10 Female Musicians You Should Know! (2021)

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Rick Beato

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Here are ten of my favorite female artists that I'm following and you should follow too! Links down below:
Taylor Gordon “The Pocket Queen” - Insta: bit.ly/3rm0QZp
KGglobal: bit.ly/3qhaYkT
Kinga Glyk - Insta: bit.ly/3ebnmRc
KGglobal: bit.ly/3e93UnW
Maro - Insta: bit.ly/3sJKiL8
KGglobal: bit.ly/30eEj4U
Helen Ibe - Insta: bit.ly/3c0sEfn
KGglobal: bit.ly/38aCF8B
Sarah Thawer - Insta: bit.ly/3kITe0G
KGglobal: bit.ly/2PAUkjB
Lari Basilio - Insta: bit.ly/2O5aP75
KGglobal: bit.ly/3c0tdWx
Domitille Degalle “DOMi Keys” - Insta: bit.ly/30eOUg4
KGglobal: bit.ly/3bh4H4j
Marina Krupkina “Marina’s decacorde” - Insta: bit.ly/2MPPGx6
KGglobal: bit.ly/3c4ku5I
Lizzy McAlpine - Insta: bit.ly/3sPe0OP
KGglobal: bit.ly/2NVL2OK
Sarah Longfield - Insta: bit.ly/38b1txc
KGglobal: bit.ly/3bfAnXH
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Ta Z
Ta Z 20 мүнөт мурун
Your list is way off in my personal opinion. I acknowledge the talent and skill off the musicians in your video, but you should consider expanding your view. Here are some excellent examples (my list is mostly rock and metal oriented though) For female vocals: Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Tatiana Shmaylyuk (Jinjer), Brittney Slayes (Unleash the Archers), Simone Simmons (Epica) , Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), Lzzy Hale (Halestorm /vocals&guitar/), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum) just to name a few that I miss from you list. You should also consider checking out some music from Japan. They have hundreds (literally) of all female bands. Talented as hell. I highly suggest to check them out. Some relatively known great metal/rock bands (with ladies on guitar, bass, drums, vocals, occasionally piano/keyboards): Lovebites, Band-Maid, Nemophila, Aldious . If you have time check them out. You can thank me later :) Enjoy!
Andrew E
Andrew E 2 саат мурун
Larkin Poe!!!!
Barretsvids 7 саат мурун
I love kinga glyk
Lorenzo Stanzani
Lorenzo Stanzani 7 саат мурун
Quanta bella musica, grazie!
chim choo ree
chim choo ree 9 саат мурун
Listen to more Joanna Newsom.
antilogism 9 саат мурун
I saw The Warning, Band-Maid and Juna Serita here in the comments (The Princess of Funk is Great!) and so I'll have to add Shinobu Kawashima.
calgaryjimbo 10 саат мурун
Thanks for this list! Gotta check them out. My favourite female guitarists right now, a truly international collection, are Sophie Lloyd (England), Laura Cox (France), Gabriella Quevedo (Sweden), and Lindsay Ell (Canada).
Alscar Osclex
Alscar Osclex 17 саат мурун
Tal wilkenfeld is also great
IowaGrandpaTrain 18 саат мурун
What about Sina, the German drummer?
L D 23 саат мурун
Tal Wilkenfeld Rhonda Smith Nita Strauss Malina Moye
L D 23 саат мурун
Lari is one of my favorites she is so amazing !
L D 23 саат мурун
Rick you have to check out Gev Delano an 11 year old bassist from Indonesia and Instagram you tuber ! He is a monster player tearing up any jazz piece ! He is going to be one to contend with . At 11 he can do Wooten Jaco and all the masters! Obviously a little boy but wanted to throw in a young up n comer
Old Dog New tricks
Old Dog New tricks Күн мурун
You should check out Elise Trouw
C.J. Rogers
C.J. Rogers Күн мурун
Might I recommend Orlando up-and-comer Cat Ridgeway? A star in the making!
Scott Harmon
Scott Harmon Күн мурун
Good Lord. That was a treat. Will pass along the link to this episode to friends.
Warren Macaulay
Warren Macaulay Күн мурун
Great selection, but I’m still all over Jolie Holland.
chim choo ree
chim choo ree 9 саат мурун
I love Escondida. "Goodbye California" is great.
Daniel Colavecchio
Daniel Colavecchio Күн мурун
Late to the party and love your list but I want to add the Japanese all female metal band LOVEBITES (Miyako is my favorite and has her own KGglobal channel), S. Korean vocalist Sohyang and agree with everyone on BAND MAID being great.
