Creating Anthemic Melodies for High Emotional Impact

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Rick Beato

28 күн мурун

In this live stream I discuss how to create anthemic sounding melodies for improvising and composing.
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steved2112 14 саат мурун
Worth watching to the very end!
Derek Parnell
Derek Parnell 8 күн мурун
Is it coincidental that early 'brass' instruments, which had no valves, focused on large intervals. 5ths and 4ths, and octaves especially.
Vlado Leksa
Vlado Leksa 8 күн мурун
ode to joy obviously an exception
Jay Zill
Jay Zill 14 күн мурун
150k views on insta-narc - must have been the bright yellow colour guitar that 'attracted' them. Maybe it looks 'superior' or something. They'd do anything for the aesthetics, inc. knowingly putting poison on their faces to 'look' [down] better than others. Proper scummy app that one is, like most - but that's human nature.
Salieri 14 күн мурун
For John Williams and StarWars fans, from the StarWars Fandom. "In the mid-to-late 1970s, the 20th Century Fox logo had all but been phased out. However, Lucas enjoyed the logo and Alfred Newman music so much that he insisted it be used for his films." "When John Williams signed onto the project, one of his first moves was to compose the Main Title to : Episode IV in the same key as the 20th Century Fox fanfare. He has said before that it was truly meant as another extension of the fanfare, and it has since then been adopted by film score buffs as part and parcel of the scores to ."
Demeon 14 күн мурун
I keep hearing the Rocky IV Theme when you play those fifths.
raxxtango 17 күн мурун
Remy Trahant
Remy Trahant 17 күн мурун
I'd been focusing on trying to locate the 3rds and the 7ths and neglecting the P5s, I treated it like an unimportant interval, it's the first one to omit when you have an extended chord, but now I realize its beauty and power and capacity for a melodic statement!
Ys Wildcat
Ys Wildcat 17 күн мурун
Rick, please consider making a video on Basil Poledouris - Conan the Barbarian soundtrack one of these days
Scott Sheehan
Scott Sheehan 17 күн мурун
Rick, will there ever be an episode featuring EDM, Glitch or Dubstep? Curious to hear your thoughts
Shaun Domingue
Shaun Domingue 17 күн мурун
You are an incredible teacher! Just incredible!! My best to you!
utubedestroysmytime 18 күн мурун
Swollen pickle ? My boss me 25 has a “freeze” option on the expression pedal that sustains a note the same way
indan383 19 күн мурун
I could. It have been more bored in my music classes @ Martha Brown JHS and though I can carry a tune I have just no idea about music theory. That said, I kept hearing other rock riffs while you were explaining the theme. EVH’s Jamie’s Crying comes to mind.....
Alexander Joe Winterbone
Alexander Joe Winterbone 19 күн мурун
Hi Rick.. wanna buy a Les Paul?
Neil Walsh
Neil Walsh 20 күн мурун
The start of Mathis Der Mahler has that uplifting sound
Neil Walsh
Neil Walsh 20 күн мурун
The perfect Consonances?
Neil Walsh
Neil Walsh 20 күн мурун
Is is powerful because it suggests the Octave?
Transformation Generation
Transformation Generation 20 күн мурун
1970's?? no way. you'd be dead by now. right?
Adam Messina
Adam Messina 20 күн мурун
Can you do a special on Alejandro Aranda from American idol. You should go over the song blesser and break it down so we all know what he’s playing. Amazing talent.
George O'Neill
George O'Neill 21 күн мурун
Hi Rick, this came out at a perfect time. I was just finishing writing my first instrumental and this transformed the chorus. Cheers
canyon pascal
canyon pascal 22 күн мурун
What a riff!
yodajazzcat 22 күн мурун
God Save The Queen!
Ron Nowak
Ron Nowak 22 күн мурун
Great content Rick!! Awesome!!
Chris O'Connor
Chris O'Connor 22 күн мурун
I think people watched it a lot because that riff slaps (which may be due to the intervals) but it also grooves like hell
John Cox
John Cox 22 күн мурун
This is why people love the banjo. It's natural to play intervals on the banjo.
