes, and that adds to the charm. Guy never plays the same solo twice.
mrz80 12 күн мурун
Why am I reminded of that essay, "Is Hatsune Miku a better pop star than Justin Bieber?" Heck, even Miku's concert events have live musicians, playing accompaniment for the software singer. :P Get WITH it, Grammy Awards. If you're not going to have live musicians playing their music live on the program, then why not just show their MTV videos or just play their CDs with pretty pictures on the screen?
Laurence Austin
Laurence Austin 12 күн мурун
Grammys tend to force artists to perform and sing live. I’ve noticed that MTV and AMA award shows usually don’t give it that much importance.
Laurence Austin
Laurence Austin 11 күн мурун
@Shashwat mishra 😂😂
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 11 күн мурун
Grammys are a joke so it hardly matters
Laurence Austin
Laurence Austin 12 күн мурун
I’m pretty sure Bruno’s was prerecorded. Most likely they filmed a live take, then edited in post prior to the awards show. They did the same for Bruno’s “Live at the Apollo” special.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 11 күн мурун
At most they would have added some background echo effects due to which his sound was louder which was clearly visible Other than that I cannot think of anything
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson 13 күн мурун
I don't watch. I don't care. The Grammys are meaningless to me. They almost never feature the music or artists I enjoy.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 14 күн мурун
Always lip synched
Armed baby
Armed baby 14 күн мурун
Patrick birdsell
Patrick birdsell 14 күн мурун
Rick beato is the best!
Allan Wilson
Allan Wilson 14 күн мурун
Ten years from now, the top 10 will be written, ‘performed’ and recorded by AI. We’re being prepared for that now.
Armed baby
Armed baby 9 күн мурун
@B Harp43 There are more adults than minors in almost every country in the west Example America has around 250 million adults and 100 million minors. Now on an average a large amount of these adults say above 90% supposedly boomers gen X are not listening to mainstream music or music in general as they grew up with Rock metal.Their older bands are not releasing anything substantial and their older music has been played to death. Millennials have different tastes as some of them grew up with nu metal some with rap music some with pop and some who are very busy with family job business don't listen to music The large amount of audience comes from minors below 25-20 the gen z group especially girls. That's why you will see a lot of female audience at Justin Bieber one direction BTS Taylor Swift concerts And I would honestly say it's not about accessibility it's about wanting or not wanting to listen to music
B Harp43
B Harp43 9 күн мурун
@Armed baby Got any sources to back that claim up? There's no way less people are listening to music now than ever before. Music is more easily accessible than it ever has been.
Armed baby
Armed baby 14 күн мурун
@Allan Wilson music is a form of expressing happiness If the people are not happy what is the need of music
Allan Wilson
Allan Wilson 14 күн мурун
@Armed baby You may well be right. What a thought.
Armed baby
Armed baby 14 күн мурун
20 years from now there will be no music Less people are listening to music than ever before
Lennard 14 күн мурун
What you also see a lot these days is these ‘live’ performances, where a band/artist plays live, but the performance is mixed/edited so extensively, it’s almost like a record. For example check out the tiny desk concerts by Justin Bieber and Dua lipa, which are obviously pitch corrected and so polished.. You can hardly call it live anymore. And all these kids thinking OMG justin can really sing.. hmm well that remains to be seen
Collin J
Collin J 9 күн мурун
maybe camera work and style is just evolving, and it’s easy to look up every artist’s live vocals. lots of people especially the old gens are just ignorant on the new gens talents.
Armed baby
Armed baby 14 күн мурун
Why don't you hear their acoustic performances without microphone
Neil Bentham
Neil Bentham 14 күн мурун
I’m fed up with today’s ‘popular’ music. Bring back the big bands and less of the stylists.
GBP4EVR 15 күн мурун
There is no way you enjoyed a second of that garbage, you are losing all your credibility quickly...
anony mous
anony mous 2 күн мурун
Lol you listen to kpop probably. Kpop is trash
Collin J
Collin J 8 күн мурун
@GBP4EVR he obviously didn’t, you’re just thinking that since your so jealous of him.
GBP4EVR 9 күн мурун
@B Harp43 Don't tell me what to do lefty. This is garbage music, that is what is called an "opinion" please google for a definition.
GBP4EVR 9 күн мурун
@Collin J Are you saying Bruno Mars didn't lip sync at the 2021 grammys?