David Macleod
David Macleod Күн мурун
How about Angelina Jordan? 15 year old who sounds like she's been performing for 30 years. Inspired by the likes of Billie Holiday anf Etta James.
Keep It Sharp
Keep It Sharp Күн мурун
Cat Clyde - Ivory Castanets. Magic
Jai Bruce
Jai Bruce Күн мурун
Drums: Elise Trouw Bass: Mohini Dey/Tal Wilkenfeld Guitar: Tash Wolf/Juliette Valduriez
Mark Miller
Mark Miller Күн мурун
Enjoyed this video. I wonder what you think of Allie Sherlock, a street musician or busker from Ireland. She is probably younger than everyone on this list, too young for college. The only other 'undiscovered' musician I had been following on KGglobal is Davie504, a bassist from Italy.
Mr. Drums
Mr. Drums Күн мурун
What!? No Mary Spender? Come on, Rick! ;-)
Mr. Drums
Mr. Drums Күн мурун
OMG... thanks for showcasing Sarah Thawer. I've never seen her before, but anyone wearing a Zappa shirt and showcasing crazy beats like that over that music... is worth paying attention to.
terry snedigar
terry snedigar 2 күн мурун
you ever listen to Samantha Fish RICK?..
Micah Feels
Micah Feels 2 күн мурун
Check out Melanie Faye! Absolutely amazing
Maxx Karma
Maxx Karma 2 күн мурун
Hey, how about a tribute to the trailblazers like Kate Bush, Heart, etc,etc.
DPCN reactions
DPCN reactions 2 күн мурун
Hey Rick, I would to hear what you think of the band The Warning!
Max Hunt
Max Hunt 2 күн мурун
I'd love to see Kinga Glyk and Vic Wooten in a dueling bass clip! That would be fun! I have a # 11. For vocals, check out Liel Bar-z. I recently found her on tik tok and she is fairly new to all the social media platforms. She does have a new KGglobal channel. Clear , crisp vocals. Find Killer Queen on tik tok. You'll want more. She is a song writer but does lots of covers on tik tok. Worth a look and a listen!
Johan Röjas Söderman
Johan Röjas Söderman 3 күн мурун
Brooke Miller and Molly Tuttle are two other great musicians.
Iain Frew
Iain Frew 3 күн мурун
Wow..great job Rick...so much talent..love this. Maybe more new artists rather than top 10 blah blah..
Cari Waldick
Cari Waldick 3 күн мурун
Thanks for promoting so many talented women. Reading the comments, there are many, many more.
SonicK King
SonicK King 3 күн мурун
Thanks for opening up my perspective. Dua!
koho 3 күн мурун
I discovered Helen Ibe via Paul David's channel. Da bomb!
koho 3 күн мурун
Kinga playing with Nate Smith - love it!
ernest hairston
ernest hairston 3 күн мурун
Shannon Lauren Callahan Mary Spender Rachel K Collier Neon Vines are some of my favorites
Mark Anthony Castillo
Mark Anthony Castillo 3 күн мурун
This is great. Thank you.
Roque Serantes
Roque Serantes 3 күн мурун
I feel like most of these musicians are talented enough to be in a list of “musicians you can’t miss”. I don’t care they are females, just listen to their music. It realy says it all.
bb foto
bb foto 3 күн мурун
Not many know of *Steph Johnson/The Steph Johnson Trio* but should. Search KGglobal for Steph's *Nature Girl* full album playlist. Excellent guitarist and singer.
mirko panichi
mirko panichi 3 күн мурун
How many videos have I watched on this channel now? Really a lot... I liked the most of them (mostly because Rick and I have quite the same taste: you're welcome ;) ), but this is one of my favorite EVER: the talent, the originality, it is not pop music, you name it...
Geoff Price
Geoff Price 3 күн мурун
Would love to hear your comments on Juliette Jade. Look her up! She just released a self-made digital album.
Bart Ferguson
Bart Ferguson 3 күн мурун
Are you hip to Elise Trouw? She is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter.Her main instrument is drums when playing with other people, but she is known for ableton live looping.
canninho 3 күн мурун
Hey Rick, please check out Anika Nilles. Awesome drummer.
Dave Neame
Dave Neame 3 күн мурун
So great that you’re providing a platform for these young ladies to shine. Lovely stuff. Cheers, Dave ✌️
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor 3 күн мурун
Thanks for this list. It might also be interesting to go back in time. When I saw Maro, I thought about Flora Purim for example.
Nico Incertezza
Nico Incertezza 4 күн мурун
amazing artists. thanks for the vid!
Jeff Gross
Jeff Gross 4 күн мурун
Fantastic list, Rick. You need to go to 11. Sarah Thawer is, in fact insane, but Roni Kaspi is right there too. Thanks Rick.