David Arnold
David Arnold 23 күн мурун
r c
r c 23 күн мурун
Which link in the description had the tab to the Instagram post??
raj88 23 күн мурун
cosmic master
Kelly Nash
Kelly Nash 24 күн мурун
Had to slow this down to half speed to even grasp the first riff at 7:15. great stuff
MDV 123
MDV 123 24 күн мурун
Love these videos. Would love to hear you do a breakdown of Molly hatchet flirting with disaster or Blackfoot highway song or whatever song by either one of them bands would make you happy!!! Keep up the good work this is my favorite channel
Bosingr 24 күн мурун
Rick, it would be great if you could get Hans Zimmer on for an interview sometime or John Williams. Zimmer is very busy of course, and I don't know if Williams is retired, but either or both would be great at some point.
FelixTheCat24x7 24 күн мурун
Where in the bundle is this lesson?
Allan Penford
Allan Penford 24 күн мурун
Why 150k views ! That run was killer ! 👍🏻
CJJC 24 күн мурун
Mike Oldfield built almost an entire album (Incantations) from a pattern of going up up a fifth, down a tone and repeating to taste. He does it throughout the album in different ways. Also, the concept formed the basis of his disco single Guilty.
charles stiebing
charles stiebing 24 күн мурун
the first person i heard with spread triads was eric johnson
blacknotestudios 24 күн мурун
Okay, so I love Rick and all but when my student comes to me and says I watched Ricks vid on Anthemic melodies and he played the beginning songs like Superman, Indiana Jones, etc. those were understandably Anthemic Melodies. Something I can hum or whistle. But what he did afterwards on his guitar had nothing to do with hummable or even themed melody. It was Rick once again ripping fast guitar licks and scales that you can’t find in Rock, Pop, or really any other genre other than jazz. I’m gonna have to agree.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 23 күн мурун
Just evaluate your students playing. That’s what the teacher is for. Listen to them and don’t worry about what they watch on KGglobal. You’re the teacher.
Paula Johnson
Paula Johnson 24 күн мурун
Very interesting
Matthew Stull
Matthew Stull 24 күн мурун
Richard Strauss was really good at those sweeping big intervals. Der Rosenkavalier overture has those dramatic swoops
justgivemethetruth 25 күн мурун
Oh, Aaron Copland's famous "Fuckover for the Common Man" the battle hymn of the Republicans.
Brando 25 күн мурун
They all ascend to a grand resolve
Brando 25 күн мурун
Icarus Lives by Periphery has these anthemic intervals. Catchy as hell
Brando 25 күн мурун
Great video but question, John Paul Jones or Jack Bruce?
Brian O'Boyle
Brian O'Boyle 25 күн мурун
Pumped for your guitar Rick!! Great stuff
Ben Freeman
Ben Freeman 25 күн мурун
Be a toe, art raining
AdoptedSon FPV
AdoptedSon FPV 25 күн мурун
Congrats on the Gibson model! The Pelham Blue looks fantastic.
Lars Karge
Lars Karge 25 күн мурун
Frage: "Das ist aber nicht diese Gitarre mit diesem Effekt" Antwort: Das sind aber nicht diese "Drogen mit diesem" Effort"?"... ! Nice Piece! :) ' Greetings Lars
Timothy Reeves
Timothy Reeves 25 күн мурун
Obvious example of wide interval anthemic melody: The Star Spangled Banner (aka USA National ANTHEM) which is why it's a challenge to sing.
Devvrat Bhatnagar
Devvrat Bhatnagar 25 күн мурун
How did you convert guitar to midi sound ??
David McAuliffe
David McAuliffe 25 күн мурун
Most of the Star Trek series have anthemic melodies. Maybe I'm Amazed uses some wide intervals in the chords and the guitar solo.
Austin Chase 2
Austin Chase 2 25 күн мурун
Rick is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He’s the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Music lol.
Jack Handy
Jack Handy 25 күн мурун
Slow it down and he sounds hammered! LOL
ephysdad 25 күн мурун
Why did the video get 150K views? Inspiration, that’s why. I couldn’t wait to get my guitar in hand after.