Collin J
Collin J 9 күн мурун
@GBP4EVR if ya think he lip syncs ya jealous lmao
JimmyTeriyaki 15 күн мурун
Bruno Mars always sings live. I haven’t seen him once use auto tune even in his tours.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 13 күн мурун
@sakitperut123 I'm a fan of Bruno Mars but that was not a good song Locked out of heaven is much better
sakitperut123 13 күн мурун
@Shashwat mishra he wrote and sing rock song wih chris stapleton and edsheeran called "BLOW"...check it out
JimmyTeriyaki 15 күн мурун
@Shashwat mishra He has a couple rock songs. Check out gorilla, runaway baby, moonshine and Natalie. They are all pretty good especially live.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 15 күн мурун
I always wanted Bruno to make a rock album
NEVERMIND nothingelse
NEVERMIND nothingelse 16 күн мурун
Let’s here a song with Ya auto tuning your voice that would be wild to hear
NEVERMIND nothingelse
NEVERMIND nothingelse 16 күн мурун
I have live performances where starting and stopping a sequence is a main part of the performance for me becuz I’m solo most times ... never thought it was that difficult but now that sounds a bit love your videos Mr.Rick Beato..
Eric Petersen
Eric Petersen 16 күн мурун
I love your videos. I could give a flying f*** about the grammy's. What I'd love to see is your take on BAND-MAID, maybe their song Warning! from their latest album. I know you'll be able to look past the maid outfits and pretty faces and be able to give an honest opinion on their musicianship and composition. They have many amazing songs and are so infectious with their positive energy.
Fred Bloggs
Fred Bloggs 2 күн мурун
You forgot the /Sarc at the end of your comment...AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
SamCMusic 16 күн мурун
I thought the best performance was black pumas
Shafayet Karim
Shafayet Karim 16 күн мурун
Cant doubt Bruno mars sir
Enz Uno
Enz Uno 17 күн мурун
Facts. Good points. In re: album record being the same; hello!!! Key of the song --;)styles watermelon was a half step lower ...which makes sense for live performance vocally. Bruno slays, but I think he lip synced the silk road chorus! I ask was live on verses but Bruno saved his voice for the tribute performance. I bet u
Enz Uno
Enz Uno 16 күн мурун
*paak was live on verses
Enz Uno
Enz Uno 16 күн мурун
*paak was live on verses
Enz Uno
Enz Uno 16 күн мурун
*paak was live on verses
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 17 күн мурун
@Enz Uno Bruno sings that good If you want to see checkout Bruno Mars billionaire live acoustic
Enz Uno
Enz Uno 17 күн мурун
*paak was live on verses
Kren Wregget
Kren Wregget 17 күн мурун
honestly, who cares. The Grammys wouldn't know good music if it punched them in the face.
Blitztim 17 күн мурун
I didn't watch it, but after your video I went back and watched some of the performances you spoke about. Yeah, I was thought they were good. Bruno and Anderson's performance was stellar. Haim impressed me too.
Naji Nelson
Naji Nelson 17 күн мурун
Has Autotune won a Grammy? One of my fav singers is Sly Stone, he had funk and soul and maybe the best band ever, the band was a unity. That kind of bands get rare, a whole lot of so called stars have just some hired musicians, but well, times are changing... Music is not just vocals, do not like live singing to backing tracks
Andy Read
Andy Read 17 күн мурун
Rick - i am in the UK so never saw the Grammys, but see you mentioned Bruno Mars. I have only today heard his new track with Anderson Paak and they will play as a band Silk Sonic. "Leave the door open" maybe the best pop song I have heard for ages. It will be great to see your thoughts on it. It seems to attract a lot of response and is definitely a baby-maker in the mold of classic erection section soul.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 17 күн мурун
too good to say goodbye and all I ask by Bruno Mars Great songs
maiko velasco
maiko velasco 17 күн мурун
Bruno same as live
Solaris Ori-Tev Asazi
Solaris Ori-Tev Asazi 18 күн мурун
Raymond Harrison
Raymond Harrison 18 күн мурун
My nephew Eric Burton & his Band BLACK PUMAS. Love it im so very proud.