Peter Hillman
Peter Hillman 4 күн мурун
Hey Rick, check out Arianna Powell. Killer guitarist.
SeanithanEgan 4 күн мурун
Sarah Thawer has been my fav drummer for the past year.
Michael mangano
Michael mangano 4 күн мурун
Band Maid from Japan. Check them out!
Zedi Awakening *John Air
Zedi Awakening *John Air 4 күн мурун
how come you miss the "HAIM" on this list
Vulf Kachnanajza
Vulf Kachnanajza 4 күн мурун
Beato looks like an older version of Synister gate. lol
Andras Nelhiebel
Andras Nelhiebel 5 күн мурун
I would also recommend Sina-drums to check out! Young german girl playing drums very well (IMHO).
punk 2008
punk 2008 5 күн мурун
A female artist people should know but surprised that so many people don't know, especially in the USA is Anneke Van Giersbergen from the Netherlands. Anneke Van Giersbergen was in the band called The Gathering between 1995 to 2006 and did multiple projects with Ayreon, Gental Storm, The Devin Townsend Project and others and also has a solo career with a new record out just last month.
leon 5 күн мурун
dang lizzy's singing and songwriting is criminally underrated while olivia rodrigo topping the charts way too much... extremely overrated. i guess that's the music industry.
Rafael Empinotti
Rafael Empinotti 5 күн мурун
Lianne La Havas
Bobby C.
Bobby C. 5 күн мурун
Thank you Rick, I really enjoyed this one. Do it again sometime...
gyffes gyffes
gyffes gyffes 6 күн мурун
POMPLAMOOSE! Let's have a WHAT MAKES THIS SONG GREAT of their "End of the World.." video!
Michael DeQuattro
Michael DeQuattro 6 күн мурун
👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Love it
berriebadslof 6 күн мурун
Elise Trouw and Meg Myers should be in the list...
scowlistic 6 күн мурун
Here's hoping the whole list gets the "Beato boost" to push them over the top. Bravo ladies!
Philco 7 күн мурун
Very, very cool.. thanks Rick.
Joel Anttila
Joel Anttila 7 күн мурун
Madison Cunningham is also amazing.
Joel Anttila
Joel Anttila 7 күн мурун
Where's Tal Wilkenfeld ?
John H
John H 7 күн мурун
Great musicians.....go check out Elise Trouw. I don't know why she isn't huge yet. I have followed her for years....out of San Diego. Fantastic drummer, but a great overall musician and song writer....SHE IS THAT GOOD!
Steve Canuck
Steve Canuck 7 күн мурун
Ah, but you are missing out on the amazing Esperenza Spalding, definitely one of the best female bassists going. And another suggestion would be Grace Kelly, who is a member of the Colbert band, but an absolutely killer bebop sax player.
musictwins82 7 күн мурун
Some talented female musicians I came across on KGglobal are Jackie Venson, Joanna Shaw Taylor, and Amythyst Kiah.
Bill Gross
Bill Gross 7 күн мурун
For next time check out guitarist Yumiki Erino. She exudes the joy of music.
David Healy
David Healy 7 күн мурун
Becky Baldwin(Bass),Nea Batera(Drums)
1972Diogenes 7 күн мурун
First of all : thanks for all the hard work and extremely interesting video's. Now here are some other suggestions : Stephanie Mannaerts, vocals and drums in Brutus (Belgian band), Julia Kent, Canadian cellist and Hiromi , Japanese jazzpianist. No idea how many people know about them, but like the ladies on your list, they are fascinating musicians in their own right. Thanks again for the gift that is your channel.
Robert Bakewell
Robert Bakewell 7 күн мурун
Tal Wilkenfeld
avamira deocho
avamira deocho 7 күн мурун
chim choo ree
chim choo ree 8 саат мурун
Mike Patton is my favorite female singer. I love Mrs. Bungle.
ed crowley
ed crowley 7 күн мурун
Yvette Young
sky monsoon
sky monsoon 8 күн мурун
Rick! You should listen/react to The Warning, they are three young sisters from Mexico that have been playing drums, bass, guitar and piano since they were little girls. They have two amazing rock albums out and are literally unable to make a bad song. They are each astounding at their instruments and they all sing too! Even the drummer sings the lead in a lot of their songs. I recommed you watch first the performance they did of their song "dust to dust" in the Lunario in Mexico, which is the prologue to their conceptual album called "queen of the murder scene". I assure you and your daughters will be completely blown away by them! They have also been recently signed by Lava Records so they have an amazing carrer ahead of them!