7th AngelAD
7th AngelAD 25 күн мурун
Rick can have me feeling nostalgic for something just in his noodling around on the guitar.
DrumsAndGadgets 25 күн мурун
basically you should check band called Nightwish; there are several epic anthems songs like "Greatest Show on Earth" (best live at Tampere), "Ghost Love Score" (Official live Wacken 2013) and so on. Specially GSoE outdo is made of anthemic epicness ;-)
Stephen Sigl
Stephen Sigl 25 күн мурун
There's definitely an Allan Holdsworth vibe to these intervals as well
7th AngelAD
7th AngelAD 25 күн мурун
How about a raffle for a chance to score one of those new Gibsons...? -viewers get a Gibson, eh..?
Tim Danyo
Tim Danyo 25 күн мурун
Love me some Aaron Copland!
Paul Butler
Paul Butler 25 күн мурун
I came here expecting to learn about "arithmetic" melodies. I guess I need to update my reading glasses.
Andy Barfoot
Andy Barfoot 25 күн мурун
There was a TV program by Sir George Martin that explained this phenomenon slightly differently, but the same idea. Skips and steps he referred to them. Sorry I cannot remember the program. It made reference to the Lord is my Shepherd which is 6ths , also talked about shepherd scales when things seem to progress upwards.
Audrey Sims
Audrey Sims 25 күн мурун
Glad to have caught this live. 😀
WWII Vet, John Taco
WWII Vet, John Taco 25 күн мурун
Rick, have you heard the album by the strokes that was released just last year? Its really good
Brian Kurland
Brian Kurland 25 күн мурун
I think people or guitarists like those videos because of your style of playing. You have some very different fingering choices or patterns that we don't hear in popular music. It catches our technical ear! Then when you add your lesson on top of it it has a since of this "mind blowing effect" so to speak. Love your lessons and your playing! You are an interesting musician and teacher!
Joe B
Joe B 25 күн мурун
Rick listen to 2 Steps from Hell they make extremely emotional music.
T.Sewell 25 күн мурун
I’m getting Plini vibes done on a throwback Les Paul. Very cool.
Adam Cothren
Adam Cothren 25 күн мурун
Hears ELP, told its Copeland.
McClymont music
McClymont music 25 күн мурун
Yet again - great stuff from Rick! Brilliant channel!
Zoltan Nemeth
Zoltan Nemeth 25 күн мурун
Didn’t Billy Preston have a hit song that didn’t have no melody?
EddieLeeFunn 25 күн мурун
I read the title for this video and thought, "Great! Rick's listened to one too many pop music lists on spotify!" Then, I realized it said "ANTHEMIC"! Missed the 'th' at first!
Josh 8 күн мурун
"Creating Anemic Melodies for High Spotify Playback"
Dragomir Iancu
Dragomir Iancu 25 күн мурун
C. Chaplin, main melody from "this is my song. I think that's a pretty daring musical theme.
Stephen 25 күн мурун
There are elements of this technique in the intro to "Sweet Child of Mine" ... makes it so epic.
Mario Smoker
Mario Smoker 25 күн мурун
Rick Beato for next G3.
Boyan Hristov
Boyan Hristov 25 күн мурун
Anthemic - Coldplay.
bu kwok
bu kwok 25 күн мурун
feels like TV News intro music.
Brandon Kubica
Brandon Kubica 25 күн мурун
Hey rick I’d live to see you show some Gypsy harmony I think it gets over looked and not enough appreciation I’d live to see you do a video on Gypsy harmony and Gypsy jazz thank you do a great job
Brandon Kubica
Brandon Kubica 25 күн мурун
Love instead of live ^
Patrick DeZeeuw
Patrick DeZeeuw 25 күн мурун
Sounds like Texas! And our native son Eric Johnson!