Publius America
Publius America 18 күн мурун
The Grammys do retain an important role in the commercial music world. But when so few people are interested in (much less captivated by) what passes for popular music of late, and considering the fact that even teens today are showing a lasting consistent preference for the music from the last century it is quite telling. It tells us that although people may have subjective reasons for liking one music genre over another, the fact remains that the “goodness” or “badness” of music is fully OBJECTIVE. It’s something almost innate. Regardless of genre, people tend to know a good song when they hear one. And we haven’t been hearing _good_ music for a long time.
TheChzoronzon 18 күн мурун
If Bruno was lipsync to that perfect level, that'd have had more merit than actual singing, lol. I don't like his music, with few exceptions, but you have to admit the guy is a machine on stage.
JimmyTeriyaki 18 күн мурун
@SHASHWAT MISHRA (Alumni) I agree
SHASHWAT MISHRA (Alumni) 18 күн мурун
Search Bruno Mars live acoustic On KGglobal and see yourself The guy is better than MJ prince when it comes to singing alone
David Theisen
David Theisen 19 күн мурун
Dua Lipa doesn't belong on the same stage as Bruno and Paak or Billie.
Collin J
Collin J 9 күн мурун
Yeah, it was pretty much the producers who carried her album.
JukxMusic 19 күн мурун
Hey don't forget about Anderson .Paak!
Ching Abaygar
Ching Abaygar 19 күн мурун
Our cat is so grammy that she bite me.
Torquemonster440 19 күн мурун
Who cares... ? TikTok kids ?... not interested.
Torquemonster440 16 күн мурун
@Shashwat mishra I wasn't interested for all the examples you just gave.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 18 күн мурун
@Torquemonster440 pop is a watered down genre which sounds attractive to ears and becomes sterile to ears over a period of time for the same reasons.if you listen to any modern pop song they will have a very catchy chorus and pre chorus but the rest of the song is trash.The song lasts as long as people remember that chorus pre chorus.Thats why Most Rock metal fans despise pop music which is very much justified.Personally I like nu metal (Linkin park Evanescence my chemical romance) I only listen to pop only because of Bruno Adele. Trap a watered down genre of rap music is destroying modern music.
Torquemonster440 18 күн мурун
@Shashwat mishra Absolutely, i actually love Bruno Mars.. he's one of the few modern entertainers out there with style and talent.. only a select few tho.. Bruno, Adele.. etc.. I'm actually a huge pop fan, I grew up a fan of Michael Jackson. But theres a difference between something thats produced to be "pop" vs great music that just happens to appel to the masses. I think what turns me off to most current pop is that there is an overly refined and sterile feel to it. Popular music moves in cycles.. for those to young to remember , America suffered through a similar period during the 80's.. Poision, Ratt.. Duran Duran.. Warrant.. George Michael.. all of these "artists" spawned the backlash that was classified as "Grunge ". Which was basically stripped down raw emotional music crafted with purpose and feeling. It's priority was not to sell the most hit singles, but it did because it resonated with the masses.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 18 күн мурун
@Torquemonster440 say that to Bruno Mars.he sings with live band live music No autotune.he's a pop singer you may not like pop songs but he sings better than many old artists You see garbage like Taylor Swift ed Sheeran Justin Bieber one direction Chris brown drake always on TV all the time that's not my problem
Torquemonster440 18 күн мурун
@Shashwat mishra yep.. Rock and country require skill to craft. Not just a drum machine and auto tune.
Gustavo Montalvo
Gustavo Montalvo 19 күн мурун
Why no mention of Black Pumas? They were live and on point, great vocals and great guitar solo.
Gustavo Montalvo
Gustavo Montalvo 17 күн мурун
@Raymond Harrison Oh man ! amazing voice and great songs ! Adrian is a personal friend of mine. Small world.
Raymond Harrison
Raymond Harrison 18 күн мурун
Eric Burton my nephew so very proud of him & his band.
gibbanz22 19 күн мурун
So on the topic of click tracks in In-Ear monitors, it can be done and still have it be live. My band, our drummer is on a click and we play to him. It really just depends on the caliber of musicians in the band. We dont play the same set the same way twice. We listen to each other and play off of each other and still play to a click. Ive seen bands to a backtrack and be incredible so it really just depends on the musicians and bands rather than the music.