Alan Levin
Alan Levin 8 күн мурун
If you go outside the Rock-Pop world, you'll find a lot more A-LIST ladies: Alma Deutscher, age 15, sold out Carnegie Hall last December (2019, before COVID). Every note played or sang in that performance was written by Alma. Emily Bear, now about 19 years old, published her first book of sheet music when she was 5. She's written for and performed with symphonies, been mentored by Quincy Jones and toured with her own jazz quintet-playing mostly her songs. Last I heard, she's hanging out with a female lyricist writing a musical based on the TV series 'Bridgerton'. 'Choro das 3' are 3 sisters from Brazil who play amazingly well in Brazilian styles. They live-stream on You Tube on Thursday evenings. And not last by any means, the young women from the Sant Andreu Jazz Band in Barcelona are among the latest in jazz musicians. Check out Andrea Motis, Rita Payes, Elia Bastida (amazing jazz violin) and many more.
50gary 8 күн мурун
Hands down not only the finest female musician, but the finest living musician period, perhaps the best of all time? That being Valentina Lisitsa. Concert Pianist. Hey, we all have our favorites!
Sergio León
Sergio León 8 күн мурун
1st one got me in awe.
davideamaral 8 күн мурун
Excelent choice! About Maro, she is an amazing singer and musician. She is portuguese, studied in Berklee and lives in the States.
The Flute Channel
The Flute Channel 8 күн мурун
Very nice list, I'll be sure to check them all out!
The Flute Channel
The Flute Channel Күн мурун
@Michał Markuszewski very nice of you to say!
Michał Markuszewski
Michał Markuszewski Күн мурун
You belong here too
achim enssle
achim enssle 8 күн мурун
well, Tina Arena is still alive, one of the best voices I've heard in my 62 years of existence !!
Tittettut Ralte
Tittettut Ralte 8 күн мурун
Love Nili Brosch female guitarist. Tony MacAlpine 2nd guitarist on Concrete garden Album.
Science Tech Standup
Science Tech Standup 8 күн мурун
Interesting how most are not pop, commercial or shredders.
rémy 8 күн мурун
How about Anika Nilles or Laura Cox?
Alex Flores
Alex Flores 9 күн мурун
Check out Rita Payés! Amazing trombonist and singer.
Castel Michel
Castel Michel 9 күн мурун
You have one more talent to add to your list Anika Nilles......
Evan M. Jacobson
Evan M. Jacobson 9 күн мурун
Thank you for showing us some incredibly talented people. It really provides hope!
Coppell Piano Shop
Coppell Piano Shop 9 күн мурун
These are my people! Those who live in rooms filled with musical instruments.
Adrian Pritchard
Adrian Pritchard 9 күн мурун
10 Strings what!! 6 is enough
Engin Ilgazli
Engin Ilgazli 9 күн мурун
Thanks for sharing these young talented musicians - I wish we would all be able to hear more on the radio apart from the mainstream stuff :-)
Clark Weichmann
Clark Weichmann 10 күн мурун
Why does Kaki King never make these KGglobal lists of recommended artists? Likewise Anna Calvi. Calvi has mastered what is around, and King masters what was not there before her.
Marcelo Bressan
Marcelo Bressan 10 күн мурун
Thanks for doing Rick. Our bias towards men musicians makes it much tougher for women in this space, and the ones who make it, much better talent. I’m blown away 😳 and can’t wait to discover more of their work
quikxfl 10 күн мурун
The Wild Reeds, Haim, H.E.R.
Lonely cake
Lonely cake 10 күн мурун
They all need Nico
Brenda Boykin
Brenda Boykin 10 күн мурун
Thanx, Maestro 🌹🌹🌹😎
Jessica Sinclair from Lihue Kauai Hawaii
Jessica Sinclair from Lihue Kauai Hawaii 10 күн мурун
only morons use intagram it's full of fake people and photoshop modded pics.
Jessica Sinclair from Lihue Kauai Hawaii
Jessica Sinclair from Lihue Kauai Hawaii 10 күн мурун
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias 10 күн мурун
Yes!! Helen Ibe! Love her.
Rick Lee
Rick Lee 11 күн мурун
I must have missed the part at the beginning that stipulates that cover artists are excluded from this list.
John Rainey
John Rainey 11 күн мурун
Domi !
Matthias 11 күн мурун
Domitille Degalle and Marina Krupkina are forces of nature
Tim Apple
Tim Apple 11 күн мурун
Don't know bout y'all - but my tear ducts were permanently scarred by salt crystals after watching Tash Sultana do a TED talk ~5 yrs ago. Maybe not technical enough? dunno.
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