Seanguitar 25 күн мурун
Congratulations on getting your own signature Gibson guitar Rick - I hope they don't price it out of reach! :-)
Seanguitar 25 күн мурун
Very educational and interesting Rick - and greetings to you from Ireland. I've watched many of your videos - (most of them I think) - but I've never seen you do a video on picking, and its various types - hybrid, sweep, alternate etc. It would be great to hear your advice on picking and its many variations. I wish you and your family good health, and continued success to your channel.
Claudia Chavez
Claudia Chavez 25 күн мурун
Rick, you state at 1:05 that your book is 60% off but I went to buy it and the code rb400 does not apply.???? Anything I should know because I was waiting for this discount to purchase your book. Thanks
TheOrangepeak 26 күн мурун
GTR Man 26 күн мурун
Rick. When is you guitar course coming out?
Murray Pung
Murray Pung 26 күн мурун
I'm reminded of When You Were Young by The Killers. Does that use the same wide interval thing?
Weirdunclebob V
Weirdunclebob V 26 күн мурун
I probably wouldn't have learned about Aaron Copeland and his amazing music until much later in life if it wasn't for EL&P! I was only 12 when that came out and I was still rebelling against my old man's musical tastes! lol
Vapor Trails
Vapor Trails 26 күн мурун
Kind of surprised you never went to the Star Spangled Banner, or Taps, things like that (not least because they’re presumably public domain 😉). But very cool ideas nonetheless. How to put this into rock, etc.
Bob Carroll
Bob Carroll 26 күн мурун
Into the Heart from U2’s first album is a nice example of anthemic wide intervals. I think it might even revolve around that sus chord you keep coming back to.
David Browning
David Browning 26 күн мурун
Biggest example of this is the Star Spangled Banner.
dysfunctional vet
dysfunctional vet 26 күн мурун
you have real talent, i'm sure that has taken a life time, but like all masters, you make it look so easy
David Browning
David Browning 26 күн мурун
Those intervals would be all open if playing a brass instrument or 1st position for trombone. Very simple when you think about it. (Overtone series)
Unmitigated Gall
Unmitigated Gall 26 күн мурун
The Cranberries singer use to sing wide intervals. As did The Proclaimers in "500 Miles." BTW, it looks like the keyboard is responding to notes you're playing. Is there software where if you play it a piano track it can transcribe it either live or from tape?
Andrew S.
Andrew S. 26 күн мурун
Thanks Mr. Beato!!
Paul Daskal
Paul Daskal 26 күн мурун
Hey Rick! saw your Les Paul!! totally looking for one and in Pelham Blue nonetheless!!! any idea on MSRP? thanks and keep it up!!
SilentFury Feat JazzRock
SilentFury Feat JazzRock 26 күн мурун
Can we borrow you for our title song :)
David Hall
David Hall 26 күн мурун
I think you just cracked the nut on why I love Yes and Steve Howe's overAcheiver solos! Fantastic stuff Rick!
HabAnagarek 26 күн мурун
John Williams's anthemic melodies, Star Wars, Superman, Indy...instantly made me intensely nostalgic. What a time to be a kid.
Ben Freeman
Ben Freeman 25 күн мурун
Star Wars has such great themes
b tower1
b tower1 26 күн мурун
I hear a lot of this vibe in Kim Mitchell music from 30-or-so years back, Sort of unusual as a whole in pop / rock music, but kimbo stood out for sure.
Anthem 26 күн мурун
another good one
gay ming
gay ming 26 күн мурун
Early overtones is the important clue (I guess), why the sound is so strong...
Peter Butler
Peter Butler 26 күн мурун
Why don’t you record some of these ? They are beautiful
Frank J. P. Segura
Frank J. P. Segura 26 күн мурун
Is All You Need is Love anthemic or what...
Ezekiel DeBoest
Ezekiel DeBoest 26 күн мурун
Yo Rick, time to make another rant video again. Hate to bring this up but your second Spotify top 10 review just went down. :(((
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis 26 күн мурун
thanks !!! you rock buddy !!!
Sotirios 26 күн мурун
Fan fair for the common man theme by Eric Copeland. If you're a N.Y. YANKEE Fan you hear this theme song all the time for there gear, memorabilia, ticket sales etc... etc...
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