Gareth de-Witt
Gareth de-Witt 19 күн мурун
Ah who cares Rick it was awful. Really horrible music if you can call it that
JimmyTeriyaki 18 күн мурун
Bruno Mars song was straight from the 70s. Might’ve been the only good song there but still
halohalo cremadeleche
halohalo cremadeleche 19 күн мурун
What did you think about Poppy's Eat? Shame it wasnt on the main show but its cool to see some metal on the Grammys
Chum-Dm3 aka BC
Chum-Dm3 aka BC 20 күн мурун
Tone is in the fingers. The player is still more important than the tech. There’s is nothing wrong with having great tech. There is plenty of amazing new music out there. All genres. We must resist the “everything was better in my day” mentality. If you choose to use it to make something that sounds over produced and fake that is a choice but lots of amazing music is getting made right now. The top songs of Spotify are the tip of a very large iceberg.
James Lee
James Lee 20 күн мурун
But arent the Grammies and streaming really about pay for play payola stuff? Like, they corporations will pay dudes to use computer programs to run 100 phones (a phone bank) to keep playing their artists so they can het more views, it's like the new payola. I usually dont dig the high level mainstream, it's hard to trust the legitimacy.
Alan Smith
Alan Smith 20 күн мурун
who really cares??
B Harp43
B Harp43 9 күн мурун
I mean, if you didn't care about the grammy's, why did you click on a video about them and comment about how you don't care?
3k9x 20 күн мурун
Yeah, people WANT "live" more than ever now due to Covid
Daniela Pagano
Daniela Pagano 20 күн мурун
I'm totally agree
MOB7 Productions
MOB7 Productions 20 күн мурун
Anything that fades in or out. Long shot when the singing is about to start, to avoid bad beginning synchs.
1mlb704 20 күн мурун
My band and I just recorded our first full-length album. I'm the singer and I refused to use autotune on my voice. I mentioned this on a Facebook post on a rock music page and got roasted by other musicians/fans for it. I get that for young artists like me who don't have money for extra studio time, it's easier and quicker to touch up vocals that way instead of doing more takes and edits to get it right. But idk, I still like being able to hear the differences and small imperfections in music, especially with vocals, it gives music more personality. People are complacent to autotune and all of the other digital aspects that have taken over music. And lipsyncing or using autotune live to me completely defeats the purpose of live music.
Sensible and rational
Sensible and rational 20 күн мурун
Have to take your word for it cuz to me it’s not worth watching anymore
chrisAngela 20 күн мурун
It's great to know you "Feel Like I Do" Rick regarding Peter Frampton. I've defended his guitar playing virtuosity since Humble Pie's "Live at the Fillmore", but particularly since "Frampton Comes Alive" (I always had a thing for the solos of "(I'll Give You) Money"). And, of course, thank you for once again bringing your unique perspective of live performance, both "in the day" and now...awesome once again! Much respect to you, cheers!
Steyrshrek1 19 күн мурун
Saw Eric Clapton play with both Peter Frampton and Mark Knopfler, was an amazing show.
Vincent Sirius
Vincent Sirius 20 күн мурун
one of the reasons the tiny desk concerts are so popular might be because you get to see unique versions of songs that are usually just "perfected" in every possible way.
Clay Sears
Clay Sears 20 күн мурун
There’s nothing stopping anyone from replacing or entirely re-recording the vocals when you’re doing a prerecorded performance. There’s just no way to know unless you were part of the production.
Tom B
Tom B 20 күн мурун
Do you manually tape them or do you set your vcr+?
Nicole Gibson
Nicole Gibson 20 күн мурун
It's all very interesting, and I've been to so many concerts in my lifetime I never put too much thought into it. Regardless of it all, I was highly entertained by Anderson and Bruno and the Little Richard tribute. I rewatched it enough, I might be pregnant now.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 20 күн мурун
Bruno Mars Apollo theatre performance 2017 was the best live performance I've seen in last 20-30 years
Agus 20 күн мурун
That’s why Metallica is so unique. They always play different sets, and Hammett always improvise. Thank you METALLICA!
Gita Deep
Gita Deep 20 күн мурун
Every rock and metal band does that
Nigel Barnes
Nigel Barnes 21 күн мурун
Are you equivocating auto-tune with pitch correction? Both are correcting pitch, but I think correcting just the notes that are bad, is okay. Auto-tune is correcting everything, so in my opinion, the singer doesn't have to make an effort to be accurate. For what it's worth, that's my 2 cents.
B Harp43
B Harp43 9 күн мурун
When people say, "auto-tune," 90% of the time they are referring to pitch correction.
Asakura Tetsuo Folco
Asakura Tetsuo Folco 21 күн мурун
All my music are live performances... they have Soul
The Darrenaissance
The Darrenaissance 21 күн мурун
Ashley Simpson threw her band under the bus after the SNL disaster. The best Grammy performance I have ever seen was on the Swedish Grammy’s. Ghost performing their song, “He Is.” Probably not a chance in Hell(Pun intended)of a song that blatantly praises Satan being performed on the American Grammy’s.
Darren Aitcheson
Darren Aitcheson 21 күн мурун
Bruno is one of the most unbelievable performers on earth at this point in time. Always kills at big live TV and Awards shows. And we set up audience mics always when we use in-ears. Way too isolated otherwise. Will probably have some vocal FX in their ears but not necessarily the ones we hear from FOH Haha. Unfortunately with backing tracks, usually from QLAB, it relies on someone pushing go at the right time :) And I’m old :) but you have to appreciate talent, no matter the Genre. Big respect to Billy and Harry. They have “got” whatever it is.
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 21 күн мурун
Yes he's been performing live since he was 4
Emilie Fulgencio
Emilie Fulgencio 21 күн мурун
hi I am a fan of your show and is there a way you feature some Filipino talent like arnel pineda and how you react and analyzed
Dan Jensen
Dan Jensen 21 күн мурун
No props for Haim, Rick? I thought they were mostly live, and they slayed!
Jason Schulman
Jason Schulman 21 күн мурун
The Who used to use "tracks" in the '70s because they had no choice. They couldn't bring a huge ARP synthesizer with them for "Baba O'Reilly" or "Won't Get Fooled Again." Or all the horns for QUADROPHENIA. Everything else was live, of course -- and the Who, with Keith Moon, were the most exciting live rock band ever (this is not up for debate!).
SynphamyOfficial 21 күн мурун
I kinda got the impression that with covid, for a lot of these remote streamed performances... Yeah, vocals might be live, but they also have the advantage of pre-recording a whole performance so the vocal track can be polished up for a live broadcast, make it sit better in a mix, do a bit of pitch correction here and there, iron out any imperfections. In this case you wouldn't say they're lip-syncing because it 'was' live when they sang it, but it doesn't rule out the possibility that it went through some manipulation before reaching the listener's ear. I could be wrong though.
Brian C
Brian C 21 күн мурун
i tried to watch..but every year it gets harder and harder. I want to like new bands/artist..but there just isn't too much that makes me want to listen to them instead of something already around doing it better for longer. That being said it is funny how in my lifetime lip syncing went from taboo to the norm.
mb13972 21 күн мурун
I don't know why everyone makes a big deal about a performer lip syncing their own music. Anyone who's old enough will remember almost every act that appeared on "American Bandstand" or "The Ed Sullivan Show" lip synched. In fact there was an appearance by The Grateful Dead where Phil Lesh was so pissed off about being forced to lip synch he performed on stage playing a broom stick instead of his bass.
Sean Hemstedt
Sean Hemstedt 21 күн мурун
You can absolutely vamp on tracks if you use software such as Ableton Live to run the tracks. With Ableton you can create sections that are mapped to midi keys and controlled by a drummer, a keyboardist, or a midi footswitch. By doing this, you can sit on a vamp section for 16, 24, 32 bars or more by simply selecting that section to play multiple times. I was doing that in church almost 20 years ago.
Dave Foster
Dave Foster 21 күн мурун
You don’t want to mention the complete lack of spark or charisma that many artists displayed?
closinginonclosure 21 күн мурун
16:00 "So that people that follow them around are going to get different performances" 🤔 That's definitely not why setlists are changed from show to show. It's not to cater to the people that follow them around. Those people are the minority. You cater to the bulk of your audience, not the few that follow a tour. Some bands and artists change a lot earlier on tour just because they're feeling it out and depending on crowd reactions they'll move things around for a better show . Other artists just want to keep it fresh and avoid the monotony of repeating the exact same setlist night after night. Some artists play different sets because they want to encourage people to go to more than one show to sell more tickets. But they usually market that and talk about it. Otherwise you'd have no idea and assume the setlist is the same at each show, and maybe not go to the next one. But I can assure you that bands aren't changing a couple songs in the setlist just to make the few people that follow the tour happy, while not playing the songs the rest of the 98% of the crowd want to hear on the single night they're there.
Craig Fowler
Craig Fowler 21 күн мурун
That's why I love watching Dave Matthew's Band!
Jack Public
Jack Public 21 күн мурун
More pampered celebrity "recording artist" BS! They don't have to sing that well, or at all. "We can fix it in post." They don't have to write their own music, that's what composers are paid for. They don't have to make any real effort, that's what publicists, mangers, or assistants are for. And, anymore they don't even need to warm up their voices for a show because who sings their own songs?! I get it, its art and sometimes its really difficult or even impossible to reproduce live. But, nobody would accept a guitar player using a recording at a show by acting as if he were playing the part! A back-up track is one thing. Trying to fraud the audience is something else! Many of us aren't there to worship celebrity, we are there for a music performance...
Jack Public
Jack Public 21 күн мурун
C'mon Mr Beato, we all know that dancing is the most important part of the MUSIC awards.
Alex Torchio
Alex Torchio 21 күн мурун
It was a fake live for most of all: they recorded a fake live vocal tracks in studio, you can hear it very well. Obviously they are super talented artists, it was a (sad) production choice, I don't think people like Bruno Mars want lip sync, he is such a beast.
Alex Torchio
Alex Torchio 21 күн мурун
@Armed baby Unfortunately I didn't see it. Leave the door open was not, and also Dua Lipa was not.
Armed baby
Armed baby 21 күн мурун
Little Richard tribute was live with live band
Reuben Burrows
Reuben Burrows 22 күн мурун
Hey Rick, love the channel, do a video breaking down Jacob colliers music !
Doctor Mu
Doctor Mu 22 күн мурун
Bruno Mars - live. He may be the best live act around.
Armed baby
Armed baby 21 күн мурун
Yes agree
AndTheRoadGoesEverOn 22 күн мурун
Another reason why I love the band U2. They don’t play to a click or backtrack and the singer doesn’t lip sync. In almost any song, the lead singer Bono might decide to start interacting with audience-and the band will just be vamping along, following Bono’s live cues. Or Bono may begin mashing in lyrics from other performers’ songs. Or drummer Larry Mullen Jr might speed up or slow down the tempo. Or the band may start playing really soft as Bono gets the crowd going in a song-along-the length of which depends on the audience & the energy of the moment. Bono has leeway to REALLY go off script if he wants because everything’s live. U2 are *masters* at audience engagement and responding to the moment. They just have no fear about letting it all be real. Epic live band.
Dale Boxsell
Dale Boxsell 22 күн мурун
The last live performance at the Grammys was AC/DC.
RogueReplicant 22 күн мурун
I lost all respect for the Grammy's in 1981 when they gave the award for Best Rock Instrumental to a forgettable song by some reggae-pop rock band instead of YYZ by Rush. What the hell were they thinking, ffs
Sean Brooks
Sean Brooks 22 күн мурун
Digital sound = tone king from youtube. everything he plays sounds the same because its through his digital rig
Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson 22 күн мурун
Y'know, putting on any kind of awards show during a pandemic is a logistical challenge of epic proportions. I think this one came off great, even though most of the performers and nominees are not in my playlist. My daughter manages and produced the Black Pumas performance, who I love, and that was genuine and authentic and fun, and not at all easy to get right. Kudos to the Grammys for getting it right. Yeah they're an industry show, and sorry I don't listen to most of those acts, and yeah there are a lot of haters, but that show was pretty well done. Btw, Ringo looked great and is still my favorite surviving Beatle.
Sean Brooks
Sean Brooks 22 күн мурун
I never understand why people try to learn guitar solos note for note, when the artist themselves couldnt repeat that performance note for note if they tried.
Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson 22 күн мурун
Black Pumas absolutely did kill it!
Frank Baker
Frank Baker 22 күн мурун
Did anyone bring up Paul Stanley and his obvious lip sync during the last your? Lol
Roberto Iorio
Roberto Iorio 22 күн мурун
Can’t believe there is someone that is sure Bruno Mars was live. You can tell after 5 seconds it was pre recorded
Armed baby
Armed baby 21 күн мурун
He sings that good
ItoroAbasi 22 күн мурун
all concerts are lip synced.
Armed baby
Armed baby 21 күн мурун
Adele and Bruno Mars concerts are live
Sagar B
Sagar B 22 күн мурун
Except john mayer everything seemed not worth watching
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